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Quran Themes Essay

The quran is the holy scripture of Islam. It was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad over a period of twenty-three years by Allah, through the archangel Gabriel (Jibril). There are 114 chapters in quran and each quran themes essay has different quran themes. One quran theme is that quranic verses are not meant to be interpreted literally; quranic passages may have multiple meanings or levels of meaning; and consequently what may seem like an error or contradiction in one place can actually be resolved with information found elsewhere.

Essay 1


Muslims believe that the Qur′an contains all of humanity’s knowledge and understanding, therefore they regard it as the ultimate revelation. The Qur′an explains everything people are supposed to do to please God. It also records the consequences of sins. Muslims consider the Qur′an to be the final message from God to humanity. As a result, it has a global theme. This paper will look at Surah of Mary (19), Surah of Prophets (21), and Surah of Counsel (42) in terms of five key themes.

Themes in Surah of the Prophets (21)

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One of the main concepts in this Surah is suspicion among humanity that God may use man as His messenger. People did not believe what Prophet Muhammad had to say. Some went so far as to request Allah to send them signs similar to those given in the past to the prophets (21:5). The vilification of humans for advancing incompatible and conflicting ideas against the Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad is another prevalent idea in this Surah.

The Surah tries to highlight the connection between the contemporary Prophets and those of the past. God sent people as prophets during ancient days, according to (21:7), and he inspired them. Those opposed to Prophets are urged to seek advice from individuals who understand the message. The duty of mankind is to read and comprehend the Qur’an.

In the Qur’an, it is said that people are ignorant and thus commit sin or have negative views about life. People originally believed that life was simply a pastime and sport. They thought that life was valueless and no one would be held accountable for how he or she spent his or her time. The Qur’an warns that heaven and earth were not made for amusement, therefore if Allah had intended to offer people a hobby, He could have given it through items closer to humanity (21:16-17).

Admonition and reproach have been used to eliminate incorrect interpretations among the masses. Because Allah did not visit wrath upon those who opposed his messages, people thought that Prophet Muhammad was a false prophet. The Qur’an states that most of those who mocked previous prophets ended up experiencing the consequences of their taunts (21:41).

Man is a creature of hurry. Mankind is likened to a creature that is never patient in the Qur’an. It describes how people are constantly in a hurry because they doubt God’s teachings. They went as far as mocking the prophets by asking them when everything they taught would come true, and even questioned the validity of their teachings (21:38).

Themes in Surah of Mary (19)

This Surah exemplifies the doubt that people have about God’s ability to use a human messenger. When Muhammad told Mary she was going to give birth to a son, she doubted his statement (19:20).

The Qur’an says that people opposed the message given by Jesus, the son of Mary, in Surah 19 (19:35). nPeople did not believe in his teachings since they felt he was just like them. Furthermore, he grew up among them and they knew everything there was to know about him. The Surah uses admonition and reproach to urge those who do not obey God’s command to reconsider their stance.

On that Day, Allah will pass his decision. The majority of the people on that day will not have heeded his call. This Surah also shows God’s compassion for his people. Even though no one else had been named after this name, God showed Zachariah pity and granted him an heir (19:7-8). Even though no one else was named after this name, God promised to grant Zachariah a son called John (19:7-8).

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The lack of understanding is one of the causes why people adore idols, and when someone gains knowledge, he or she avoids those who do not believe in God. Abraham informed his followers that the major reason they worshiped gods was because they lacked information. He urged them to follow him so that he could lead them to a correct path (19:44). Abraham vowed to beseech for his people’s salvation so that they may know Allah and worship Him alone.

He dismissed them for worshipping idols (19:49). In (19:86-90), the Qur’an depicts the punishment that awaits those who reject God’s message. It claims that the devil has been dispatched to unbelievers to lead them into sins so that he can drive them to it. It continues, stating that sinners will be thrown into hell at the end of time when the just will be welcomed to Allah’s mercy, and no one will plead for them.

Themes in the Surah of the Counsel (42)

The theme of a merciful God is brought out in this Surah. It is clear from the Surah that despite people transgressing against God, he is aMerciful God who is ready to forgive. The angels rejoice at the praise of their Lord and seek forgiveness for all humans on earth (42:5). Allah (“I AM”) is portrayed as a merciful deity in this artwork. The Qur’an employs admonition and criticism to warn people who are against Allah’s commands. It says that God inspired the book of Quran so that it might warn people about the Day of Judgment.

“And on that Day, without a doubt, there will be some in the Garden and others in the blazing Fire,” it reads. The Qur’an condemns people for sending contradictory information about God and His prophet. It warns individuals away from pursuing material desires. It also expresses caution against jealousy, which emerges when others hear of the term (42:13-15). According to the Qur’an, God has the power to utilize a prophet or have direct communication with people whenever He wishes to deliver a message (42:51).

Wrongdoers are warned about the terrible punishment that awaits them. The Qur’an warns those who have founded religions against Allah’s command. It states that if it were not for the judgment of retribution, the problem would have been resolved right away. Sinners will certainly face a severe penalty (42:21). The Qur’an emphasizes mankind’s restlessness. According to the Qur’an, it is difficult for man to be patient and forgive those who wrong him (42:43).


Throughout all of the Qur’an’s Surahs, the text emphasizes several themes that warn and educate people on how to interact with God. It discusses the consequences of sins, as well as Allah’s forgiveness for those who repent and live by his laws. It also instructs people to be tolerant with anything that has to do with Allah.

Essay 2


The holy Quran is the foundation of Islam. The Quran’s heavenly message aids Muslims in comprehending Islamic principles. As a result, understanding Islam requires first understanding the fundamentals of the Holy Quran. To understand the Qur’an and its teachings fully, one must go beyond the five pillars and grasp God’s intellect that lies within the Qur’an.

The goal of the essay is to examine the five prominent themes found in the Quran. This will be accomplished by analyzing several Quran Suras and verses. The five topics are drawn from Mary’s Sura, the Sura of Prophets, and the Sura of Counsel. God, prophets, man, holy scriptures, and sins are among the key themes in Islam.

The first major topic of the Quran is God, also known as Allah (Madigan 82). According to The Quran’s teachings, there is only one God, who is great and almighty (Madigan 80). Humanity has been portrayed in the Quran as compassionate and sympathetic.

The concept of God’s mercy is represented in the passage. The English translation of this phrase has been altered to “God is kind to man, therefore man must serve God.” As stated in The Quran, “the Almighty, the knowledgeable, inspire you and those before you” (42:1). The message is that God is wise, powerful, and inspires mankind through His creation. Furthermore , He excels everything on earth and in heaven. Furthermore , God keeps an eye on everyone who stands with Him.

He is a kind and sympathetic individual. He accepts people’s sins. This may be confirmed by The Quran’s Sura of Counsel, which says that “God is kind to His servants; He gives whom He wants and is the magnificent, powerful God” (The Quran 42:18). God created both heaven and earth, therefore he is above all his creations. Also, God established day and night and granted man the power and will to distinguish good from evil (The Quran 21:34).

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The second cornerstone concept is that humans have been endowed with free will and choice by God. On a personal as well as a societal level, the presence of God in a person’s life provides motivation. Man is created by God, who endows him with the capacity to make his own decisions. According to The Quran, God hears and forgives people’s prayers (The Quran 42: 3). According to Islamic teaching, “God responds to those who believe and do righteous deeds, giving them more of His grace; but those who do wrong – for them is severe punishment” (The Quran 42: 25)

The individual who believes in God prays to God and does the correct thing. Such a man’s requests are answered by God. Furthermore, God endows such a person with blessings. A nonbeliever, on the other hand, is looked down upon by God for his or her misdeeds. This is due to the fact that humans have been endowed with free will, choice, and capacity to distinguish good from evil.

Essay 3

Furthermore, the Qur’an’s messengers are also themes. In the Qur’an, there are several tales about Prophets. The Qur’an reveals that Adam, the first Prophet, was the first human being, and Muhammad is the last Prophet. It also shows that how the Prophets struggled and faced difficulties in delivering God’s message to all people.

The Prophets, on the other hand, were patient and focused on how to communicate the message to everyone. The messengers are also “invested with relating and interpreting for their people” (Madigan, 85). Water is also an important theme in the Qur’an.

He notes that the Qur’an makes frequent allusions to fresh water. Furthermore, there are several verses that offer details on the advantages of clean drinking water. According to Abdel Haleem, obtaining drinkable water is the most essential thing to do. Muslims should also take care of their hygiene because performing daily prayers and reading or touching the Qur’an necessitates washing of the body. The two forms of water are compared in the Qur’an. Fresh and Sea Water: For example, the verse of Qur’an (35:12) which states that fresh water is pleasant, while sea water is bitter and salty. Finally, the topic of water in the Qur’an emphasizes oneness, strength, and God’s existence.

The story of Joseph is seen as a model for prophetic tales. It’s also an educational tale for everyone. Furthermore, it appears in the Qur’an in its entirety. Joseph had eleven brothers, and his father, Prophet Jacob, loved him very much. One day, while awake, Joseph had a vision of eleven planets bowing down to him. He informed his father about this dream later that day; his father advised him not to reveal the vision to his brothers owing to their envy.

Joseph’s brothers decided to throw their beautiful brother in a deep well. They threw him there, but claimed that the wolf ate him. Then merchants bought him from the deep well and sold him cheaply to the king of Egypt. The king of Egypt Aziz asked his wife to look after him. Joseph became young, and the king’s wife adored him and tried to seduce him. Joseph refused her demand, insisting on going into prison instead. After many years, Joseph was acquitted because he had not committed any crime. He worked as an advisor for Egypt’s economy during those years.

Essay 4

The Quran is a book of guidance. The angel Jibreel alaihissallam came to Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu ‘alahi wa Salaam) with the Holy Quran. In Ramadan, Allah delivered the Quran to Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu ‘alahi wa Salaam). Taurat, Zaboor, and Injil were three additional books that Allah revealed. The Makki surahs are those that were written in Makkah; the Madani surahs are those that were created in Medina.

There are 114 surahs in the Quran. The Qur’an consists of 6666 ayahs or verses. It also contains 30 juz. Surah 14 is the last sjdah in the Quran. The Quran teaches Muslims about respect for others. It also handles topics like Islam and its teachings. In the Quraishi dialect, the words of the Quran are written down. The language of the Quran is pleasant to listen to. Surat al-Fatiha is the first sura of the Qur’an (obedience).

The 99 names of God, known as the Asma al-Husna in Arabic, are mentioned at the end of Surah An-Nas. The Quran contains 99 names for God. The Quran has four distinct names: Furqan, Quran MajEED, Quran Sharif, and Quran Karim. The Qur’an is written in the Arabic language. It has been translated into several other languages. All of the words contained in the Qur’an are Allah’s words.

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If you listen to the Quran, you will live a prosperous life. Because it’s possible that the Quran will fall and some of your good deeds may be earsed if you’re holding it, be careful. We should all finish the Quran especially for elders in order to allow God to forgive them. Heaven and hell are described in the Qur’an. The Qur’an is a manual of instruction for humanity until Judgment Day.

The Quran is the path to living a good life for everyone. The Quran will keep you safe. Because Allah revealed the Quran, Muslims may learn more about Islam. The spiritual message of Islam is taught in the Quran. If there are instructions in the Quraan, they are Allah’s commands. All of the Quranic verses were collected into one volume and distributed throughout the world to reach all areas. The Quraan provides answers to all sorts of issues that people have.

The Quran has guided humanity since its inception. The Quran is more precious than one’s own life. The path to happiness and prosperity is found in the Quran. It was written down from the start, and Allah provides his protection to it. It was established at the beginning that Allah would protect it.

It will never be destroyed. It is the last and ultimate book sent by God. It teaches us how to show our gratitude to God. It instructs us on how to live a morally upright life. It informs us about politeness in our homes, such as greeting our parents, brothers, sisters, relatives, friends, neighbors, and strangers with respect.

A genuine Muslim should strive to read one juz at least once a day. We should make an effort to read the Qur’an every day. “A house that has been destroyed will never be rebuilt,” Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu ‘alahi wa Salaam) said, referring to those who do not study the Quran. He will receive sawab if he is unable to comprehend the Quran but can read it.

The Quran was compiled from the many stories, which were revealed to the Prophet (Sallallahu ‘alahi wa Salaam) in Allah’s Book. There were also some Sahaba who had memorized parts of surahs, but many of them died in battle. Abu Bakr Siddiq (Rady Allahu ‘Anh) gathered all these verses and formed the Holy Quran during his reign. People spoke the Quran in various dialects during Hadrat Uthman’s (Rady Allahu ‘Anh) reign.

While the Iraqis recited in Kufi, the Egyptians and Syrians were reading from a different dialect. As a result, Hadrat Uthman (Rady Allahu ‘Anh) created copies of the Quran using Quraishi as the medium and sent them to those countries with a Qaari (a reader). Even today, all Muslims—whether they live in Egypt, India, or Afghanistan—read the Quran in the same dialect: Quraishi. This service of Hadrat Uthman has aided in ensuring that the Quran was recorded as it was revealed.

The Quran instructs elders to love and care for children. It also teaches youngsters to regard their elders with respect. Everything we need to know is found in the Quran. Before we read the Quran or a Surah, we should say Bismillah ir-Rahman ir- Rahim, which means “In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.” Every Muslim should recite one Juz once a day.

Put the Qur’an on top of everything and in a clean place. Every Muslim should know how to read the Quran. If you memorize the Quran, Allah will be pleased with you. You may make God happy by learning the Quran. You may make Him happier by committing to memory the Qur’an. More individuals have committed the Qur’an than any other book to memory.

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