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Should College be Free Essay

The should college be free debate has been going on for decades, with no concrete answer in sight. Issues of whether or not a person should have to pay for a degree if they don’t want to pursue an advanced career are often brought up by those who oppose the idea of providing higher education as a right. But should it? There are many different reasons why people say yes and others say no. In this essay I will explore both sides and offer my opinion on what should happen next!

Essay 1

In today’s society, individuals are quickly judged by their college level and may be evaluated based on their credentials. However, not everyone can afford to attend school in order to obtain a diploma. People have various motives for not going to school, but the most popular reasons include the cost of tuition and fees.

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They are unable to pay for tuition, which is too costly. If the free college scenario has no impact on the economy, I believe that college should be free since it may encourage more youngsters to go to school, obtain a degree, and choose their future without worrying about debt or contributing to society’s progress. College should be free because it enables more people to access greater opportunities.

On the other hand, if they believe that college is only a path to good job opportunities, rather than an opportunity for personal development and growth, it might have a detrimental influence on their own lives. Students would not focus seriously on their education if school is free, as they would do otherwise. They just go to college since it’s free. The results could be lower graduation rates and students not being well prepared for the real world because they just try to get a degree in order to graduate and really learn nothing. If going to college is free, it’s similar to whether students attend elementary school, middle school or high school; they’re simply going to class and aren’t thinking about their futures ahead of time.

When students reach college, they should be able to determine what is best for them. Students should be grateful for free education and work hard to achieve their objectives. College should be free since it has a big influence on student’ s lives. More youngsters would attend school if college could be free, thus they might obtain a higher degree for themselves.

Students may want to think about their own life after graduating without debt, such as starting a company, buying a house, etc. A more educated society can also have a beneficial influence on society. There could be negative consequences of the situation, but students could overcome them because going to college is for their own personal education and enjoyment.

Essay 2

Many individuals in today’s world aren’t given opportunities simply because they didn’t get chances like others who had more opportunity. Many students throughout the world do not have enough money, which is why there are so many people in the United States that skip college and never obtain a degree. This isn’t just due to tuition; it’s also because they alter their majors in order to obtain money right away to pay off their college debt.

The answer is right in front of our eyes, which is to make college tuition free even though many individuals still believe that it should be paid for. College tuition should be free since it may bring about a lot of positive changes not just for students but also for universities and the economy as a whole.

The first reason why colleges should be free is because students should have the opportunity to pursue their interests and become who they want to be in the future. Students’ options are limited, according to a quote, “because the current college education system restricts many students from pursuing their true passions.”

Many people in later life may avoid taking risks owing to their debt.” (Deborah Kurfiss) This statement implies that many individuals would be opting for the safer path because they have no other option, and not taking the risks couldn’t help them reach their full potential. According to another saying, “Offering free university tuition would enable more individuals to pursue higher education. The bright young people who now miss out on college because they can’t afford it will be able to obtain a degree and obtain better employment.”

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The high cost of a degree would no longer be an obstacle. “(Amelia Josephson) Students should have the freedom to choose whatever life work they wish to pursue. Some individuals may desire to be doctors but are unable to pay for college, so they settle for something lesser when in actuality they could become something greater and assist people in need.”

Furthermore, college students who are in debt when they graduate will have a negative influence on society. The following quote states, “The average student today graduates from college with $37,172 in student loan debt.” Graduate and professional students’ debts are significantly higher. People who are under this sort of burden frequently do not have much money to give to the economy. Our country’s total student loan debt is now at $1.48 trillion, which is more than credit card debt ($1.023 trillion).”(Sarah Goldy-Brown)

The fact that the first-year cost of a medical school education is equal to or more than any four years of student loan payments shows how horribly excessive tuition costs are, especially since too many students are in debt. This isn’t good for them because they would still have to pay for the money after college and might take several years to pay it off completely. The following sentence says, ” Since the 1940s and 1950’s, the world has changed dramatically.” Many more employment today need educated based or require advanced technical knowledge than in the past in order to the point that there sometimes aren’t enough qualified people to fill them.

A more educated workforce would be a boon to the US economy.” College was not as pricey in previous years, so things have changed a lot. This also demonstrates why free college would be beneficial to both students and the economy.

Finally, having institutions would be a crucial part in the future of America’s progress. In this statement from Bernie Sanders, he says, “It is time to build on the progressive movement of the past and make public colleges and universities tuition-free in the United States – a development that will be the driving force behind a new era of American wealth.” When all young people with ambition and ability can realize their full potential regardless of their circumstances at birth, we will have a stronger economy and democracy.

Bernie Sanders has said that we should not be enslaved by the past and that America’s future lies in having a tuition-free university. We should not be stuck in the same ways as before, but rather take a step forward into the future. Young people should be able to realize their full potential without having to worry about where they came from. “It was feasible to graduate from high school and move right into a good paying job with excellent benefits for those who did not have an advanced degree in the 1950s and 1960’s,” according to another Bernie quote.” (Sanders)

This passage indicates that life is far more difficult today than it was in the 1960s, and that attaining the American Dream has become much more difficult than it was in the past. Nowadays, college graduates must worry about obtaining a well-paying employment right away to obtain cash. Some people might believe that free college tuition is not a viable option. They claim that because universities offer free tuition, they will lose money. They also express their concerns about losses in revenue due to the fact that they are offering students with free tuitions.

What they don’t comprehend is that when more people enroll in their schools, the money colleges make increases by a factor of two. Some individuals may question how colleges can continue to receive revenue without charging tuition, but there are numerous methods for them to do so. For example, they could open shops and restaurants on campus so that students may buy their textbooks, food, and other items. Colleges and universities also have different events and extra-curricular activities that students must pay for, such as a ticket to attend.

They would also purchase meals from the concessions stands at the events. Finally, many individuals like to show their colleges pride, so there are a lot of souvenirs and items for students and families to buy to support the college they attend. As a result, having free tuition would not cost schools any money; rather, it would assist them in making more money while still assisting the student financially.

In conclusion, college tuition must be made free because it will not only assist students in finishing their programs and leading better lives, but it can also benefit institutions and the economy as a whole. With more individuals receiving decent educations, the American economy would prosper. Because many people will be well-educated, they’ll have no trouble finding employment that will help boost job prospects.

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Essay 3

In today’s society, a college or university education is extremely competitive due to the increasing demands of everyday life. Almost every student, parent, and nation is battling to improve quality and quantity of human resources at different levels of development. Education is the only path to improve human resources quality and number in society right now. As a result, education has been getting more competitive with time as there are no limits on resources that prevent many pupils from completing their studies. Despite insufficient resources that prevent many students from finishing their education, college or university tuition should not be free.

Education should not be free because it would lower the quality of education. Classes at educational institutions are usually organized to provide a range of high-quality education based on their resources and facilities. As a result, parents have complete freedom when it comes to selecting where to send their children based on their economic status. The poor send their kids to low-quality schools, while the rich send theirs to high-end schools.

If education is made free, there will be no hierarchy of educational institutions since all of them provide comparable levels of learning. It will lead to a decrease in the standard of education ultimately due to the loss of competition among educational institutions. Tuition fees should not be free in the light of declining quality of instruction.

Given the shortage of government resources, covering tuition costs for students is a burden. Given how many people cannot afford to pay tuition fees, the number of students enrolled in colleges and universities is quite tiny when compared with those who do not have access to schooling. As a result, providing free education would dramatically increase the amount of students that will strain the country’s educational resources and facilities.

As a result, the government will not only have to pay tuition fees, but also the expenses associated with constructing educational facilities to meet the growing demands of students. As a result, education should not be free because the fee helps to finance the construction of educational institutions and saves government money by eliminating the need for it to utilize its own resources.

Furthermore, providing tuition-free education encourages parents and students to be irresponsible in terms of their children’s education. If parents are forced to pay for schooling, they will make every effort possible to ensure that their kids take advantage of any chance they get, but if the tuition is free, parents will not care about their children’s educational development. Furthermore, since students do not risk losing anything other than the free opportunity they have access to, they will not work as hard in school.

Because educating children is a significant investment and requires a lot of resources, parents spend time ensuring that their youngsters achieve the most they can in their lives. As a result, tuition should not be free since it encourages parental irresponsibility and student misconduct. Finally, because worldwide unemployment is on the rise, providing free education does not make economic sense; nevertheless there are no jobs. Before offering free college or university education to young people, governments should create more employment opportunities first.

If the government allows its citizens to have financial power, they will be responsible for their academic needs, so there would be no need to give free tuition. As a result of the compelling reasons set out in this paper, the government should not provide free education at institutions of higher learning.

Essay 4

Is it feasible to offer a college education for free? Some people believe that sending a kid to public school for free and then demanding that they pay for college is morally wrong. The students, parents, and educators all believe that the cost of obtaining a university diploma should be zero.

Controversial because it would allow students to attend college without paying anything up front, regardless of their financial capacity. Those who are against it suggest that after all public school students are given a free ride from elementary through high school, students or their parents who are financially capable should pay for some or all of the expense of attending college. I am firmly in support of the conclusion that tuition at colleges should be free since I have read and considered both sides of the argument.

In the United States, students with a high school diploma or GED are eligible to enroll in community or technical colleges. However, these institutions operate on extremely tight budgets and may not be able to meet all of their needs (such as housing expenses). Students who do not qualify for entrance scholarships because they have failed to achieve specified grades may nonetheless receive financial aid through schools that provide merit-based grants instead. Students who are unable to satisfy federal qualifications in order to receive financial aid may not be eligible for scholarships based on their income.

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Essay 5

Over the previous several years, the cost of higher education has gotten out of hand for most individuals. The prospect of educating oneself further is quite frightening. On average, public schools cost $32,762 per year, while private institutions cost $42,419 on average (Bridgestock, 2015). However, community colleges, which are intended to serve as partners with Americans rather than competitors against them, cost an annual sum of $16,325.

The degree of accessibility and affordability of colleges should be enhanced in order to make higher education more accessible and affordable for students. If some individuals could get a decent education, the United States as a whole would greatly improve. Only 30% of Americans who go to college graduate nowadays, which indicates that it is a significant waste of time and money (Bridgestock, 2015).

It will take a few years for this to happen, but it definitely has the potential to reduce crime and improve the economy through greater access. If all public colleges were made free in America, it would cost between 50 and 30 billion dollars over a several-year period, which may look like an enormous mountain of money, particularly taxpayer money; but the government is currently spending a significant amount of cash on profitable colleges with very low graduation rates (Samuels, 2014). Higher education appears to be beneficial to the economy.

All 18-24 year olds should be enrolled and active in college, according to the above study, and unemployment would drop by 2 million people. On an international level, a more educated society may allow us to become more competitively economically and academically. Also, a more educated workforce and educated society will lead to less criminal behavior, as well as greater success for America’s future. So, if college tuition were free, it would eliminate economic difficulties and allow our nation to become more competitive economically and academically, allowing America to grow in a cost-effective manner.

It should not be overly difficult or costly to those who have the desire and motivation to expand their knowledge and improve their future to get a higher education. College education should not be free for people that just want to utilize it because it is free; but it should impose standards such as a high GPA, a specific number of credits, or other requirements for individuals to have access to higher education without paying.

Essay 6

On my study, I’ve discovered that I’m in a bind. College should not be free only because it is a fantastic concept and may potentially benefit the economy. College shouldn’t be free for a variety of reasons, most importantly because if taxes aren’t done correctly, they would exacerbate the economic downturn rather than improve it as previously thought. So in this essay, I’ll compare having free education to not having any at all. If you take the time to consider it, how amazing would it be if everyone in society received better education?

College is a destination where you may get educated on the job that best suits your skill set, yet having so many students attend free of charge will make it difficult to find employment and will also depreciate your degree. Consider the scenario of thousands of individuals applying for the same position with comparable education as yours?

Many individuals in the United States will be harmed by this. Colleges would have to establish a waiting list for students who wish to obtain an associate’s degree in order to get on it. This waiting list might get really long, on average, with people having to wait two years before they can enroll in college.

Graduation numbers might drop as a result of the fact that fewer students will take education seriously. Students must still borrow money to acquire the books they require or any other needs that would necessitate their graduation, and college dorm room costs will increase knowing that they do not have to pay for college any longer. Unless you enroll in a government-funded program, college will never be truly free for the public.

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