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My Dream Car Essay

My Dream Car Essay

Example #1

When I was immature. I was a critical romantic. I loved anything to make with pink and purple. flowers. love films. candle flame dinners and roadster exchangeable autos. To me. that was the significance of romantic. A clip has gone by. my position of what is romantic has changed a batch but. I don’t know why. I still think of sitting in a two-seater exchangeable with my lover as a perfect romantic dream.

Think about what? Last Sunday. My dream became my life sweet smiling from my hubby at the other side of a car had a MINI convertible for twenty-four hours! It didn’t take us excessively long to fall in love with the bantam two-door and it seems like every place we went we drew lookers-on attending. Rather. I should state. the MINI was a hit—not us—even though we were a highly fine-looking twosome.

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Possibly it was the cool bluish metallic that caught people’s eyes or its 17-inch 8-spoke metal wheels. or could it hold been the duplicate chrome exhaust tips at its lower rear? Anyway. the MINI radiates the most powerful image when compared to any other autos on the route.

The MINI is to the full capacity. with a supercharged SOHC 16-valve engine that delivers 168-horsepower and 215 kilometers per hour top velocity. With a manual transmittal. the MINI is improbably fast. traveling from 0-100 miles per hour in 7. 4 seconds-partly because the auto is reasonably light. even [ STARTING TO SOUND A LITTLE CLICHE ].

With its broad path. short overhangs. low Centre of gravitation. the MINI is an absolutely natural jock. Though we didn’t truly have any romantic dispositions while driving. we surely experienced tons of exhilaration on four wheels.

Since I have heard many remarks about the jerky drives of the minis former theoretical accounts. the route I took was non the smoothest. All the dips and bumps turned a Sunday thrust into a rollercoaster drive. but inside the auto, there was no uncomfortableness. In fact, the MINIs stiff forepart prance axle and the multi-link rear-axle kept the drive stable even in unfavorable conditions. and the anti-roll bars counteracted the angle on crisp decompression sickness to give us an excess part of that go-kart feeling.

Having an athletics auto. I knew I must seek the Sea-To-Sky main road. the route from Vancouver to Whistler. This main road is anything but direct. it seems this auto Fe out the bends. The velocity in a consecutive line along with the ability to throw the auto around any corner and still be stuck to the route is unbelievable. Besides.

Its center of gravitation is so low that put to death corners at high velocities is no job. My hubby kept glancing at the retro gages and toggle switches on the splashboard; I knew he didn’t appreciate my driving but kept perspiration over my velocity.

While low to the land. the auto feels tall indoors. My six-foot-tall hubby had no uncomfortableness issues particularly when the soft-top was unfastened. There was ample infinite for two; my hubby said it might hold more room than his parents BMW. The MINI does nonexperience like other bantam roadsters. Without backseat riders. we have plentifulness of room. and we may turn up down the rear seats for more lading room.

On the main road because of the strong air current and noise. I put the top up; surprisingly this exchangeable MINI is unusually quiet and sound. I was surprised to happen the top is wholly automatic. with one charming button. There are no latches to undo like all others in the under-luxury category. Just keep one button and the top retreats foremost to a sunroof gap. so to full.

The button even rolls all four Windows down and up rapidly and easily. Oh. and one more thing possibly more fun than driving this Miniskirt: parking it. It can suit every curbside parking topographic point. for it is less than 12 pess long. Even the New Beetle is 13. 4 pess long and the Chrysler PT Cruiser is 14. 1 pess long.

This auto has a common job with convertibles in that it has hapless blind Musca volitanss in the rear. Most of what’s behind you are soft-top. salvage for the little rear windscreen. making an about the cave-like consequence.

Some other small issues – the sound systems rear talkers were blown. The trim that held the interior rider door grip was loose and set the auto, on the contrary, it was slightly hard. I didn’t have problem with any of the forward cogwheels. but it seems the clasp did non-desire to allow it to travel to the contrary.

Is it worth it? MINI Coopers look like appliances. With British fabrication backed by German technology. the BMW-owned MINI trade name is merely astonishing. They are sophisticated. finely engineered autos that are as delicious to drive as they are to look at. That makes them good worth the monetary value.

The job of limited rear visibleness can be easily dealt with by utilizing the outside rear position mirrors if they are big plenty. Otherwise. the MINI convertible is an improbable merriment auto to drive—it delivers good fuel economic system. it accelerates rapidly. it stands out from the crowd—with a different kind of driving experience. a new personality. plus a thrust for freedom.

It has besides a list of safety features—a reinforced organic structure construction. extra-strength roll-over bars. grip control ASC+T for improved acceleration clasp. and standard-feature forepart airbags and head-thorax side airbags. I merely enjoyed driving. enjoyed my romantic dream to the full though my hubby got a small Goofy. allow the auto expression after itself.

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Example #2

I started thinking about this car when I was in high school. I came to know about BMW by its excessive advertising and media exposure. My likeness was accompanied by the fame and prestige this car acquired. It further motivated me towards the aim of attaining it one day. At that time, I was a student. I was so fond of that car that I used to search about it on the internet so as to discover about it, to have knowledge about its features and functions. I have saved about 1000 pictures of BMW on my computer. My dream car is in the attractive red color which seems very beautiful to me.

My dream was fully supported by my plans to fulfill it. I started accumulating money in the school summer vacations. I researched the price of BMW and started working hard to collect the required amount of money. BMW was worth $8000. I worked at 2 different places in order to achieve my target. By the end of my vacations, I observed that I am still way behind what I aimed to achieve.

I could accumulate $4000 only in the vacations. By the start of my school, my hopes were all shattered and I moved on to buy a cheaper car. I asked for help from my mother and others by seeking their advice and financial support.

It was apparent that no one could lend me this huge amount at that time when I was not even done with my studies and was not able to get a reputable job. I used to believe that nothing in this world is impossible. It is quite true in most cases but under the circumstances that I faced, I failed to change the impossible factor to possible.

The conditions were not going in my favor and it was turning hard for me to buy my dream car. I bought myself a car that was not too expensive, luxurious nor prestigious but instead was very economical, spacious and not much expensive. The car is a “chevy caviler”. It was not comparable to BMW in speed and magnificence, but still, a comfortable car to drive. My life is easy because of this car, my traveling is not at all expensive. Dreams are sometimes expensive but I know that I will always dream about this car as it is my childhood desire which I cherish a lot.

So, in the end, I got two dream cars. One is BMW and the other is a chevy caviler. One that I got and the other that I could not afford to buy unless I earn a lot of money. It was my desire to get a Ferrari but nowadays chevy caviler has become my BMW.


Example #3

Everyone has their dreams. I also have a dream. I aim high to reach it. I know everyone wants to have a gorgeous car. I also want to have my dream car.

Cars have different types which are Sedan, Sports car, Antique, MPV, and Estate Car. I am nuts about cars. I dream of it almost every day. I would dream to have my own ‘Volkswagen Golf GTI’. I love this car because it is so gorgeous because of its body. I want it in an automatic transmission because driving an automatic car is as easy as pie than a manual transmission. Besides, if I have that car, I want to change it to a sports car.

The engine is a very important part of the car. The engine can make my car move. It is better I turn it from ‘GTI’ to ‘GTR’ Engine which is made by Nissan Corporation in Japan. ‘GTR’ engine is the fastest engine. It is an original engine for Nissan 350z, Nissan 370z, Nissan Skyline GTR, and Nissan GTR. Next, I need a big garage. So, I can put my car, motorcycle, and spare parts such as wheels, exhaust, spoiler hoods, and lights.

In addition, I want to use my car to race with my friends at Litar Sepang. I do not want to take a risk race on the highway because it is so dangerous. It can cause an accident. If I have that car, I want it in white color and dark pearl black tint on the mirror. Also, I want to put neon lights and vinyl to make my car more beautiful.

Moreover, I want to clean my car every day because I want to keep it clean. I want to install the High technology security in my car to avoid the thief to steal my car. Also, I want to install the Dashboard camera to record the incidents that happen while driving. Then, I would have an Android or Windows 8 operating system in my car. It is easy for me to surf the Internet and playing games during free time.

If we do not want to lose on a journey, GPS also can help us. Before GPS, we use a compass when we lost. GPS stands for Global Positioning System which is found in cars. If our car doesn’t have that facility, we also can install it. I would like to install the GPS system in my car. Furthermore, I would like to change the interior to a branded interior.

Lastly, I would like to have my dream car. So, I should study hard and smart to aim it. Because Volkswagen Golf is an expensive car because it is from Europe and the cost to modify it is very expensive.


Example #4

My dream car is the new Jensen Interceptor 2014 model. It is now being manufactured by a British company CCP Global Holdings but the ownership will be retained by Healey Sports Cars situated in Switzerland. The showing of this magnificent piece of Italian design will be open to the public in June of 2012 but will start distribution to customers in 2014.

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This car will cost in the area around $200,000.

I have decided to do my financing with US bank because I think it offers the best interest rates on loans and best understands my needs. This bank has an Auto loan department that specifically deals with customers who want to obtain loans for the purposes of purchasing a car new and old with a mileage of 100,000 miles or 7 years.

US bank offers several financing choices to its customers.

In the first option; they can give you the loan subject to a 2.99% Interest rate and a three year payment period. The formula would be A= p (1+r) ^n where A is the amount, P is the principal, r is the interest rate, n is the number of months.

When substituting we get, A= 200000(1.00299) ^3 = 201,799.36. This would constitute the entire amount that I would pay if I decide to get a loan from this bank. To calculate what I would pay monthly I will divide the amount by 36 to give $5605.53.

In the second option; they can also give a five-year loan subject to 3.99% Interest. If you go with this option using the formula in choice number one then we get:

A= 200000(1.00399) ^5 =204,021.96. This would represent the full amount payable after five years. The monthly payment would then be the amount divided by 60. This will be 3400.36.

In the third option, you can decide to finance the whole amount yourself. You can pay the whole amount up front no need to go to the bank.


Equity financing is probably the best way to finance in any situation. The third option offers many advantages in that you have fewer legal tussles and you own your car from the onset.


Example #5

It was the month of December of the year 2013; I was stressed out, depressed and at times I even felt sick. December 21st was right around the corner and I was struggling to gather the money that would keep me from living in my car or worst-case scenario, in the street. Ever since I was in grade school, I hoped that by the time I was 22 years of age, I would own the latest model car of the SLK class Mercedes Benz. I always imagined how great that day would be, but at the same time, I was concerned about how expensive that car is.

Today, I am 24 years old, and in the past two years, I had owned a 2012 Mercedes Benz SLK350 roadster car. I really enjoyed owning this car, for the fact that it was sporty and luxurious looking, at the same time I come to realize that there is a price to be paid in order to own this car. Today, I realize how buying the car of my dreams has really impacted my life. About seven years ago, I got my first job and I started saving money so that I could buy myself my dream car, which has always been an SLK class Mercedes Benz.

At that time I was living with my parents, therefore, I did not have to worry about paying any bills. The only things that I had to worry about paying were, my food, and that was only if I wanted to go out and socialize, my cloth, and gas. I was saving about $400 to $450 out of my paycheck every month then, after one year of savings, I had saved a total of $5,200. I thought I had a sufficient amount of money saved up for my dream car’s down payment. I found out that it was not enough, because I did not qualify for the fact that I was young and I had no credit.

So for the next four years, I kept on saving the same amount of money every month. After the four years of saving money, I finally collected a sufficient amount of $20,000 to use as a down payment for my dream car. I had actually saved a total of $25,000, but I kept $5,000 for myself because now I wanted to have my own apartment. After going through all this sacrifice, I finally had my own 2012 Mercedes Benz SLK350 car. I love this car for the fact that it is very sporty and very luxurious, I also love the smell of its leather seats, the sound of its powerful but smooth engine and that it is convertible too.

This car made me feel alive it made me feel complete, I cannot say enough about this car. I had finally done it, I had finally accomplished my goal, and there was nothing more that I had in mind because my car fulfilled my mind. This car is so fantastic that it motivated me to go out a lot with friends; it motivated me to go out to the movies, expensive restaurants, and to the beach. This meant that this car made me waste a lot of money, so much that I started running out of it.

Two months before I bought my dream car, I moved into my own apartment. This meant that I now had to worry about paying bills along with my car payment. Having my own apartment was a necessity because there was no more room for me in my parent’s home, my younger brothers were growing up and needed their own privacy. But, having an expensive car was not a necessity. Six months of owning my dream car, I started to realize that my car’s monthly payment was becoming an issue to me because I also had my apartment bill, light bill, water bill, and my food expenses.

I became so tight on money that I could not go out to eat with my friends anymore. I was so concerned because, in order to keep on paying for my bills, I needed to get money out of my savings account in order to complete the amount needed to pay my bills. I started stressing out when I was seeing that money was coming out of my savings account, and none was going into my savings account. I knew that it was only a matter of time before all the money in my savings account ran out.

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I started to put in some overtime if any, at my job, just to relieve some pressure from my savings account. Therefore, I stopped liking to go to work every day; I felt that I was only working to pay for my car. I felt that I was sacrificing my joy, my goals, my life basically, because I could not do anything that I considered to be fun anymore, and just because I had to work to maintain my sporty and luxurious car, this whole situation started making me feel depressed.

I was in this situation for the next year and a half, until finally, in the first week of December of the year 2013, the money in my savings account ran out. I needed to make a decision, a quick decision. My rent was due on December 21st and in that same month my apartment lease was about to end, I needed to renew or move out. I did not have the money to pay for my apartment, therefore, I could not renew. I did not have anywhere to go, my only options were to live in my car or worst-case scenario, in the street.

So, it became clear to me, I had to let the car of my dreams go. I finally went to the dealership and traded my Mercedes Benz SLK 2012 for a $23,000 car. I ended up staying with about $4,500 to spare and no more car payment. I kept my apartment and my problem was fixed.

After this experience, I come to realize that buying the car of my dreams brought a great sense of joy and accomplishment, which by the way that feeling was only momentary as you can see by my experience because it then brought stress and depression.


Example #6 – Interesting ideas

Your Dream Car = any car which runs well and you can pay cash for.

Your nightmare car = the “perfect beautiful heart-throbbing sports beauty” for which you sign your life away, for the next Umpteen years for …. only to discover that it is a total piece of horse puttuie which you can neither afford to repair or replace…..

whatever you choose to buy, Pay cash.

The best possible care for you to buy is one that you can pay cash for. Period. It is less expensive to maintain and repair a used vehicle than it is to make payments and pay interest on a new one.

And by all means never ever Fleece (Lease) any vehicle for personal use – the actual costs are far higher than that of financing and at the end of the lease, you will have nothing – except the likely hood of a massive over mileage charge and excessive wear and damage charges.

Even worse than a fleece is the “Buy Here – Pay Here” lots which will give you a nice low weekly payment on a car they are selling for usually twice the fair market value at an interest rate that would make any loan shark smile, on a note that will enslave you for the next 5 years at least on a car which is almost guaranteed to die in 2 years or less!

It is far more cost-effective to purchase and maintain a used vehicle and save the difference for a newer and nicer vehicle a couple of years down the road. An older vehicle will also save you money in the form of lower insurance costs too!

Avoid the clutches of the predatory lenders – Buy Cash, Pay Cash. Live Cash and build real wealth.

My dream car is a 1965 Ford Mustang convertible. I don’t know what it is, but I just LOVE that car!! My second dream car is a pickup truck. I actually have one of those right now too. It’s a 2002 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab. I really like it a lot!

A convertible with kaki seats and then probably a dark blue on the outside that shimmers in the sun! I would press in a code to open the door or I could type in a password that could open doors. The rearview mirror would adjust depending on your height. Based on your age and preferences, it would go to your favorite radio station. You could have the convertible covered, covered on only the front seats, covered on the back seats, or uncovered!

The people in the back seat would type in a password and then it would know their age and everything about them that you programmed it to know and they could watch TV with headphones based on what you programmed it for them to be able to watch and you would never hear it because you can’t hear the TV without headphones. Where it says the radio station your listening to, during the commercials, if you don’t catch what they say, you could read it on that small digital screen. That’s what my dream car would be!

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