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The Fault in Our Stars Essay

Example 1

The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,  fault in ourselves, that we are underlings.” (Act I_Scene 2, Julius Caesar.) This pensive line was the inspiration behind the title of John Green’s work of fiction, The Fault in Our Stars follows young Hazel Grace Lancaster, a stage 4 thyroid cancer patient, who makes the acquaintance of Augustus Waters one fateful day at Support Group. Throughout the novel, Hazel Grace takes not only a physical journey but an emotional one.

The ups and downs of Hazel’s journey are penned by John Green with a substantial amount of metaphors as well as the supporting characters playing a significant part Set in present-day Indianapolis, and later Amsterdam, The Fault in Our Stars is a complex piece with the theme Of the struggles in life and how we can choose what to make of them.

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Hazel Lancaster endures a physical journey far greater than most. At the age of merely 13, Hazel Grace was diagnosed with stage 4 thyroid cancer in her lungs. er life to a miracle test drug, Phalanxifor, Hazel still struggles to perform ever,’ day activities such as climbing the stairs and even walking Hazel does nor ant to Become her cancer”, as most cancer patients do, therefore she does not let her “lungs that suck at being lungs” hold her back.

She even manages to travel to Amsterdam, of course, with the company of Augustus and her mother. Hazel takes an even greater emotional journey. Not only does she fall in love with Augustus, but she matures and learns that life goes on despite the calamities.

When Augustus is lost, Hazel handles it with composure. She acquires that death is inevitable but what happens while you\’re alive is what truly marrers, Words only bury and oblivion is inescapable. Augustus Waters played a crucial role in this novel. Augustus matured as a character alongside Hazel Grace.

If it weren’t for Augustus’ role, Hazel would still be stuck in the mindset that and she\’s a grenade who needs to minimize the casualties that occur when she “explodes” Augustus taught Hazel that someone can\’t choose to be hurt or nor, hut they can choose who hurTs them.

Also, Isaac from Support Group is a strong supporting character. He is Augustus\’ best friend and the reason Gus and Hazel even met in the first place. Isaac also became a way for the reader to glimpse the story from d different perspective. One in which love conquers all, despite anything and everything.

Next is Mr. Peter Van Houten_ Mr. Van Houten, author of Hazel’s favourite book, An Imperial Affliction, is a complex character who also played a fundamental part. Hazel initially felt that Mr. Van Houten was the only person who understood how she felt.

After meeting him, she witnesses his true colours. Van Houten is nothing more than an angry drunk who became consumed by grief. Hazel realizes she doesn’t want to turn into him so she makes the conscious decision that shell be better than him.

Finally, Mr. and Mrs. Lancaster was always supportive of their daughter through her trials and managed to be completely honest with her about the reality of things. John Green is truly a gifted writer. There are various images that can be read symbolically and metaphorically. Most of them are water metaphors.

Augustus Waters, Hazel having water in her lungs, a drowning city, and the colour blue. These are noteworthy metaphors that believe are stemmed from the fact that water IS both a destructive force and one which we thrive on for life.

Furthermore, various Other non-water related metaphors are scribed in the novel along With more figurative language. Augustus Waters has a love of symbols and metaphors, often describing many. Some of these include a playground of bones which children lay on and putting a cigarette between their teeth but not lighting it.

Also, Hazel describes an old saying set This could be a metaphor for her childhood and how she wishes she could just go back to it, Before cancer and all the hardships. The use of figurative language, mainly water metaphors. helps the reader to understand the characters and the situation in which therein.

As previously stated, the theme of the novel can be stated as the struggles in life and how we can choose what to make of them. We can go about whining and moping over what has occurred or can make the best of what we have.

The structure of the text also helps communicate the theme by expressing a Story in Which a heartbreaking event is turned into resilient love. A couple Of teenagers plagued by cancer fall in love. There’s surely not much that can cover the theme of the novel that well. On that note, John Green possibly wrote the novel for the very purpose to express the theme.

Finally, many questions as to why Green chose the title he did, The Fault in Our In a letter to Augustus, Van Houten writes, “Never was Shakespeare more wrong then when he had Cassius note. \’the fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars/ But in ourselves. This s where Green almost positively developed the title from for, as Van Houten states, there are plenty of faults to be found amid our stars. The title also helps describe the theme. We don\’t choose what life deals. It’s the fault of our stars.

In conclusion, The Fault in Our Stars is a beautifully written novel by]ohn Green which describes Hazel Lancaster and her journey as learns how to cope with the suffering. Hazel comes out vastly more mature and happier with life in the end, even with the loss of Augustus. If it weren’t for Augustus walking into her life in the first place, she’d slowly become her cancer.’


Example 2

The novel, The fault in our stars by John Green is about two young adults diagnosed with cancer who fall in love with each other. When they are in love they learn the value and morals of life, until the story ends with a tragic ending when Augustus dies from terminal cancer. The main characters Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters pursue a relationship knowing that it won’t last forever.

Although a lot of people contributed to Hazel’s ability to overcome difficulty there were a few people that stood out the most. Mrs. Lancaster’s loving care for Hazel and Augustus’s passionate love and generosity, make Hazel into the girl she is today.

Hazel’s mom Mrs. Lancaster is a very caring mother that always puts Hazel as her number one priority regardless of her loss. All she wants is for Hazel to stop watching TV and go to a support group so that she can make some friends. Mrs. Lancaster emphasizes this point by saying: “ You need to make friends, go to support group, get out of the house” and “Hazel you deserve a life” Eventually, Mrs. Lancaster forces Hazel to attend even though she strongly dislikes it.

This shows that Mrs. Lancaster is very hardworking and passionate about giving Hazel a better life by pushing her out of her comfort zone so that she can benefit in the future. If Mrs.Lancaster had not sent her to a support group, she would have never met Augustus.

Another example occurs with Mrs. Lancaster’s day and night devotion to taking care of Hazel. No matter what time of day it is Mrs.Lancaster will always check to make sure Hazel is okay and helps her both emotionally and physically to fight her disease.

When there is an emergency, Mrs. Lancaster will be the first to run to Hazel’s room and rush her to the hospital with the help of her husband. This love and care are very important to Hazel as it shows Hazel that people care about her, and gives her something worth living and fighting for. This love and care do not just end there, Mrs. Lancaster helps to cheer Hazel up after Augustus’s funeral.

Hazel’s boyfriend, Augustus passed away causing Hazel to be heartbroken and sad as Augustus turned into the “grenade” that ripped them apart. Mrs. Lancaster supports Hazel by attending the funeral and by always being on Hazel’s side when she needs her most. Mrs. Lancaster will always comfort her and make Hazel feel better when she’s weeping about Augustus. This love helps Hazel move on with her life, pass this major obstacle. Mrs. Lancaster is a very thoughtful and caring mom that contributed a lot to making Hazel the girl she is today.

Augustus Waters also played an immense role in making Hazel overcome her difficulties as his passionate love for Hazel, granted her a new life and mindset. Ever since Augustus laid eyes on Hazel at a support group, he fell in love with her. Augustus befriends Hazel and talks to Hazel about topics they like. Augustus will occasionally bring Hazel somewhere or talk about stuff outside her comfort zone. This friendship with Augustus allows Hazel to be open to the world and make friends just like what her mom wanted.

This is shown when Augustus takes Hazel out to picnics or other social places to talk about life. One major experience is when Augustus takes Hazel and Isaac, a blind man with cancer, to egg Isaacs’s girlfriend’s car. This experience allows everyone to reflect on community support for cancer patients. In this case, Issac’s girlfriend dumped him because he went blind, and she no longer wants to support Isaac. With Augustus, Hazel is able to see and experience many new things, get outside and live her life to the fullest. Hazel is transformed from a depressed girl that stays home watching tv to an active teenager.

Aside from Augustus Waters’s caring role, Augustus shared several interests with Hazel. One of the main interests that they had is this book called An Imperial Affliction by Peter Van Houten. The book is strange as it ends in the middle of a sentence. Hazel really badly wants to meet the author to ask him questions about what happened at the end of the book.

Augustus offers to use his only cancer wish to bring himself and Hazel to Amsterdam to meet Peter Van Houten for answers on what happens in that book. This generosity allows for a better relationship between Hazel and Augustus and allows Hazel to finally leave the house and meet new people and a whole new culture.

This is very beneficial for Hazel and her mom because her mom dreams of her making friends and finally leaving the house. It benefits Hazel because it stops her depression and allows her to breach her difficulty of making friends and being social. During the trip, Augustus helps Hazel overcome her difficulties when they are at Peter Van Houten’s house. Peter Van Houten is not the nice guy that Augustus and Hazel expected. Peter Van Houten is an alcoholic with abrasive behaviour. When Augustus and Hazel were there, he refused to answer their questions and directly insult Augustus and hazel.

This causes Hazel to get angered as she desperately seeks the answers and flew all the way to Amsterdam just for that. Augustus steps in and calms Hazel and brings her outside before she gets very mad. This thoughtful behaviour from Augustus prevents any major conflicts from happening as both parties were getting very mad. Augusts help Hazel again at the Anne Frank House when Hazel is having trouble climbing the stairs.

Augustus helps by verbally encouraging her and giving her a hand at carrying her heavy oxygen tanks. This help gives Hazel motivation to push further and to climb to the top of the Anne Frank House despite her lungs telling her to stop. Augustus is very caring and will support anything that Hazel chooses to do in her life.

To conclude, Hazel is what she is today due to the massive amounts of support from her family and friends ranging from Mrs. Lancaster’s constant nagging and care all the way to Augustus’ passionate love. Throughout her life, Hazel has a very rough life due to her cancer and depression. She has experienced pain and happiness and went through a lot of tough times. With the help of family and friends, Hazel transformed from a depressed cancer patient into a bright young girl.


Example 3

John Green is one of the most impactful books I have yet to read. Hazel Grace is a normal girl, a normal girl who happens to have a side effect of dying, cancer. When there is Augustus Walters, Gus, who has survived cancer. He is living life to its fullest choosing all of his actions by their metaphorical This is their love story Hazel Grace and Gus meet at a support group in the heart of Jesus.

In the whole beginning, Hazel is wondering why this beautiful new boy is staring at somebody like her. But they make a connection when Gus says that his greatest fear is oblivion. Hazels response is “There will come a time,” said, all of us are dead. All of us There will come a time when there are no human beings remaining to remember that anyone ever existed or that our species ever did anything.

There will be no one left to remember Aristotle or Cleopatra. let alone you. Everything that we did and built and wrote and thought and discovered will be forgotten and all of this will have been for naught. Maybe that time is coming soon and maybe it is millions of years away, but even if we survive the collapsing sun, we will not survive forever. There was a time before organisms experienced consciousness, and there will be time after.

And if the inevitability Of human Oblivion worries you, encourage you to ignore iL God know that\’s what everyone else does. ” (1213) I suppose that is what sets the story into motion. This made me come to what we all have accomplished so far will be looked at hereafter.

Hazel and Gus’s small infinity together starts when Gus brings her to his house r o play video games and do normal teenage things. No matter what is happening with their health this’.


Example 4

The Fault in Our Stars There’s this teenage girl named Hazel Grace, who is an average teenager except for the little tact that she has sort of cancer inside her body and her lungs aren\’t working very well. Hazel is in Support Group one day when a new boy named Augustus catches her eye.

Soon enough, she and Augustus are flirtatious friends and talk to each other about everything. Hazel shares her favourite book, An Imperial Affliction, and they obsess about the unsolved ending.

Augustus manages to somehow get through to the author and when Hazel emails him, he invites her to come to Amsterdam to discuss the ending of the book Augustus surprises Hazel by telling her that he still has his wish (the “Wish” that they grant to dying children) from when he had cancer and lost his leg, and he’d happily use it to take her to Amsterdam to meet Peter Van Houten. the author of An Imperial Affliction. Hazel, of course, is extremely excited about the whole idea.

Eventually, they manage to get their trip to Amsterdam with Hazel’s mother. They go to Amsterdam and have beautiful and romantic times, but when they meet Peter Van Houten, it doesn’t exactly go as planned, First of all, he’s a mean drunk, He\’s just a mean drunk and doesn’t answer any of Hazel’s questions.

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Hazel is angry and upset, but Van Houten’s assistant, Lidewij, takes her and Augustus out to explore Amsterdam. They see Anne Frank\’s house, and they finally kiss. They go back to the hotel room and even steamier things happen.

After taking the trip that they will never forget, Augustus comes with bad news. His cancer This is very, very bad, Augustus’s health is deteriorating and he might not have much time left. Hazel is there with Augustus. until the very end. When he dies, Hazel is shocked and filled with grief.

At his funeral, she’s shocked to see that Peter Van Houten is there. She talks to him and realizes that he wrote An Imperial Affliction because he had a daughter who died of cancer. She understands a little more why he’s so tortured.

She also learns from Isaac that Augustus was writing something for her before he died. She begins to go on a kind of crazy search for what he’s written. that she thinks might be the alternate ending to An Imperial Affliction that she wanted so badly. At the very end, she learns from Lidewij that Augustus wrote her a eulogy that he sent to Van Houten.

The book ends with her reading the eulogy, which states that he hopes that she’s happy with the choices she made. Hazel says that yes, she is happy.


Example 5 – Compare and Contrast Between Looking for Alaska and The Fault in Our Stars

Both books have themes of growing up and death, more specifically, unexpected death at a young age, which is obvious, but I might as say it. Another thing they have in common is smoking. gut, the view on smoking in Looking for Alaska is much different from The Fault in Our Stars.

In Looking for Alaska, smoking is viewed as “normal” and a way to “fit in”. But in The Fault in Our Stars, it was discouraged and simply used as a metaphor both by the characters and the author. Hazel got upset when she thought Augustus smoked. goth books involve at least some discussion of religion; Looking for Alaska when Pudge has to uurire a paper about religion, and The Fault in Our Stars when Augustus asks Hazel if she believes in an afterlife and when Hazel’s dad talks about the universe enjoying being observed.

Also, the support group meets in a church, 50 there’s that as well. In Looking for Alaska, Pudge seems to base his life off of Alaska\’s death (modelled by the chapters: ICO days before, the last day, 7 days after, etc..

Pudge seems to be unable to separate his own life from her death, while in The Fault in Our Stars, Hazel deals with the death of Augustus quite differently, She tells her Story building up to his death (focusing on his life), and after she tells Of his death and a few important events after, she skips to present day (hence the last sentence being in the present tense) to say that even though Gus is gone, she still loves him.

She is able to separate her life from his death in a way Pudge wasn\’t able to with Alaska, while still indicating that their love survived even his eath, Another key difference between the two books is that While Looking for Alaska deals with finding your place in life, The Fault in Our Stars deals with finding your place in death.

In Looking for Alaska, Pudge and all of his friends are trying to grow up. In The Fault in Our Stars, Hazel is trying to find a way to cope with the imminence of her own death; and rather than growing up (as she should be), she is having to deal with the process of dying.


Example 6 – Critical Review – The Fault in our Stars

The Fault in our Stars is a young adult novel written by John Green, It is based on the remission of a 16-year-old Thyroid cancer patient. Hazel Grace relentlessly struggles to breathe. She attends a Cancer Kid Support Group where she meets Augustus Waters, a 17-year-old guy diagnosed with osteosarcoma.

They form a close relationship and constantly share their love for a book called “An Imperial Affliction” written by Peter Van Houten who resigned from writing halfway. pon the desperation in finding our the ending. the two protagonists set off to the Netherlands to meet the author.

Their journey together reveals the themes of love, grief, loss, and both physical and mental pain. Throughout the book, there are reoccurring metaphors of water and stars; water representing death and stars signifying hope, hence the name ‘The Fault in our Stars’. Each of these themes along with the repeated motifs the author creates reaches out to the reader and causes them to be drawn into the lives of the characters and their relationships with each other.

The tMO protagonists dread each day with the constant worry that they’d pass away any minute Augustus and Hazel’s love tor each other triumphs over struggle and hardship hut ” yet still [they] worried„, Worry is yet another side effect of dying. ” The times when they are not contemplating what it means to be gone, they are drawn into ‘An Imperial Affliction’ (AIA). John Green purposely made the characters metaphorically relatable to those in AIA so there is a meaning to the existence of the book.

The Oyo sweethearts chase their dreams all the way o Netherlands in order to meet up with Peter Van Houten, a “rude, abrasive, and utterly drunk father of a departed cancer kid. Hazel and Gus both reminded him of her. and the ” circumstances that made him so cruel” and caused pain in his life. John Green intended on Peter Van Houten’s charisma to be the way he wrote it as he himself also “intellectualize(s) emotionally painful experiences so that [he doesn’t] have to confront process them emotionally.

Both authors are somewhat related to their thoughts and feelings The gault in our Stars introduced many deeper topics on various themes relevant to today’s society. John Green “wanted to be ambiguous”; therefore he was able to accurately depict the characters in their current age, with their strong personalities, which were present throughout the whole novel. There are no negative aspects of the text, as every part was crucial in showing different emotions, and character traits.

Hazel Grace had a strong personality, a complex train of thoughts. and thyroid cancer, as it’s “fairly similar to what [Green’sl close friend, Esther had”. The novel was mostly influenced by Esther who died of thyroid cancer in August 2010, and “after she died, [Green] had to write [his] way through it, desperately looking for some hope in it. ” The setting is also inspired by her; the problematic occurrences that cancer plays in the characters lives.

The many times throughout the novel where every character experiences love, grief, loss and pain causes you to “laugh… cry, and then come back for more” – Markus Zusak. John Green does this by presenting many heart-wrenching events, where the physical pain is shown. The pain of Hazel suffering from breathing every day, but the unconditional love between Hazel and Augustus overpower all the sadness. He also explores motifs of stars and water, very deeply.

He has metaphorical words for the stars and water, Stars representing Wishes and water, representing the proximity of death, which is frequently talked about throughout the book as Hazel”… devotes quite a bit of [her] abundant free time to thinking about death.”

Another heart-throbbing novel, Looking for Alaska also by John Green is similar in the way where there are Two protagonists who frequently” engage in conversations, drawing them closer to each other and allowing them to explore the different themes of love, loss and friendship.

In summary, the author has successfully written a gripping novel John Green presented situations relatable to the current teen culture by speaking in the mind of a teenager. therefore applaud his ability to write with every word sticking to the specific character trait each of them is supposed to portray. He has engaged the readers on every page, entitling it to be an award-winning novel.


Example 7 – How does the title relate to significant themes in the novel for The Fault in our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars Our lives are a set of building blocks, and we always yearn to be perceived as skyscrapers. But not everyone has this capability. People have faults, and sadly, it can get to the point where those wrecking balls intervene. And the thing that was once a sort of building blocks is no more Some people have it harder than others.

People live with cancer. deadly diseases that could ruin their lives, The Fault in Our Stars is a story mainly about the life Of a girl named Hazel who falls in love with a person named Augustus.

The problem is, that she and two other main characters in the story, Augustus and Isaac, have to live their lives battling cancer, which literally controls their “ordinary’ lives It is about the struggle (faults) Char comes with dealing with cancer, and how they may to overcome these obstacles, Sometimes they succeed, and sometimes they do not.

John Green titled his novel The Fault In Our Stars because the stars are the building blocks (a person’s life). and the fault in those stars is what is keeping those building blocks from becoming skyscrapers, the wreaking ball (cancer).

There are many significant themes throughout the novel that correlate to the title The struggles in life with cancer, how love triumphs through hardship, and coping with the death of a loved one, These themes not only relate to the title but they also exemplify What this Story is really about. Sets or building blocks that are slowly broken down, to the point where they are destroyed completely by the wrecking ball, both literally and mentally.

Cancer is something that is very hard to live with, and it generates numerous setbacks in life, The three main characters in this story, Hazel, Augustus, and Isaac live their lives battling cancer.

They meet different obstacles every day. and he struggle is dealing with those obstacles. Hazel struggles with lung cancer, and every day she walks around with an oxygen tank to help her lungs function. One time her cancer took a dangerous toll When she woke up in the middle of the night at about tour in the morning with an apocalyptic pain in the center of her brain, She woke her parents and was taken to the ICU, Hazel was knocked out, and they did save her. When she woke up in the morning her parents explained everything that had happened to her.

Mom and Dad told me that did not have a brain tumour, but that my headache was caused by poor oxygenation, which as caused by my lungs swimming in fluid, a litre and a half(!!!!) of which had been successfully drained from my chest, which was why might feel a slight discomfort in my side, where there was, hey look at that, a tube that went from my chest into a plastic bladder half full of liquid that for all the world resembled my Dad’s favourite amber ale.

My mom told me that I was going home, that really was, and that I would have to get this drained every now and again and get back on the BiPAP, this nighttime machine that forces air in and out of my Hazel’s overexertion was very hard on her and the rest of her family.

Now she has to get her lungs drained every once in a While and she is also on BiPAP. In my opinion, this was more than just a struggle, this was a nightmare. A nightmare pioneered straight from her cancer, and it is just horrible. Augustus had lived a very rigid life with cancer. At the time that he met Hazel, he was cancer-free with an amputated leg.

When Augustus and Hazel went to the airport to go on their trip to Amsterdam, Augustus took very long to get to the plane when he said that he was going to go get food and come back. He told Hazel and her mom that the one at McDonald’s was really long but the truth came out when he was sitting on the plane next to Hazel. “Listen, sorry I avoided the gate area.

The McDonald’s line wasn’t really that long; just didn’t want to sit there with all those people looking at us or whatever” (145, 146) Here Augustus’s struggle with cancer is the looks that people would give him, looks that were just too hard to fathom.

He didn’t want to get those looks. It bothered him. Augustus did not like people looking at him like there was something wrong with him. It was just mortifying. Isaac was Augustus’s friend that introduced him to Hazel. Isaac and Hazel went to a support group together.

Isaac suffered from eye cancer, and he was going to get surgery that would eradicate himself from his cancer. The problem was that this surgery would steal his sight. This was a huge obstacle that cancer has set for him and he has to cope with the struggle of losing his sight.

But something even worse happened to Isaac when he told his girlfriend about the news (that he was going to be blind). His girlfriend stopped seeing him and it broke Isaacs’s heart. She was his true love and they said they would always be together, but he could not take it anymore “She said she can’t handle it.

I’m about to lose my eyesight and she can’t handle it.” (60) The reason his sight was going To he disdained was to lose his cancer. Meaning that the cancer was the cause of him losing his sight. initiating the loss of his true love.

This was Isaac’s huge struggle in life with cancer. Losing the love of his life. The theme of struggles in life with cancer relates to the title because these struggles from cancer are the faults (struggles) that are in the stars, What is keeping the building blocks from becoming skyscrapers, Which is initiated by the wrecking ball (cancer).

Cancer is a deadly disease that constructs many problems in life. According to the love that was shared between Hazel and Augustus, no problem or “fault” would ever desist the love that these two had for each other.

Augustus showed hazel that there is more to life than staying home and letting cancer consume you, It did not take long for them to fall in love, Together they were unbeatable and they would never let anything bring them down. They both went through rigorous paths, but together, their loved ones steered themselves out of that hardship. nd to safety. When Hazel was taken to the hospital because of her overexertion the nurse informed her about Augustus.

“You’re not going to ask about your boyfriend? she asked “Don’t have one,” told her. Well there’s a kid who has hardly left the waiting room since you got here,” she said. “He hasn’t seen me like this, has he? ” No Family Even though it was very hard to see Hazel in that faze of discomfort, Augustus went because he loved her.

He did not let hardship terminate his love for hazel He would not let anything stop him from seeing her. When Augustus Osteosarcoma returned, he went to buy a pack of cigarettes in the middle of the night. and something went wrong with his G-tube. He told Hazel to come and help him fix it.

She took off her BiPAP, attached herself to an oxygen tank and went to help him before it was too late. When she saw him Augustus was in the driver’s seat of his car covered in his own vomit. “Oh, G-d, Augustus, we have to get you to a hospital.” gagged from the smell but bent forward to inspect the place above his belly button where theft surgically installed the tube. The skin Of his abdomen was warm and bright red. “Gus, love you. ” (244-245).

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Hazel loved Augustus so much that she took off her BiPAP, and left by herself with her oxygen tank to help Augustus in his urgent time of need.

She did not let this “fault” bring down her spirits and she did whatever she could to keep him alive She his life and if she did not go there to help him (and call 911) Augustus would nor have made it, Their love triumphs through hardship, that is how powerful their love is.

This theme relates to the title because the love is what keeps those stars or building blocks (people’s lives) up and running and they won’t let the fault (hardship) get in the way of the love. Love isn\’t something that can be wished upon, you have to have that click.

The click between Hazel and Augustus was so strong that they would not let anything get into the way, At the end of the book, Hazel is forced to cope with the death of her one and only soul mate, Augustus. Hazel was devastated. She loved him so much.

At his funeral, she went up to Augustus’s coffin to say her last goodbye. “I love you present tense,” whispered, and then put my hand on the middle of his chest and said, “IT’s okay, Gus. It’s okay, It is, Irs okay, you hear me?” had-and have-absolutely no confidence that he could hear me. eaned forward and kissed him on the cheek. “Okay,” I said. “Okay. (210) Hazel has been trying very hard not to let it get to her (the pain), and she does not want Augustus to be mad that he died on her.

That is why Hazel says okay, to apprise Augustus and make herself know that she can live through this. The theme of coping with the death of a loved one relates to the title of this novel because coping with the death of a loved one is another fault (struggle) that was in the stars that were initiated from death by cancer.

Osteosarcoma was the wrecking ball that destroyed Augustus’s building blocks and Augustus’s passing was the breaking ball that injured Hazel’s building blocks.

There are many obstacles in life, and we always to overcome them, Some people have it harder than others. Some people are forced to live their lives battling cancer. That is what The Fault in Our Stars is all about, the burden of living life as a different person with new problems every day.

Some days will be better than others, and some days will be worse. It’s a never-ending roller coaster Sure there will be times where it slows down and rides along a straight path but there will always be those times where it goes fast and gets bumpy. People live today overcoming these endeavours.

There are many themes in the novel that corresponds with the title. The struggles in life with cancer, how love triumphs through hardship, and coping with the death of a loved one These themes not own correlate to the title but they also portray the main idea of the Story.

Our lives are a set Of building blocks and if we don’t learn how to eventually take and overcome the blows from the wrecking ball, we will never have that chance that all of us have always longed for (even for people who are not battling cancer), to not only become a skyscraper but to be commended as.


Example 8 – Literary Analysis: The Fault in Our Stars

Melanie Menendez Draft Laura Fermi once said, “ignorance is never better than knowledge.” This means knowing and understanding the facts is better than going with your gut without any proof behind it. This quote is valid because knowledge is what guides many from making the right and wrong decisions, An example of this is believing a rumour that was spread around school. That is knoman as ignorance because believing the statement that is told without seeking any evidence is ignorant of the person.

In The Fault in Our Stars by John Green and Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson the idea of lack and ignorance is represented. This is shown through the analysis of conflict The Fault in Our Stars relates to Laura Fermi\’s idea, This book is about a teenager, Hazel Grace, who has cancer. She attends a support group because her mother felt she needed to learn to socialize. It is a great thing she did because at this support group she met the love of her life, Augustus Waters. 0th Hazel and Augusta\’s fall into a magical romantic trance.

Neither would have expected anything to go wrong. An example of ignorance in this book is when Augustus tries to ignore the fact cancer has come back. He would not tell Hazel or anyone. He kept it to himself and pretended everything was perfectly fine. Augustus was ignorant because he didn’t acknowledge the fact he was sick and couldn\’t do as much as he used to do when he was well. Pushing himself and ignoring the facts made his condition worse.

Another example of ignorance in this novel is when Hazel tries to ignore the fact Augustus was sick This was ignorant of her because if she accepted it maybe she could have helped him through this tough time in a better way. This is represented through conflict. Another novel that can prove Laura Fermi’s idea is Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson.

This book is about Melinda who was brutally scarred by a party she had attended the summer before school started. High school senior Andy sexually harassed her.

This made Melinda isolate herself and lose her best friend Rachel because she called the police and alarmed Them to stop the party that was going on. One example Of ignorance is how Melinda keeps all Of this to herself. She should have told a teacher, police officer or family member but she didn’t.

This was ignorant of her because she could have gotten help and avoided all the rumours that were spreading around school. She should or gave everyone the knowledge of what a bad guy Andy guans really Another example is how Rachel believed all the rumours going around the school and not her own best friend.

Rachel was in denial because she was dating Andy Evans. However, her ignorance gets her into the same situation when Andy Evans tries to force Rachel to have intercourse with him. If Rachel wasn’t ignorant and believed the knowledge that Melinda had tried to give her, she could have avoided this situation. This was represented by conflict. The quote “ignorance is never better than knowledge” is clearly true.

The two works of literature, -the Fault in Our Stars by John Green and Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson clearly prove Laura Fermi’s idea is true. The authors use the literary device of conflict to prove it is true.


Example 9 – Much Ado About Nothing & The Fault In Our Stars Contrast

Come in close, because the more you think you see, the easier it’ll be to fool you.” – NOW You See Me. Magic an illusion mixed With intense deception that fools the perception of many that. changes one’s lens of seeing reality. Likewise, the story of Much Ado About Nothing and Fault in Our Stars shæj how people respond to reality, truth, and their imperfections.

Blinded by the idea of perfection main characters rake their escape from reality to create a delusional realm of their own flawless being, Therefore, the main characters from each story I’ve in the sweet lie, being dishonest to reality shows them ridiculing their reality. Likewise, when a lie turns to be overpowered by truth one tends to cover their ears denying the bitter reality they need to face. After all when their delusional realm stops showing they are forced to accept the harsh truth of reality.

As main characters struggle to fight over the truth of their reality they show an intense unpleasant hatred towards the bitter truth of reality.

Truth, a statement Of reality that many people ignore and ridicule as their hatred towards their bitter reality. For instance, the truth has a deep effect that decides one situation in their lives, it changes a person and justifies the reality that one would like to escape As truth is “highly dangerous politically, philosophically, socially, environmentally and personally.

In the absence of a search for truth, the most powerful influence on young people” (Vardy 3), If the truth was taken from a wrong source it manipulates one’s perception Of reality. Thus, creating confusion and fear of what truth is, many will take a choice into taking truth lightly as a man hates facing the uncontrollable bitter truth of reality.

In the same way, the main characters will show their ridiculementof reality as a response to their intense displeasure towards reality. Claudio, a person who ridicules life by his action Of taking the vow Of marriage lightly.

Claudio an archetype Of a knight Who has been called a hero who came back from war would think that he is a noble and righteous person that. deserves the love of Hero, Leonatffs daughter, Governor of Messina. As a person who is an anti-marriage person, he depreciates takes the value of marriage and love. Claudio proclaims that he” would scarce myself, though I had sworn the contrary if Hero would be my wife” (Shakespeare 15).

However, Claudio is a guy who has been knowingly thought to be an anti-marriage character who suddenly want to he married to Hero.

This decision makes it looks like he is taking marriage lightly, creating a turnaround against his own words. This proclamation raises a question about his value as a noble warrior creating a theme of self-acceptance that plays a huge role in their journey of accepting reality.

Afraid to know what his true character is, Claudio takes the vow of marriage and love lightly when he want to proceed into marrying Hero when he himself is questioning his decision of marrying hero. This action shows Claudio’s ridiculement of truth as he is tying to himself by telling that he is ready to take an eternal vow of love in marriage.

Claudio who has everything in the worldly search for something to fill his empty heart but the truth that he will take will be a bumpy trip as he fears the bitter truth that lies behind the shining noble knight armour which has been an anchor of his value his entire life. Hazel who has been fighting thyroid cancer her entire life shows her unplease=ant attitude of living life.

Hazel and other cancer fighters would probably share the same feeling of not going anywhere and just stay in their comfort zone. While fighting cancer she has been on” the third leg of twelve-hour marathon of the previous season’s America Next Top Model” (Green, 12).

As a person who is fighting cancer she takes the fight lightly and finds enjoyment in a delusion of seeing herself as one of America’s top models. As a person who carries out a thyroid cancer she has been physically affected with puffy cheeks and watching America Next Top Model serves as a distraction Of her imperfection received due to cancer. She takes life lightly and has cancer as a reason for her passivity to join in with the rest of the world. Her mom always asked her to join a Christion support group but being Hazel she “refuses to attend Support Group.

As what they do in a support group is listening and “recount for the thousandth time his depressingly miserable life story” “His” being other people who suffered cancer Hazel does not want to be one of that person who are pitied for the rest of her life.

Again, the theme of self-acceptance appears when Hazel thought that taking her life lightly seems to be fair because the truth of cancer people from what society sets are just beings who never mount to achieve anything high and he does not want to know about the bitter truth of her destined fate.

Fate, destiny and reality are something one cannot control but is changeable through one perception of reality by being naive. Why should one live if there is nothing good to live with or even why should one exist if they are not needed is one of many radical unanswered questions asked by many forces them to change their view of the world.

Therefore, “Naive realist makes about the nature of the experiences we enjoy when we perceive the world” (Cengage Learning). By denying hitter truth and altering truth to be pleasant to themselves s one of human nature as they love themselves too much to know that they are basically trash.

Both stories emphasizes”one theme that appears throughout the early comedies of Shakespeare is self-love of characters preoccupied with their needs and desires and oblivious to the needs and desires of others” (Lee). Shakespeare an author from the middle age detects human’s self-love and oblivion towards the bitter reality that might decrease their love of themselves, By denying their reality they show that they hated the bitter truth of reality as it reveals their true nature which is unpleasant to themselves. Claudics honour and judgement made him want to deny his true nature that is wicked.

Claudio drunkenly witnesses Hero cheating with Borrachio_ He then accuses Hero of cheating with words that are harsh that would make one not want to live their life. ‘You seem to me as Dian in her orb, As chaste as is the bud ere it be blown; But you are more intemperate in your blood Than Venus, or those pampered animals That rage in savage sensuality”.

This action came up as Claudio does nor love Hero and is afraid that he is not good of a man to be able to live up to his status as an honourable person, His accusation sets a standard of what girl he used to vary but he knows he does not deserve any Of them.

By doing this Claudio is denying his cheap intent that is equivalent to an animal which is only wanting a girl to match up to his status. This sense of cruel accusation is also due to his position in society. All of this unjust act that Claudio did was to deny the bitter truth of who he is Claudio would probably be an irresponsible man who got lucky to survive over war and is now trying to keep his status by marrying the daughter of Messina’s governor because he knows that he himself does not deserve the title of Hero of the War.

An animal who does not care about others but only about himself. By breaking his marriage with Hero as Claudio fear that a day will come that he will not be able to keep his promise and his true nature will be revealed to others and mostly to Claudio who Ioues himself so much Being in love with each other pulls a person’s reality for a second and made them blind about the truth behind the sweet feelings of love that Hazel experience.

Hazel a cancer survivor fell in love with a fine man named August together as a cancer survivor they set aside the world for a second and deny heir mortality and subconsciously think that together the world is perfect “But, Gus, my love, cannot tell you how thankful am tor our little infinity. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

You gave me a forever within the numbered days, and I’m grateful.” proves that love blinds Hazel into thinking that Augustus can heal the sadness of her life being a cancer survivor that has many limitations (Green 52).

Her being with Augustus has given her an escape from reality turning her perception that forever can be obtained in a few days. She knows that her life sucks and Augustus is all she has but being too stocked on her fantasy shows that she does not want To tare reality yet. As she fears losing Augustus the only person she has, the one Who comforts her, by pouring sweet words and lies to each other she created a false hope that covers up the bitter truth.

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She fears the truth of their morality to be true, their special relationship to die and she knows without it they there is nothing to live for. Hatred towards reality makes people insane but with truth, some can be saved from their insanity, Many people reject their reality hut accepting them is a sign Of submission caused by fear. One must accept their fear of truth and somehow handles all of the harsh and bitter reality of the world.

The overwhelming fear of the truth that makes people unable to escape from it is what creates them to accept the truth and some time will end happily because is relatively easy to convert the sinner, but the good is often completely unconvertible simple because they do not see any need for conversion” (Cengage Learning). Those Who are in fault and know they need help will try to seek for help and those who don’t and is oblivion towards their surrounding will fall with it noticed.

Acceptance of truth is the only way to overcome the hatred of truth although unpleasant, it will be the only way to see the truth from a different perspective Benedick\’s rejection of the feelings of his love towards Beatrice will soon come to an end as they both accept their fear of loving each other. Benedick and Beatrice have been on a journey of bad-mouthing each other. They sworn to be an enemy forever but deep inside their tear of loving their enemy comes to reality, The dialogue Of “Beatrice: love you with so much of my heart that none is left to protest.

Benedick Come, bid me do anything for thee. Beatrice: Kill Claudio. Benedick: Ha! not for the wide world. Beatrice: You kill me to deny Farewell. demonstrates acceptance of their own feelings towards each other they encounter another fear of acceptance towards each other (Shakespeare 72). Suppressed feelings that are about to implode gave Benedick his burst of courage to overcome his rejection that he does not love Beatrice. Running away from his feelings Will only lead to Another miserable situation that might not happen if he confessed to Beatrice.

Confession requires a lot. of courage and the truth is bitter as love does not come as smoothly as one expect but through expecting the fear of facing the truth one might be able to live with the bitterness of reality which unlocks the sweetness of their life. The bitter reality Of August’s death will need to be accepted sooner or later. Hazel crushed With the fact that August. her only reason to live is gone. All the truth she denied came to reality and with now where to go she tried to find answers to accept the truth that she fears most.

Without pain, how could we know joy? as the pain that Hazel frequently fear to face, the pain of the loss of loved ones soon will be accepted by her because bitter truth is necessary in order to see what the sweet Of truth feels like (Green 72), Without pain, one would not now joy, rest aside with this feeling Hazel soon confront her fear of losing August and were able to move one she realized that she is not allowed to be stuck on one feeling but she needs to move one because truth and pain are inevitable but how one handles it can change the outcome of truth because “You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world„ but you do have some say in who hurts you” (Green 74), Hazel then fared off her hitter truth of Augustus death in a pleasant way.

Although things end somewhat happy. the tremendous fear of facing the bitter reality also needs to be experienced. Both stories show we despise the truth as it shows us the imperfection of life. Despite, everything we do to fix things, it will leave an outcome that will soon need to be faced Living in an imperfect world most of the time what one will face is bitter.

One ran choose to ridicule and take Truth lightly but will can it always be taken lightly? Not at all so one needs to reality but too much denying creates a denial of one’s own existence as they are not real, thus forcing them to accept the reality they fear to face the most.

Reality is bitter but that bitterness is the only ticket to enjoy the sweetness of life. After all, that is what man needs to pay due to the fall of sin. Face the reality one tears the most and things might not be that bitter as it looks.


Example 10

The Fault In Our Stars is about a teenage girl named Hazel who had thyroid cancer when she was IY At 16, she suffers from fluid build-up in her lungs and is forced to use an oxygen tank to breathe She goes to a cancer support group for teens and meers a guy named Augustus, who is in remission from osteosarcoma, which left him with only one leg. At first, they just begin as friends, but then they both realize there is something more to their friendship. However, Hazel realizes that she is probably not going to be around for long.

Her diagnosis is terminal and her lungs can’t continue to support her. ShSs afraid to become close to Augustus for the fear that she would leave him behind and he would be attached to her.

However, they continue their relationship as Augustus is quite the pursuer and Hazel has few if any other friends that understand her situation. Hazel is obsessed with this book called An Imperial Infliction, which she also gets Gus to love, However, the hook ends without an ending because the character in The book apparently dies before it can be finished.

Hazel’s wish is to know how the book ends. Hazel & Gus contact the author of the book, but he refuses to give any details about it unless they are in person. Gus offers to Hazel for them to use his unused Make a Wish foundation Wish on going to Amsterdam to visit the author, Van Houten, to find out how the book ends.

They end up going on the trip, despite Hazer’s poor condition at this point. However, their encounter With Van Houten is disappointing as he is a delusional drunk who didn\’t even realize they were coming.

None of their questions really get answered, but they still get a wonderful trip to Amsterdam. However, Hazel realizes that Gus does not seem well, and all of a sudden she learns that he has cancer again — very badly.

The rest of the book is about their relationship and Gus being consumed by cancer. Gus becomes quite a different person than he was when he first wooed Hazel. Hazel sticks by his side the whole time, even until his death. Although painful, Hazel doesn’t regret the loss that Gus becomes but is Elad that she loved him.


Example 11

The fault in our stars is young adult literature written by John Greem The main characters in this novel are sixteen years old Hazel Grace and a seventeen-year-old boy named Augustus Waters who fall in love yer are quite aware of the fact that cancer is a part of both their lives.

They still go on with their everyday teenage life which includes playing video games, flirting. falling in love, helping friends out with rough patches in their lives. will be writing about the innocence within the book and how the characters are so young but have been exposed to things that other people their age have not thought about or considered, for example; death, their future, how their family has been affected by the decease that they have to live with. Hazel grace is only sixteen and has cancer.

This means that she is exposed to emotions that other people in their entire lives wouldn’t experience. Hazel being so young means that she is still quite innocent. An example from in the book is that shows this is when she looks at the swing set and remembers the day her dad bought the swing set home and sets it up in the backyard but was never quite well enough to play on it properly and that is Why she wants to get rid of it.

Another example of what shows her innocence and her being young is when Augustus dies and she was sitting on the couch with her parents and cuddling them, it shows that she is old enough to tall in love but is not quite prepared to deal with it on her own and it is also shown when Augustus is sitting with Hazel and really wishes that they didn’t get rid of the swing set because even though he didn’t have any personal experiences with it he wanted it because of what it symbolizes, children, innocent, fun, laughter, playing and those are the things that we miss in life.

Mortality is a big part of Hazel’s life, constantly running through her mind and following her everywhere. It shows this on the first page, the second paragraph when she says “when you read a cancer booklet or website or whatever, they always list depression as a side effect of cancer. But, in fact, depression is not a side effect of cancer.

Depression is a side effect of dying. (Cancer is also a side effect of dying. Almost everything is, really)”. This shows how much thought she has put into the depression and Decease that she lives with, It is also shown when Augustus says “they don’t kill you unless you light them.

And have never lit one. It’s a metaphor, see: you put the killing thing right between your teeth, but you don’t. give it the power to do its killing”, even though he dies of cancer which is the same thing that the cigarette causes. It is again shown when they do the eulogy because Augustus dying is a real factor that needed to be taken into consideration.

For Hazel, Augustus and Isaac’s mortality was going to be a part of their life. Even though cancer is becoming a more common and well-known disease, it still doesn’t feel right to mix love and Death together.

In the fault in our stars that is exactly what happened. An example of this is when Augustus tells Hazel that he loves her on the flight to Amsterdam, he is well aware of the fact that she has Terminal cancer and his cancer has come back and yet it doesn’t scare him away from expressing his for her, even though the outcome is not going to be good, Another example is when Augustus Said “You realize that trying to keep your distance from me Will does not lessen my affection for you.

All efforts to save me from you Will fail. “Hazel was trying to keep her distance from Augustus because she did not want to be hurt if anything was to happen but she ended up getting her emotions to take control and let herself fall in love with him. The Fault in our stars is a very touching hook that plays on many of the readers’ emotions. The book mixes life, death, fun and heartbreak.

Mortality was a big part of both their lives but didn’t stop them from falling in love and sharing experiences so special in the little time that they had. One quote from the book that sums a lot of the book up is “some infinities are bigger than other infinities” meaning; even though their time together was short it was the little things that made their experiences so special.


Example 12

Miss Lawlor Mitch Albom once said, “Death ends a lite, not a relationship.” This quote means that if one lover passes away in a relationship, Their life may be over, but their relationship with their other half is not and never will be and that love will go on forever for the lovers even if one is no longer with the other in life. This quote is proven true by John Green\’s The Fault In Our Stars. John Green uses the literary elements: symbolism, theme and conflict to prove that death does not end a relationship

John Green’s The Fault In Our Stars, is about two cancer patients, Hazel-Grace Lanchester and Augustus Waters falling in love both battling cancer and sharing an interest in finding out an ending to a story that ended abruptly without answers. Symbolism is When something stands for meaning in the book.

Cancer is used as symbolism in the story. Both Hazel and Augustus have cancer and both know someday that they’re going to die. Yet Augustus tells Hazel that he will always love her no matter what happens, Augustus always wants to be with Hazel for anything.

This shows that no matter what happens to either one of them, they’ll always love each other and their relationship will stand strong. Another literary element used is the theme. The theme is the main idea of the entire story Augustus and Hazel both know that they have limited time together due to their cancer, but their love triumphs over the hardship of cancer to keep their relationship together, After Augustus dies, Hazel still keeps him in her heart and still thinks about him and has feeling for him still. This shows that the love she has for him and the love he had for her is still real and still lasting.

The last literary element used is conflict. Conflict is when the character or characters faces a problem with themselves or another force or another character. goth Augustus and Hazel face inner battles with their bodies and cancer inside o\’ them fighting to stay alive.

Hazel fights to keep herself breathing and hoping her lungs don’t get filled with water, and Augustus fighting all the pain of his G tube after it comes out and the new tumours inside of him. But no matter what happens, both try to stay strong and together through it all, when Hazel is in the hospital for her lungs, Augustus comes and stays by her side for a little while.

This shows that Augustus won’t give up on Hazel, which is why he stayed by her side and when Hazel went out early in the morning just to help Augustus with his tube problem, Mitch Albom once said “Death ends a life. but not a relationship.” This was used in John Green’s The Fault In Our Stars with the literary elements of symbolism, theme, and conflict.

Even though Augustus passed away in the book, Hazel kept their relationship and always kept loving him It shows how strong their relationship was even it they had a battle with cancer going on inside of them.

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