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The Blind Side Essay

the blind side essay

Example #1

The Blind Side is a movie produced in 2009 that focuses on the life of Michael Oher. Michael is a teenager who overcomes numerous challenges such as homelessness and loneliness to become one of the most reliable offensive linemen in the National Football League (NFL) of America (Lewis, 2009). The movie was directed by John Lee Hancock and was based on the book, The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game by Michael Lewis.

The movie stars Quinton Aaron as Michael Oher, Tim McGraw as Sean Touhy, Sandra Bullock as Leigh Anne Touhy, and Jae Head as S.J Touhy. These characters shape the plot of the movie. Sean and Leigh Anne are foster parents to Michael while S.J is their only son who has good relations with Michael as his big brother. Before moving in with Sean and Leigh, Michael had lived in other foster homes, as well as on the streets (Lewis, 2009).

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This movie is quite thematic because the viewer experiences sad feelings for what Michael goes through, as well as feelings of joy for Michael’s life transformation from solitude and misery to success and greatness. The main character in this movie is Michael, a seventeen-year-old black and homeless American teenager. He does not know his father and his mother is a drug addict. He puts up at various foster homes. However, he escapes in several instances due to various reasons.

Hopping between foster homes leaves Michael without much formal education or essential skills that can help him get a job (Lewis, 2009). One of Michael’s foster parents tries to enroll him in Wingate Christian School despite his poor academic records. His athleticism and passion for football impress the football coach who recommends his enrollment.

Because of his huge stature and young age, Michael is nicknamed The Big Mike by friends. While at Wingate Christian School, Michael becomes friends with S.J, a son to Leigh Anne an interior designer, and Sean Touhy a business guru (Scott, 2009). One day while driving home, Anne notices Michael walking alone in the rain and decides to talk to him. On discovering that he intended to spend the night outside the school’s gym, she decides to take him home and spend the night.

After that, Michael becomes part of that family, amid negative criticism towards Anne from wealthy friends about making him part of her family. Leigh Anne identifies as a caring person, as she goes ahead to seek legal rights to be Michael’s guardian, which gets approved (Scott, 2009). Although Michael starts slowly with the team due to his gracious and calm nature, Leigh Anne is always around during training sessions to motivate him (Lewis, 2009).

Michael impresses most college coaches with his ability on the pitch. However, Leigh Anne discovers that Michael’s GPA is below the required average of 2.5 that qualifies one for a college scholarship (Scott, 2009). Anne goes ahead to hire Michael a tutor who works with other teachers and helps him attain an average of 2.52. Michael receives scholarship offers from numerous colleges but settles for the University of Mississippi, the alma mater of his foster parents. Michael sticks with his decision despite receiving numerous threats aimed at making him change his decision.

It later emerges that Michael’s foster parents restrict anyone under their care to join other colleges apart from the University of Mississippi (Lewis, 2009). A confrontation ensues between Michael and Leigh Anne and they disagree. As a result, Michael goes back to the projects where his mother lives. He reunites with old friends who make unpleasant remarks towards his foster parents. This makes Michael angry and a fight ensues. Their cruelty forces him to run.

Leigh Anne searches for Michael in vain. He calls Michael who agrees to meet and discuss a few things that made Michael uncomfortable (Lewis, 2009). During the meeting, Anne promises to support Michael’s decisions, as well as allow him to talk to officers who are investigating his decision to join the University of Mississippi.

Michael moves back to his foster parents’ house and plans of joining college get underway. The movie ends with Michael bidding farewell to his foster family. He focuses on his football career while in college and grows into an all-star left tackler (Scott, 2009). The end creates a feeling of joy, as one feels happy for the once poor, illiterate, and fat teenager who came from a broken home but managed to identify and fulfill his real potential despite all many challenges.

This movie identifies as a film that integrates various themes and elements. The fact that the movie develops out of a real-life story makes it an undeniable fairy tale. It provides the viewer with a touch of reality that human relations depend on. There are two important lessons about human relations brought out in this movie. First, it is important for human beings to reach out to the less fortunate in society. Michael is a teenager who has lost hope of fulfilling his dreams, but the family of Leigh Anne helps him identify and fulfill his potential (Lewis, 2009).

The second lesson is that people need to believe in their abilities, and develop relations with people who believe in them. Leigh Anne believes that the decision to make Michael part of her family is right despite objections from friends. Michael has great potential and Leigh’s family believes in his abilities, the reason they do all they can to ensure that he exploits them (Lewis, 2009).

For a keen viewer, the movie also develops the theme of love and family. The nature of life is such that people do not have a choice of who comprises their families. Some people are lucky enough to experience love from both parents and the joy of growing in a complete family, while others are not that lucky. However, from the movie, it is clear that these situations are not permanent because individuals can get these experiences from people they interact with in life (Scott, 2009). Michael came from a broken home that did not have a father, while the mother was not resourceful due to her drug addiction.

He lacked life opportunities that his peers from bonded families had. However, he is able to feel the love of a family later in his teenage years after a white couple that already had two children adopts him. The love shown by others is often influential on how people develop perspectives about life (Lewis, 2009). The concept of the family developed in this movie goes beyond nuclear families to include a social unit that shares common values, includes people who believe in each other, and who show love towards each other.

In the movie, challenges of poverty, racial discrimination, as well as drug and substance abuse are evident and well explored. Modern American society identifies as one that adores drugs, looks down upon people from poor backgrounds, as well as a society still incensed in the old habit of treating people based on the color of their skin (Scott, 2009).

This unfortunate reality has for long refused to die out of American culture. The treatment accorded to Michael’s foster parents when they go looking for him in the projects is unacceptable and one that modern parents would not want their children to grow to have knowledge of. The comments made towards Leigh Anne during Michael’s adoption talks also give a clear indication of various perceptions that American people still have towards each other.

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Humor also develops a lot in this movie, as there are certain scenes that leave the viewer in stitches (Scott, 2009). One such scene is during one of the games when Michael, using his huge body gives an opponent a block that clears him off the pitch. The scene gets funnier when the coach demands to know from Michael why he did such a thing to an opponent. Michael’s response was that he was trying to stop after the whistle but he was on top speed.

Michael also said he carried the opponent to the bus because he felt the time was right for the player to leave the pitch. Numerous tackles, which prompted the referee to throw a flag as a warning, dominated Michael’s style of play in that game (Scott, 2009). Another element developed in the movie is a sacrifice. Michael’s foster family sacrifices to help him in a unique and inspiring way. They go out of their way to provide him shelter, food, clothing, education, and a career in football. The movie had a good reception across America, with critics giving positive remarks.

Most notable remarks touched on the impressive role of Leigh Anne played by Sandra Bullock (Lewis, 2009). The movie received many nominations and awards that included academy award, people’s choice awards, and nickelodeon kids choice awards among others. The main character in this movie is Michael who puts up at various foster homes. However, he escapes due to various reasons. The fact that the movie develops out of a real-life story makes it an undeniable fairy-tale.

This movie is generating a sad feeling for what Michael goes through, as well as a feeling of joy for the way his life turns around into a success story. The themes and elements developed in the movie include humor, sacrifice, human relations, the importance of love and family, poverty, racial discrimination, as well as drug and substance abuse.

It is important for human beings to reach out to the less fortunate in society. Michael is a teenager who has lost hope of fulfilling his dreams, but the family of Leigh Anne helps him identify and fulfill his potential. It is also important for people to believe in their abilities, and develop relations with people who believe in them. Leigh Anne believes that the decision to make Michael part of her family is right despite objections from friends. The movie had a good reception across America, with critics giving positive remarks.


Example #2

“The Blind Side” written by John Lee Hancock is based on true life events about Baltimore Ravens NFL player, Michael Oher. This sport related comedy drama will not only warm your heart but can also change your perspective on love and family. It’s an excellent example of how one person can change their fate with determination and the moral support of others. Michael Oher’s story begins with him occasionally homeless and staying with his inattentive drug addict mother in a broken home with a remote father.

His luck turned like his dad’s friend helps him get into an all Christian private school where Coach Cotton sees potential in him as a future football star. As Michael looks for another place to sleep and keep warm, he is found by worrisome, overprotective mother Leigh Anne Tuophy who asked Michael where he was staying that night. Her motherly instincts took over and invited Michael to stay the night, despite her having no knowledge of his background.

His one night stay turned into a long term close relationship between him and the Tuophy. He now lives with a family of four, Leigh Anne (Sandra Bullock), Sean (Tim McGraw), Collins (Lily Collins), and Mj Tuophy (Jae Head) and they help Michael carefully pick up the pieces that were originally broken from his past. The family aid Michael get on the right track by shaping him to be a football star, guided him to better education, and treating him as if he was blood; He began to live like a Tuophy.

Passionate and loving mother, Leigh Anne Tuophy is played by actress Sandra Bullock who has been in well-known movies such as Gravity, Miss Congeniality, and many more. She plays a successful interior designer, a mother of two, and a loving wife to co-star Tim McGraw (Sean Tuophy). She demonstrates within this movie the realism of modern motherhood coupled with compassion that stretches far beyond one’s expectation of a typical foster parent scenario.

Within the context of this relationship, we see a schema developing that in cooperates and display the fundamentals of human relationship that transcends the foundation of love. Within the ethos of this film, characters such as Michael Oher played by Quinton Aaron, contributed to the construct and in turn augmented the overall atmosphere of the script. Overall, the entire cast complemented each other which in turn produce what critics and the audiences express as an inspirational stellar production.

As I watched this movie, a flood of emotions overcame me. The most intriguing part was when they sat around the dinner table and Sean proposed to Michael as to whether he would like to become a part of this family. Michael responded with “I kinda thought I already was”. It’s astonishing how this particular scene displays the strength of actions and the power of family.

Another moment that I found extremely heartwarming was during the nearly fatal accident in which Michael saved MJ by preventing the airbag from exploding onto MJ. It was this scene that had left a profound affect on me. The family component will remain intrinsic since it mirrors the values and beliefs that exist within my life. I will forever look at this movie and look at myself and see a reflection of the world that I would in vision being a part of.

A valuable lesson to take away from this movie is that everybody regardless of religion, race, gender, income level, needs compassion, love, and above all, family! “The Blind Side” captures the viewer immediately since it has various scenes that a majority of people can relate to such as those who have been isolated, neglected, or in need of support.

Audiences who have a passion for Football or just like happy endings may take more interest in those aspects that are prevalent to the plot as well as individuals looking for a movie that captures deep moral issues. I would give this movie a rating of 3.5 out of 5 for its overall production and story. Although it is rated as a PG-13 I believe that this film is suitable for all age groups since it educates the value of love and family.


Example #3

John Lee Hancock’s film, The Blind Side, is an absolute must-see. The Blind Side is a semi-biographical movie that is based on the life of a football player named Michael Oher. The film was produced in 2009 by the Warner Bros. Production Company. The movie exemplifies the works of talented actors and actresses, some of whom are familiar and others that are new to the acting world.

The names of the main characters are as follows: Sandra Bullock, who plays the role of Mrs.Tuohy, Tim McGraw, who portrays Mr.Tuohy, and newcomer Quinton Aaron, who plays the lead as Michael Oher. Even though the film seems to be over-exaggerated cliché, it excels tremendously in acting, setting, and encouraging and inspirational relationships.

The next day Leigh Anne Tuohy wakes up and realizes that Michael is nowhere to be found and also did not take any of their belongings with him. She runs out of the house and catches him walking out of the driveway. At that moment she demands Michael come back and asks him would he like to stay for Thanksgiving dinner.

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Michael continues to stay with the family and even pulls his grades up enough to play football for the school. After giving Michael the unconditional love of a family, the Tuohys ask Michael would be like for them to become his legal guardians. Will Michael find a home with the Tuohys or will he return back to the secluded and neglectful life that he once lived?

The first positive characteristic of the film is the Acting and the Characters. The actors/actresses in the film did an astounding job portraying the characters of the story. They went unfathomable into the roles of the characters and add emotion and appeal to them. Sandra Bullock, with Quinton Aaron, makes it convincing that she is Mrs.Tuohy and that he is Michael Oher.

Even though those two were the ones provide emotional appeal, the other cast masts all add something independently. The father, Mr. Tuohy, exhibited the role of a positive male figure, who is supportive of everything that his family is involved in. Collins signifies the role of the average American adolescent.


Example #4

“Life’s a maze, you twist and you turn through it, The driest of droughts maneuvered and I earned through it” (Clipse). During the Blind Side, Michael Oher comes up from living on the `street to becoming an NFL football player. Throughout the film, he is adopted by a new family who puts him down the right path in life. Although the movie “The Blind Side” is similar to Michael Oher’s life, there are also many things that the movie changed about Michael’s journey to add excitement to the movie.

During the Blind Side, there are many similarities that the movie got correct about Michael Oher’s life.
Another difference was that Michael was not let into the High School right away, but in the movie, he does get let in. Michael Lewis also states in his article, “When researching The Blind Side facts vs fiction, it was revealed that due to Michael Oher’s poor and nearly non-existent academic record as of 2002, the principal at Briarcrest insisted that he participate in a home school program for a few months first to get his grades up”.

This shows that Michael had to do homeschooling before being let into Briarcrest High School. All in all The Blind Side makes a lot of changes to add more excitement and drama to the film. John Lee Hancock’s choices in changing aspects of Michael Oher’s life added excitement and drama to the movie. For example, Hancock changes that Michael does not know how to play football.

This adds drama to the movie because his adoptive family now has to teach him how to play his position in football. Hancock also adds excitement when Michael gets into the High School right away, when in reality he did not. This adds excitement by getting the audience excited to see what Michael will do at his new High school. These changes allow John Lee Hancock to add excitement and drama to the movie.


Example #5

The blind side depicts the story of Michael Oher, a homeless black teen, who has drifted in and out of the school system for years. Then, along comes Leigh Anne Tuohy and her husband, Sean taking him in. The Tuohy ultimately become Michael’s legal guardians, changing both their lives. Michael’s remarkable size and protective instincts make him an intimidating force on the grid, and with help from his new family and enthusiastic tutor, he comprehends his potential as a student and football player.

Michael was raised in an urban housing development with his mother Denise Oher in Memphis, Tennessee appropriately named “Hurt Village,” Hurt Village is a run-down federal housing project in Memphis. His story begins with his being homeless and coming from a broken home with a drug-abusing mother and an absentee father. Because of his family environment, Family Services steps in and takes control of his life as he was growing up.

Unfortunately, he was then pushed from foster home to foster homes, and now as a teenager, he finds himself rejected by the family he has been living with. By a stroke of chance, and a coach’s wish for a player the size of Michael, he ends up being enrolled in a private Christian school where the Tuohy kids go.

Michael is a quiet person. He is shown to have a childlike personality because he tries to play with kindergarten children who reject or ignore him. Michael is befriended by S.J. Tuohy, the youngest Tuohy, whose connection to Michael starts the ball rolling.

The film depicts the struggle of a Black man becoming a part of the White society. Michael’s Other story begins with him being displaced and coming from a broken home with a drug-abusing mother, and an absentee father. Family is a big theme in this film. Often, the character shows affection and love to the family and this is a story of a person changing through the love of a family. The Tuohy family shows us that Family is not defined by the blood in your veins but by the love in your heart by how they treat Michael.

Even though the Tuohy Family is not his biological family Mike still loves them unconditionally, and he was trying to fit in by stepping in their footsteps by attending the same college with the Tuohy family by his own will. Michael Oher displays to the audience how a black man experiences maltreatment and discrimination from his white community which is the common trend of the American mainstream. For many years, Michael has lived with different foster families but always ends up leaving them.

He feels that he does not belong because of the different family situations, status, and lifestyle. However, Michael is not simply a common individual, he has a distinctive character that leads him to recognition. The film tries to prompt the situation that happens when a Black American becomes part of a White American family. The struggle of the story is, “Will Michael is will he be suitable for his newly establish home?”

The Blind Side dramatizes “The Culture of Poverty Theory” so as to provoke emotion as well. Inconsequentiality to the Type-A, powerful, confident upper-class white woman, we are shown Michael’s mother, who is insensitively an objectively pure stereotype of a poor low class single black mothers. According to the film, she has a dozen children, and whenever she is cited, she is depicted as a drug abuser.

In contrast to the white mother who defies stereotypes and employs her individuality by going in contradiction of what her friends expect of her, the black mother is a stereotype. Although the film tries impassively to criticize some of Leigh Anne’s friends for thinking Leigh Anne’s decision to help Michael was not sensible, it still puts the focus on Leigh Anne.

This is what happened to Michael. He faced discrimination inside his classroom. Even his teacher exhibits the differences of how a White teacher interacts with a Black student like him. It is a method of stereotype that the media continues to express towards its audience. But then, Michael is a successful black person gaining sympathy among the white students, who then can verify their own color-blindness, but only insofar as they indirectly distance successful black characters whom they like from blackness as a whole.

In The Blind Side, the social-conflict approach fits extremely well. For example, society is a system of social inequalities based on class and race. It functions to benefit some classes of people and harms others. Everybody shown in the movie who has a powerful status is White Caucasian (except for the NCAA officer, though she was in the larger city).

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Moreover, powerful people all tend to be wealthy, such as the Tuohy’s. The plain contrast between power among races is seen when one compares the Tuohy’s and Michael’s mother. We are able to see both the extreme wealth of some and the severe poverty of others. In this circumstance, the wealthy are rich, and the poor are predominantly minorities.

Therefore, conflicts do happen when the powerful try to exert their prosperity over the poor. Change isn’t covered in this movie but was hypothetically happening at the time. The film describes the struggle within Michael Oher. It shows the progress from an introverted, unwelcome, unlovable, and doesn’t believe there is any good left inside of him to a successful person who is a confident, resilient, and affectionate person. The story tells us about Michael Oher who has overcome his battle.


Example #6

Michael Oher, a black child had an unfortunate childhood. As a black child, he is very easy to have the kind of most commonly encountered that even 7 years old, was also forcibly deprived of their mother’s custody since became orphans. He had been the plurality of family adoption, but because of injuries he suffered, he ran away from home every time.

Eventually, when he was homeless, he met a kind-hearted white family. Hostess Anne Tuohy took him in. Finally, Michael discovers his athleticism and became a football player, and eventually has one of their own completely different lives. I was surprised to understand Mrs. Tuohy’s character. She was a kind woman, when Michael had no home and no one could take care of him on a cool, wet night, Mrs. Tuohy took him home and gradually makes him a part of her family.

She does not show her sympathy for poor Michael, and it is the right thing to do. With the first training, Michael despite big burly, but because of his lack of experience of poor response, led the team time and time again him to re-start. I still remember what Mrs. Tuohy said ‘Team is a family; quarterback is the head of the family, running back is to bear the weight of a small team of brothers. As a tackle, not only to protect the mother but also to open for his little brother, this is the position of basic lies.

‘ While Mrs. Tuohy observed Michael’s action, she didn’t say he was stupid. However she also encouraged him, told him how to do, how to play the ball game. Mrs. Tuohy takes care of Michael just like her son. See here remind me of my teacher Mrs. Cui in Shanghai. Cui is a kind person too. In life, she always tells us ‘If you give a hand for who need help, you will receive great rewards.’ There was really a lot of problems with my studies, Cui always gave me her hand, and told me the correct way to go. She will not laugh at us. She was a teacher, but more like my mother.


Example #7 – interesting ideas

Help with school essay what is inspiring about Michael Oher from the blind side? I need ideas how does Michael Oher inspire you

He was always “the odd one out”. However, he overcame that obstacle and became a great football player. What I am trying to say is, he never gave up and worked to achieve his goal. That is really inspiring.

How do you write an essay based on the movie “The Blind Side”?
In English class, our teacher told us to write an essay based on a true story, etc… and I choose the Blind Side, I’m kind of new to this essay thingy and I need some help writing. I’ve already done the introduction and just want to know what I should write in the second paragraph and etc… etc.. if you know what I mean.

I would describe three characters in the story – one character per paragraph suggestions: (and give examples) Michael: kind, defensive, strong, large, outcast, quiet, homeless, shy, etc. Lee Anne – Michael’ adoptive mom: bold, stubborn, caring, helpful, demanding, understanding, opinionated, etc Collins: popular, pretty, girly (u know, how she had the face mask on), athletic (she played volleyball and cheerleading) S.J.: cute, supportive, helpful, friendly, sweet, those are a few examples, just pick three you feel are interesting.

What did Michael Oher’s essay in The Blind Side mean?
“Courage is a hard thing to figure. You can have courage based on a dumb idea or a mistake, but you’re not supposed to question adults, or your coach, or your teacher because they make the rules. Maybe they know best but maybe they don’t. It all depends on who you are, where you come from. Didn’t at least one of the six hundred guys think about giving up and joining with the other side? I mean, Valley of Death, that’s pretty salty stuff. That’s why courage is tricky.

Should you always do what others tell you to do? Sometimes you might not even know why you’re doing something. I mean, any fool can have courage. But honor, that’s the real reason you either do something or you don’t. It’s who you want to be. If you die trying for something important then you have both honor and courage and that’s pretty good. I think that’s what the writer was saying; that you should try for courage and hope for the honor. And maybe even pray that the people telling you what to do have some, too.”

Answer. I think it means that courage can become a dumb idea or a mistake, don’t argue with older figures with the authority because of your courage. It depends whether they can figure courage and honor out on their own and that you choose who you are, from where you are from, and with honorable courage.

In the valley of death, they gave their lives away with honor, that honor was made with courage and that is why courage is tricky with doing the right thing with the right honor with the right choice, therefore with the right courage you use. Should you always do what other people want you to do? Sometimes you don’t know why you’re doing something, any fool can have the courage and bravery, but do they have the honor that chooses whether what they do is good or bad and either you do the good one or you don’t.

If you have both courage + honor, that is great and you can be successful. If you lose your life trying for something important, or if you do it with courage and honor, you can be anything possible. Just think and pray in your mind that the people who influent you to do things and the people who tell you what to do…hope that they have courage, honor, AND hope, too

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