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My Hero Essay

My Hero Essay

Example #1

As a child, I had always looked at my father as a hero. To me, he was strong enough to take on an army one handed, tall enough to reach for the moon and give it to me, and wise enough to know everything about everything. There was nothing my father could not do.

He took the time to teach me to read, write, walk, and talk. When learning how to walk, like any child I would occasionally fall. My father would pick me up and put me back on my feet. He always encouraged me to get up and try it again. I felt no doubt in his eyes; he made me believe that I can accomplish anything that I set my mind to.

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In my rebellious early teenage years, I saw that my father did not know everything as I previously thought. Since my mother had left my family when I was seven, I felt like I had no one to talk to. I would often complain to him, You just don t understand! I forgot often that he, too, was once an adolescent and I did not necessarily need a mother to talk to.

Always my father was there to comfort me through heartbreak after heartbreak. During the hardest years of my life, he never lost faith in me, even after I continuously went against his will time and time again.

As far as I can remember, I was never forced by my father to do anything I did not want to do. I would often ask him why we did not go to church. His answer was always I do not want you to feel like you have to believe in what I do. I want you to be able to make decisions like which church to go to or which denomination to be.

One day I asked him to take me to a local Baptist church that was located in front of my elementary school. I met some friends from school and soon I was going every Sunday. I asked him one day which denomination he was, and he told me he was Methodist.

I have learned from him to respect what the person next to me believes in; he or she may be offended by extra-strong proclamations. I respect and thank him for that lesson because I would have ruined a wonderful relationship with a very good friend who is Muslim.

Now that I am nearing adulthood and will soon be on my way into the real world, I feel that my father actually does know more than me regarding life. I once again look up to him; I once again see him as my hero. I realize that he is not perfect, but who is?

I still make mistakes, but, like when I was a child, he is still there to pick me up and put me back on my feet. I look back at my life with him and wonder what if it were he, instead of my mother, which had left. Where would I be? Who would I be? He is a kind, gentle, and loving man. He is everlastingly loyal; I can only hope to have a husband like him one day.


Example #2

We hear the word hero all of the time. The news media throws the term around as if it is an everyday word. What exactly is a hero? Who, or what can be classified as a heroic? The correct definition of the word hero is One invested with heroic qualities in the opinions of others. That is a fine definition of books and intellectual minds.

To the average person, however, a hero is much more. Everyone should look upon there parents as a hero because they make you what you are today. I choose my parents for lots of reasons, only a select few of which have I the space to describe here. The most obvious of these is that without them, I would not even be here. Beyond that, though, there are other things.

Everything I believe in and everything I enjoy or dislike has to be linked to them in some way. The way they have brought me up has had a far greater influence on me than anything else this world has to offer. Some things about me I can link directly to my parents and not to anyone else.

For instance, would I use computers today as much or have entered Seneca College for computers if my mom had not got me into computers at an early age? Her knowledge and patience got me interested in computers, as I was when I first got it. Would I be such a fan of sports & soccer if my father hadn’t been one of the best soccer players in university back in the days in my country?

If he hadn’t thought me fair play and introduced athletics to me, helped me with them, let me develop in them at my own pace, and shown me that one must work hard in order to achieve and perform better, would I follow sports, or have the desire to put in the time running, practicing, and lifting weights that are needed to perfect the imperfections and become successful. I would never have joined so many high school sports teams and go back to my country every 4 years to watch the world cup with my dad and lots of my old friends if it was for my dad.


Example #3

My friends and I had just done presents and were about to go have dessert. For dessert, my mom made two different cakes. One was a chocolate black cat, and the other was a yellow cocker spaniel cake. Right before we went into the kitchen for the cake though, my dad exclaimed that he had to go outside and quickly grab one last gift. Suddenly, my dad opened the front door and walked in carrying the sweetest little cocker spaniel.

I was overwhelmed with feelings of thrill, excitement, and amazement! It was a complete surprise to receive a dog for my birthday! The cocker spaniel was pre-owned, and was seven years old too! We decided that his birthday would be celebrated on mine from now on. He was named Chip from his previous owners, and I was as in love with him! Anatole France said, “Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” (“A quote by Anatole France” Goodreads. ) To me, this is a complete truth!

Whenever we took him to the doctors for check-ups, the doctors would be stunned by his health! Almost every time we picked him up, the doctors would declare, “he is the healthiest cocker spaniel we have ever seen of his age!” Not only was my dog known for his exceptionally good health, but he was also the most fantastically behaved dog I had ever met!

He only ever barked in the first few years we owned him when someone would ring the doorbell, but after a few years that wore off. He never bit anyone! He would constantly be pinched, hugged, and teased by my younger sister in the first few years we had him, but he never showed any form of rudeness towards her! He just let her do what she wanted and had such outstanding patience and love for her.

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He was playful when he wanted to be, but no one would ever consider him a rowdy dog! Through the years, he kept up this angelic act and never lost it! In conclusion, he was almost as close to perfect as could be! Flash forward about 7 years. Chip and I are now 14 years old. Chip is still extremely healthy but is very old now. He is losing hearing and has very little energy. It was Christmas break, and my family left to Disneyland for a family vacation. While we were gone, we left Chip at a pet hotel.

Disneyland was a dream as expected, and we took very little thought on Chip while we were gone, trusting that he was in good care. He must have felt like Odysseus’ men when they were held captive by Circe in her dungeon, or perhaps like Odysseus himself when he was held captive by the Cyclops along with many others.

In the Odyssey by Homer, Odysseus expresses how much he misses his home when he says, “each day I long for home, long for the sight of home….” (Elements of Literature, pg. 654) Chip had no way to escape, all he could do was wait for the day when we come to bring him home once again. When we returned from Disneyland, it was late on a Saturday night, but we couldn’t pick him up until Monday, because of store hours and policy.

When we picked him up, he was limping and had a little bit drool hanging from his mouth. This was shocking for us because he never had health problems and never drooled. We kind of just shook it off at first thought and figured that it was just a phase that would end soon. It didn’t end though. He continued to limp and his drool got worse.

We attempted to wipe his drool, but whenever we did, he would wince. He began to starve because of the pain he felt in his mouth. His food was too hard to chew, and so he wouldn’t eat due to the pain he would feel from attempting to chew his food. Seeing that this was not normal, we decided to take him to some pet doctors to determine what was wrong and what we needed to do to help him.

The doctors told us that he had a disease that basically meant he was allergic to his gums. They removed about 6-10 teeth and prescribed him with an antibiotic to fight off the infection. They told us to give him watered down canned food because it would be easier for him to chew.

The doctors also informed us that the fact that he was limping had no connection whatsoever to the disease, which means he was probably injured at the pet hotel, and the limping should end soon. We couldn’t believe this and we vowed never to take our pet to that pet hotel again! When his limping ended, he eventually was able to run and go up staircases again.

While he was on his antibiotics, his drooling stopped almost completely! It seemed like there was hope at last! But once we ran out of his prescription, the drooling came back, and was even worse! “Seeing someone you love in pain is the most frustrating feeling.” ( Tacoma. Whisper. ) Not only was he drooling, but he was drooling blood! He stopped eating again and was losing weight rapidly.

Due to the lack of fat on his body, he was always cold and would shiver and shake. He began to have bowel issues as well. Even his personality was noticeably different! Often times he could be found isolating himself from the family. When we were in the living room, he would go to my sister’s room and just lay on her bed. When we were in the kitchen, he would mope in the piano room. He wouldn’t run like he used to. His hearing was worsening by the days. He was growing white and anyone would agree that he was going Overhill.

We bought him more prescriptions, pulled more teeth, and the results just repeated. He was fine while on the antibiotics, but once off he was back to his miserable life. My parents took him from one pet specialist to the next, looking for answers to this giant issue that had spiraled out of control.

The doctors and my parents came to the conclusion that he would either live the rest of his life (which wouldn’t be too long anyway, seeing that he was 14) in pain and on antibiotics or that we put him down and thus end his pain. When my parents shared the news with me, I was devastated.

I felt similar to how Penelope must’ve felt when her husband was gone for a decade and wondered if he had died, but tried to have hope that he didn’t. The only difference was, I had no hope. I knew that my dog’s life was coming to an end and there was nothing I could do to stop that.

“You have to accept that some chapters in our lives have to close without closure. There’s no point in losing yourself by trying to fix what’s meant to stay broken.” (“Quotes About Losing Hope” QUOTES HOPE. ) I realized that I had very little pictures of Chip and that if I was going to remember him properly, I needed some pictures of and with him. It was a struggle trying to take pictures with and of him though. First of all, he was never very photogenic and never liked us to take pictures of him.

On top of that, he was gravely ill, had permanent blood and drool staining his muzzle, and looked just depressing. Nonetheless, we still took pictures. We took him outside late one night and Lucy (my six-year-old sister), my mother, and I began posing with him. He squirmed and fought as always, so we didn’t actually get desired-looking pictures with him, but I was still glad we did it. We also took some of just him when we went inside.

The day finally rolled around that we scheduled to put him down. It was a Monday morning, and I did not want to go to school. I wanted to go with my parents to the pet place to put him down and skip school that day because school sucks and I wanted to spend every last minute with him that I could. My parents wouldn’t allow me to though.

They told me that it would be a lot easier for me if I didn’t see him go and if it happened while I was at school. Because the mother knows best, I reluctantly went to school that day. When I got home, my mother found my sisters and me and asked if she could talk with us in the bathroom. She told us that Chip was officially put down, and that’s when we lost it. I felt as Romeo did when Juliet died. “Death lies on her like an untimely frost upon the sweetest flower of all the field.” (“Romeo and Juliet Act 4, Scene 5 Quotes Page 1. Shmoop.)

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Eliza (my 11-year-old sister), Lucy, my mom, and I stood there hugging each other and bawling for probably an hour. My mother didn’t want us to become depressed though, and so she somehow changed the subject. Only after about thirty seconds, Lucy was cheerful once again, unlike Eliza and I.

Chip was closer to our hearts than probably anyone else’s in our family, and we lost him. He was gone. We were able to stop the tears for a few hours though and bleakly carried on. It was hard getting over the loss of our pet. My mother knew this, and she did all she could to lessen the pain we felt.

She ordered all three girls cocker spaniel stuffed animals and an ornament with chip’s actual footprint on it. She also gave just me a little statue of an angel hugging a puppy that resembled Chip and said something like, “Chip, you left paw prints in our heart.” The gifts meant so much to me and I put the decorations on my dresser and the stuffed animal on my bed in memory of him.

I tried to keep a positive outlook on what had happened though. Some days were a lot easier than others. My parents conducted a Family Home Evening on resurrection and the afterlife, and it brought a lot more comfort inside of our home.

Believe it or not, it didn’t take very long for my sisters to move on afterward. They began asking for a new dog almost daily. I was a faithful as Penelope was to Odysseus, and I was not ready to move on. In Loyalty in the Odyssey, it reads, “Penelope told the suitors she would marry one of them once she finished the shroud for Laertes, yet the text said, ‘So every day she wove of the great loom-but every night she unwove it, and so for the three years she deceived the Ahkaians.’

The trick she used to distract the suitors shows her loyalty to her husband.” (Curtis, Christen. “Loyalty in the Odyssey.” Study Guides and Book Summaries.) Therefore, how could I be ready to welcome a new dog into my home a week after the only one I had ever had left? Honestly, how much do you really love your dog if a week after you want a new one?


Example #4

Hero Essay All my life I have been told “never meet your heroes.” It strikes me as ironic that the very man who warned me against it, my father, was completely unaware that he himself is my hero. My father is no war hero. He is not a famous celebrity or politician. My father is, my father. He is the man who is always there for me and has made more sacrifices for me than I will ever know.

The first two questions of my hero interview went hand in hand. I asked my dad who or what were the most important influences on his young and adult life. In response, he said that as a child the biggest influence in his life was a man named Dale Holloway. Mr. Dale was a man that my father went to church with. My father was a troubled youth who and Mr. Dale, in my father’s words, “He helped me through a lot of rough times when I was growing up and he had a really positive impact on my life.”

Dale’s impact on my father’s life is easy to see. Mr. Dale was a police officer and his influence eventually lead my father to become an officer himself. I am very grateful to Dale for the role he played in my father’s life because without Dale my hero may not be here today. I also asked my father about the biggest influence on his life as an adult and he said, “I got saved as an adult, so I would say Jesus has had the biggest impact on my life as an adult.”

Since my father dedicated his life to the Lord he has been like a whole new man. He is slow to anger and quick to the competition. His dedication to God has completely flipped his approach to life and is evident in every aspect of his personality. Growing up I have heard many stories from my father about his escapades as a youth. I have always struck me as odd that the boy he used to be and the man he is today are so very different.

I was sure that the answer would be that he had some near-death experience that lead him to the correct path but the truth was a lot less extreme and much more enduring. My father said he fixed his life when his first son, my eldest brother Jacob, was born. As much as Jacob and I have “butted heads” in the past I must say I am truly grateful to him for giving me playing the key role in giving to me, my hero.


Example #5

Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Wonder woman are all heroes, or what I thought was a hero. As a little kid, I thought a hero was someone with an incredible superpower that always caught and destroyed the villain. I thought a hero was someone that stopped crime to become the Man or Woman of the world. That turned out to be completely false.

These “superheroes” were just fictional characters, made up to keep people entertained but I know that now and have a new definition of a hero. Heroes are real people; you see as a good influence or role model in your life. Whether you know your “hero” personally or not, anyone can be seen as a hero. A parent, sports player, teacher, uncle, actor, as long as you feel a connection and they show you something in life, they are a hero to you.

A hero varies towards different people, for me, it is a person that I look up to for advice. I have had multiple heroes in my life because each individual teaches me a quality that I can only get from that certain person. I respect some of the heroes I have more than I do others, just because of the connection I feel with them. A hero that I have in my life is my uncle.

He has been my closest uncle I have ever had since I was a little kid. I always looked up to him as a role model because he acts like he can do almost anything. When he was younger, he had a really bad stutter. He was not easy to understand, but he overthrew that. He practiced, trying his very best to get better.


Example #6

Using a fictional character, a historical figure, or a contemporary person, talk about “heroes or heroism. “When thinking of heroes to write on me the first and number one hero in my life is my father. My dad is the second oldest of five kids, he was raised in a traditional family where my grandfather worked and my grandmother stayed home and raised the kids.

I attribute his values and standers to the way my father was raised. The reason he is my hero is that I want to be just like him. He loves his wife whom he has been married to for the past 35 years; he is very strong in his faith (Mormon) and loves all five of his children. I am the black sheep in the family, I smoke, drink, and have relationships with different women.

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Despite all of my faults he loves me the same as the rest of my siblings who are living the standards of our church (which I remain inactive in.) Our relationship grows stronger as time goes on and I get older and understand more of how life works. We do several fix-it projects together; works on is his garden in the summer and the basement in the winter.

I know I can go to my father with any problem I have in my life, he will listen and he is always there to help me out in whatever way he can if he is able to do so. When referring to my father in conversations, everyone who knows him respects him for who he is and the way he treats others. I have never heard my father swear in my life and he has never treated my mother with any disrespect.

He raised his children with a stern hand but never lost his calm cool with us kids. My dad was the enforcer in the house, when I had done something wrong and he punished my he would always say ¡§Chad, this hurts me more than it does you. Only now as an adult do I understand what that meant and the incredible love my father had for all of us kids.


Example #7

Out of everyone who has come in and out of my life the main person who impacted me the most is my mom. She has inspired me in so many ways. I couldn’t have asked for a better role model in my life. My mom has a unique personality which makes her one of kind. She isn’t afraid to be her own person and that’s the main reason why she’s such an inspiration to me.

She has taught me to always be myself, and to never let others bring me down. To me, this is the key to life. Being your own person in a world where everyone’s trying to turn you into something that you’re not. My mom’s personality also contributes to the fact that she is a truly genuine person. She’s the kind of person who is willing to put others’ happiness in front of her own.

The fact that my mom has always been there for me and supported me along the way makes me respect her in many ways. Growing up I was involved in many different types of sports and activities, and she always made the effort to come to every single game, competition, and met no matter what her schedule consisted of. She was always there cheering me on, giving me motivation.

My mom always makes the best out of every situation that comes along her way. She continues to wear a smile on her face even when times get tough. She has taught me that life is short, and I should just enjoy the little moments before it’s too late. My mom will always be remembered as the one who could brighten anyone’s day.

Even though I and my mom might not always get along, she will always be my hero. I know that she just wants the best for me as a parent! I couldn’t have asked for a better role model in my life. She’s such an inspiration to me.


Example #8 – interesting ideas

Before you go into “explaining in detail,” you should have a clear main idea. If the prompt is “Who is your hero?” or something like that, you can say your mom, and I think that would make a good essay, but I’m not sure that just because she is “like my best friend”, that makes her a hero.

What about other actual best friends? Are they necessarily “heroes” because they’re good friends? If so, you must have some amazing friends. What is it about friendship that makes them like heroes? Do they sacrifice for you, achieve great things for you?

To answer that it helps me to think about people we normally call “heroes” (Batman, David Jeter, president Obama). We call them that because they’re accomplished, capable, they help other people – are the heroes because they’re great friends, or something else?

What makes a mom a hero? Because she does things for you and thinks about you? Helps with homework (not this essay, haha)? Takes care of you when you’re sick? Because she gives great advice and has a lot of life experience? If you have all those usual “mom” things, and on top of that, you can talk to her and relate to her like a friend, that is a special thing.

What hero? Like a hero in your life or somebody famous that you consider your hero? Either way, explain and defining moment and why ever since you consider that person your personal hero, like a small narration that gives the reader an idea of what happened like “.

When I saw my dad getting off his truck and giving the old lady the only thing he had for lunch I discovered his true and caring side; ever since he became my hero because he showed me that…” well you get the idea then start talking about how that impacted your life.

I am going to simply tell you to look up in the dictionary what a hero. You can begin by asking doesn’t every have or need a hero. I’ll list a few ideas for a thesis statement.

  1. Wouldn’t you like to be saved?
  2. I have a hero but mines are not like the one u see on t.v. When you see a hero on television he/she is flying from someplace high with clothes that makes him or her unidentifiable.
  3. If someone is attacking you and then another saves you, you have a hero. It’s that simple. He/she doesn’t have to have a mask or even superpowers…
  4. We all find ourselves in need at times, the kind that requires another person to save us…
  5. “Help!” is what you say when you need a saviour. Only a hero comes to the rescue…

These are just some examples to get you going. I’m sure u may find at least one that is just too simple to even think about starting with! When you define a hero give examples along with its’ definition and choose an example that your reader can relate with.


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