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Money Essay

money essay

Example #1

Today, you must have money to do anything. Isn’t it true? Yes! The modern world is a consumer’s paradise. If we want what we don’t have and can’t acquire, we go out and buy it. We sometimes pay to read material that has been uploaded by other people for others’ entertainment and education.

We believe in the economy as a whole – a black hole! Why should you be able to think things and even learn things for free? Let’s get down to business. Money is a fact of life. You may regard this bill with its printed figure as nothing more than paper with some symbols on it, but that would be sacrilege! This is the Almighty Dollar, after all. The vast majority of the money we worship exists only online. Dollars are merely digital zeros and ones in a network of computers, yet that doesn’t mean they’re just virtual reality. No, dollars are completely and genuinely real, far more real than anything as intangible as the common good. You do not exist if you’re not a commodity!

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Of course, there are many aspects of our lives that exist outside the money economy. There’s a lot going on in our lives that isn’t for-profit and can’t be measured in dollars. “The finest things in life are free,” according to the old adage. Every day, this phrase sounds a little more ancient. It has an antique tone to it, which makes it sound about as old and mossy as the wedding vow “for richer for poorer,” which is likely to be for-richer-or poorer following our prenuptial agreement.

It’s a term I really, really like. It’s a very powerful occurrence. It has gotten more potent year by year. Now that we all must ask ourselves, is anything truly free? Is there such a thing as a word with a real definition? Many people would say “Yes, there are many things available in the world that are free.” But are they actually asking any questions?

Do you realize that Melville Dewey once stated, “free as air, free as water, and free as knowledge”? Is this real-life—air and water are no longer cheap! Hey, if you want breathable air, you’ll have to pay your air conditioner’s power bill. Free as water? If you have the brains to buy bottled or install an ionic filter on your tap, it’s worth considering. And is knowledge free? Knowledge comes at a cost; it may be costly.

Yes, we don’t know what “knowledge” is, but we can provide you with a lot of data and, as soon as we figure out how to send it directly into the brains of students, but all the instructors on breadline. Returning to the issue of air being truly free. Yes, the air has no monetary worth. The supply of air is endless, and one person’s usage of air does not affect another person’s usage of it. But let’s look at all the money that goes into making this world “socially acceptable?”

That’s a lot of money down the drain. The hundreds of thousands of dollars that continue to go into keeping the air clean as a result of man’s countless years and years of pollutants flowing into it. That is not something you can do without. We take in this compound made up of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and other minor gases every time we breathe, yet the question never enters our minds about its value. If it weren’t for those four-eyed chemists in their white lab coats creating new ways to clean the air so that it might be “breathable,” where would we be?

In a world infested with dust, radiation, and record-breaking amounts of carbon dioxide. This valuable study and data aren’t cheap. Every time you get your paycheck and notice a few dollars are missing without thinking anything of it. Consider this. Air isn’t free; there’s an economic value to it even if we don’t realize it. We did once have “free air” but owing to our own stupidity, we now must pay for the very thing that allows us to survive.

Fortune is, by nature, a private problem since it allows only spectators to guess the holder’s lifestyle and budget. However, these peeks provide society with preconceptions because there are supposed to be certain standards such as clothing, good looks, and automobiles that influence our view of one another. This system has no chance of succeeding.

Despite the fact that a nation’s wealth has no uniform influence on its people, each person is unique and holds personal opinions on how money should be utilized. However, there is one present that money symbolizes which, though not universal, is almost synonymous with wealth; freedom.

With money comes the opportunity to make your own choices; the foundation of the American dream. The ability to choose something freely is what distinguishes wealthy individuals from poor ones. An infant who is born into a rich family enters life far ahead of its impoverished counterpart because of what money can do. It’s not so much because they’re close by; it’s because what they have allows them to spend more time with their child and makes the arrival of the newborn less traumatic for them.

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The wealthier family, on the other hand, will face a much greater financial devastation when a kid enters the picture, requiring them to spend even more time at employment, leaving their child to largely self-rear itself. According to experts, this distinction in parenting styles has a significant impact on the child’s ultimate success or failure later in life, thus giving the richer youngster an edge right away. However, it is only the beginning of the advantages iceberg.

The children of a wealthy family face unique challenges since their parents do not have to worry about money. The addition of money to a household has repercussions all the way through school and throughout the child’s adult life when the family serves as a safety net. Elementary and secondary education is the first stage in which a family’s capacity to choose schools for its children enables them to stop bad situations from developing and promotes progress in randomly assigned classes.

The more affluent family, on the other hand, will be unable to make this choice and will instead rely on chance to see its kids through school. In addition to likely attending worse schools, this youngster will almost certainly have to work in order to assist his family and afford the social accouterments that are required for today’s teenagers. In comparison, the counterpart youngster will be insulated from life’s challenges and have greater concentration spans.

Assuming that both sets of children do well in school, the gap between them will gradually increase. The rich family’s kid will have an edge over the poorer child because he or she will be financially supported by his or her family while attending a college of his or her choice. Meanwhile, the poor kid will struggle to obtain financial assistance and must go where the money is supplied, and studying full-time at this university may require a part-time job to cover living expenses.

Being able to enroll at a number of colleges allows the first kid to open up new possibilities for itself, and the second child will see as these same doors slam shut just for a time before opening once more as his community college education will not be enough in many 21st-century employment markets. The child of lesser origin will not have the finances to support himself during a lengthy job hunt once they graduate with degrees.

To put it another way, if he is in an underperforming position when he starts work, he will be swiftly promoted and the same lack of financial reserves in the future will permanently deprive him of job flexibility. His counterpart, on the other hand, will have more time to look for something that fits him as well as allows for development. If one or both of them lose their jobs or a financial catastrophe strikes, one can rely on family assistance while the other can only expect encouragement.

As a result, the cycle of life comes to an end as one of the subjects will have a family and, as shown, it is improbable that either has significantly improved his or her position on the social ladder. This shows how money and degrees of liberty may influence the lives of people with comparable backgrounds in a supposed free and democratic society, but it ignores factors such as quality.

Since the dawn of time, mankind has struggled to build wealth. Once again, money fundamentally changes purchasing power, allowing those with the means to live as they choose while those without it are constrained by government rules and necessity. When a family falls into poverty, they have crossed one of society’s hidden boundaries and are no longer entitled to the fundamental liberties that others take for granted.

A family in poverty has little or no privacy since it becomes the responsibility of a larger society to do what that family does. The family’s finances, domestic policies, and living circumstances are all subject to government and charity regulation. Poor families confront many more instances of child removal and repossession than middle-class families.

The money needed to get back on track is far beyond what most families can afford; therefore, many individuals wind up depending on the government for help again. When a family is already suffering, it appears as though the government was punishing them for their misfortunes. Government officials examine a family’s finances and the living situation on a regular basis, and if anything does not agree with their ideas of family life, the family may be subjected to further humiliation. All of this happens because the family doesn’t generate enough money, and it’s all in addition to the economic freedom losses that come with poverty.

Freedom and liberty cannot exist without choice, therefore choices must be provided. The most immediate impact of money is the capacity to have more options when it comes to what, where, and how much you buy, which has a significant influence on almost every other aspect of life. In accordance with the definition, a poor household cannot purchase many of the things that a large portion of society takes for granted. While the poor family is able to travel about as they please, they are unlikely to be able to afford city-to-city moves or holiday excursions.

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Because many police and higher-income families have ingrained biases against the poor, poor people must walk softly when they are not on familiar ground. The freedom to choose where to shop is also limited for these individuals since they can’t afford to go anywhere else and must resort to charity shops and discount grocery stores.

The inability to go anywhere, move at will or even stroll the streets unimpeded is a severe loss of rights for these persons. Finally, the poor are not even free to live pleasant lives; most are barely a paycheck away from becoming homeless. They are unable to take it easy for even a second or relax their guard because it takes only a little nudge to push someone over the brink into deeper poverty.

The poor, on the other hand, are plagued by such distressing circumstances that they can only imagine in their nightmares. For many wealthy families, the issue of freedom never enters their thoughts since they take it for granted. The wealthy may travel freely and make their own decisions in life, as well as have a choice in career and education. Members of society who have enough money may live however they choose.

A rich person may not only take time off, but if he has enough cash, he can also opt to do nothing and coast. In other words, this man is buying back his freedom. He might also go a step further by hiring people to perform every little task from changing light bulbs to trimming the lawn.

Although this is a one-of-a-kind circumstance, it is by no means unrealistic. A guy might also opt for the other extreme and give all of his money away to charity, opting to live the life of a pauper. Of course, whereas one poor person has chosen his fate while another has been forced into poverty, the wealthy have many options available to them. They may alter how society perceives them as individuals.

Because these kids have well-to-do parents behind them, they are not worried about being stereotyped or prejudged as a result of their clothing and attitudes. A quick bail is provided if they are detained for appearing suspicious, and even if they commit a crime, the bail does not come far behind. However, their poorer counterparts would rot in jail for a longer period of time and many could not afford to go to jail in the first place because as previously stated, many cannot miss a paycheque.

The rich kids can also afford the pricey leather jackets and skateboards, as well as Abercrombie & Fitch apparel. In this way, the wealthy may disguise themselves in this manner. Adults may “dress down” in older attire to alter their appearance while the poor lack the power to “dress up” low-cost clothes.

There is an exception to every prohibition. For some people, money has become a curse rather than a blessing. It becomes the master of these souls that become its slave for these few individuals, who are in fact fortunate due to their poverty. Men so desperate for money and the act of acquisition that they slave away evermore to satisfy their overabundant pockets make up this growing group.

The idea that men are incapable of enjoying what they’ve achieved is an old one. Instead, he pushes himself further and further ahead. The act I’m describing effectively eliminates every one of the above effects. These few individuals, by focusing on their money, might forget about their children, depriving them of the benefits that wealthy parents provide all the time, and occasional neglect can even have negative consequences in terms of child development.

Finally, this cartoon will refuse to spend freely, thus rejecting the gifts of travel and economic freedom. Individuals such as these are more concerned with money than even the poorest people and ultimately give up even their sense of security. Despite the fact that this character is a caricature of men, be aware that they do exist, and the icy touch of a money monger may be fatal to those who aren’t protected.

Money is worthless. It’s just paper that isn’t even worth the materials used to print it on. The advantages of money, however, can’t be disputed. Wealth means choice at every stage in life and at every stage on the social ladder because it implies freedom. This is the pinnacle of wealth, and whether they are conscious of it or not, most people desire more economic prosperity for this reason. Almost every individual in America understands that in order to realize their ambitions, they will require cold cash to acquire the possibilities.


Example #2

In my opinion, having a pleasant family life is more essential than possessing a lot of money. Personally, I think that my family is the most essential thing in my life. I would not be able to be as successful as I am today without my family.

We prepared for this moment. I know that my family will always be there for me, and I can trust them with anything. If I require anything at all. My relatives are fantastic, and they adore me a lot. A terrible family would make my life unpleasant, no matter how much money there was in the world.

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Sure, money is crucial, but it isn’t nearly as essential as family. You could do anything you wanted if you had a lot of money, but you couldn’t buy love. That’s why family is more important. Count how many times you cough; what would you choose: money or family? The family will always be there for you in good times and bad, and they won’t desert your side. Money, on the other hand, can not endure forever. I believe that the amount of enjoyment money can buy is limited. So, if I had to pick between having all the money in the world or a happy family, I would choose the latter every time.


Example #3

Money has always been considered the most valuable thing in humanity, as it is energy for life and may be used to acquire anything. Money, however, can’t buy a truelove sometimes. In reality, if we don’t have any money, we will not spend it on ourselves. Blood is as vital to us as money is important to some individuals. As a result, one of us cannot lack it. On the other hand, money isn’t more essential than friendship. I’d want to discuss my concerns regarding money with you.

The first thing that has to be paid for is money. When I was a kid, my father constantly said that wealth had the power to make people happy or sad in their lives. It has an impact on the mental state of individuals. I used to have money when I was a youngster. The sky appears clean and brilliant, and a rose tastes wonderful and lovely, but if you don’t hang out with your family, your father knows you’re broke.

I was in bed, reading a book one day when I received the message. After that, my life changed forever. My mother said to me one night while I was practicing piano that there was this gray dark cloud over my head and that it had gotten so dull because I couldn’t go with my friend to entertainment anymore. Then, once I started working for myself, my father informed me that it worked for life but not money. This is the second gift he gave me at the time. Now I know what it means When someone thinks about money all of their time, they will be dissatisfied and unable to enjoy life.

Although they have a lot of money, they believe that they still lack it since they want to be the wealthiest multimillionaire. I recall my father’s words to this day, in which he advised me to pursue one of the professions for my profession such as an engineer, accountant, or entrepreneur.

Money-making methods that are legal, yet going to jail is simple. Third, money is the devil. It has the ability to make someone lose sight of their talents. He goes to a casino for a gamble, despite how hard he works as a constructor. After a few months, he loses touch with his family.


Example #4 – interesting ideas

Until all things are eventually given out for free, there will be a need to have some sort of trade. We use the note now for the transportation of items and services. Electronic money (credit cards) is rapidly becoming the preferred mode of exchange. It isn’t necessarily so. Humans may survive without currency for extended periods of time.

The following is the answer to such an essay question: Begin your essay question with this old saying, “Never a borrower or a lender be.” a modified Thought of Aristotle. Then, first, write this One should never borrow money for an emergency but instead should set up a local bank savings account with enough funds in it to cover living expenses and rents for three months.

Second, get a loan from a friend for three months’ worth of expenditures. If you produce your own loan form with the borrowed money, the goal, and the time and amount paid back each month, though. When both parties have signed the contract, keep it in effect by honoring it when both borrowers and lenders have agreed to it.

Third, never borrow money from a payday lender or cash $300 businesses at the shop. They are backed by local banks, which offer low-interest rates on what is borrowed in huge amounts.

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