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Self Expectation Essays

Example #1 – Self Actualization in Great Expectations

To become fully human is the highest state of mind a person can attain. In Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations, a boy named Pip struggled to achieve this goal. More specifically, Dickens chronicled how Pip was able to put external circumstances such as social standing aside and discover his own potential by learning from his experiences.

Only after he recognized his own worth did Pip achieve genuine independence, accept himself for all of his flaws, including his social standing, and begin to love himself. It was Estella’s ideas of social class that restricted Pip from accepting himself in the past. Estella informed Pip about social class when he was a youngster. When Estella mocked him and made him feel ashamed of his hands in the first scene, I had never considered being embarrassed by my hands before, but I started to think of them as an uninteresting pair.

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She thought me so contemptible that I became infected with her loathing, and it spread to me. (p.55) This section was an excellent illustration of how Pip felt ashamed of his social standing, which is why he had been unable to like himself. After a while, Pip formed a rigid concept of social status, and he couldn’t be happy as long as he didn’t have anything more sophisticated than the luggage trolley.

This, combined with his ambition to be a gentleman, prompted him to desire “much more” than he had before: So there you have it once and for all; I’ll never be happy – or anything but miserable – unless I can lead a very different sort of life from the one I’m living now. (p.120) This referred to Pip’s refusal to accept who he was born as, which resulted in his inability to be satisfied with himself.

Pip’s experiences allowed him to free himself from the concept of social class, and it was a social class that drove his opinions of others. Provis’ progressive development in being able to look past social status was accurate in Pip’s case.

Pip’s first impression of Provis was one of revulsion: the hatred I felt for him, the dread I had of him, and my distaste for him could not have been exceeded if he had been some terrible beast. (p. 298) This quotation demonstrates how detested Pip viewed Provis even though he didn’t know him.

Provis, on the other hand, sees him later: My loathing for him had completely vanished, and I saw a hunted wounded shackled creature who grasped my hand in his only as a person who had intended to be my benefactor and had felt thankful, gratefully, and abundantly towards me over several years. (p.415)

Pip’s new perspective on Provis is evidence of his acquired knowledge of others. Provis was crucial because he reminded Pip of how he treated Joe: But, sharpest and deepest pain of all – it was for the convict, guilty of I knew not what crimes, and liable to be taken out of those rooms where I sat thinking, and hanged at the Old Bailey door—it was for this man that my life had been bestowed (p. 301).

Pip felt guilty for leaving Joe, so he acknowledged it. The encounter with Joe pushed Pip to put social standing aside. Pip recognized how callously he had treated Joe and how wonderful a person he was, so he apologized: “Pray to tell me that you forgive me!” Joe’s and Biddy’s kindness helped Pip come to terms with the fact that he was mistaken in thinking they were lower, and that he was inferior because of his class. Losing this sense of social standing allowed him to be more accepting of himself.

The final stage in Pip’s acceptance of his life occurs after he has become self-sufficient. He becomes self-sufficient once he can no longer rely on Provis for funds. He gets a job as a laborer for Herbert and later forms an alliance with him. We weren’t a large company, but we had a solid reputation, and we made money hand (p.446). Pip realized that even though he had to work, it was still honorable. In this way, Pip may respect himself again.

This is the recognition he required in order to accept his position. Dickens’ tale showed how Pip might learn to recognize individuals for what they are rather than seeing them only in terms of their social standing. He may subsequently accept himself with his station as a working-class person and become an independent individual. These qualities in a person reflect characteristics of a self-assured, autonomous individual; these are the qualities that would benefit everyone, even today.


Example #2

For many years, I’ve set objectives for myself but have never quite achieved them. So this time, rather than inventing a new goal system from scratch, I chose to utilize one that had already been established. My philosophy is as follows: I will never undervalue my self-esteem. If I put out effort enough, I can accomplish my objectives. The door of success will not suddenly swing open before me.

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I must go out and get it. Especially because I was reared in a family with numerous goals and abilities. I’m constantly told that I need to pursue the family traits that will lead to financial stability. That’s another idea that encouraged me to return to university at the University of Phoenix.

Because I’ve taken such a considerable step to learn online. Now that I know how to do it, my next goal is to focus on the expectations/accomplishments I want for myself so that I can complete my undergraduate degree at the University of Phoenix. My first aim, therefore, is to figure out how to adjust to my daily routines, including class. It’s been simple in the past since I didn’t have much on my plate when I initially went to college.

Now that I’m juggling work, school, and most significantly my son in a 24-hour day, it’s gotten really tough. Given how difficult it is, I must confess that I am very blessed to have the strength to go through each day. I am confident that I am well-rounded and well-informed enough to complete the courses needed to advance my knowledge for a brighter future.

I believe that if I begin analyzing my daily schedule, I will have more time to relax and focus on school once. I’d want to be able to concentrate on my work by ensuring that it is always decent and deadlines are met. Also, after the course is over, I’d want to be able to comprehend and take note of what I’ve learned so that I may apply all components of study together and see how much knowledge I’ve acquired.

My third objective is to have a higher grade point average at the University of Phoenix so that I may fulfill those goals. My next expectation is for me to exceed my expectations and produce a high GPA at the University of Phoenix, in order to accomplish those goals, I’ll need to be able to discover a study style. I know this is probably the most difficult problem I’ve ever encountered. I never really sat down and tried figuring out what my limitations were before. But now that time and money are both scarce, I must be firm with myself.

The first step, in my opinion, is to figure out what time of day is best for me to study. And how can I make myself grasp the material in the course? Thanks to GEN 101’s discussion assignments, I discovered that studying in the evening when my son was sleeping allowed me to forget about all of my papers on my desk and put him to sleep. That’s why these ideas will be invaluable with future courses that I am looking forward To overcoming.

The third objective is to complete my education at the University of Phoenix and then sell my potential to Corporate America. I want to be able to stand out among the University of Phoenix’s worldwide achievers. I’m looking for confirmation that I am well-qualified to make an informed decision about my future business. I also wish that my educated background would have a large influence on others who are ready to learn.

Finally, if I accomplish the goal that I set for myself, I will be a successful woman. I won’t be passed over for career advancements and raises. Never mind that you’re not getting paid what you’re worth. You may look back on these expectations/achievements and wonder how your life would have been if you hadn’t gone back to college.

Finally, I may save these instances for my children to study from and provide inspiration. My family will be pleased and enthused by my progress, and they will realize that I am prepared to face life’s challenges.


Example #3

It’s been 20 years since I last went to school, and I’ve decided that it’s time to get my degree. It has been so long since I have been in class that it feels wonderful to be here at The University of Phoenix to obtain the degree that I had postponed for so long. There may be obstacles on the road ahead of me that I am unaware of now, but I am making a commitment to myself to achieve success. Although this path is lengthy overdue, it is something I believe is correct and something I am absolutely committed to achieving.

I opted for the U of P due to its accelerated program, high-quality instructors, and recommendations from friends. I’m delighted with my choice after just one lesson, and I look forward to the difficulties ahead. At the U of P, I aim to acquire knowledge and tools that will help me be successful in my career as well as repair things “right” with myself and my employer. This is something I’ve said before in the past when I’ve lied about having a higher education.

I have succeeded in my professional life, even without a post-secondary education, through hard work and dedication. But I believe that with a “real” degree in hand, I’ll be more confident and proud of myself for the hard work and devotion it will take to accomplish this goal. Also, the black cloud of my falsification will finally disappear. I feel that I will be genuinely proud of myself and gain the respect and integrity that I desire after this project is completed.

My personal objective is to get a Bachelors’s degree in Business Management. I must dedicate myself as I pursue my objective at the University of Pittsburgh. There must be a commitment, discipline, desire, and expectations for this goal to be achieved. Many difficulties will face me as I work towards earning a degree over the next twenty years. But because of my maturity level and optimistic attitude, I believe that I can overcome any barriers and confront any difficulty. Twenty years ago, I did not feel the need or have the inclination that I do now.

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Aside from the obvious aim of obtaining a degree, I hope to acquire further expertise, knowledge, and tools in order to achieve greater success in my professional life. I also believe that a bachelor’s degree will boost my self-confidence both personally and professionally. The education I will receive will assist me greatly in my professional career. Advancement prospects will open up as I progress through the educational growth process.

During this new educational experience, I intend to improve my communication abilities both orally and in written communications. I’ve always had a little trouble expressing myself, and I’m hoping to gain the essential writing talents. I’d like to build my leadership skills and have faith in myself and the decisions that I make.

I’m excited to learn how to set priorities and manage my time at home as well as at work. Simply deciding to further my education and making the necessary steps feels liberating, relieving the tension I’ve always felt about not advancing my education. My apprehensions about “not measuring up” will subside, and I’ll feel a sense of camaraderie with my coworkers at work.

Since beginning classes, I’ve been hoping that the excitement I’m feeling right now will continue to grow and help me overcome my long-held fears about “learning” again. I anticipate that my self-assurance level will go up, and as a result, my mind will be open to new thoughts and improved ways of accomplishing tasks. I believe this stimuli-rich environment will encourage creative ideas that I may apply in my professional life. Above all, I think this path will provide me with a sense of accomplishment, pride, and confidence.

I’m fully aware that I must make many concessions in my personal life. The time necessary to complete a degree will require me to give up some of my current free time with my family. My job is incredibly busy at the moment, leaving little time for me and my family.

However, I have never been one for studying. Taking classes would completely eliminate any time I had to spend with them, but they are really encouraging and understand the benefits that we will all reap as a result of this endeavor. This is something that I am doing for everyone since I know personal and professional development and accomplishments will be significant to our future.


Example #4

There are a lot of things that kids wish for once they’ve completed high school. For me, it was to attend college. I believed that college would be just like high school. Except I wouldn’t have to return home each night. My expectations of college were to party, have simple classes, and spend time with my friends. But when reality hit, there was no room for partying except on the weekends, there were no easy classes available, and hanging out with my pals was hampered by all of my academic responsibilities.

I was looking forward to going to college because I had such high expectations. I anticipated that I would have a lot of free time while at college so that I could party. Because there was no one there to go home to, I believed that I would be able to do anything I wanted. The prospect of being able to do whatever I wanted whenever the mood struck me was extremely appealing. Also, in my opinion, all of my classes will be simple.

Since you have the option of selecting all of your courses when you go to college, I couldn’t. I believed I could take whatever I wanted and still make a simple schedule with plenty of time left over. And whenever I wanted, I could hang out with all of my pals.

When I found out how difficult it is to live up to my own expectations, I was crushed. It became clear that there isn’t enough time to enjoy myself when you consider all of the schoolwork you have. The classes I’m taking now consume all of my time. If I don’t devote a little effort to my studies every night, I will fall behind and want to catch up. There is no such thing as easy classes in college, believe me. College courses are nothing like high school classes.

Whether it’s notes, essays, or studying for a test or quiz, you’ll always have something to do in your classes. Every week this semester, I haven’t had an essay or report due for one of my instructors. It is impossible for me to spend all of my time with my pals. It never occurs to me that they may have sessions when I don’t have them.

When you factor in all of the time you spend in class and doing your homework, there isn’t much time to waste away with your pals. When reality sets in, the notion of college being simple are not the same as it was when you were younger.

If I had to give advice to a high schooler about starting college, I’d tell them to be prepared. Make sure you’re ready because if you aren’t, you’ll be blown away. In terms of adjusting to college, it was difficult for me. Because I never experienced it in high school, I didn’t believe that it would be this much work. However, now that I’m in my second semester, I believe that with the appropriate time management and organization, I can manage all of the responsibilities. And if I can handle my time well enough, there’s still plenty of time left over to party and hang out with my buddy.


Example #5 – Expectations Essay Structure

Recheck the finish. As a result of your high standards and expectations, other people’s performance will improve. People will perform better if you expect them to do so, and they will admire you for it. Expecting too much of others might make them dissatisfied, resulting in lower performance or loss of respect.

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Arguments for

1. People do not know how they will be measured or to what level they should achieve if they have no expectations.

2. Excessive demands project confidence and trust.

3. When individuals strive to exceed high standards, it not only improves their abilities but also increases their confidence and performance.

Arguments against

1. If the expectations are too high, this may result in feelings of contempt and sadness.

2. It’s not the same thing to request someone to do their best as it is for them to try and satisfy one’s personal definition of high expectations.

3. It is impossible to expect someone else to live up to your expectations.

4. If people are unable to satisfy the demands, they may give up or lose confidence.

5. You may be characterized as someone who is inflexible or just interested in results.

In every situation, whether or not expectations are fulfilled and broken, high ambitions result in superior performance and respect. Expectations set the stage for people to know how they will be evaluated and what level of performance is expected of them. They also convey optimism and confidence. When expectations are fulfilled, individuals are boisterous about their success, which serves to enhance their self-confidence even more. These findings endure in a variety of settings, including education, business, and politics.

People are unaware of how they will be evaluated or what level of performance they should strive for if they have no assumptions. 2nd-grade children build skyscrapers, while seniors prepare for the Olympics.

Expectations are often misunderstood in the assignment of an activity. The expectations may be represented by real activities to complete, but the real message is that the person assigned the task has ownership, resourcefulness, and skill. It may appear harsh to demand someone to do something difficult, such as asking second graders to create skyscrapers or forcing a retiree to train for the Olympics, but it’s stories like these that truly intrigue us.

Through these tales, we are refocused on our own expectations when we learn of others exceeding theirs. We look to see where the bar has been set in order to determine how we compare. People will generally do whatever it takes to meet the standard when given a bar.

High expectations are seen as a sign of confidence and trust by teachers. Teachers with high standards are referred to as “tough yet fair.” This is how someone who sets high expectations for his or her students is perceived. A teacher who pushes their pupils to exceed their own personal expectations as well as what others expect of them is tough but fair. These are the instructors that give fourth-graders research papers and 8th graders 100 math problems in 100 minutes. Students take up the challenge for the same reason that it feels wonderful to succeed. They develop self-assurance and look at chores throughout the curriculum in a new light.

Improved performance allows individuals to develop their abilities and confidence as they reach targeted standards (rapidly completing challenging tasks). High performance begets better performance. Once someone has shown resourcefulness or learned a new skill to complete a task, he or she feels more confident in accomplishing various duties. This is true in the workplace: the neophyte office intern who pulls off a significant report using creativity, talent, and some luck is an all too frequent tale, but for good cause.

This intern with his or her new ideas sticks out among the drones and is pushed even further, rising to the top of the firm. Would other workers be as inventive to meet goals if they were held by all employees? Most likely, as long as the employee is driven enough by the opportunity.

People fail when others do not value them enough and think they are capable of less than they truly are. Some people may be frustrated by high expectations, while others may choose to simply ignore them, but being confronted with a problem will eventually enhance self-confidence. Nobody ever failed because he or she was given a difficult task that was subsequently supported while attempting it.

People fail because others do not value them enough and underestimate their abilities. In reality, being challenged is frequently enough to challenge people’s self-expectations and bring about a change in what they believe they are capable of.

High expectations are sometimes worth the risk, whether you’re dealing with children or adults. The boisterous person’s self-esteem and confidence are damaged, and he or she performs well. It improves classroom performance, as well as job performance, and other situations where challenges arise.

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