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Persuasive Essay About Sports

Essay 1

Most people in the United States love sports, but is it really worth it? Competitive sports has become more dangerous than ever before, and experts are starting to worry that competitive sports may have a more harmful influence than a beneficial one on children. Most competitive activities can result in severe injuries, pressure, and all of the money parents spend on their kids to participate in sports is pointless as well as the fact that most youngsters are burning out of them both emotionally and physically.

Competitive sports, by and large, do not benefit all children since to cost, pressure/injury, and fun. The majority of people agree that competitive sports are fantastic; most people root for their favorite teams; they bet on it; and it has tremendous health advantages. However, in the end, it isn’t really worth the money. Americans invest hundreds of dollars on equipment for no reason.

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According to the article, parents spend an average of $671 to cover the cost of uniforms and registration fees. Private lessons are difficult, but research shows that parents spend $20 million on out-of-school sports. But there’s more Parents organized school sports costs $45 million each year, according to the high cost of youth sports. There is a $5 billion business in organized teams, which is regrettable because anybody may set up a neighborhood team/league for free.

Essay 2

Sport offers competition without violence

This is true for most sports, although there are a few exceptions such as hockey. Otherwise, sport is about competing with others based on your physical fitness and brains. That is one of the best things about sports, and it’s why they’re so important in our culture.

Sport can bring people together

It organizes groups of individuals that would not have previously been seen together. This incorporates teams as well as sports fans. Teams generally have a following that comes together as a large group to support what they enjoy. Sport is able to link people together, which is why it’s so essential in our society.

Sport makes people feel as if they belong

People may be socially awkward and have no friends, but if they are athletic, they will be welcomed in sports. Even if they don’t have any pals, they will not be picked last in a group; instead, they will feel like an integral member of the team.

Sport encourages good health

It is extremely beneficial as a motivational tool and encourages individuals to go out and exercise. It’s something that even makes spectators want to get in shape. When big sporting events take place, more people tend to join gyms and start exercising more frequently.

Sport has been around as long as homo-sapians have

Sports, as a whole, are essential to us because they have been around since the dawn of humanity. They represent a fundamental component of our competitive and playful instincts. It’s no surprise that newborn animals play together and compete; it’s in their DNA. Humans, too, may participate in such events since we have sports to enjoy.

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Sports are wonderful since they help to prevent violence and bring people together in peace. Sports assist us in releasing our competitive urges while also encouraging us to get more exercise. Sport is a powerful motivator for individuals to get into shape and it’s also a billion-dollar business in the United States. Sport provides thousands of jobs for people and the elements of sport such as competition, exercise, and teamwork have been around for ages.

Teambuilding, as defined by the International Personal Coach Association, is “the process of creating a strong sense of community or belonging.” Because it emphasizes cooperation and collaboration rather than rivalry and competition, teambuilding offers a unique opportunity to improve oneself. Teambuilding may be used to help people discover their passions and talents together. It has elements of friendship and camaraderie, not to mention wishes fulfillment.

Essay 3

Consider a high school football star who has just graduated. The athletic hero is everyone’s favorite, but they are unaware that he received bad grades in high school. As a result, he is no longer a good role model for others. Many of the finest times in high school and even college were spent playing sports to some folks. Playing sports, on the other hand, should not detract from students’ schooling while they’re at it.

Many students throughout the United States who participate in sports are not academically successful, resulting in them being unable to participate in sports because to academic probation. The most essential aspect of attending school is for children to obtain a high-quality education.

Sports may be a passion for some people, which is typical for many athletes. They must maintain good grades in their classes to continue playing sports. Different grade point averages are required at various high schools and colleges in order to participate in extracurricular activities. Many professional players, such as Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks, have exceptional college records. Stanford University is where Richard Sherman, an NFL player for the Seattle Seahawks, studies.

His teammates admired him for his ability to motivate them to achieve their potential. He always told his teammates to “stop making excuses” when they didn’t meet their academic goals, while maintaining a 4.1 GPA. Having a good education is always important, and it can help athletes get accepted to colleges; colleges pay attention not just to student athletes’ statistics but also their school performance. Because of this, learning is more essential than sports in school because of the emphasis on sports.

Some individuals are unaware that in order to be a good strategic player of any sport, athletes must have a high IQ. Many professional athletes spend time furthering their education before entering the world of sports at once. For example, Myron Rolle postponed his entry into the National Football League for one year to study at Oxford University instead of being drafted. In order to obtain a Master’s degree in medical anthropology, Rolle decided to go to Oxford during the 2009-2010 academic year and study medicine.

Rolle’s improved intellect allows him to make better decisions and execute plays on the field with greater efficiency. Rolle’s passion for football may have motivated him, but his academic responsibilities were more important to him. Athletes who are intelligent will be more strategically aware while playing sports as a result of their intelligence, but non-intelligent athletes will not be more strategically aware of their options.

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Essay 4

Back in the day, children and young teenagers were more active and played many sports, but that has changed recently. The pressure on youngsters to specialize on one sport in order to improve is becoming harmful. Young athletes are now expected to compete at a higher competitive level than previously.

The high number of sports injuries among athletes demonstrates that a demanding need is becoming too much for their body to bear. As the accidents become more prevalent and raised to the public’s attention, no significant action has yet been taken to avoid these career-ending, even life-changing injuries.

Despite the fact that there is debate as to whether injury prevention courses would detract from an athlete’s training time, the terrible figures of injuries affecting these athletes outweigh this argument. To help these athletes play their favorite sport while also maintaining a healthy lifestyle, more sport injury prevention actions must be learnt and implemented.

To preserve the athletes’ health both physically and mentally, injury prevention exercises and rules are becoming more important. The excessive usage of muscles and ligaments in these young, growing bodies is shown to be harmful.“More than 2.6 million children 0-19 years old are treated in the emergency department each year for sports and recreation-related injuries” (Sports Safety).

Essay 5

Football vs. Baseball: Which is more lucrative? There are two major forces in today’s professional sports world. These are the National Football League (NFL) and Major League Baseball (MLB). Other sports may be more lucrative than the two, but the question at hand boils down to which sport is superior.

This paper looks at both sports from a variety of viewpoints, including attendance, entertainment value, ticket prices, venues, salaries, television revenue and athlete opinion. The aim of this study is to determine which sport generates greater income (Bouchette 12).

In NFL games, the overall number of attendees at 2,416 games was 72,782,013 while an Average per game crowd of 30,125 was recorded. In contrast, the official attendance paid in Major League Baseball was 16,387,289 in 248 games. As a result baseball is twice as popular as football.

The popularity in attendance of baseball clearly demonstrates a greater realization of earnings from base ball than football. When compared to baseball, football games are almost every day on several channels, and their ratings are considered terrible. The main cause of the rating is that MLB seasons are too brief, so every game counts. This is due to the fact that in the NFL seasons are too short, and each match represents a lot to players. This makes baseball more lucrative than football (Martin 18).

In the sports world, television revenue has grown to be a major business. This is because television networks are paying large fees for rights to broadcast professional baseball games. The Major League Baseball’s championship game is regarded as the most-watched program each year.

Both the MLB and NFL have huge television contracts. However, the revenue shearing strategies are very distinct. The Major League Baseball gets $2.7 billion each year from television income. National Football League receives $340 million per year. This statistic makes baseball more lucrative than football (Bauchette 45).

In terms of ticket pricing, baseball is more lucrative than football. Because the ticket price is commonly different, but on average, a NFL game cost $20.07. The most expensive average price was $30.33 to see the popular Washington redskins. In contrast, the average ticket price for MLB was $53.4 to watch the Boston red sox, with the lowest average dollar being $34.07 for Milwaukee Brewers games.

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The typical MLB stadium can accommodate up to 70,000 people, with the largest in San Diego accommodating 76,000 spectators. The smallest of the MLB stadiums is located in Boston and has a capacity of 33,871 people. As a result, baseball stadia are more suited to handle large gatherings of individuals than football stadiums (MARTIN 22).

Most times, player salaries are used as the main reason for rising ticket prices. Player compensation is extremely high in baseball that it doesn’t compare to American public earnings. In football, the average individual salary was less than two million dollars in 2000. This is due to the fact that there are numerous players and registered football clubs in football (Martin 35).

In light of the aforementioned arguments, baseball players are viewed in a more favorable light than football players. In addition to this, there is a distinction between the value of football and that of baseball based on entertainment. Surprisingly, both are inexpensive to attend and entertaining to watch. As a result, it’s unjust to rank one sport above the other when it comes to entertainment value (Martin 64).

Finally, baseball has moderate ticket prices and competitive player salaries when compared to football, superior overall revenues, and larger stadiums to accommodate large audiences (Bauchette & Martin).

Essay 6

Competitive sports are popular with everyone. I believe that everyone desires to participate in a sport today, and that the parents should allow them to do so. The parent can’t keep them for long because they go away to ask the parent may they play . They want to be just like their favorite team’s player, so the parents allow them to participate in order for them to make friends and build brotherhood or sisterhood. They also acquire a lot of exercise every day as part of their training in order to get better and learn how to collaborate with others.

They fall in love with the game. However, each sport has its own set of risks, and if they participate in a club that participates in the activity, they must pass their class to play it or go to the doctor. And the sport is costly, so they get to play against another team. And they have to travel throughout various cities and see historical sites as well as make new memories. Joining a team allows you to achieve anything you want; it’s like building your own empire.

They also make sure that you’re in good condition. They also learn leadership abilities, which is something sports teach them. The youngster may also become a fantastic player if he or she enjoys the game. And they may play college and high school if they are excellent players, and if they continue to develop, they might play pro football when they get older. To participate in the sport, kids must pass their classes.

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