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Qualities of a Good Friend Essay – Good Friend Essay Examples

what is a good friend essay

Example #1 – A Good Friend

Friendship is very important in our life. A good friend makes our life more abundant. I make a survey at RIS to consult their opinion about the good friend. But, what is a good friend?

A good friend is a gift in our life. Anaos Nin said: “Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world.” But, what is a good friend? 100% of students said “yes” with a question: “do you have a good friend?” It is normal. We can’t imagine our life without friends. However, we usually choose a friend with other cases.

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It is the result of the survey. 100% students think the good friend is a person to understand them, 100% is to care about their problems, 80% to travel with them and help them to solve their problems, 60% is the one they can share their secrets, 60% are the one will offer some useful advice sincerely if they do wrong, 40% are the one usually reciprocates study and future with them, and only 20% to know their wishes. So the students will choose someone who is their friend with two important standards: to understand them and to care about their problems.

They don’t mind their friend to know their wishes or to reciprocate study and future with them. No one thinks about their good friend as the one who trusts them. On the other hand, we usually expect too much from their friend. Sometimes we are easy to overlook our duty as a good friend of someone. 80% of students think they are a good friend and 20% are not sure. Therefore, the question is “what will you do if your close friend misjudges you?” 40% said “talk to them”, 40% “be quiet”, and 20% “tell a teacher”. This is interesting results because 40% will talk to their friend when they don’t understand each other. I realize that if they usually talk together they will have more chances to know their wishes of friend, to understand their friend and to continue their friendship.

40% are quiet and 20% tell their teacher. I am dogmatic that these 40% don’t understand clearly about friendship yet. But after this survey, I hope they had some standards of a good friend. So I predict they will do differently with their friend in the future. I get confuse that there are only 40% for talking to their friend because if they talk a little with their friend, so how do their friend can understand them, or care about their problems and help them. 60% don’t want to talk to their friend if their friend misjudges them. I think that “trust” is the most important standard for friendship.


Example #2 – Good Friend Definition Essay

When I asked Google to define a friend it gave me 82,300,000 related results, but when I asked the definition of a good friend it only showed 47,000,000 results. This proved how people tend to have more challenges in characterizing what a good friend is, probably because it is harder to find one. Generally, a friend is described as a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relations.

Almost every single one of us will immediately nod in agreement with this definition and explain how your good friend never fails to make you smile. They are the ones who support every action you made, every word you said, and every decision you take.

As stated above, a good friend is something scarce since they are more than just a friend, but do they necessarily have to be someone who never disagrees? In my own opinion, a good friend dishes out hard truths has your best interest at heart, and will not hesitate to be a villain when required. Yes, they are not your family members corresponding to our common understanding, but they will act like ones.

A good friend will act like your father. Try to remember those days when anything is possible but to see eye to eye with your father. When your father was sick and preferred going for alternative medication but you tried to convince him that what he needs is to see a doctor. Not to mention smaller disagreements, for instance when your father said that he was going to take the expressway, you said it would be better to take the regular road. Arguments with our fathers are inevitable, it happens regularly because both of us think we know better than the other. However, we often forgot the real reason for our arguments; it is because we want the best for each other.

Similar cases will most likely occur with our good friends too, not as numerous but nevertheless it happens. There are moments when we make stupid decisions and we need someone who knows we are settling for something less than what we deserved to advise us. At the end of the day, a good friend will never leave or forsake you despite all the arguments you both had, again just like your father.

A good friend will act like your mother. Our mothers are the most genuine and honest women in our life. They dare to unmask all the concealed pain, although she alone will take the consequences of being hated by doing something out of love. She will look you straight in the eye and said your boyfriend is not being faithful despite the fact that she had only met him twice. She knows you that well that she can tell her beloved child is denying reality just because she did not want to be broken-hearted. You will hate her that much for dragging you out of the fantasy you have been living, but eventually, you will thank her for that.

For me, a good friend will do exactly the same. When they disclose an ugly truth that everyone kept secret from you with reasons to protect you, they will unveil it slowly and let you be broken. It is a tough-love undoubtedly, but they did it because they care and it is better for them to be hated now rather than to let someone slap you on the face with that ugly truth in the future.

However, they will not let you burn to the ground. They will help you to stand back up and move on when you are ready to be helped, like how your mother will tolerate your continuous crying, falling grades, and will even bake your favorite cake to nurse your broken heart.

A good friend will act the way your sibling does. You jumped over the fence, broke the windows, covered up for each other, and got grounded together. Both of you will stay in one room and keep quiet while trying to hold your tears from bursting when your parents were fighting. Those memories of what you had been through together are priceless. Nonetheless, there are also days when your big brother or sister brought back their date, you are happy for them but suddenly you became invisible.

You tried to distract them and grabbed their attention back but it ended up in a nasty fight. This is how a good friend will react despite every effort they make to be happy for you. I will be jealous when one of my good friends is getting along with a new friend of hers, or when she finally found the love of her life. We will end up fighting for not being able to spare time and listen to each other’s problems but ultimately we will always forgive each other because the fight is not worth losing our relationship.

Thus for me, a true friendship will not be a ride somewhere over the rainbow where every day is sunny and happy is all you will ever be. Troubles will not melt like lemon drops and identical to family relationships it will have its own ups and downs. They will act like your father because they want the absolute best for you. They will act like your mother because they care too much to worry about being hated by you for doing the right thing. They will act like your siblings and be anxious about losing their loved ones.

Undeniably, some of you do not have a good relationship with your family, and friends are your refuge. You definitely do not need them to behave the way your family does, but I need to warn you that those friends are not friends for a lifetime. The truth is, if they really care for you and want you to be happy, they will make you understand how important it is to love your family no matter how damaged it is. Therefore, I believe, and you should too, that a good friend who treats you as their family is a best friend.


Example #3 – The Meaning of Friends: That’s What Friends Are For

“Friend” is an extremely strong word in today’s society. There are many aspects that create a friend and everybody may have a different perspective of what a friend truly is. They may define a friend as a person that’s always there for you and always has your back. Someone that they can sincerely depend on. A person who you know will be there until the very end. A friend is someone your NEVER embarrassed to be around, you accept them for who they are.

There is always a mutual understanding of your relationship with your companion. Always in communication and you know what’s best for each other. We all have friends that showcase all of these attributes. A friend doesn’t always have to be a person, it can be an animal or stuffed toy you like, a friend can be found in anyone or anything. It’s very important to understand that having a friend has its own contrasts. There will be feelings hurt at times, but I think that every friendship will witness this eventually. No denying that fact because you might say something that they didn’t want to hear, along those lines. Emotional unbalances will take effect.

One day you and your friend could be having a blast and making may memories and the next you could not be talking to each other. Over time you’ll make up and be the exact same way before you weren’t talking. My ideas of what a friend is pretty much stated in the paragraph, but just to summarize it, friends to me will always be there for me, no matter what the situation, we all know what’s best for each other and look out for one another, kind of like a second family and that they are always honest. This is what friends to me are sure about.

“Friends to the end” is a famous motto said every day in the world. This to me is a true as it sounds. When you create a friendship with someone and it develops over a long period of time, you immediately expect them to be there for you no matter what the situation is. This will create a very strong bond between you two and the friendship will last a lifetime. A friend will always be there when you’re in need. They’re just a phone call or text away. When your happy, sad whatever the situation is.

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You have their back when they need you, you’re never embarrassed to be around them even though they may do stupid, idiotic things at times. You’re behind 100%. If you follow these rules I’ve invented you’ll surely have a friend for life. Companions will always be there to make you laugh when your down, hang out at the mall or watch a movie. They’ll make you stress-free and liberated of your problems. It’s amazing what they can do for you. Keep your friends close to your heart and never let the bond fade away.

Friends always know what’s best for each other, it’s like a mutual understanding that makes the friendship strong and compatible. They will be there to guide you and lead you down the right path. They know what’s good and bad for you. That’s what makes your bond something truly special and something to hold onto forever. They may pressure you to do things at times, but peer pressure is found everywhere.

It’s very common these days. If they want you to smoke or do drugs maybe they actually aren’t your friend. You’ll just have to move on and find someone better. Like the old saying “there are plenty fish in the sea.” Friends act like your second family. They will never be replaced, it’s highly unlikely. They’re ALWAYS looking out for you. When they show this you know it means that they deeply care about you and love you very much. Having a friend is a privilege and should be cherished completely. A friend is someone or something that simply is irreplaceable.

Honesty is what binds a friendship together. Without honesty, what’s the point of the friendship if they’re not truthful to you? You want them to tell the truth so you know how they really feel. If you want them to comment on your outfit or something you expect them to tell the truth. If they lie you just made a mistake walking out with an outfit your friend truly doesn’t like. Some friend. It may be hard for them to tell the truth at first when your friendship is still developing, but over time as the relation unfolds they will find it much easier, to tell the truth, because they feel much more comfortable about being around you. It just takes time. You NEED the honesty to make the friendship workout.

When you tell them a secret and tell them not to tell. You assume that they’re not going to tell. And you soon find out that the thing you said is spread all over school, you know who to blame. A friendship has just been broken because honesty wasn’t witnessed in the situation. Gossip kills everything. If they break a promise be calm, think it over and decide what you want to do. Forgiveness is another thing in a friendship.

As you can see there are many effects of what makes a friend, but the three I feel are most important are that they will be there for you until the very end, You know what’s best for each other and look out for one another, and honesty. These three aspects make up a strong and everlasting relationship with someone. Your friends are most likely people who go to your school, and you spend the majority of your time in school. So think of them as your second family. They will be very important people in your future life and you will soon realize how fortunate you are to have a friend that’s always with you.


Example #4 – Characteristics of a Good Friend

The characteristics of a good friend to me is truthfulness, dependability, and loyalty. I am going to give details on specific ways of being a good friend that benefit me. I plan to describe my opinions toward block style writing to give you further understanding of my beliefs as a good friend. Basic thoughts about being dependable, loyal, and trustworthy.

A good friend is someone who is truthful to me, a person who never lies to me, about anything, whether it be good or bad.

A good friend is someone who’s there for you when you going through problems. This is someone who will have your back through good or bad times. This person will be there when you need a helping hand. A good friend never backstabs a true friend. This is someone who does not sugarcoat the message that he or she is delivering to me. This person is well brought up in a church and a stable environment.

As being a true friend he or she can be around my husband and never have to worry about them flirting or making a move towards him, or backstabbing. Someone who, when I ask a question, I need information about something, he or she gives me the real deal.

Dependability is a major factor in my characteristics of a good friend. Why is it? Because this person is always there when I need them. I can feel comfortable knowing that when I need this person he or she will try their best to come through for me.

Also, he or she is a team player, meaning that one knows when you are in the clutch and can call on them to help you. Then if they cannot help you at that particular time, they will not lie to you or mislead you in the wrong direction. Finally, this person has a longevity track record with you. This particular person has been friends with you for a long time. This is someone you have confidence in.

Loyalty fits perfectly with the characteristics of a good friend. Telling the truth by far is one of the most honorable things that I look for in a friend. Being loyal is not about bowing down, but it is a respect that they and I share and understand. Loyalty is like having someone that you feel as though you can express your true feelings. This type of person you can share secrets with.

A friend is someone who loves you, not sexually, but in a friendly way. This individual has never broken the code. This special friend you have known for a very long time. Being loyal to me starts within yourself. A good friend who is loyal will never lie, or deceive you. Not to say that this person is perfect, but they know the dos and don’ts in the relationship.

Being trustworthy lets me know; who is for me and who is not for me. Being dependable, when I need this person he or she lets me know that I can trust this person. Also, this person is loyal and you never have to worry about it. It is a good thing to have someone who meets your expectations.

Furthermore, when you sow good seeds, you shall reap good friends as well. This means that a friendship is beautiful, is honest, it is impeccable. A friendship sort of like having Jesus Christ in your life. ‘’He is my best friend.’’


Example #5 – True Friendship

“True friendship multiplies the good in life and divides its evils. Strive to have friends, for life without friends is like life on a desert island… to find one real friend in a lifetime is good fortune; to keep him is a blessing.”

I believe friendship is a powerful word. It doesn’t just mean being friends with someone; it has more meaning to that. We all choose who we want as friends, we all want certain qualities much like ours, but also qualities that we might want that could complete us and this we look in other people.

Everyone is different, we all look for different things, but when you find someone that you love spending time with and that person loves spending time with you than that is friendship. Friends ware off on you, they become a part of you, we may develop certain characteristics from them and they develop something from you. Friends, people you can be absolutely crazy with and then can just sit there in silence without it being “awkward”.

Friends are the ones who still keep you sane while being insane.

Good Friend’s Qualities

Qualities that I look for in a friend are, someone who can be completely honest and true with me, no matter how much the truth may hurt, but lies hurt more. Someone who can be there, not just be there for the good times, like life is a party and then walk away on the bad times. I want someone who thinks like me and is comfortable so they should not hold back their crazy side. Someone who understands my most insane idea and agrees with it.

A friend who can help me reach my goals, not pull me to the bottom. Someone who can walk into your house and make him or herself at home, eat all the food in your fridge. Someone who can surprise me, go on crazy adventures and share each other’s dreams. Someone who will not let you fall. A true friend is the one that is still there when the rest of the world walks out. But most importantly I want to trust in friendship. No matter what happens they will be there at the end of the day to say they messed up with me and let’s go out and get ice cream.

Friendship and Betrayal

The fear really hits you. That’s what you feel first. And then it’s the anger and frustration. Part of the problem is how little we understand about the ultimate betrayal of the body when it rebels against itself. Betrayal is a part of life, we all experience it at one point.

So many emotions run through us like electricity after we have been electrocuted. First its pain to the heart, you trusted this person, you told them things you could not imagine to discuss with anyone. Memories replay in your mind and then it hits you. Anger and frustration, how could they? You want revenge, you want to show them how much better you are.

Then you blame yourself, what did I do? It is my entire fault what should I do? Now betrayal is never easy and we all have different ways to deal with it, but at the end of the day we are all human we all feel these emotions, you never know what might have caused your friend to betray you, but since you were betrayed you learned something new. So you might betray someone else. It’s just a human thing, something we all may never understand but we just do it. We all make mistakes, and in the right circumstances, only you make your own decisions. You’re responsible for you.

What You Can Learn When You Were Let Down

After all the emotions of betrayal you go through your own support system kicks in, you control these emotions and your mind helps you. You slowly begin building yourself up again. You trust people less and you’re more careful around people

. Your barriers and walls are up again. You’re careful before you call someone your friend. Sometimes you look for different qualities in people, you avoid being friends with people that remind you of the person that betrayed you. You have other friends, you move on from being betrayed, you find a replacement, your careful not to make the same mistakes. Sometimes you cannot trust everybody, but even though it all at the end of the day, all you have is who you are.


Every friendship has there ups and downs, you get into fights, you disagree, you don’t talk to each there for some time but then somehow you start talking to them, you forgive each other and move on.

The good times you have with them will always be there with you in memory, we learn from our past experience and each new person that comes into our life teaches us something, no friendship is ever perfect but it takes an effort from both sides, to make it a good one.

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Example #6 – How to be a True Friend

Life can be a lonely thing without companionship. People always talk about the true value of friendship but people do not know the friendship actually what it stands for and how to be a true friend. A true friend is the one, in which the individuals do not have to maintain formalities with each other. A true friend you are talking about is counted as your family member. The relation you share with him/her reaches a stage that even if you do not correspond for sometime, your friendship remains unscathed.

But Acquaintances are easy to come by but true friends are a whole other story. So I will talk about how to build friendships and three right ways to be a true friend. “If you’re absent during my struggle, don’t expect to be present during my success.” Will Smith said. People all have bad days, or weeks, or even months. People all feel overwhelmed at times.

A true friend should be present for their highs and lows.

It’s easy to be there for our friends when they ask you out for fun things like drinks at the bar, dancing in the club, or laughs at the theater. But are you willing to be there for the hard times that are the opposite of fun? You might not feel comfortable while spending time with an emotionally fragile person on the verge of tears, but true friends are readily available when they’re needed the most. When the other person is in trouble, a true friend comes to know that merely by listening to their “Hello” over the phone. A true friend does not desert each other when one is facing trouble.

They would face it together and support each other, even if it is against the interests of the other person. So to be a true friend is to help your friend whatever you can do. Second, people should be more truthful and vulnerable. Ironing out conflicts with friends is more difficult than with family members. Most people make the mistake of assuming that friends can help easily sort through conflict, but it’s the opposite. People often have different allowances for emotional expression. For example, I have learned that the hard way.

Months after befriending a now-former friend, I learned that the person was speaking badly about my privacy to another friend. Because the person knew personal information about me, what he said was more convincing and harder to overcome. In many ways, you have to be much more strategic about choosing friends. When a conflict arises, pick up the phone to discuss it with your friend, rather than using email. But even that can be awkward if there’s been a behind-the-back controversy.

So if you can’t accept a person as they are, you will never know the feeling of true friendship. All best friends are friends, but not all friends can be best friends. In this world of cynics and backstabbers, there are still some people who are worth being friends with. They have to be recognized and respected for being best friends for the lifetime. Full disclosure will strengthen your friendship and make you both feel at ease in each other’s company. Finally, true friends will advise you with constructive criticisms. A true friend is not scared to tell you what you’re doing wrong.

They’re not scared to seriously intervene if they see that something is seriously bad for you or if you’re going down the wrong path. But they always support their criticism with advice that can help you improve. “The truth is rarely pure and never simple”, Oscar Wilde said. Confronting a person about an inconvenient truth isn’t easy, but sometimes it needs to be done. If you have something to say and can’t find the nerves to do it, ask yourself, “How would I feel if it was me making a very bad decision and my friend said nothing about it?”

While speaking out doesn’t guarantee you’ll change their mind, staying silent does guarantee you’ll regret not speaking up sooner. In conclusion, a true friend will sacrifice their own comfort or happiness and put you first. A true friend is not a fair-weather friend. They are there for you in good times and in bad times.

A true friend is someone who is honest and can rely on it. Best friends support even each other, even if the whole world opposes them. It is not easy getting true friends for a lifetime. If you have even one true friend, consider yourself blessed.


Example #7 – Qualities of a Good Friend

I know a trusty friend when I see one. My friend could be anyone from a 3-year-old to an old person; a school going or maybe a housewife, it could also be someone who is retired living just around the next corner of our street, and giving a friendly smile when I pass by, it could be anyone or might just be a waving friend who is on his way to work, while leaving their footprints on peoples heart, and their footsteps echoing down the dusky lane….

As you might not expect this, but the first thing I would search for in a friend is a rib-tickling nature, one who does not feel bad for anything, it is not only valuable for your problems but you also need someone to make fun with.

Everyone needs to laugh and some humor is necessary for a friendship, getting a friend is not a dime a dozen, next I would want my friend to be a good listener and an entertaining talker, I can’t have a friend who doesn’t listen to me or is mum’s the word, I wouldn’t like to go to a movie or hang out with someone like that.

It’s not that I want someone who is a picture-perfect person but someone who would love to do a mistake together and still keep smiling and laughing, my friend should also be an honest person, and tell me the truth whether it’s about me or someone else, because that’s what real friends do, A real friend will always tell the truth no matter what!

It’s not important that my friend should be the most popular in school or the most fashionable or the brainy one but also not a fuddy-duddy one too, or not someone who would hit the books too often, equally I would also want my friend to be respectful, caring and a jolly person.

However, everyone has different opinions and it is important that my friend shows enough respect for my point of view, as well as myself, giving them enough respect, some factors like these if not maintained in a friendship can pull the plug, My friend should also not be like Queer the pitch sort of person.


Example #8 – Personal Experience with True Friendship

Friendship is one of the most difficult things in the world to explain. It is not something that people have to be taught at school or go for seminars to learn. Every individual grows up knowing the significance of friendship in one’s life. Any person who has not learned about friendship has not learned about anything despite their academic progress.

A real friend is one who knows the personality of a fellow or colleague, understands the ups and downs in one’s life, and still gives one the chance to grow. One of the best qualities of true friendship is, therefore, to understand and to be understood (Pak, 2012).

In my lifetime experience, I have come across fellows with fascinating friendship stories, all revolving around the need to understand and to be understood. For instance, there was a very popular boy called Bill in my high school, who was well endorsed with different abilities and talents. Bill was extraordinarily bright and interacting with him was a lot of fun, leave alone getting well with everyone. It appeared that fame at school was not out of chance since the boy evidently made efforts to socialize freely with everybody in the school, be it teachers, school workers or his fellow students.

It happened that the high school was a boarding school was everybody seemed to miss their loved ones back at home. For Bill, the school environment made no difference from the situation at home since he was the most famous guy in the entire compound and had a good time with whomever he would interact.

Bill was very eloquent as well in his speech, giving him an added advantage of being understood whenever he could speak. I can distinctly remember during school debates when Bill would get the majority of the students siding with his point of view. Students would appreciate his argument even if it was wrong. The whole support Bill received from fellow students during the school debates was due to his eloquence and his outspoken character.

Anybody could tell from the look on Bill’s face that he sincerely felt lucky for being the most famous student at the school. The popularity grew as time went by, to the nearby schools that made it a trend to attend symposiums at our school. Bill made efforts to extend his friendship to the neighborhood through his interaction with other students from other schools, both males, and females.

The fame that Bill achieved all started from our first year in high school when the outspoken individual invited everybody for his birthday party during the holiday session. The whole event left everybody wondering the kind of person Bill was. Day by day, Bill got engaged in a lot of school activities due to his sociable personality. He could attend music festivals to represent our school by issuing speeches on key issues in society. In the long run, Bill got so busy that he hardly found time to interact with individuals. He could communicate with people who were in a crowd since it was quite easier for him, rather than interacting with each other.

Notably, the few personal friends whom Bill met during our first year at high school felt neglected by their friend. Billy made it a habit to enjoy his leisure time with groups of students who could be scattered all over the school playing ground, forgetting the need to have few close friends who could understand his needs as well. It is a fact that Bill could not understand the needs of the students with whom he was socializing in various groups. Nobody likes it when his needs and problems are known by a large number of people gathered in a place for a discussion or refreshment.

During national friendship days, students were given the opportunity to share their friendship experiences through giving of cards and other gifts. The national friendship holidays were purely meant for true friends who happened to understand the needs of each other. Despite the challenges, friends faced at school, the day was set aside for solving all the issues that might have cropped in to interrupt the kind of friendship that had been formed.

For Bill, the kind of friendship he formed with groups of people was that of interacting to have fun and enjoy the company of one another. During such days, nobody expected Bill to be left out in the celebrations since the students assumed that someone of his personality could not miss having his real friends in the entire institution. Apparently, we all got it wrong.

I can clearly commemorate the events of the national friendship day that marked the long journey that the students had all led together. Initially, such an event had never happened in the institution. The issue of giving gifts and having a good time during the day seemed to be an innovation in the school’s system of administration.

There was somehow a competition that was intended for purposes of fun and making known to the entire school the most popular student. We all had in mind that Bill would clinch the seat due to his outspoken character. Earlier that day, we were addressed in the playground by teachers on the importance of engaging in true friendship and the definition of true friendship. I assume the teachers intended to make clear to everyone that everybody who happened to be so close did not automatically qualify to be a true friend.

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Back in the classroom, a simple activity was spearheaded by the class teacher as a way of sharing part of the day as fellows who have been studying in the same room for some time. We were encouraged to draw, paint, and present our sincere friends with items that would make the friendship grow further.

As far as I can remember, our teacher suggested that each student would make three presents that he would give his best three friends. I remember having the perception that Bill would get the most gifts in the whole class. It appears everybody else had the same perception but never intended to have him on their list of three best friends. Bill too made his gifts that he would present to the selected three best friends.

In religious studies, it is mentioned that there is time for everything. Real friends show their friendship when it is required (Ditsky, 1986). After all the involving activities of making presents, it was then the time to give out the gifts. Bill gave out his to the chosen three best friends, just like every other student did. Interestingly, it turned out that Bill never received any gift in the class. Not even those whom Bill had presented gifts chose him as a true friend.

Critically, Bill had no time to create the kind of friendship whereby he could know the needs and secrets of his friends. The group mentality that he had kept with him all along seemed to have doomed him. We could judge that Bill was a disappointed man on a great day that everybody else enjoyed. To make matters worse, it is the same people who did not present him with presents that went back to form a discussion group with him outside the classroom.

It is quite ironic that not even a single individual could drag Bill aside to console him and urge him on the best way forward so as to overcome the embarrassment and frustration. Moreover, the few people who pretended to be in his company only stayed with him for a short time before leaving to continue spending the day with their best friends.

In the real sense, the same treatment that Bill was exposed to is what he had done so many times to others. He never realized that he was a good companion and acquaintance to others, but she had not been a true friend to anyone. His efforts that were driven by the desire to avoid arguing with anyone while paying attention to crowds of people eventually turned out to be wrong. Any sober mind could realize that all the efforts made by Bill were not enough to create true friendship.

From the look of his visage, Bill was tormented by the fact that he had no true friends in the classroom. We all believed he was inspired, encouraged, and uplifted by the experience he obtained in class. The personality of Bill changed gradually from that of group-oriented to that of individual friendship. With time, Bill managed to change his ways, and he acquired new friends who were ever willing to help him despite their little arguments.

In a nutshell, true friendship is the most prized item on earth, given that a real friend would walk in when the rest of the world walks out. It took Bill a life experience to learn the importance of friendship in one’s life. He did not have to attend classes to get the idea that he ought to have friends who can always stand with him at his time of need.


Example #9 – The Good, the Bad, and the Perfect

In Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle tells us that there are three types of friendships; the useful, the pleasurable, and the perfect. In this paper, I am going to try to show why the pleasurable friendship is the worst kind to have, and of course why the perfect friendship would be the best.

“Now those who love each other for their utility do not love each other for themselves but in virtue of some good which they get from each other.” (Nic. Ethics Bk.8:3) Among my extremes of the pleasurable and the perfect, utility is definitely the middle ground. In a friendship of utility (usefulness) both parties mutually benefit off of one another, and, “the friendship is dissolved, inasmuch as it existed only for the ends in question.” (Bk.8:3) The feeling of being used is okay when you know of the usage and are also getting something out of it.

Example: A beautician knows she is being used to make a client look good, but she is okay because she is getting money out of it. Bad usage occurs when the usage is unknown to one of the parties. Example: When a woman flirts with a bartender every night just to get a free drink, the bartender may start to think that she likes him. Only to have him find out that he was being used, his feelings get hurt. Thus we have the “evil” pleasurable friendship coming into play.

The woman flirting for a drink was her working for the desire of what was pleasurable to herself. Sometimes pleasure seekers can hurt themselves and others. The pursuit of pleasure is more often than not a reckless acquisition. Take for instance the thrill-seekers who go on dangerous roller coasters, or go rock climbing; up mountains, or even those who simply jump out of planes. I consider “pleasure-only” seekers to be flaky and irresponsible.

Wholeheartedly I agree that “This is why they quickly become friends [with people] and quickly cease to be so; their friendship changes with the object that is found pleasant, and such pleasure alters quickly.” (Bk.8:3 lns 34-37) Pleasure seekers are just as quick to pick you up as they are to let you down.

Having a friend who is a pleasure seeker is setting yourself up for disappointment and possibly heartache, “for they live under the guidance of emotion, and pursue above all what is pleasant to themselves and what is immediately before them;” (Bk. 8:3 lns. 32-34) That friend will use you and make you feel good, then dump you leaving feeling used and abused. Pleasurable friendships sometimes have the facade of being perfect, but the end result is always negative.

Now the perfect friendship. I do disagree with Aristotle when he says that it can exist in only, “men who are good, and alike in virtue” (Bk.8:3 lns.6-7).

Two totally different people from different walks of life, for instance, a convict and a Christian can be very good friends, simply because, despite their variances, they were able to find a common thread to link them together. From personal experience I can say that opposites do attract, my very best friends and I  are extreme opposites, and I like that they have the attributes that I don’t because that makes them and our relationship special.

I wish them good and I know that they wish me the same. Different people are able to bring to the friendship something that the other has not. Besides, friends of the same lot would be boring to have.

The perfection of the friendship combines the useful with the profitable part of the pleasurable. Aristotle’s argument that “these two kinds of friendship are not often united, nor do the same people become friends for the sake of utility and of pleasure; for things that are only incidentally connected are not often coupled together.” (bk. 8:4 lanes. 34-36) was a weak one. It is not an accident that a friend who is good and wishes you happiness through good is useful to you in some kind of way and brings you pleasure; most often in their company and well wishes, just to name only a few of the things that such a perfect friend can and will do.

A perfect friendship seeks to better the lives of both the people involves,

“And each is good without qualification and to his friend, for the god are both good without qualification and useful to each other. So too they are pleasant;  for the good are pleasant both without qualification and to each other (Bk.8:3 lns.12-16)

It is a worthwhile and positive endeavor associated with gratification and fruition. For it to be thought otherwise is ridiculous, and, for it to only be limited to a certain type of “all good” man is more so, because we know those just do not exist.


Example #10 – Interesting Ideas

finding good friends are rare, so if u want to be one of them, u should be patient, kind, love ur friend, willing to have time for them, trust ur friend, and lastly be loyal. But it would be the most wonderful thing for a person to have a friend that is willing to give their life for u.

Love doesn’t always mean that u wanna live with him or her forever, it could also mean that u wanna be with his/her side, a backup when he falls down that is what being a good friend is all about.

A good friend is someone who listens to you without judging you, someone who is there in the good times and the bad times. someones who back you up in your decision no matter if you are wrong or make a mistake, someone who makes you laugh when you are down, who hugs you when you need a hug, who cries with you when you are in pain, who trust you with her/his secrets, who invites you everywhere, who were ever she travels to she thinks of you and brings you something, someone who has your back in a fight even though you guys might get beat up…lol… someone who goes against anything and everything and everyone to stay loyal to you.

true qualities of a good friend? let me see..

  1. someone who only lies to you if they are planning a surprise party or a surprise.
  2. someone you can trust with all your secrets & everything that goes on in your life
  3. someone who will keep their promises
  4. someone who will keep your secrets without telling anyone
  5. someone who NEVER leaves you out or makes you feel unwanted or lonely
  6. someone who doesn’t hurt you
  7. someone who will comfort you & tell you it’s all gonna be ok when your sad or down
  8. someone who will do things for you without moaning, e.g- go to the library at lunchtime with you
  9. someone who doesn’t let you down
  10. someone who feels like part of your family.
  11. someone who DOESN’T keep secrets from you or about you.

A friend that doesn’t care if you have flaws, when you can be 100% yourself around that person.. when you both are into different things but can still relate, saying something weird around them without not having to worry, expressing thoughts & they’re interested in them even if they don’t care much about the topic, they’re there to comfort you, to punch someone in the face for you, you know you’ve got a good friend when they’re there for you unexpectedly, honest & trustworthy, one that you can leave for 3 months & the friendship wouldn’t change a bit.

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