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Mabu Restaurant Essay

Mabu restaurant is a great place to grab a bite. It’s located in the heart of downtown and it’s easy to find. The mabu restaurant has been around for over 40 years, which speaks volumes about its success. Mabu offers customers an extensive menu that highlights delicious food from all over the world as well as some local favorites. The mabu restaurant is also home to many important events such as book signings, concerts, and art shows. These are just a few reasons why mabu should be your go-to spot for lunch or dinner!

Essay 1

Overview and Brief History

Mabu Generation is a recent Taiwanese bar and restaurant, having opened less than three years ago. The business specializes in Taiwanese cuisine and beverages in Markham, Ontario. The restaurant is recognized for its one-of-a-kind menu, which includes bubble tea, pastries, cocktails, hotpots, BBQ, and snacks among other things. The establishment has a 4.5 rating and is currently ranked in the top 200 most successful food businesses in Markham (Chdexpert, 2018).

Products/Menu Items and Pricing Structure

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The Mabu Generation’s menu items are divided into lunch specials, appetizers, and meals, drinks, desserts, take-outs, and featured. The cost of lunch specials is $12.99 plus a dessert and bubble milk or green tea. The meals in lunch specials are assigned numbers ranging from LS01 to LS12 (Mabu Generation, 2018). Fried pork, chicken, beef, noodles, rice, sausages, potatoes, and vegetables with a spicy black pepper sauce are the most frequent dishes served under the lunch special. The appetizers and meals menu has fifteen different varieties ranging from L01 to L15 (Mabu Generation 2018).

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The L01 features grilled salmon for $11.99, while the L02 has Taiwanese-style pork sausage with a thick garlic or soya sauce for $10.99 (Mabu Generation, 2018). The following appetizers fall within the same price range: deep-fried tofu, fish cake, and squid ball served with a variety of garlic sauces at $8.99 each. Other meals have similar pricing.

Target Market Needs, Wants, and Demands

This restaurant serves the entire community of Markham. The target market for this business is more than 50,000 individuals who value low-cost, high-quality, and quick restaurant services (Markham, 2018). These consumers are well informed about the existence of superior alternatives and will try out a variety of restaurants before picking their favorite place.

Customers are also looking for quick and pleasant services when dining at a restaurant. Customers are also conscious of the importance of eating healthy, which is why they would desire restaurants that offer organic foods (Chdexpert, 2018). Fortunately, the Mabu Generation’s present business strategy is geared to satisfy these requirements.

Company’s Placement in the Niche Market and Competition
Mabu Generation is well positioned to take advantage of the needs of potential customers in Markham. The service line, for example, is quick (15 minutes waiting at peak hour and 5 minutes at off-peak) (Mabu Generation, 2018). Furthermore, the restaurant serves organic dishes that encourage healthy living. In addition to the overall warm ambience in the dining areas, there is a quality service charter.

Mabu Generation also has a number of promotional tactics, including special menus, discounts, and free meals during happy hour (Mabu Generation, 2018). The industry is crowded; other specialized restaurants provide stiff competition. Mabu is the only business in the region with a tailored Taiwanese cuisine. As a result, the business does not experience any significant threat to its product line.

Marketing Successes

The restaurant uses its Twitter, Facebook, and corporate website pages to promote various meals and run specials. The business also utilizes local print and mass media channels for marketing purposes. Mabu Generation’s frequenters can earn rewards through a happy-hour free meal, discounted family meal coupons, and redeemable loyalty points (2018).

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The firm has a responsive online and physical customer support system. Mabu Generation has been at the forefront of promoting ethical business practices through several corporate social responsibility initiatives. These activities have aided in raising brand recognition and favorable opinions among possible consumers (Clow & Baack, 2014). The company’s current internal marketing techniques include a warm client experience and high-quality services (Mabu Generation, 2018). A rapid service charter is included in Mabu’s direct marketing plan.

SWOT Analysis

Strengths. Mabu Generation has grown its menu over time thanks to its proactive customer satisfaction approach, which is focused on consumer gratification. The company offers a variety of distinct selling points, including the ability to provide Taiwan cuisine, excellent service, low costs, and emphasis on organic foods.

Mabu’s advantages have allowed it to be a leader in the Markham restaurant industry. Because of its limited menu and being the first of its kind in Markham, the firm has a deep understanding of its sector (Clow & Baack, 2014). These qualities have given Mabu Generation an edge as Taiwan’s first large-scale cuisine company.


The restaurant is only in its early stages, having been established for less than two years. As a result, it may be more susceptible to failure if the consumer’s taste preferences change. In terms of revenue potential from diversification, restricting the selection of Taiwanese foods is limiting.

The great hurdle for Beard Hall is that since it is aimed primarily at members of the Taiwanese community in Markham, Ontario, the market niche is restricted and may not allow for a larger version of the business in the future (Cole, 2015). Furthermore, due to the high cost of running a specialized restaurant in terms of contracting suppliers, operational expenditures are vulnerable to rise.


The restaurant has limitless potential for development through collaboration with health clubs and business groups outside Markham. The existing marketing techniques of discounts, free deliveries, and menu specials have the ability to entice more customers. Furthermore, the firm’s future goals include building a strong network in Markham by strengthening existing partnerships with health clubs to boost income (IBISWorld, 2017).

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Mabu Generation’s threat to rivals may induce them to retaliate by offering perfect substitute meals or starting unfair pricing wars. This might harm Mabu’s revenue in the near and long term. Furthermore, if Markham’s economic climate swings against its growth plans, the conglomerate product diversification plan currently being utilized could result in losses (Cole, 2015). Mabu Generation’s restaurant operation, which is sensitive to negative feedbacks, may face massive losses if it receives a lot of bad reviews.

Final Synopsis and Overview of the Operations
Mabu Generation Restaurant has a solid management structure based on the total quality service charter. The system works within the parameters of efficiency, optimal resource usage, and a healthy organizational culture. Active communication system lawsuits are aided by regular strategic plans. Every operational decision at the restaurant is linked to customer satisfaction and quality assurance (Cole, 2015).

Every three months, the staff have been subjected to service training programs to instill complete work etiquette. For efficient tracking of all activities from a senior control room, the service chain has been automated. In every area, each employee is given monthly goals as well as performance feedback trackers that provide insight into their success or failure rates.

The inventory is kept in check, especially operational expenditures. The internal and external spending are also audited (Clow & Baack, 2014). It appears that the restaurant has an effective strategic operations management system in place that balances speed, quality, cost, and flexibility for company sustainability.

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