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My Favorite Restaurant Essay

my favorite restaurant essay

Example #1

As far back as I can remember, I have always liked going out to eat. Two of my favorite restaurants are Jake’s and McDonald’s. Though both are places to dine they have their differences in their ambiance, waiting, and expense. When deciding where to go to eat, I have three things to think about. I must consider the atmosphere or where I want to go to. The amount of time I have is another consideration.

The amount of money that I am able to spend is a big influence. The atmosphere at Jake’s is casual, and people came to spend several hours. Jake’s has a waiting room with long, leather-topped benches to sit on while waiting. Some tables are round and some are long rectangles, so everything can fit on them. There is no smoking in McDonald’s.

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Because Jake’s is popular it fills up rapidly but does not empty out quickly. As a result, people planning to eat at Jake’s might want to consider making reservations because the wait can take up to two hours if they do not. When customers are finally seated, a waiter is assigned to their table.

The first thing the waiter does is asked what the customers want to drink. About three minutes later, the drinks are served. Next, the waiters bring some buttered rolls to eat while the customers are waiting, and of course, there are always peanuts. Customers are encouraged to throw the hulls on the floor.

After waiting for about seven to ten minutes, the waiter comes back to the table and takes the customers’ orders. About ten minutes later, the waiter brings out the salads and refills the customers’ drinks. A half an hour later, the waiter brings out the customers’ food. There is a more rapid pace at McDonald’s. Here customers have the option of driving through or dining in. The customers walk up to the counter and give their order.

The food should be ready in the next two minutes. However, if the counter person gets the order wrong, the customers may have to wait longer. If the customer goes through the drive-thru, they drive up and say their order into a box operated by a person they don’t see. Next, they drive around to the little window, the casher takes their money.


Example #2

Over the past few years as far back as I can remember, I have always liked going out to eat.  I am going to tell about the differences between two of my favorite restaurants.

The first restaurant I will be talking about is Logans Roadhouse, the second one is McDonald’s.

Thesis: The first restaurant I will be talking about in Logans Roadhouse, the second one is McDonald’s.

Over the past few years as far back as I can remember, I have always liked going out to eat.  I am going to tell about the differences between two of my favorite restaurants.  One restaurant I will be talking about is Logans Roadhouse the other is McDonald’s.

Logans and McDonalds are two different restaurants when it comes to the ambiance.  Most of the surroundings at Logan’s include a waiting room with long, leather-topped, benches to sit on while waiting.  The floor is hardwood and is covered with empty peanut hulls. Music is playing at a medium level, usually an Alternative or Country.  Sometimes you can barely hear the person sitting right next to you.

There is Laughter present and usually a large variety of people sitting all around. There is a bar, a smoking section, and a non- smoking section. When going to McDonalds the surroundings are quite different. There are sometimes greasy floors when dining in you are seated at a small booth the tables really aren’t big enough for everything. Unlike Logans McDonald’s customers are usually in a rush coming in, ordering their food, and storming out. McDonald’s usually has some elevator music playing at a decent level and people are always shouting at each other.

When you are planning to eat at Logans Roadhouse, you might want to consider making reservations because it can take up to a two-hour wait if you don’t.

When finally being seated, there is a waiter that is assigned to each table. The first thing they do is ask what you want to drink.  About three minutes later, a waiter has brought out your drinks. The next thing they do is Bring you some buttered Rolls to eat while you are waiting and of course there are always the Peanuts.  The Peanuts that the customers eat and are then encouraged to throw the hulls right on the floor.

After waiting about seven to ten minutes the waiter comes back to the table and takes your order. About ten minutes later they bring out the salads and refill your cups with more of whatever was in it to start with.  About half an hour later they bring out your food.  When you go to McDonald’s they have the option of a drive-through.  Logans don’t have this option.

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At McDonald’s, when you are dining in, you walk up to the counter and give the waiters your order.  If they don’t get your order all wrong then your food should be ready in the next two to three minutes, occasionally you may have to wait longer.  If you are going to go through the drive-through, you drive up to give your order and drive around to the little window and they take your money and have your food ready.  So if you were in a hurry this would probably be your best choice.

When you choose to eat at Loans, you will probably end up paying an estimate of fifteen to twenty dollars a person.  However, at McDonald’s, you will only be paying around two to six dollars a person.  At McDonald’s, you pay for your food before you even get it.  Logans is somewhat different after you have finished up with everything, the waiter asks if you want your check separate or together.

It depends on how many people are eating at the time.  Then they bring out the check; they give you many options on how you can pay. Usually, tips are left on the tables after customers leave, which means that the customer is saying thank you, waiter, you did a good job.  At McDonald’s the waiter’s arent allowed to receive tips.  Both Restaurants to me are great places to eat.

Conclusion: Whether you choose Logans or McDonalds, I am sure that you will have a great time. Now that you know there may be a few things you might want to consider beforehand, and also what to expect when you are there.  I love going out to eat; it gives me a chance to escape everyday life and also gives me something different to look forward to.


Example #3

Nowadays in order to find a place of entertainment in town, you do not need to go far, you just have to walk 10 meters from home. But to find a good restaurant that in the future would be your favorite is easy said than done. Recently, people began to spend their time there much often. And it provoked rapid growth and development of this kind of business.

As a result, every day a lot of restaurants appear. But why customers are so attracted to these places? After all, if desired, a tasty meal could be done at home. Customers are not even afraid of big bills. Of course, everyone has their own reasons for dining in a restaurant.

  • Firstly, in these establishments, people know for sure that food was cooked according to all technologies. For instance, I adore all kinds of cakes and other pastries, and it is possible to cook it at home, of course, but they are unlikely to be as tasty as the professionals do.
  • Secondly, at home you have to do all the dirty work by yourself: wash the dishes, cook. Being a guest in the restaurant the staff washes the entire kitchen. And in the bar or cafeteria, you just relax. What could be easier?
  • Thirdly, a good restaurant is the most suitable place where you can hold any celebration: a wedding, anniversary, childbirth, engagement, corporate party, etc.

In general, there may be hundreds of reasons to visit such enterprises, but in my opinion, these three are the most basic.

Well, it should be noted that among the huge variety of different restaurants, the most popular are those where a pleasant atmosphere reigns, light music plays, treats delicious dishes and drinks, and waiters are attentive to each client.

I often have the desire to go to a cozy cafe, to spend some time with a cup of aromatic coffee or another warm drink, and to eat a pie… Or to eat a burger with cola in fast food. Yes, yes, that’s right, you heard right, I wrote in English that I like to eat tasty in fast food. I like to visit to a restaurant with my family or on my own. In general, I have a lot of places that I adore. But among the most beloved, I should highlight two—Paradise and McDonald’s.

Let’s start with Paradise. This place is located on the outskirts of the town, near the lake. Therefore, a visit there brings me great pleasure. I would say that the main descriptive word for this restaurant is atmospheric. You have no idea how beautiful the view opens from the terrace… So what the customers are doing half the evening is taking photos.

Perhaps this is the main reason why I go to eat there. It is the main, but not the only one. I should note elegant music and fantastic cuisine. Therefore, here you can dine with your couple, have fun with friends, celebrate a birthday or have a party. The customers of different ages and with various interests and living standards come here.

Prices there are not very low; the average dinner cost is about 20-30 dollars per person. But I appreciate the high quality and good service, that’s why I visit Paradise quite a lot.

Friendly waiters greet you at the entrance, near the counter, and offer to choose your favorite table, if there is one. If not, customers are waiting for a table at the bar. Incidentally, Paradise has face control, so men in short pants or women in too short skirts are unlikely to be able to enter the building.

After the customers have taken the table, the waiter comes up to them and offers to get acquainted with the menu. After the customers have made their choice and voiced it to the waiter, they will have to wait for food. Later the waiter brings out the drinks to the customers, and within 25 minutes—the rest of the food.

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Why I love McDonald’s

My second favorite place is McDonald’s. It’s hard to admit it, but I love fast food. Where if not here can be a cheap and tasty gorge? It is loved by everyone, both children and adults. Oh, these french fries … Thanks to them, McDonald’s is always overcrowded. McDonald’s has a fairly high rate of the fulfillment of orders so that the customers do not wait very long for their food.

Also, the restaurant boasts a light, welcoming atmosphere, where you can always easily find a free table and eat your favorite hamburger. Sometimes, I change my habits, because the menu of such restaurants is very diverse and consists of such food as hamburgers, french fries, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, milkshakes, salads with various sauces, chicken wings, Coca-Cola, and many other delicious dishes. So sometimes I like to eat Southwest Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Salad or Mushroom & Swiss Burger.


I highly recommend these two places where you can relax and have a tasty meal. Let your life be without dirty plates and hesitations what to cook for dinner.


Example #4

I don’t like homemade food too much so I often tend to go out to have lunch or dinner; I’m not talking about fast food, in fact, I don’t like fast food that much. So the first place that always popped to my mind is the Ponto Alto restaurant; it is my favorite restaurant in town for many reasons. I visit this restaurant 2 to 3 per week; it is located on a hill in the Bahsass area in front of the sea, so you can imagine how beautiful the view is up there.

This is the biggest reason why I like this restaurant the view is amazing especially during the sunset!

One can sit down and have their food while looking at its beautiful view, it is so relieving. Of course, since I go there a lot the food must be great. It serves Italian food such as pasta and pizza and also large varieties of chicken and beef with its remarkable sauce.

It’s not like fast-food it much closer to home food but more delicious and very healthy also. The décor and design inside are very creative; it has a large painting on the ceiling with cheerful colors that draws a smile on your face every time you look up and see it.

Moreover, the restaurant also plays many classical English and French music, which makes you relax and comfortable! Lastly, all the servants in the restaurant are both warm and hospitable they make you feel like at home. In conclusion, I think that Ponto Alto is the perfect place to eat and have a quiet time especially if you are out with the wife or girlfriend. I don’t hesitate for a second to recommend anyone to visit and try this unique restaurant.


Example #5

“The trouble with eating Italian food,” says Woody Allen, “is that five or six days later you’re hungry again.” This quote reminds me of my favorite restaurant which is called Olive Garden. It is a set of restaurants which you can find in the USA. When I visit this place I feel starving. I look through their perfectly priced menu items, flipping through its colorful pages with pictures of meals. After several minutes of going back and forward with the offered dishes, I decide what to eat.

The order is ready in less than 10 minutes. While I am enjoying the finger-licking dishes, I can marvel at the beautiful, comfortable atmosphere of that place. When my stomach is full, hunger goes away, and I feel satisfied for many hours.

There are lots of restaurants in America, and it is so difficult to decide which is the best. However, I have several features that help me decide whether I want to visit that place again or forget about it.

The worst thing is when you look through the menu, and none of the variants please you because the ingredients sound not good or the price is big. Other factors include the taste itself, atmosphere, and design. These elements create a certain atmosphere of the place. If I like it at once, I will visit that cafe more times.

One day I returned from a long vacation with my family. After we had unpacked the suitcases, we found out that the fridge was empty. Just imagine how hungry we were. We have decided to search for the closest restaurant and have dinner there. A nice name “Olive Garden” attracted our attention. As people left lots of positive comments about it, we have decided to test it. When we arrived, I looked at the menu. It contained the most scrumptious dishes on earth and not some of them, but most of them. Our first impression was very positive.

After this time, I started to visit “Olive Garden” and discovered lots of other good advantages. It is a great Italian restaurant which offers affordable meals. It is not that easy to find a nice place with good prices. However, this one amazed me. For one dinner with my family, I usually pay approximately $90. What is more, the sizes of the dishes are huge even for a starving man. We even take home some of the food because it is impossible to eat it up at once. It is what I call an “ideal restaurant.”

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I am that kind of a person who hates annoying waiters when they ask a lot about how you like the dish and along those lines. As to “Olive Garden,” you will not find such people there. The waiters are very polite and friendly. They wear a stylish uniform which makes them clear to find among the people. The waiters treat each client with respect and care. If you ask any questions about the menu items, they will explain to you everything with a smiling face. This relaxing atmosphere inspires me to get back and eat something yummy again.

My favorite dish in Olive Garden is pasta Carbonara. The best pasta type for this meal is spaghetti because they absorb the sauce perfectly. I always ask for extra parmesan because it tastes appetizing. The waiter brings me a fork and a spoon. I start twisting the spaghetti with a fork, and a mouthwatering smell comes to me.

When I order Tiramisu and a cup of hot Cappuccino for the dessert, I think about Italy. Once I have traveled there because I like the atmosphere of this country and its national cuisine most of all. I wanted to try how the Italians prepare their national dishes. I was amazed because everything tasted just the same as in Olive Garden. It is my favorite restaurant as it reminds me of picturesque, lively streets in Milan. No other place gives me such vivid memories.

The stylish interior is another reason one Olive Garden is the favorite restaurant among people who adore Italian cuisine. Its design is very calm and creative. Wooden brown and green are the main colors, and this feature gives the place eco-style. The interior is fresh and inspirational. There are lots of tables for a group of people or couples. Usually, I go there with my friend, but sometimes I can eat there alone. For dinner, it is better to book a table because lots of people want to have a meal there. This restaurant is very nice in the morning because its windows give space for the light. The territory becomes spacious and bright.

What I do not like about my favorite place for having food is the exterior. The entrance is huge and it is made of small stones. The color of the walls is yellow, and the logo of the restaurant is green with purple. Such combination is not that good-looking as it could be. Therefore, if I have never read about this place, I would even not enter it because of the ordinary exterior view. However, I know that inside this building waiters and chefs work wonders. It reminds me of a secret magical place that is hidden, but if you find it, you will be able to marvel at its perfection.

I wholeheartedly recommend visiting “Olive Garden,” because it is ideal for pricing, interior, food taste and size of the portion, service, and overall atmosphere. Anytime I want to spend some time alone, or with friends, I go there because I know that this restaurant will give me an avalanche of positive emotions not only because of delicious meals but a wonderful atmosphere.


Example #6 – Interesting Ideas

My favorite restaurant is Francesca’s Campagna / West Dundee, Illinois.

It is one of a local chain of Italian restaurants in and around the Chicago-Land area.

My favorite entree there is Pork Chops in a Light Brandy sauce with artichoke hearts and mushrooms in the sauce.

one is called Au’s garden. it’s not a chain and it is locally owned I believe… it’s a Chinese restaurant. when I see commercials saying Chinese food gives you the sheets I ponder because the only Chinese food I ever ate that gave me the runs were from china town in my state and it was so-called “fresh seafood” we bought and cooked that gave me it. it was crab and no it wasn’t fresh. it tasted as it lived in crap. this restaurant cooks food really fast maybe like a 10-minute wait and that’s usually because their not that busy and if they are it’s a long wait due to lack of staff.

Another one is just a ramen shop. IDK the name but they serve basic ramen for cheap nothing fancy. I like it because not only is it good but they give a HUGE portion for dirt cheap I mean highschool kids could eat here. it’s really popular in my area because it’s basically a hole in the wall small shop maybe 6 tables only. most take out.

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