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Radio Movie Summary Essay

radio movie summary essay

Example #1

The dramatic and uplifting movie “Radio” starring Cuba Gooding JR. and Ed Harris, is based on the true-life story of James Robert Kennedy, a k a Radio; a mentally retarded young African-American who spends his days pushing a shopping cart around the streets of Anderson, a small South Carolina town, collecting junk and old radios. The movie starts with the heartbreaking scene of Radio pushing his cart around the town, in his own little world; people are ignoring him, and a lady pulls her daughter out of the way, running towards the opposite sidewalk. Everyday Radio walks by the school, watching the football team training.

For Christmas, Radio spends time with Coach Jones’ family and receives presents from people all over the town. The next day after Christmas Radio does what probably not many would do, he took all the presents and put them at people’s door, wishing them “Merry Christmas”. The joy that there was on his face while he was doing that was greater than when he received the presents. Through this action, Radio teaches an amazing lesson of giving, loving, and selflessness. After his mother dies, Radio is heartbroken and alone. Coach Jones continues to be by his side, and in a moment of honesty, decides to share with his daughter why was he doing what he was doing with Radio.

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He tells her the story about when he was a young boy and while training through the woods, he saw a boy about his age, kept inside a fenced area. He did not know what was wrong with him, but though he ran that route for two years, he “never did anything about it”. Radio appears to be his second chance to do something, a chance to redeem himself, to make a difference. Though more people become sensitive to Radio, the coach’s mentoring incites angry opposition from a local banker, Frank Clay whose bullying son, Johnny is the town’s star athlete. Frank and his friends think that the football team is distracted by Radio’s cheerleading and that he attracts too much attention.


Example #2

The movie “Radio” is the tale of a young African-American man who suffers from severe mental retardedness and his journey to fame from football in the small South Carolinian town of Anderson. James “Radio” Kennedy is befriended by the T. L. Hanna High School head football coach, Coach Jones, and begins to help as an “assistant coach” of some sort. Eventually, James begins to attend Hanna High as an eleventh-grade student due to the persistent efforts of Coach Jones.

The movie opens up as James, at this point nameless and unspoken, is walking along a railroad track with a shopping cart full of random items and a radio or two. He walks into the town and the people around him stare or walk away from him quickly. They see him as a dysfunction of their group due to James not being different from them due to their sight of his mental condition as a stigma. James walks towards the local Hanna High School to see football practice in effect, run by Coaches Jones and Honeycutt and looks intrigued.

As the scene changes to the home of head coach, Coach Jones, we see an example of role conflict in the way Coach Jones is a husband, teacher, father, and coach; all three take a lot of time to do well. He also exhibits role salience when he seems to rank his roles from most to least important; the most important being a football coach at the moment. The next day, James is once again seen walking around where the football practice is being held.


Example #3

A good character has to do with how you act as a person and show your emotions towards situations. To have good character, you need to show the six character traits. The six-character traits are caring, respect, fairness, citizenship, responsibility, and trustworthiness. These are very important in life because this is how people will see you, the way you act reflects your character and if you show a bad attitude then you won’t have many friends because people will look at you as pessimistic and not wanna be around you because you’re so negative. There were many different good and bad examples of characters in this movie.

Coach Jones had to be the one that stood out the most, he was the one who took Radio in and made him feel at home and try to educate him. Coach Jones showed most all of the character traits throughout the movie, he showed caring by helping Radio when the football team had locked him in the shed tied up and were throwing footballs at the shed to scare him. When he was taking Radio home one day he met his momma and showed respect by introducing himself to her and being polite. Fairness was shown by letting the radio sort of play football and help the coach so he didn’t feel so left out or different from the others. There were bad examples mainly from Johnny the star football player and basketball player.

Johnny didn’t like Radio he was the one who locked him up in the shed and terrorized him every chance he got. Johnny tricked Radio into going into the girl’s locker room because he lied and said that the girls coach needed him. Johnny was very mean to Radio because he was different and more attention was set on Radio than him. It seemed like Johnny wanted all the attention all the time. A good character affected everyone in this movie, even the people who showed bad character. Coach Jones never gave up on Radio he always ignored the hate that he received from the men in the barbershop. When they realized that Coach Jones wasn’t gonna give up on Radio then some started to open their eyes and realize that Radio meant no harm. After so much of Johnny tormenting Radio, Johnny had realized that Radio was harmless and he would never hurt anyone.

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Example #4

Movie Review 11-1-2012 “Radio” The movie I picked to review was one I had not seen before, “Radio” starring Cuba Gooding Jr and Ed Harris. It is based on the true story of James Robert “Radio” Kennedy and tells the story of how a man who is mentally retarded becomes friends with the high school football coach. The coach befriends Radio after some of his players have bullied and hurt him. The movie opens with Radio pushing his cart through the street and shows a woman moving her child away from him, a man staring at him, and another man who almost runs him over calling him a “moron. I liked that they started this way to establish what he goes through on a daily basis. Radio is constantly looking down allowing the viewer to realize that he has some sort of disability. Other times throughout the movie members of the town can be seen starring and laughing at Radio.

The coach ignores their behaviors and continues his friendship with Radio despite what others think. The film never establishes the exact cause of his disability but when Coach asks his mother what was wrong with him, she says the doctor just says “he is a little slower than most. As the coach got to know him, he learned that he loved radios, hence his nickname “Radio”. The coach tries to bring Radio into the team as an assistant. The school didn’t allow him to travel on the bus for the “safety” of the students. As the movie continues some of the townspeople begin to accept Radio while others are very irritated that he is a part of the football program. Coach always supports Radio and teaches him many things throughout their friendship. The coach’s family also comes to appreciate Radio and supports the friendship of the two men.

The things that impacted me about the movie are the fact that it is based on a true-life story. The filmmakers did a good job of being realistic in the fact that not everyone is going to support a mentally challenged individual all of the sudden being a part of a football team. This is definitely the case. In my ideal world, people with disabilities would not be bullied but would be accepted. This isn’t the case and the movie shows us this. The reality is that not everyone is comfortable with individuals with disabilities. One thing that bothered me about the movie was the look that Radio was given. He has a big front tooth and a chipped tooth. I believe it was at the end of the movie that in the credits you get to see a picture of the real Radio. He does not have perfect teeth just as the character didn’t in the movie.

However, the movie cover picture doesn’t have the actor with messed up teeth. To me, this shows that they aren’t completely portraying the character the way they should. They are still out to sell their movie and “pretty” probably sells better than reality sometimes. There were times in the movie that I was angry with some of the people in the town. More than this though, there were times that I was proud of the coach. I was proud of those that came together to make sure Radio had a good Christmas after his mother had passed away. I was most proud of Radio for in return giving the presents that he had received to individuals that had been mean to him in the past. The movie is an inspiring one! There are good people in the world.


Example #5

There are many different types of psychological disorders and even more people who fall under the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (Nevid, 2009, p. 524). In the movie Radio, the main character is a young man name,d James Robert Kennedy. Also known as Radio, James is in the first scene of the movie shown pushing a shopping cart down a railroad track and is mumbling under his breath and walking with an awkward limp. Immediately the viewer starts to get the idea that there is something abnormal about him. When I looked at the DSM I noticed that Radio fell under Axis II of mental retardation. Our book defines this as “A generalized delay or impairment in the development of intellectual and adaptive skills or abilities” (Nevid, 2009, p. 524).

He has a very hard time socializing with others and comprehending simple information. At the beginning of the movie, Radio is walking by the football field and the coach notices him. He walks over towards him and says, “I just wanted to tell you I’m sorry for what happened yesterday”. Radio responds by trying to give back the football he found that was kicked over the fence. The day before, a few boys from the football team were caught locking him in the equipment shed and throwing footballs at it scaring him very badly. The coach opens the door and tries to help untie him but Radio doesn’t seem to understand that the coach is only trying to help.

You can tell here that his intellectual skills are severely impaired. Radio cannot care for himself and is very dependent on others in the movie for him to survive. One example of this is on Christmas, he calls the coach and says “What pants do I wear?” because his mother is not home to dress him and he also asks the coach how the pants look over the phone. The coach takes Radio home one day after practice and meets his mother. He asks her what is wrong with him but the mother said that the doctor didn’t really diagnose him with anything, just that he was a little slower than others.

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She said he has a brother named Walter who is just fine. This movie is based on the seventies so it is probable that then, we didn’t have nearly as much information on mental retardations. I couldn’t really get enough information to categorize him as anything more specific either nor am I educated enough on the topic to make such an assumption. Radio clearly suffers from a psychological disorder and could not survive on his own. He couldn’t adapt quickly enough to get the things he needs if he were not around someone he could depend on. He also lacks many intellectual skills and has many of the complications that I read from the Google Health website. He cannot care for himself, interact with others appropriately, and is socially isolated.


Example #6 – interesting ideas

Football coach Harold Jones befriends Radio, a mentally-challenged man who becomes a student at T.L. Hanna High School in Anderson, South Carolina. Their friendship extends over several decades, where Radio transforms from a shy, tormented man into an inspiration to his community.

In 1976, in Anderson, South Caroline, the football coach Jones of the T.L. Hanna High School protects a handicapped young man from the abuse of some of his players. He says his name is Radio it’s really James Robert Kennedy, who can hardly speak. After some months in the companion of Coach Jones and resistance of a part of the locals, Radio becomes popular, beloved and a symbol for most of the population.

In the next five-sentence, you have the summary of a famous radio play, which was made into a movie. Rewrite the summary so that it sounds as exciting as it really is.

  1. This play is about a woman and she is an invalid and she can’t get out of bed.
  2. She is all alone and she keeps wondering why her husband doesn’t come home, so she tries to telephone him at his office.
  3. The line is busy, so she tries again, and she overhears a conversation, and two men are talking and they are planning to murder someone.
  4. She telephones the police station and tells a policeman what she has heard and she asks him to do something to prevent the murder, but he thinks she’s just a hysterical woman and besides, she says she doesn’t know where the murder is supposed to take place or who the plotters are and so there’s nothing he can do.
  5. Time passes, and the woman becomes more and more nervous and she keeps recalling what the two men were saying, and gradually it dawns on her that she herself is the person they were planning to murder, and she can’t get out of bed, and no one’s at home with her and she keeps trying to call for help on the telephone, but no one will believe her story, and so all she can do is lie there and wait until they come to kill her.

It’s the end of the year, and I don’t have any time to do this homework assignment with exams and things going on. I’ve never have done this, but if someone has seen this movie, and knows about it you realllllllly should help me out! please

The movie Windtalkers; about the Navajo Indians. 1. Write a 1-2 page summary/reaction of Windtalkers. 2. WIthin your summary, discuss how historically accurate the events in the movie were portrayed.3. Include in your conclusion be sure to rate the movie (explain your rating) and offer any other irrelevant thoughts.

Answer. The film begins with corporal Joe Enders (Nicolas Cage) and a platoon of his fellow Marines fighting Japanese forces on Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands in 1943. The outnumbered Marines are killed one by one, and as Enders mourns over the body of a friend, a grenade explosion knocks Enders over. Enders is then transported to a field hospital where he is awarded the Purple Heart, before being transported to a military hospital. By mid-1944 Enders has mostly healed from his physical wounds except for troubled hearing in one ear. Considered unfit for duty unless he can pass a hearing test, a sympathetic nurse helps Enders cheat to pass. Enders is promoted to sergeant and returns to active duty.

Now a grim, taciturn combat veteran who is almost deaf in one ear, Enders receives a top-priority assignment protecting Navajo code talker Ben Yahzee (Adam Beach). Less jaded Sergeant Ox Anderson (Christian Slater) receives a parallel assignment protecting Navajo Charlie Whitehorse (Roger Willie). They are told that the code can not fall into enemy hands, which means that if the code talker is about to be captured they are to kill him, so as to ensure the Japanese can’t break the code. Also in their squad are Pvt. Chick, who is equipped with a BAR, Pvt. Pappas, Pvt. Harrigan, who is armed with a flamethrower, and Pvt. Nellie (played by Noah Emmerich, Mark Ruffalo, Brian Van Holt, and Martin Henderson).

The Marines land at Saipan under heavy fire from the Japanese forces. Yahzee and Whitehorse receive their first taste of war with Yahzee often wincing and showing signs of disgust at all the death around him. In the battle, Yahzee never opens fire on the Japanese forces. When the Beachhead is secured, the Marines advance further into Saipan. Their convoy comes under artillery fire however and causes them to take cover. The artillery fire is then revealed to be from American guns, which are meant to be targeting Japanese positions just ahead of the road. Yahzee’s radio is caught in the bombardment, disabling it, which meant that the group has no way to call off the artillery. The commander then orders them to attack the Japanese positions so as to avoid the American bombardment.

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In the battle Pvt, Nellie is killed by the artillery when he attempts to save a wounded man. A plan is devised which involves Yahzee, disguised as a Japanese soldier, and Enders sneaking behind the Japanese lines to use their radio. The pair manages to reach the radio and Yahzee, after hesitating, kills the radioman before contacting the American artillery. He adjusts their fire so the bombardment will destroy the Japanese position. After the battle, Enders is awarded the Silver Star for saving the lives of his fellow marines. However, he gives the medal to Pvt Pappas to send to Nellie’s wife back home.

The group moves on to a Japanese village where the Marines make camp and Yahzee is called back to headquarters. Later the village is attacked by Japanese troops. Harrigan is killed when his flamethrower unit explodes, setting him alight. Anderson is decapitated defending Whitehorse, who is almost captured by the Japanese. Enders arrives seeing Whitehorse being taken away and follows his orders to protect the Navajo code, killing Whitehorse and the Japanese with a grenade. After the Japanese forces are eliminated, Yahzee asks Enders where Whitehorse is. Enders replies that he killed him. Yahzee, who does not know about Enders’ mission, attacks Enders and almost shoots him before the rest of the squad stops him.

Near the end of the battle, the group is sent to check out a ridge that has been bombarded by artillery. On the way, the group walks into a minefield and is then attacked by the Japanese. After fighting their way out they reach the ridge, only to discover the Japanese guns are intact. The Japanese guns then proceed to fire on an American column caught out in the open. When the squad moves towards the guns the commander, Gunnery Sergeant Djelmsted (Peter Stormare), is killed by enemy fire, and command of the group passes to Enders. Yahzee charges the enemy, and in contrast to the landing scene, starts killing large numbers of Japanese troops. He loses the radio which they need to call in air support to destroy the guns.

As Yahzee and Enders attempt to retrieve the radio, both of them are shot but they get the radio and get into cover. They are then surrounded by the Japanese and Yahzee tries to get Enders to shoot him to protect the code but Enders refuses to shoot him and carries Yahzee to safety. Yahzee then calls in air support which destroys the Japanese guns, saving the American column. Yahzee then sees that Enders is dying and tries to save him. Enders gasps his last words to Yahzee on how he didn’t want to kill Whitehorse before he dies. The film ends with Yahzee back in the United States with his wife and son on top of a rock mountain, performing a Navajo ritual to pay his respects to Enders.

The film reportedly cost $100 million, but made only $40 million at the US box-office and only $70 million worldwide. The film’s release was delayed multiple times. Reviews were generally mixed. The consistent criticism was about the focus of the movie on Cage’s character and his angst rather than on the codebreakers the movie derives its title from. The Navajo code talkers receive scant attention. While Cage is an accomplished actor, he may have been too old and even outright miscast for his role as a young, disillusioned noncommissioned officer. It was also hard to follow the popular and critically acclaimed WWII films Saving Private Ryan and The Thin Red Line without critical and box office comparisons. Historically, the battle of Saipan was less balanced, more of a lopsided U.S. victory than the movie portrays.

The U.S controlled the air over Saipan and landed 127,000 troops against 31,000 poorly equipped Japanese defenders, many of whom had arrived at Saipan badly burned or wounded from previous engagements. There is also some criticism over the filming location, as most of the production was filmed in Oahu, Hawaii rather than the actual island of Saipan. Despite both islands being in the Pacific, there is very little resemblance between the two. This has led some to believe that it caused the collapse of the film industry in Hawaii as, after the film was made, virtually no other mainstream films were produced or shot on the Hawaiian Islands up until the TV series Lost. Also, Garapan is portrayed as a rural farming community when in fact it was a fairly large town. Garapan is currently still the largest village and the center of the tourism industry on the island.


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