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The Perks of Being a Wallflower Essay

Example 1

The Perks of Being a Wallflower blues The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a film adaptation of Stephen Chbowskys celebrated teen novel of the same name. Chomsky took complete creative control and acted as both the director and screenplay writer In doing so, the film remained faithful to the beloved novel and kept the essence Of the text, Logan Lerman stars as Charlie, a shy. but very observant 16-year-old living in Pennsylvania.

Lerman captivates the audience with his delicate and yearning ways that connect to viewers of all ages. Emma Watson sheds nearly a decade of laying Hermione in the Harry Potter series and emerges as Sam, one of Charles best friends and secret love interest Completing the trio is Ezra Miller, who portrays Patrick, an openly gay high school senior who also befriends Charlie, Together they play an honest group of friends going about the motions of high school.

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The film was given a $13 million budget and was produced by Mr. Mudd, a production company best known for the cult-following teen film, Juno_ Summit Entertainment, most notable tor the Twilight Saga, distributed the film worldwide, The perks of Being a Wallflower was released on September 21st, 2012 in the United States in limited theatres and on September 23rd, 2012 in other countries. The film grossed 5228. 359 on its limited four theatre-opening weekends.

The film earned in North America and $14,455,937 in other countries, for a worldwide total of $32, 198,885. The film takes place in suburban Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is narrated by its protagonist, Charlie, Charlie is a quiet, reserved 16-year-old boy, entering his freshman year of high school. He is slow to make friends but manages to connect with his English teacher. Eventually, Charlie befriends Sam and Patrick, a unique duo in the senior class.

Realizing he has no other friends, they invite Charlie to be a member of their group. They quickly become inseparable; Sam and Patrick introduce Charlie to alcohol and marijuana and the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and he gives them insight into his Troubled mind. As the film progresses, the viewer gains access to the deeper parts of these characters. Sam, much to Charliés dismay, has a boyfriend and is 50 focused on getting accepted o Penn State University that Charlie is merely a second thought.

He discovers later that Sam’s boyfriend routinely cheats on her. Patrick, Sam’s quirky right-hand man is revealed robe gay, and routinely hook up with one of the school’s star athletes, Brad. However, it is Charlie with the most secrets. It is revealed through choppy flashbacks that his Aunt Helen sexually abused him when he was a child not long before she died. Before Sam and Patrick leave for Penn State, Sam kisses Charlie, telling him we accept the love we think we deserve”.

He is slowly falling in love with Sam regardless of his girlfriend Mary, and cannot do anything about it This triggers Charlie\’s childhood memories and leaves him emotionally unstable when his two best friends leave for college. Overcome with grief, Charlie begins having severe flashbacks of his Aunt Helen and blames himself for her death.

His family believes he is suicidal and calls the police, and he is admitted into a hospital for psychiatric evaluation. The psychiatrist explains to Charlie\’s parents what his aunt did to him, and reveals he suppressed the memory because he loved her so much.

After undergoing therapy, Charlie is allowed to return home, where Sam and Patrick are waiting for him, The trio catches up, and takes a drive to the infamous tunnel they visited the first night they spent with Charlie. There. Charlie kisses Sam again, on his terms. As they’re driving, Charlie climbs into the bed of the truck and acknowledges that he finally feels alive. He ends the novel reflectively, stating, Mü’e are infinite”. The Perks of going a Wallflower was filmed in a way to give it an early 1990’s feel.

The cinematography is dark with moderately bleak colouring. It makes the film feel COZY and personal. Charlie narrates the film occasionally in the first person, which prevents confusion when switching from the present to his flashbacks. The flashbacks, however, gave little insight to the viewer as to what happened between Charlie and his Aunt Helen. They were rather vague, and difficult to find any meaning within them. The only reason understood them was because had previously read the novel, Chbowsky does a very good job of Translating Charlie’s thoughts onto the screen.

It is often difficult for a director to accurately transform a book told in the first person into a movie, but Chbowsky manages to do so with ease through his first-person narration. Had Charlie not been expressing his thoughts throughout the film, it would have been very easy for the viewer to get confused because as a character, Charlie is very shy and reserved Only through his mind can we really uncover his true personality. The perks Of Being a Wallflower was both a critical and commercial success, with avid lowers of the books and critics alike praising it.


Example 2 – Social Acceptance and Violence in the Perks of Being a Wallflower

My grandmother met another man, but he turned out to be a terrible person, He hit my dad and aunty Rebecca all the time. But he really hurt my grandmother, she couldn’t do anything about it, guess. because it went on for seven years.” It finally ended when Charlie’s uncle saw bruises on his Aunt Rebecca and finally got the truth out of the grandmother.

Then, Charlie’s uncle and a couple of friends found her husband in a bar, and they beat him up really ad The guy died four days later in hospital His uncle and friends surprisingly didn’t end up going to jailhouse his dad once said, “The people that lived in our neighbourhood understood that some things had nothing to do üith the police. If someone touched your sister, daughter or mother, they paid the price, and everyone looked the other way. It’s very sad that it had to happen for seven }h2ars because his Aunty Rebecca suffered through the same husbands.

As a teenager, domestic violence is an issue use could potentially taco when e become adults, I think you are very quick to link it directly to men abusing women. but it is becoming more end more common that women are becoming the abusers, but it is reported less than when men abuse women. Although domestic violence is not okay, we cannot stop it.

This is a problem society faces today, we need to stop desensitizing domestic violence. I haven’t witnessed domestic violence but being around that situation terrifies me, not knowing their next actions, or if they will really hurt someone,l believe if was in an abusive relationship With children, I would have to leave him. Children 100k up to their parents as role models, therefore if their father is abusive, they Will most likely be abusers themselves. Just hearing about domestic violence situations I want to help but what if the abuser hurts me.

We find these situations hard to help us feel like we are invading their privacy. Domestic violence is much similar to bullying, you are physically or emotionally hurting someone and making someone feel less dominant. have never been physically bullied but verbally. t leaves you feeling worthless and have low self-esteem. blamed me for them saying those horrible things and that deserved it. That’s why didn’t tell anyone and believe I brought it upon myself.

These are the feelings that a domestic violence victim experiences, and that\’s why they remain in these unhealthy relationships. hope one day ran help someone and just be there for support. Charlie is a shy, unpopular teenager Who isolates himself from social activities after his only friend committed suicide. Charlie is referred to as a “wallflower”. Charlie is very nervous about his freshman year of high school and he is unable to make friends, and only connects with his English teacher who believes Charlie has plenty of potentials.

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Charlie eventually became confident enough to make new friends with a group of misfits. They explained to Charlie all he needed to know to survive his teenage years. Charlie experienced a feeling he has never felt before, he said,” I feel infinite: This was When he was travelling with Sam and Patrick to his first parry, Not only was the music perfect but he felt as if he elonged, he began to make friends and he reassured himself he didn’t have to be alone. Patrick said,” Charlie, you see things.

You keep quiet about them. And you understand. You are a wallflæjer. ” Things started to get bad when everyone was leaving for their college journeys, Charlie knew he would be all alone and this scared shiny He controlled the flashbacks of his past when he was with friends but now he feels like an outcast again.

He has no one and his past is coming back to haunt him again. Asa teenager, have a fear of being alone and not belonging, this is mainly influenced by society.

When Charlie had no friends truly felt sorry for him, he had no one to rely on or connect with Guilt also struck me because although have not been an outcast, I have seen people all alone and I haven’t helped, would never want to be in their situation, therefore I shall help those who need someone to just. connect and share a friendship with. To accept someone and make them feel like they are not alone, makes me feel really happy. Just thinking about much that could change someone’s life really inspired me o do better Charlie has a tear of rejection and believe that is why he was unable to open up.

The pain of exclusion is not so different from the pain of physical injury. which scientists have discovered. Rejection has a critical impact on human’s mental state and for society in general. believe social rejection can affect your emotions and physical health, therefore, causing people to become aggressive and turn to violence. The reality of social acceptance is that humans have a necessary need to belong Just like we need food and water, we have needs for positive and lasting relationships.


Example 3

The Perks of Being a Wallflower “The Perks of being a was originally a book and it changed to a movie. It is written and directed by Stephen Chbosky with the actor’s Logan Lerman, Ezra Miller and Emma Watson. The context is set in 1 991 in an American high school It is about a 15-year-old boy named Charlie. Hés starting his freshman year of high school. He was never a popular person and didn’t have many friends but he meets step-siblings Sam and Patrick and they take Charlie under their wing.

Charlie learns about drugs, ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show\’, love and himself through the year. His story is told through letters to a stranger that he has heard about The scene that I have chosen for conflict is \”Charlie\’s Mental Breakdown\” where he has a mental breakdown by overthinking that it was his fault for having his Aunt Helen buy him a Christmas and birthday present and getting into a car crash. The visual techniques used are flashbacks of his past with Aunt Helen and during his freshman year.

It shows us how much his Aunt loved him but also that she had molested shiny The flashbacks during his freshman year also show the conflicts he’s had with friends, enemies and with himself They also how him calling his sister Candace saying that it was his fault for Aunt Helen dying and he might’ve wanted her to die. There are close-ups of Candace’s face showing how concerned and worried she is for her brother. The cameras also go to some rooms in the house showing no one so we don\’t know where Charlie is until we get to the kitchen with him staring at a knife.

The music builds up and the police are trying to break in making the mood suspenseful as we don\’t know if he will cut himself or will the police break the door in time to stop Charlie The type of conflict in this scene is an internal fight that Charlie has with himself. He has been having an internal battle ever since his Aunt died which has created some anxiety and depression issues.

The consequence was that he never made any real friends and granted other people and their issues instead of making him a “wallflower’ Charlie’s inside conflict makes him more quiet and independent than his peers as he doesn’t have any friends.

He is also bullied by his classmates for him being smart and they can copy his work and that seniors can do whatever they want to freshmen like Charlie understand more of what Charlie has gone through after reading and being able to watch Charlie’s journey through his freshman year It also allowed me to see what he’s going through at times when by himself and starts overthinking.

This also showed the importance of friends in your life because when Sam and Patrick appeared in his life, his depression, anxiety and overthinking decreased and he could be Charlie without any problems.

Having friends made him more carefree, happy and be able to experience a new side to life that he never had.


Example 4

In The Perks of Being a Wallflower, some of the characters in this text judge Charlies muteness as him being socially awkward and a freak and does not see it as a way of him coping with his sense of personal responsibility of a disturbing family secret that he has repressed for his entire life.

Although to be completely honest I’m absolutely loved the supporting characters tor being there and supporting Charlie through his ups and downs and letting him experience new things as they were the ones who helped him get through his first year at High School. Everything had changed when they met his best friends Sam and Patrick. found it very interesting how they introduced him into their diverse, free-thinking and sometimes build friends because during the school year Charlie experiences his first date & first kiss, he deals with bullies and experiments with drugs and alcohol.

It is people like this that are true friends as They would always be there for you and have your complete trust. The story is about self-discovery and personal struggle. It is an emotional battle that covers Charlie\’s experiences while græjing up and dealing with his past. As a teenager can relate to this novel as use have also been in self-doubt and issues in life. This makes me feel like am also not alone in my feelings as he writes the letters from his own personal perspective, When reading this book found that Charlie was a very pleasant person. as in he is a person true to his word.

There is no deceit or ill intentions in what he says. One of my favourite quotes in this book is when he says “I’m sorry that I wasted your time because you really do mean a lot to me and hope you have a very nice life because really think you deserve it” this was the last letter he sent before he was hospitalized. “I want to thank you for being one of those people who listens and understands…” This quote taught me that offering a willing ear is often what people with lots going on in their minds need. Someone to talk to and would always be there for them no matter what.

I understand how Charlie feels that no one would even care about how he is feeling and what is on his mind even if everyone knew. But also, in a way Charlie is a person who would keep his feelings to himself to not bring Wony to He is someone who would want good be bestowed on others, you can just tell, especially how he just writes down his feeling to a stranger. What like about Charlie’s letters is that it shows who Charlie really is and is always positive and this is why admire him, just because of everything he goes through and he keeps it to himself.

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“I’m so sorry that wasted your time because you really o mean a lot to me and hope you have a very nice lite because really do think you deserve it. e it realty do, too. ” All Charlie wanted was someone to listen to him especially since the secret has been inside of him for his entire life, his sense of personal guilt of the death of his Aunt Helen and the rape had been repressed and built up inside of him until he suffered a severe mental breakdown and ended up being hospitalized.

This shows that it cannot be assumed that your pain and thought are picked up by the people around you because what is clear to you may not be to others. This is why Charlie began writing anonymous letters to a stranger and he finally realizes his when he is in the hospital and he finally tells people what has happened. Charlie struggles through depression and he might not have even been able to find his way out without his friends.

If he isolated himself and remained alone in the beginning then he wouldn’t have been able to experience everything that he went through in that one year. This theme of friendship shows that you cant live with it and can’t live without it. I found that it was a quick, easy and interesting read because it deals with several significant issues that come up in life when reading this novel, I can deal With both my own experiences and also.

Ultimately would definitely recommend this novel to teenagers to read because it deals with several issues that everyone should be aware of and personal perspective through the letters, they allow the people to be dealt with both personal and sensitive matter. One of my favourite quotes in this novel is guess we are who we are for a lot of reasons, and maybe we\’ll never know most of them. But even if we don’t have the power to choose where we come from, we can still choose where we go from there.


Example 5

Life is about overcoming obstacles and fears to become truly happy, a message that The Perks of Being a Wallflower teaches its readers as Charlie matures through the coming-of-age process. The story follows Charlie as he encounters drugs, sexuality, and friendship while struggling through his freshman year of high school. This involves meeting new people and going through conflicts he has never had to deal with before such as drugs, alcohol, and peer pressure.

In Stephen Chbosky’s realistic coming-of-age novel, the protagonist, Charlie, grows from naivety to self-awareness and from chastity to sexuality. At the beginning of the book, Charlie is both innocent and naive. An example of his innocence can be seen when Sam invites Charlie to her room to show him the typewriter she bought him for Christmas. Sam asks Charlie if he has ever kissed a girl: “[he] shook [his] no. It was so quiet.”

This proves how uncomfortable sexuality is for Charlie (70). His discomfort is also evident when he describes his uncomfortable perspective on the school dances: “At the school dances, [he] sit[s] in the background… wonder[ing] how many couples will dance to their song…’” Again, this shows that he attends dances alone (24). Charlie is also very naive early in the book.

For instance, when Candace is hit by her boyfriend, Charlie keeps quiet, despite the violent attack, as he mistakenly believes that his friendship with his sister is more important than her well being, as: “…he wound up and hit her hard across the face…It was not like him at all to hit anybody. He was the boy that made mix tapes with themes and hand-coloured covers until he hit my sister and stopped the crying…” This is an example of naivety as Charlie does not realize how severe Candace’s boyfriend’s actions are and how someone may seem nice on the outside but are capable of much more (11).

In a similar case, when Charlie attends his first party with Sam and Patrick “[he] ate the brownie, and it tasted a little weird, but it was still a brownie…But this was not an ordinary brownie” He eats the brownies not knowing, or even considering, that they may be filled with pot (35). Charlie also faces conflict throughout the novel due to his new relationship with Mary Elizabeth, and how his actions are influenced more by what he believes other people would like him to do, rather than what he would like to do. Part of his conflict with Mary Elizabeth is demonstrated by how one-sided his relationship is. Namely, Charlie struggles to participate meaningfully in any conversation with Mary Elizabeth.

This deficiency is seen while the two are trying to have a phone conversation and “The only thing [he] could say was either “yes” or “no”. There was honestly no room to say anything else… [he] put down the phone, went to the bathroom, and when [he] came back, she was still talking.”(129). In addition, Charlie and Mary Elizabeth do not have a mutual physical attraction. Mary Elizabeth is head over heels in love with Charlie, while Charlie would prefer to be just friends. This is problematic as Charlie is too timid to break up with the more dominant Mary Elizabeth and this creates tension in their friend’s circle, as Patrick and Sam believe it would be unfair for Charlie to continue to string Mary Elizabeth along.

Charlie’s inability to do things for himself further contributes to his internal conflict. He does things to appease others, but never to make himself happy. An example of Charlie’s inability to do things for himself is when he is comforting a heartbroken Patrick. Patrick kisses him goodnight and continues to kiss Charlie even though Charlie gets no pleasure from the experience: ““Did you want him to kiss you?”… “I was just trying to be a friend,” [he] said.”” Even though Charlie is not gay he allowed Patrick to kiss him, as he didn’t want to upset Patrick any further (201). Charlie again shows his desire for acceptance when he begins smoking and skipping class solely to make Sam and Patrick happy by spending more time with them, despite knowing that skipping school and smoking are unacceptable behaviours.

Charlie has two epiphanies concerning his conflicts. An epiphany happens concerning his relationship with Mary Elizabeth during a game of truth or dares where Charlie is dared by Patrick to kiss the prettiest girl in the room: “[he] knew that if [he] kissed Mary Elizabeth [he] would be lying to everyone. Including Sam. Including Patrick. Including Mary Elizabeth. And [he] just couldn’t do it anymore…” Charlie discovers that faking his feelings for Mary Elizabeth is not helping anyone, including himself (135). After this realization he experiences catharsis by kissing Sam instead of Mary Elizabeth, acknowledging his true feelings for Sam. Charlie’s second epiphany is based on his inability to do things for himself, and occurs when Sam gives him a lecture about being more self-sufficient: “[he] figured that [he] should just do what [he] wanted to do… And if [Sam] didn’t like it, then she could just say so.” This shows Charlie’s progression into becoming self-sufficient as he does not care so much about how Sam would feel, but rather what he feels (202). The catharsis that follows this is Charlie kissing Sam again, but this time it is more passionate.

By the end of the novel, Charlie is more aware and experienced. An example of his new-found awareness is shown when he reflects on his ability to control his destiny. He believes that: “… even if we don’t have the power to choose where we come from, we can still choose where we go from there. We can still do things. And we can try to feel okay about them.” This illustrates that life is not rainbows and daisies and that there is a possibility Charlie will not like the outcome of his actions/life. (211).

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Additionally, at the end of the book, he becomes aware of how impactful his experiences with Sam and Patrick are on his life and how he will be forever changed from meeting and interacting with them. They have taught him many things such as how to be a good friend and to think for himself. Furthermore, Charlie has become much more experienced concerning his sexuality. This is seen when he allows his true feelings for Sam to emerge. His sexual experiences resulted in a failed relationship with Mary Elizabeth, his first crush, first kiss, and attraction to Sam.

Charlie’s increased self-awareness and confidence in his ability to control his future, including the relationships he engages in, demonstrate his character’s maturity throughout the novel. Stephen Chbosky’s The Perks of Being a Wallflower resonates with its readers and leaves them with an important message: embrace differences since life is about overcoming fears and challenges to become as happy as possible.


Example 6

The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a set of fictional diary entries written by Stephen Chbosky. Charlie is the adolescent narrator who is in his tenth year of high school. Charlie decides to write anonymous letters to someone simply because he wants someone to listen and not question his thoughts.

The letters began after his only friend Michael committed suicide. Not belonging to a community can cause alienation and marginalization. When Charlie started High School, he knew nobody. Starting at a new school shortly after his best friend died contributed to Charlie’s rational thoughts.

‘Some kids look at me strange in the hallways because I don’t decorate my locker, and I’m the one who beat up Sean and started crying about it after he did it’. The reflective tone and accumulation explain to the audience why he does not belong to a group within his school community. A couple of weeks into school, he met a senior named Patrick during shop class.

At the Saturday football match, Charlie and Patrick recognized each other and slowly began to develop a relationship. ‘The nice thing about Big Boy was the fact that Patrick and Sam didn’t throw around inside jokes to make me feel like an outsider’.

The euphoric quote recognizes how relationships can form a sense of belonging and how they have the ability to improve someone’s happiness. Belonging is often the result of sharing common values. As a result of Sam (Patrick’s sister) having such an outgoing personality, Charlie began to learn about their similar interests.

‘Sam and I began to really get along, just like Harold and Maude in the book Mr. Anderson just asked me to read’. The simile helps identify their relationship and indicate that this may develop during the book. Throughout the book, Charlie grows closer to Patrick and Sam.

While trying to belong to a new community, he starts to understand that there are many secrets that people hide from the surface to avoid judgement. At the formal after-party, Charlie saw Brad and Patrick ‘making out’. When Brad saw Charlie he reacted negatively in a dramatic way. ‘WHAT IS HE DOING HERE?’ the capital letters and question marks express to the reader how embarrassed Brad was.

After two weeks Patrick explained to Charlie why Brad reacted the way he did. Brad was the in the football and therefore was stereotyped by the whole school. Brad was so embarrassed that he would only be affectionate with Patrick behind closed doors, at parties, while he was either drunk or stoned. Brad’s parents then sent him away to rehabilitation for the summer to overcome getting stoned and/or drunk on a regular basis.

After he returned, he barely even looked at Patrick. ‘I asked Patrick if he felt sad that he had to keep it a secret, and Patrick just said that he wasn’t sad because at least now, Brad doesn’t have to get drunk or stoned to make love’. The deep emotional tone incorporated by Patrick emphasizes his care for how others feel. Brad and Patrick’s relationship demonstrate how belonging to a particular group and culture can prevent individuality. In the conclusion of the book, Charlie starts to lose control over his emotions.

Belonging to a group can bring support in times of need to help overcome life barriers. After Charlie passed out in Sam’s arms, he had a dream where his Aunt Helen was still alive. ‘Everything was in slow motion. The sound was thick. And she was doing what Sam was doing’.

The visual, auditory imagery and short sentences explain to the reader the truth in his relationship with his Aunt. During the beginning of the book, Charlie had a sexual dream of Sam on top of him, and now he was having the same about his aunt. She sexually assaulted her nephew during her last months before passing away.

This quote clarifies why Charlie is so emotionally troubled and contently ‘blacks-out’ when he overwhelms himself with emotions. ‘You’re my best friend, was all I could say in return. She kissed my cheek, and for a moment it was like the bad part last night didn’t happen’. The contrast from last night and how he was feeling now emphasizes the dramatic effects of relationships.

Stephen Chbosky explores the aspects of belonging throughout The Perks of Being a Wallflower. The sense of not belonging, belonging to a group, power on one’s identity and being allowed to express yourself within a culture was explored constantly while incorporating many obstacles for each character.

b) Compare both Strictly Ballroom and the Perks of Being a Wallflower Strictly Ballroom is a film production directed by Baz Luhrmann. Luhrmann focuses on film techniques when emphasizing the belonging aspects in his film, while Chbosky focuses on literal techniques.

During the opening scenes of Strictly Ballroom, the main character Scott demonstrates his fear and need to express himself artistically. Scott belonging to the ballroom community repressed his individuality which made overcoming obstacles very difficult for Scott.

Fran was one who shared a common interest and gave Scott the courage to express his individuality through his artistic ability. Close-ups were used to show Scott’s frustration and anger in not understanding why he cannot dance ‘his’ way. In complete contrast, Charlie in Perks of Being a Wallflower maintains his identity but does not fit in with a group because of how different he is. In the State championships, Scott had the opportunity to dance with Fran and show the audience his ability. Barry Fife is a Machiavellian character who uses his persuasive techniques and power to locate obstacles in Scott’s path.

Patrick and Brad in Perks of Being a Wallflower also are thrown many obstacles by the community. Brad is like Scott and is too frightened to show their personal identity. In the denouement of Strictly Ballroom Scott and Fran finally have the ability and courage to stand up to the Barry Fife and the Ballroom community to show their ability and dance the way ‘they think is right’.

Quick editing, close-ups and non-diabetic music were used in this scene to maintain excitement and hope for Scott and Fran. Charlie stays true to himself throughout the story and comes to terms with all the traumatizing events in his life that have caused him to have mental problems.

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