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Personal Experiences Essay

personal experiences essay

Example #1 – Personal Experiences in a Lifetime

Would you want to live forever if you had the choice? My viewpoint on this issue is equal: Yes or no. Many individuals and I have questioned this notion. There are several factors that influence me and cause me to believe I would, but there are also others that suggest otherwise. The public’s eye and God’s eye have witnessed many occurrences and events throughout history. From the invention of fire through Martin Luther King Jr., from the discovery of nuclear energy to its use in weapons production.

As the world revolves, mother nature plays an important role in the formation of new generations. Facts and concepts are transferred from one generation to the next, so if one lived for all time, they would be able to see everything. From discoveries to innovations, serial killers to global leaders and their families growing over time until they perish. What are the advantages of living forever?

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Not only does the person have an opportunity to view the world and its people develop, but he or she has the chance to observe changes in the world, as well as shifts in public opinion. The future holds answers that can only be discovered over time, but all individuals have their own time limit: death is inevitable for everyone. But imagine outliving all others; the potentials are staggering.

The fantasy of youth has been a recurrent theme in Western culture since the 18th century. Peter Pan, Never Never Land, and this notion all have one thing in common: They are fantasies about never growing up or aging. To be free from old age and death, to watch loved ones pass by, to see friends and family. Because possibilities for what you can accomplish are infinite, then this state of living forever is kind of a never-ending role-playing game; and every kid on this planet knows that sooner or later you’ll grow tired of the game and want to quit.

But, how can one call it a day to life, which theoretically would become tedious after seeing everything the world has to offer! r. Wouldn’t that be the most appealing aspect of living forever? That you may enjoy sports, meals, friends, and loved ones again and again. That when one thing terminates, another begins. Have you ever encountered death personally? Obviously not personal yet in the family or close relatives.

It’s difficult to let go, and it’s even more difficult to put the thoughts and emotions about that person behind you. People will tell you to get on with your life, implying that this is all a part of life. Consider going through the hell of losing someone over and over again. The agony and suffering you would have to endure are excruciating just thinking about them. Ah, my first love.

The first encounter, the first hug, the first kiss, and the first death. Ah, second love. The second date, the second embrace, the second kiss, and so on. Every century that you go through these stages knowing you will never meet your beloved in heaven while simultaneously sensing that you are betraying all of the others. The entire romance and relationship fantasy would be a chapter in an ongoing saga; however, it is not an ongoing transformation

Because your image, attitude, personality, and yourself, in general, would not have altered, the same sort of woman or men would be attracted to you and this would become monotonous. What about other people’s views?

To what extent has our society been shaped by such ideas? According to them, we must all fit in because many writings and oral presentations have been generated regarding our culture and the idea that they must conform. Every generation has a hazy impression of what it should be. But if you wish to survive forever, people would think you’re some sort of freak who never dies and a weirdo who isn’t normal.

Nobody likes someone who isn’t ordinary, since they have no idea what to anticipate from them. Even though they could be interacting with us by then, not that you would be thought of as an alien from Mars even though it might take time to get accustomed to the lifestyle at that period.

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Do you believe in reincarnation? According to ancient Egyptian mythology, when one person dies, he or she is reborn on this planet as another being. It wasn’t like a liquid or gas state; rather, it was an animal or species state of existence. I myself am a believer in reincarnation and would want to accept it if you think it’s strange. God supposedly sends everyone to earth as a human or homo-sapien at first and then as another creature so that they may live their lives in different ways and directions.

If one were to live indefinitely, they would be interfering with God’s intended plan. God has established a route for every person and that path should not be interfered with, as the ancient Muslims believed. If one were to live forever, what is the point of competition? Humans are created to compete against and among each other for love, money, fame, and other things. But who will always win at the end of the day? The person who lives forever is the winner.

Because his efforts are limitless, and because the father time and mother nature are on his or her side, he will succeed. You already defeated nature by being able to live indefinitely, and by living forever you gain access to all of your time. The pattern is now clear: if all supernatural powers have been outsmarted by a human flaw, competition is over for you, and life is drowning in a game of death.

In the Academy Award-winning film, Forrest Gump, Tom Hanks remarked, Life is like a box of chocolates? This statement appears to make sense within me because life goes on sweetly and wonderfully, yet if you discover the conclusion of the chocolate box then everything becomes bad.

However, if the individual lived forever, he or she would always be entertained since the chocolates are ageless and life would be even more delicious. Jesse Owens wins gold in the Olympics in1934. Emperor Honorius of Rome banned gladiatorial fights in 264 BC. John Cleland was imprisoned for debt in 1749. John F. Kennedy was elected president of the United States in 1960.

These are only a few of the trillions of events that have occurred, like a leaf drifting through the wind, throughout history. Imagine if one person could witness all of humanity’s defeats and triumphs, as well as natural catastrophes and magnificent creations.

The world is chock-full of wonderful things that are yet to be discovered. I would be pleased to live forever and observe everything pass by, but there is one condition that must be met before this may happen: my family must be with me to share all the lovely sites and recount all of our experiences.


Example #2

At six p.m., I left the basketball session and went home. The remains of the vase that had been on the stand beside the door were at my feet. The furniture in the living room was turned upside down, as well as anything delicate that had been strewn about. Mother sat sobbing on the bottom step, her arms covered with wounds and gashes.

“What happened?” I yelled. I rushed over to my mother and dropped my stuff beside her. “What the hell is going on?”

“Your father and I had a quarrel. He departed,” she added sadly.

“Where?” “How did he leave the room? What happened to him?” I still hadn’t gotten any answers. “Did he give you a phone number? Anything else?”

“No. He went to Gainsville, which is about an hour away. He was furious. Ashley, please calm down. But by the time I was 10, I was self-centered and didn’t give a damn.

I went up the stairs as fast as I could, slammed my door, and plunked down on my bed. The ceramic elephant that had been on the shelf two minutes ago was now shattered. I hurled everything she’d given me across the room and climbed onto my bed, crying. He was to blame for her departure.

The following morning, I sat up in bed and blinked. My father was sitting on the floor beside my bed, staring at the remains of the elephant. I assumed I was having a vision.

“Daddy?” I inquired, completely ignorant.

“Yes, Darling. I just stopped by to inquire about something. Your mother and I are separating. Would you want to live with me or your mother?” he was very clear about it all.

“You!” I practically yelled so that my mother could hear.

“Okay. I’ll pick you up at 7 tonight. Make sure you’re prepared,” he got out of bed and kissed my brow before departing.

That night, at seven o’clock, I was all set to depart. He didn’t turn up. He didn’t show up the next day, week, month, or year after that. My Dad hasn’t come for me since I’ve been 13 years old.

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Example #3 – A Personal Experience of Teaching Students Who are Grappling to Master English as a Second Language

I was born in Taiwan and moved to the United States after finishing my undergraduate education in 2012. Before I began my Master’s program, I had gone through the English Language Institute (ELI). At ELI, I not only improved my English but also absorbed American culture.

Following that, I enrolled in the University of Tennessee’s Master’s program in English as a Second Language. As an international student, I’d never taught before. After gaining experience teaching kids, I began teaching other students. It allowed me to gain skills necessary for instructing bilingual children who are attempting to learn English as a second language.

Currently, I am enrolled in Carson-Newman University as a MAT English as a Second Language (k-12) major in teacher licensure k-12. After my 2015 graduation, I am studying MAT English as a Second Language (k-12) at Carson-Newman University and specializing in Teacher Licensure K-12. Preparing for the PRAXIS exam and teaching at Jefferson County High School are among my current activities.

I’ve been practicing meditation for a long time, and I’m thinking about transferring to an Education program to strengthen my power because I’m unfamiliar with the United States. My family’s friend advised me to pursue the Teacher Education track since he is an Asian teacher in the United States.

I assumed that since the career looked good, I could simply inquire for his assistance while looking for degree completion and accreditation. Nonetheless, it became clear during my practicum experience that my desire to teach is limited, especially with regard to children, but that my focus is on administration and management.

At AGV Products Corporation, I completed an internship. AGV is a food and beverage products company. I was in the AGV Department of Administration, where I had worked on data collection, meeting minutes, and planning management before. Her supervision taught me how to utilize those statistics to develop strategies and keep records of meetings.

I also completed the Tamkang University Administration Management program. The goal of this course is to teach you how to organize, manage, and coordinate your work to meet the needs of an organization. In this class, I learned how to plan, arrange, and regulate my operations in order to achieve organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

My father is a tea producer, and he co-founded his friend’s company two years ago. It’s a family business that sells Ali Mountain tea. My father also founded a Buckingham Palace Wedding Hall in Chiayi, Taiwan, with my mother. As a result, he encouraged me to study administration and human resources so I could assist him when I returned after enhancing my abilities. Otherwise, I am aware that “people” are at the heart of every organization.

People are an essential element in changing many sectors, including the environment, system, and technology within a firm. In other words, a company with valuable human resources has the capacity to meet challenges in this century. As a result, I feel that studying human resources management is critical for me to work in the family business. Furthermore, earning a degree in human resources management will aid me in influencing others as well as demonstrating my skills.

As a result, the Masters of Science in Management & Human Resources (MSMHR) can help me gain knowledge of organizational behavior and management. This program will teach me how to develop abilities and understanding in human resource management so I may pursue a career in this field of work for my father’s firm back home.


Example #4

“As long as you do your best,” I’ve been told many times. This phrase refers to academic and professional success. I believe this is excellent advice since it implies that they have faith in my judgment and will accept my decisions, even if they are incorrect.

It relieves some of the pressure off of me when I go to school since I do not have to live up to impossible standards and attempt to complete goals that are out of reach. Instead, I may simply concentrate on doing my best. It’s conceivable that I’ll work for a firm that does not pay well or has little renown. But as long as I’m satisfied with my job, and try my hardest at it, I will consider myself successful.

The benefits of being able to express oneself freely have been well documented. But this does not imply that children should be allowed to say anything they want without consequence. The problem with telling kids “as long as you try your best” is that I get a feeling of guilt when I know I could have done a better job. It’s annoying when my parents tell me, “as long as you tried your hardest.”

However, when I know that I did my best and the grade isn’t good, I don’t worry as much as some people might. To sum it up, the piece of advice that my parents give me most often is a good one, and it always keeps me motivated in what I’m doing. It also tells me that my parents will back most of my judgments and treat me like a competent person. I am certain that at some point in their life, my children will acquire this lesson: “As long as you did your best,” which is very good.

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Example #5 – Personal Growth Experience

As a mother, I have attempted and tried to push my son s education so that he may achieve success in his life. I come from a large family in Brazil. I wasn’t the only kid; I learned to share, how to take care of myself, and how to help my three sisters and three brothers. My father was a stern man who worked full-time yet still made time for all of us at dinnertime. In my family, this was also essential.

That is because he was a religious man and meals should be shared with the family, as well as discussions. We had no option of not sitting at the table unless we didn’t want to eat.

I had been waiting for the ideal moment to have a kid. I didn’t want to get into motherhood unprepared until I had everything in order to properly care for my kid. My spouse and I needed to find employment. We owned a home, a car, and positions that we could earn money with in order to support my child; we were prepared. When my kid was born, I made the decision to relocate him to the United States so that he might have a better life. In Brazil, education is not difficult, and it isn’t regarded as higher education elsewhere in the world.

We had to give up our lives in Brazil so that he may have a better education, a higher standard of living, and what we never had: for him to have everything we never had, we sacrificed our lives in Brazil. I was there for my kid through the years. He is still the tiny boy whom I held in my arms for the first time as he matures through my eyes. I’ve seen him grow further away from me throughout his adolescent years.

Every day when he gets home, he goes to his room without talking to me or telling me about his day. I suppose that’s what every kid is going through at this age, with the stage of exploration in life. Driving, video games, girls, and puberty are all examples of new things in life that many kids experience.

Even if my son does not want to communicate with me, I still adore him and believe he has everything in order in his life. He’s very bright, and I have no doubt that he knows what to do and does the right thing. It appears to me that he hasn’t come to tell me whether or not there were any difficulties at school. Perhaps it went well for him; maybe he has it under control. Every time Miguel comes home, I ask him how his day was, and he would respond with, “It was nice.”

When I heard that my son was having difficulties learning to read, I was taken aback. My bright child was having difficulties? To be honest, it stunned me. I tried my best to push him to study more and achieve in life. It looks like he’ll require some assistance learning to read now, and I’m going on hand. The instructor informed me that he would need to memorize a book in order for the class to pass successfully. Every day when he got home, I was there with him assisting him in studying and memory techniques.

When the time came for him to tell his tale, I was waiting at home for him. When he arrived, I looked into his eyes and he said, “Mom, I did it.” He passed! My heart was filled with joy. Since then, I have never questioned my son’s capabilities. He is a bright young guy with a good head on his shoulders who is attentive and responsible when it comes to work that has been given to him.

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