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Punctuality Essay

Punctuality essay

Example #1

Punctuality means arriving or doing things at the appointed time, neither early nor late. Punctuality is the secret of success in life. The renowned and successful men in the world are known to be punctual. They knew the value of time and utilized it in the proper way in their life.

Time, like the tide, waits for none, nor can it be kept in store for future use. Therefore, in order to live a meaningful life, one must make the best use of time; and the only way to make the best use of it is to be punctual.

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The habit of punctuality should be acquired step by step. Youth is the time of one’s life to acquire this valuable habit. Once this good habit is acquired, it hardly goes away. It becomes a part and parcel of one’s nature. A punctual per­son is cared for and respected by all. The habit of punctuality adds much importance to one’s personality. By using proper­ly the tame in hand for the day’s work, one is able to achieve his goal in life.

If a student is conscious about the value of punctuality, he should complete his homework, and prepare his lessons in due time, and then only it will be easy for him to cope with the progress of his class lessons in the school. He must get up early in the morning, take his meals in due time, and attend school punctually.

For a businessman, punctuality is the soul of his busi­ness. Like a student, he is also required to move and act with the tide of time, by adjusting his program of work with his lime in hand. He must keep his words, if he promises anything to anyone, quoting some particular time.

Otherwise, he loses the faith of his customers; and that discredit amounts to a loss of his goodwill in the market. By not being punctual, he loses business. An unpunctual person is not considered worthy of anything in life. He cannot be trusted with a responsible job. Thus he proves himself to be a failure in life.

Punctuality, therefore, plays a very important part in one’s life. A person should try to be punctual from his very childhood and appraise others about the value of time, which is the key to success.


Example #2

Punctuality is being on time or completing something on time. The main thing is time management. Time management is exercising control over the amount of time spent on activities or it is used to manage time when accomplishing specific tasks or goals.

With this, u can break time management it to categories like Time discipline adding a time limit and the Value of time. Time discipline is the act of planning out time to do something and then sticking to the time u have set to do it or someone else has set for u to do and complete it in that set time.

Time discipline can also be using your time wisely and not waiting until the last moment to do it. But allotting time and doing it at that time so you’re not rushed and so u make fewer mistakes on it or no mistakes. Using your time in a manner where u have the time need to finish the task and either turn it in or come back and relay that the task is done to whoever gave u that task that u had just finished.

Setting a time limit or deadline is a narrow field of time, or a particular point in time, by which an objective or task must be accomplished.

In project management, deadlines are most often associated with easily obtained goals. Setting a time limit and keeping it is a need tool everyone needs to work and function in everyday society. Because if u don’t u won’t be able to hold and keep a job because how can your boss count on you to do and get done with what he/she needs for you to do but I kind of got off the topic.

Punctuality is the habit of doing things exactly in time. A punctual person will be a winner everywhere. A punctual person is always one step ahead of others. Often we say plan work and work plan.

But if you are not stick on your work promptly, punctually, how can you become a better person in your life? Punctuality is essential for man in every walk of life. For students, it is a great blessing. If you are punctual you will get enough time to do your work according to your plan.

In hospitals, punctuality can make all the difference, of course between life and death. You never face any difficulty so far as time is concerned. You command respect and admiration of all who work with you and are an asset. Everybody likes to work with you such a lovely man.

On the contrary, an unpunctual man sees himself in arrears as days pass and is gradually filled with despair. He generally causes inconvenience to others and is most of the time a liability. Punctuality is inevitable everywhere. In business also this is very important. If you want to be a successful businessman, you have to be very particular in being punctual.

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The failure to keep up an engagement punctually may mean a setback for his business. If you are not punctual, you can see your washes away between your cup and lip! If we study the lives of our great men, we find that punctuality was one of the secrets of their success in life.

The necessity of doing our work punctually should be felt more keenly because we live today in a complicated society where each work is dependent on the other. The smooth working of the modern world is due to increasing recognition of the necessity of doing our work punctually.

Punctuality being so important in life, it is necessary for every man to cultivate this habit from the very beginning. Once we are punctual, our labors will be lightened, our mind disciplined and our life will be much easier and brighter. so I guess what I’m saying is if we are punctual, we can finish up our work at the right time.

Punctuality checks unnecessary wastage of time. Time is very valuable for us. We can save it only by punctuality. Time and tide wait for none. Seconds, minutes, hours, and days pass by in the right order. There is a maxim “We should hold the time by the forelock”. If we are punctual, a single second of us will never go waste. English men are very punctual. They put on wrist-watches to exercise punctuality.

But we, the Indian put on wrist-watches only as ornaments for show. We cannot progress. If we are not punctual. Punctuality helps us in our progress. It also saves money in other ways. There is a saying. “A stitch in time saves nine”.

So, if we take our food punctually, we will never be sick and so we will never have to spend money on medicines and doctors or to worry about our near and dear ones in this connection. Everybody should be punctual in his everyday life.

Everyone should make a habit of punctuality. The people who have become great in their lives are very punctual. Punctuality is the first condition for becoming great in life.

So, punctuality should be the motto of our life. We should not only be punctual ourselves but also advise others to be punctual. But when it comes to the military, certain things are just automatically expected of a person.

One of the most important expectations is time management and being on time. Every day there are any number of places one is required to be at a certain time and as the saying goes if you aren’t fifteen minutes early then you are late.

One may ask, why fifteen minutes though it may seem extreme when dealing with the numbers of people that are dealt with in the armed forces, allowances must be made for the unexpected. There will always be unexpected complications to arise; it is just part of life that is why you can’t simply try to be on time because what happens when something does come up?

There is no cushion of time for you to adjust however needed to take care of whatever came up. Just one person being late can begin a chain of events to be set back and throw any number of people’s days off schedule. Say you have an appointment for an eye exam and you are five minutes late.

Well, that is five minutes that the eye doctor had to wait on one person instead of moving on. The person who’s appointment is after yours is then forced to wait five minutes past when his or her appointment was supposed to begin which could, in turn, make that person five minutes late to pick up his or her child from school.

One person can make that much of a splash just by being late, which is why the military is expected to the punctual. Honor is defined as honesty, fairness, or integrity in one’s beliefs and actions.

When it comes to being on time one should have the sense to be fair to his or her shipmates not being late and wasting their time. A person frequently late shows that that person does not respect his or her fellows enough to not keep them waiting on a regular basis.


Example #3

a punctual person will be a winner everywhere. A punctual person is always one step ahead of others. Often we say plan work and work plan. But if you are not stick on your work promptly, punctually, how can you become a better person in your life?

Punctuality is essential for man in every walk of life. For students, it is a great blessing. If you are punctual you will get enough time to do your work according to your plan. In hospitals, punctuality can make all the difference, of course between life and death.

Punctuality is inevitable everywhere. In business also this is very important. If you want to be a successful businessman, you have to be very particular in being punctual. The failure to keep up an engagement punctually may mean a setback for his business. If you are not punctual, you can see your washes away between your cup and lip!

Punctuality is a very important part of military life for several reasons. one reason is that if someone is late for a patrol or convoy that patrol or convoy might have to leave without that person. Another reason is that it will make whoever your relieving have to stay at work for longer than they are supposed to, tired and sluggish because of that fact, giving a high chance that whatever work that person does would be sub-par and not up to standards because of lack of sleep.

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Punctuality also shows your chain of command that you are serious about your job and are ready and motivated to do said job to the best of your ability.

Some cultures have an unspoken understanding that actual deadlines are different from stated deadlines; for example, it may be understood in a particular culture that people will turn up an hour later than advertised. In this case, since everyone understands that a 9 am meeting will actually start around 10 am, no-one is inconvenienced when everyone turns up at 10 am. In cultures which value punctuality, being late is tantamount to…


Example #4

The term punctual refers to appearing at the regular appointed place at the specific time while punctuality refers to the attribute of being able to finish a requisite duty prior to the allocated time.

According to Brooke and Price (140), some of the reasons as to why there is a lack of punctuality among employees include; different work attitudes of job satisfaction, job involvement, and organizational commitment.

Webb (46) argues that a positive attitude towards one’s work can help foresee if the employee will be punctual during their work term and also deadlines affect the completion of the tasks given to employees.

Wardy (105) study found out that the three main reasons as to why employees are not punctual at the workplace are; lack of respect, lack of accountability, and lack of organization. Lack of respect is whereby the employees who running late do not inform or call prior to inform the respective people of their delay this results in time wastage for their fellow co-workers and loss of money for the company.

Lack of accountability is when employees arrive late at work, for a meeting or submitting work late. Employees should be held liable and they should be able to effectively give answers and explain their mishaps.

If the managers themselves are punctual and include punctuality as part and parcel of deadlines and yearly evaluations, the employees will, in turn, be punctual as they will be expected to do so. Lack of organization is when employees do not manage their time or they do not effectively plan their time and the tasks they are supposed to finish at an allocated time period. Therefore these employees end up with a lot of things to do and with no time to finish their tasks resulting in lateness.

Most employees are usually not punctual to the workplace at the beginning of the week because during the weekend most people tend to relax and enjoy the free days as much as possible. As the week progresses employees are more punctual to work as they have gotten used to the idea of waking up early heading to work.

Other days when employees are more frequently not to be punctual are the days when it rains, or snows heavily in the mornings these natural weather patterns seem to cause snarl-ups of traffic jams, therefore, affecting the punctuality of employees and also employers.

At the time Wardy was conducting his research; he was an employee at different American organizations and observed his findings from a natural setting. In his findings, he made the conclusion that not even once did the employees or the supervisors apologize for being late.

On the other hand, while he was an employee at Panasonic, a Japanese company, his superior profusely apologized for coming into a meeting late although he could not help it as an emergency had caused the delay. These two similar situations show how different people react to punctuality and how if they are running companies how the employees would react differently to their supervisors.


Example #5

Punctuality is considered to be the noblest of virtues. It is the mark of civilized and cultured people. It is the habit of doing things incorrectly time. ‘A stitch in time saves nine’, so says an English proverb. Doing things in time, thus, saves us from unnecessary troubles. That is exactly what punctuality is all about.

One of the great values of punctuality is that it gives discipline to life. We have to get up in time. We have to do things at the appointed time. All these entail a certain amount of sacrifice. It dispels laziness and removes our ‘take-it-easy- attitude’. A disciplined person always gets recognition and social acceptance. He is wanted and appreciated. Therefore, punctuality can make us socially acceptable people.

Another significant merit of punctuality is that it provides ample time to do our work correctly and properly. Doing things hurriedly or haphazardly can have disastrous consequences. When we do things in time there is every chance that they end up as fine works.

In fact, a punctual man, however busy or engaged, finds time for more work still. On the contrary, an unpunctual man, far from doing much, cannot finish his normal duties even. So the virtue of punctuality makes all our activities and works good and satisfactory, if not perfect and excellent. Besides, it teaches us the habit of doing things correctly and in proper time.

The virtue of punctuality is said to be the key to success. Look at the great world leaders who have achieved fame and success. Punctuality was their hallmark. They kept their promises. Punctuality is a virtue that is appreciated by all. Washington once took his secretary to task for being late.

The secretary laid the blame upon his watch. Washington reported: “Then, Sir either you must get a new watch or I must get a new secretary.” People like them are ideals whom we should follow in earnest.

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When individuals are not punctual they cause a lot of inconvenience to others. People have to wait for them and waste their valuable time. Want of punctuality reveals want of culture and is discourteous to the person we fail.

Unpunctuality invites trouble and worry. History is full of cases that show that lack of punctuality has caused the defeat, loss of the kingdom, and golden opportunities. It is said that Napoleon lost the battle of Waterloo in 1815 because one of his generals came late. Many people lose good opportunities for jobs or promotions when they reach late for an appointment.

All of us are not born with the virtue of punctuality. We have to cultivate it painstakingly. Only constant vigil and practice can implant this virtue.

It calls for a great deal of sacrifice. It calls for courage to root out laziness and the ‘take-it-easy-attitude’. It demands a disciplined life. That is why; very few individuals have the virtue of punctuality. But, know it for certain that it is the surest way to success.


Example #6

Punctuality is one of the most admired characteristics I have of a person. It exhibits persons honored qualities: reverence, accountability, and civility. I have a low tolerance for those who are late. I feel unimportant and shuffled to the side when I am awaiting a person’s overdue arrival. Tardiness is one of the most annoying characteristics I have of a person.

One of the most annoying situations in which a person could be late is when you arrange to meet them somewhere. An example of this is when I attempted to go out with Greg. Ten minutes after the time we agreed to meet only one question pervaded my mind, where was he? The movie was going to start in five minutes.

I wondered if he was even coming, but he was the one who arranged the time and place. What if I went to the wrong movie theater, no I was sure he had said Route Six. I started to get annoyed; the movie had begun. Where was he? Questions and worries filtrated throughout my mind. Should I go inside the theater? Maybe he got there really early and he went inside. No, he would have come out and looked for me, right? Well maybe I decided, I would buy my ticket and go inside and look anyway. But, what if he wasn’t inside, should I buy him a ticket as well just in case they became sold out.

I was really annoyed then; the previews were almost over. I hoped he was all right. Maybe something horrible had happened. Maybe he had gotten into a car accident or was sick. I’ll wait a few more minutes I thought, just until I finish my soda. Where was he?! Hi, sorry I’m late. I guess I just lost track of time. What? I thought to myself, I just waited for this guy for twenty – six minutes because he guesses he just lost track of the time.

We missed the movie and a potentially good time because this guy couldn’t even bother to watch the clock. He apologized, said we should try it again, had really like to. I said no thanks, Greg, you just hit a nerve, and lateness is something I find extremely annoying. Just as annoying is when a coworker is late, especially if it’s repeatedly.

Brandy and I never work directly together, she always has the shift after mine. She is always late. It’s so frustrating to look at the clock and think “my shift ends in ten minutes”, all the while knowing that I won’t be leaving for at least twenty because that’s when Brandy will finally stroll in. It becomes extremely aggravating when I know I have things to do after work. I begin to count the minutes between when I leave and when my next obligation starts.

I talked to her once about her tardiness, but it was quickly made apparent that any effort I made would be fruitless. I told her I would appreciate it if she could come in on time, she stared back blankly and said I’m only a few minutes late you don’t mind it that much, do you? I responded that I did mind, that I have other things I would like to do with my time, that it really annoyed me that she was always late.

She said that she totally could understand, that was why she was always late, she had other things to do before work. The statement somewhat confused me on whether or not she would try to be prompt. My confusion was quickly clarified when she came in the next day twenty-two minutes late. I asked her why she was yet again late.

Completely dumbfounded with my question she answered me, but I thought I told you yesterday I had things I had to do before work.” I decided not to press the issue any further, because I realized then that this girl was in her own world completely unaware of the torture she was putting me through.



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