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Subway Vs McDonald’s Essay

It is very difficult to compare subway and McDonald’s. This is because subway offers a variety of different sandwiches, while McDonald’s only has one type of burger (the Big Mac). Subway also has more healthy options for customers with dietary restrictions. However, the subway sandwich prices are higher than those at McDonald’s. Mcdonald’s does have an all-day breakfast menu that subway doesn’t offer, which could make it more desirable for some customers. Ultimately though, both fast-food chains are delicious and worth checking out!

Essay 1


The corporation McDonald’s is a worldwide hamburger fast food restaurant chain that has restaurants in more than 120 nations (Fast Food Menu Prices, McDonald’s par.1). It serves a variety of items, including burgers, chicken, cheeseburgers, soft drinks, and salads.

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Subway is a well-known fast food chain with a broad national presence. It caters to health-conscious customers at reasonable costs with sandwiches and salads (Fast Food Menu Prices McDonald’s par.1). This paper compares and contrasting the two companies based on their pricing, customer service, and nutrition of menu items.

McDonald’s. Prices

The following is a short list of some of the most popular McDonald’s meals and their corresponding prices in California: The Big Mac costs $5.11, the Quarter Pounder with Cheese costs $3.69, Filet-O-Fish costs $4.85, McChicken costs $1.65, and 20 piece Chicken Nuggets costs $6.40 (Fast Food Menu Prices, McDonald’s par.1).


According to a recent study that compared the performance of the most popular fast-food restaurants in the United States, McDonald’s received the highest overall service grade (Min and Min 286). Customers viewed McDonald’s as a leader in the following categories: location, amenity, operating hours, and customer service response time according to the study results (Min and Min 286).

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The healthiness of Food Items

A study of adolescent purchasing habits revealed that the average calorie count in a McDonald’s sandwich is 572 (Lesser et al. 443). Soft drinks at McDonald’s had an average of 151 calories (Lesser et al.). On average, participants consumed 36 grams of sugar from the entire meal at McDonald’s (Lesser et al. 443).

Subway. Prices

The following is a list of popular Subway menu items in California, along with their pricing: Subway Club – $9.92, Tuna Sub – $8.64, Black Forest Ham -$7.04, Veggie Delite Sub -$7.04, and Pizza Sub with Cheese -$7.68 (para 1). It’s evident that McDonald’s offers lower prices than Subway for comparable meals.


Despite the fact that the Min and Min research discovered that McDonald’s scored highest overall in terms of service, Subway was tops in the following categories: cleanliness, employee courtesy, healthy food, variety of options, safety, and reputation (286). According to the study findings, however, Subway fell behind McDonald’s and came in third place among fast food chain restaurant chains with respect to overall quality of services.

Healthiness of Food Items

According to the study conducted by Lesser et al., a Subway sandwich has 784 calories on average, whereas the comparable menu item at McDonald’s contains just 572 calories (Lesser et al. 443). It implies that the sandwich at Subway is less healthy because it had more calories than the other option. Soft drinks in Subway, on the other hand, had an average of 61 calories while those from McDonald’s contained 151 calories on average (Lesser et al. 443).

Furthermore, the kids in this study ate 36 grams of sugar from the entire meal at Subway and almost 55 grams of sugar from the complete meal at McDonald’s (Lesser et al. 443). As a result, it is reasonable to conclude that McDonald’s serves somewhat less healthy food in terms of sugar and calories than Subway.


In terms of healthyness, the comparison of the two fast food restaurant chains reveals that both serve comparable meals. McDonald’s, on the other hand, is the most cost-effective and efficient service provider.

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Essay 2

Fast food outlets are numerous. They’re handy and, in many cases, less expensive than traditional restaurants. Is that all they’re good for, though, and is it simply about eating? For the purpose of this paper, McDonald’s and Subway have been chosen to compare and contrast the differences between food and their social contributions. Both businesses operate in the fast-food industry but manufacture very different meals. They have diverse histories but similar objectives in mind. The comparison of the two firms allows one to learn how they evolved, what they do, and how they impact society. Ray Kroc founded McDonald’s in 1955.

They are present in over 100 countries, but they still exist in a competitive market in the fast food business. Subway, like McDonald’s, may be classified as competing in a monopolistic industry owing to their well-known brand. Subway can expand into so many areas because it franchises its restaurants. Currently, there are 44k Subway locations around the world. Subway does not own any of the restaurants; instead, they are leased by 21,000 franchisees.

Subway is a privately held company that does not trade on the stock market. In 2016, they sold $11.3 billion worth of products ( Their current sales as of May 2017 are $7.1 billion per year. They spend about $550 million each year on advertising between 2012 and 2015, according to Forbes’ website. Subway is ranked among the top ten highest in volume in the fast food business, alongside McDonald’s. According to the Forbes magazine website, Subway ranks #92 in the world with a valuation of $7.1 billion and a revenue of $17 billion.

Subway’s employees also profit from their success, thanks to perks like 401k, vacation, and medical insurance ( Employees’ starting salaries are set somewhat higher than the federal minimum wage ( McDonald’s is a publicly traded business while Subway is a privately held firm. They do, however, share similar goals such as healthy food for children and adults.

Over the last few decades, their work has changed significantly. They are both environmentally aware and are dedicated to implementing new and innovative ideas in order to reduce environmental usage. They also participate in their communities by promoting health awareness and supporting educational interests.

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Essay 3

Subway Sandwich Shop Situation Analysis A situation analysis is a thorough evaluation of potential and existing company opportunities and obstacles. Through study, you may gain a greater knowledge of an industry, competitor, and possible alternatives. Subway was founded in 1965 by Fred DeLuca and Dr. Peter Buck, with a $1,000 investment. By 1974, the pair owned and operated 16 units throughout Connecticut to expand their business. (2006).

We’ve advanced from a economically less developed country to a more affluent, older, and more educated society, as well as becoming increasingly ethnically diverse. When it comes to dining out, traditions have evolved what was unusual is now common. Subway restaurants target people on the go who want a nutritious low-cost meal.

The sub sandwich sector, for example, Subway has been pushing the industry forward by year’s end, following on the heels of Quizno’s. “Consumers are recognizing what restaurant industry analysts have known for years. Quiznos entered the market as Denver-based company by making toasted sandwiches a popular choice. The rapidly expanding restaurant chain in the country is Quiznos, trailing only to Subway in terms of No. 2 non-burgers sandwich shop” ( Apuzzo , Quiznos vs. Subway, 2005).

Quiznos’ menu is more expensive in large, airy retail spaces. Subway and Quizno’s continue to battle for sandwich supremacy, although local rivals are attempting to catch up. “Submarina Inc., the San Marcos-based fast-casual restaurant with 45 locations in the West, is aiming to take its chopping board across the country against Subway and Quiznos, which are known for their submarine sandwiches.” According to one restaurant owner, the sandwich market is still underdeveloped. Subway appeals more to lower-income people who are price sensitive, while we appeal to a higher-income clientele with a little bit more expensive menus.

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