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Life Plan Example Essay

Example #1 – Ten Year Life Plan

Planning ten years of my life seems like a kind of challenge now. We can’t predict what will happen to us after several months. However, I believe that great success is impossible without personal motivation and clearly defined goals. Ten years from now I want to own an event company which can be the best in its field. The present Ten Year Life Plan consisted of three parts that can help me structure my life and achieve all my goals.

I have always been fascinated with the idea of my own event company. I would like to organize the great performances of different events every day. Can you imagine a holiday that never ends? And this will be my work. I will make people be happier. Now I need to plan all the steps that would help me to achieve my goal.

Educational Plan

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The first step of the way of my goal’s achievement is education. My education will be done at the University of Nevada where I am planning to study hospitality management as a major and the event management as a minor. I am sure of the importance of hard study for my future work. I need to get at least a 3.5 GPA. The multiply locations can help gain a diversified background and extend my knowledge.

Therefore, I want to do some internship while studying. Perhaps, I will visit the different countries in order to explore the modern tendencies of business start and its future development. Swope says: “I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure which is: “Try to please everybody” (Swope).

Therefore, I am planning to get the experience from different fields because I am sure of its future importance for my business. The examples of some international companies can help me understand how to make my business prosper. In order to extend my experience, I will start my practice during the study.

I think that education is very important. The lack of knowledge can lead to business incapacity and collapse. Today, the diploma plays a very important role. It gives an appropriate status and respect. A man with a diploma looks more confident and, of course, qualified.

The accreditation provides much more opportunities in life. Therefore, I am planning to study hard and to get as much as possible knowledge. I am sure that the university I chose can help achieve my goals. My education will give me the base for my future business.

Work Plan

It is the most important part of the life plan which should clarify the goal and approaches of its achievement. Nowadays, the leaders of all companies know the value of settings achievable and understandable goals. Such issues are called the smart goals which need in order to get better results. These smart ideas help me share my vision of the business with the possible assistants (“Life Planning”).

My attention is turned into the use of certain tools that may help my project. For instance, I need to identify and list all the barriers that may stay between me and my goal. I shouldn’t be scared of the possible problems because it is an integral part of future success. Being realistic, I realize all the difficulties I should overcome.

In the beginning, I have to clarify who will be involved in my business. This can be a family company or I can cooperate with a wide circle of partners. What results do I want to achieve? I want to own a successful company that will be famous around the country.

Choosing the place of location, I prefer my native city because it will be easier to find the clients and partners. Thinking about these questions, I can clearly understand the all-important keys to my goal’s achievement. I will get so many opportunities, so I shouldn’t be lazy in its use (Ashton 8). This is why I think it is the most important period of my life.

Lifestyle Plan

My lifestyle should accomplish my educational and professional background and skills. I am planning to do a huge social work and to promote equality among people. I want to help everyone that I can. But I have to more from the closest one.

My business will be closely related to people from different communities. Therefore, matching my wants, I should be ready to keep my mind open for the different cultural issues and views. I am planning to visit many countries in order to learn about cultural features. This will help in my work with clients.

According to Bukovsky, even my religious and spiritual conditions are very important for my business (34). Family relations also play a very huge role in business success achievement. Life planning is a process that may lead a person to takes a more active role and to think about the future. Thinking about my future, I imagine a family that will support me and gives me more motivation.

I totally agree with Carlson that “self-actualization is the key to self-help” (9). Although no one can control all life’s events, it is better to try being over a random chance and fate.

There is a difference between the person who goes to one’s goal and the man who can easily be influenced by random events. I will structure my life according to the daily-plan. This will allow me to follow the main idea which will lead to success. The life plan is a perfect method to figure out what is really important in life.

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I have so many ideas and interests in different fields. I am fascinated by people who can concentrate on the most important idea and follow the plan. However, I should follow my own life plane in order of future results. I agree with the statement of Barnett that people should discipline themselves. Following the main idea of life, it is possible to get better results and to make it fast (Barnett).

I have always been a goal setter. Thereby, my Ten Year Plan is focused on achieving my high ideals and realistic goals. From time to time, it seems that goals are something that we strive to achieve but fail due to our personal reasons or social barriers.

However, I am completely sure that a good life plan and motivation can lead to success in spite of all problems that may occur. My Ten Year Life Plan helps me to specify my goals and to see the key moments and the most important steps which can lead me to success.


Example #2

I spent my high school years dreaming of places I wanted to see, things I wanted to do, and people I wanted to meet. After graduation, reality set in and I realized I abused my time in high school, making it difficult for me to transition into adulthood. I thought of what I was going to do rather than how I was going to get there; I could not have been more wrong.

Therefore the importance of life planning has become a crucial component of seeing my dreams come true. Establishing attainable goals for today in order to determine what happens tomorrow is essential for lifelong success.

In the future, I have the confidence to start my own clothing company. This company will fund my organization that will provide self-esteem workshops for women and girls as well as connects them with God. I will study to become a licensed cosmetologist, an integrative medicine practitioner, and obtain a degree in elementary education. I am also confident that I can accomplish my dreams to become a model for American Eagle, Roxy clothing companies, and overcome my fear of heights.

My God-sized dream would be to travel the world in an effort to rescue women and children from sex-trafficking. My goal would be to create a snowball effect by eliminating the sex slave market which in turn would devastate business for drug cartels as well.

My hope most important future contribution to others will be that I people would see all of God’s blessings in my life and that they would want the same Savior in their life. I will stop procrastinating and start working on: being forgiving, having self-control, and self-motivation. I will strive to incorporate the following attributes into my life: Persevering, loving God with my life and seeking to understand God’s word.

I will constantly renew myself by focusing on the four dimensions of my life: Staying healthy and active, abiding in Christ, and relaxing- reexamining-refreshing-reflecting-renewing my mind. Lastly, I need to be taking time to do things that make me happy and feel refreshed.

God has given us the ability to look back at our life and to also see how our future would be. My mission statement is that I have overcome some things in life that have changed the person who I was then into the woman that I have become now.

I know that I am at my best when I feel as though everyone and everything around me has been taken care of in not a harmful way. I will enjoy my work by finding employment where I can I do love what I do at work; I just do not like the people that I work with. I find enjoyment in my personal life when I get to spend time with my family and children. I feel as though if I set my mind to do something then I can do anything.

We are gossiping and talking about what is going on in our lives. My afternoon activities are paying some bills, and getting ready to cook dinner. I then am cleaning the house and picking up things around the house. I am waiting for my husband to come home from work. The evening comes and my husband and I are having dinner and talking about how our day went. The day has come to an end and I am reflecting on how the day went. The only thing that is running through my mind is how God blessed me to be happy, healthy, and alive and that my sons are doing well in college. From the perspective of going back five years from the year, 2026 many events took place then in my life.

In the year 2021, I am thirty-nine years old and I am still working at the VA Hospital but as a Nurse Administrative. I had a successful promotion due to my hard work and dedication. My oldest son is 17, and I am going crazy as a senior mom saving up money to buy him his car. He is about to graduate and got accepted into Baylor University.

My baby is only 15, but I am going crazy with the athletic schedules of his life. In 2016, I officially graduated from Nursing School. I am dealing with the everyday life of two teenage boys. In 2011, I am working at a hospital and trying to deal with my mentality of going back to school. My strategic goal in the next two to three years is to save money for myself…


Example #3

My dream is to serve members of the community in the medical field as a Radiology Technician with care, compassion, and knowledge. I have had many influences from medicine, from past jobs as well as past experiences. I have worked in a pharmacy as well as general medicine, internal medicine, and orthopedics. My most significant influence to strive for a career in the medical field was my personal experience.

My daughter was diagnosed with cancer at age 1. There were many, many doctors, nurses, radiologists, radiology technicians, and medical personnel that assisted us in our long journey towards good health.

Each of these had a huge impact on my life, now it is my turn to give back. In order to achieve my goal, my first challenge was to enroll in school. I have been out of college for over twenty years now; this was a huge decision, not just for me but for my whole family. My husband is also in medicine, he is a pharmacy technician and systems analyst at the hospital in the pharmacy department.

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Our girls, ages 17 and 9 are very active in school activities as well as sports and music; this meant they would have to take on more responsibilities at home.

I am now in my first semester back in school. Just taking the first steps have been personally motivating as well as fulfilling. I know that any goals I set for myself are now within reach, regardless of whether they are long term or short term goals. I have set the bar high for myself, wanting to get A’s in all of my classes.

Once my pre-requisites are complete, my next goal is to get into the Radiology Technician Program. Once I am there, I want to graduate with my Associate’s Degree as a Radiology Technician. I have my heart set on a career as a Radiology Technician.

I want to help people as I have been helped by others. I want to be able to excel at my career, but also to provide the art of healing with compassion and care. I want to be able to help each patient with understanding, empathy, respect, kindness, and thoughtfulness.

I know that I can do this. I have confidence in myself that if I want this bad enough, I can complete all of the tasks in front of me to get there. I believe in myself and my family believes in me. I have support from friends that have gone back to college later in life that is now successful in their own careers.

They are now a model to follow. Having my short term and long terms goals mapped out makes me aware of how important it is to achieve each goal. No matter how small or insignificant each goal is, each is a stepping stone to the next. If I miss a step, I can go back, but it will take me longer to get to my next goal.

This “road map” will help me in all aspects of my life, school, family, and career. I can keep adding goals to my list, keeping certain to achieve and master what lies ahead.


Example #4


Five years after graduation I would like to be living in an urban area somewhere in northern Texas. I see myself in the corporate industry working as a member of the accounting department making $60,000 a year. Gaining experience in this field will prepare me for my ultimate goal of becoming a senior accountant within a corporation. My family life would mesh nicely with my significant other and I living together and being engaged.


The main drive behind my vision is becoming a happy and productive individual in society. I value my own happiness greatly and believe that happy individuals make for a prosperous environment. My motivation is financial stability for myself and my family as well as having the ability to travel. Through this stability I see it possible to have a meaningful career and a well lived life.


  • Graduate with my bachelors in accounting
  • Acceptance into grad school to work on my masters of accountancy
  • Get an accounting internship with a nearby corporation
  • Graduate with my masters of accountancy
  • Pass the CPA exam
  • Get a job in an urban area in northern Texas


I plan on reaching these goals through dedication, efficiency, and involvement. I will work as hard as can outside of classes by putting in the hours, and becoming more involved with accounting organizations on campus. Right after graduation it will be essential to pass the CPA exam in order to become employed.


  • Join the accounting society
  • Visit the writing lab for improvements
  • Get a summer internships
  • Network with professionals in the accounting field


Example #5

Everyone has dreams. Whether they are to become a scientist and discover new and amazing things, or become a star basketball player and be the highest-paid player in the league, people dream about their future. I have dreams for the future just like everyone else. Dreams of a good life, with lots of money, hot girls, and fast cars! And I will do whatever it takes to achieve it.

College is my first step to achieve my dream. Currently, I am a student in high school. I do my best to keep my grades up because I know that they will help me into college. I dream of going to UCSD to get a bachelor’s degree in biology, then coming back to Stockton to attend UOP and getting a Doctorates degree in Pharmacy. By the time I get this degree, I will be around 28, so I hope that it will all be worth it.

After I have a doctorate, I plan to get a job working for a company under their research division. I hope I can lend a hand in finding new, more effective ways of administering drugs to patients. Or I could possibly design self-administration drugs for those at home type of people. Or perhaps I could improve packaging designs for the medication. The possibilities are endless!

Outside of my job, I plan to buy a large home. I dream of settling down in an urban area, someplace that’s not too big. A Stockton type of town, but not Stockton. Possibly Monterey or Carmel. Hopefully, by the time I get a house, I’ll have a wife and can start a family. I dream of having a son to carry on the family name.

As you can see, I have big plans for my future. I plan to make something of myself, and not to give up. I have a major fear of failure, and I won’t let it get to me. My parents expect a lot out of me, and I think I have done a good job so far. My dreams are what keep me going; they are an object for me to strive for. I will obtain that object one day.


Example #6 – Interesting ideas

I know that life throws obstacles and sometimes you have to take detours, but I wanted opinions on my life goals and whether or not they are realistic.

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A Little Background: I’m currently in 10th grade, very intelligent, nearly top of my class, I’m really good at English and other languages as well as history and politics.

I know that life throws obstacles and sometimes you have to take detours, but I wanted opinions on my life goals and whether or not they are realistic.

A Little Background: I’m currently in 10th grade, very inteliigent, nearly top of my class, I’m really good at English and other languages as well as history and politics.

My Plan:

1. Go to Seton Hall University to obtain a B.A. in Modern Languages

2. Stay at Seton Hall for graduate school and obtain an M.A. in Diplomacy and International Relations

3. During college, study abroad and intern at the United Nations

4. After graduating, take a job in the United Nations, hopefully overseas, or another government agency such as the CIA or FBI if the UN doesn’t want me

5. Take the test to become a Foreign Service Officer, my dream job, and continue to take it until I am accepted

6. After some years, hopefully as a Foreign Service Officer, go to Middlebury College for my Doctor of Modern Languages degree

7. Continue to work for years 🙂

8. Upon retiring, become a high school teacher or professor of one of my acquired languages

9. Travel all around the world to the places I did not go to while working in the international government

In my opinion, as a graduate student, this sounds like a reasonable set of goals and is achievable. I would like to offer a few minor suggestions that might help you to better achieve your goals. First, I would research what languages are in high demand within your field.

Government agencies such as the FBI/CIA/UN often times have specific languages that are in higher demand than general language skills (Without Research: common high demand languages include middle eastern languages, asian languages, and germanic/slavic/russian-based languages). Secondly, after researching the languages that are in demand you should ideally choose a specific language and get your degree in that as opposed to just a modern language degree. (Note: Government agencies often hire graduates that have specific language skills over general ones.) Your plans for undergraduate and graduate school are solid and I would keep them the same. As for immediate post-graduate employment, I would honestly apply for jobs in the FBI/CIA first. This would allow you to get your foot in the door in the federal employment system and open up opportunities for other jobs in various agencies.

Another benefit of a job at the FBI and having language skills are better chances at Legat Assignments within the FBI. Legat Assignments are essentially assignments or “tours” in foreign countries. With this kind of experience under your belt you would be in a much better position when applying for UN jobs and/or foreign service officer jobs (Note: you may want to research to see if there is a limit to the number of time you can test for Foreign Service Officer Positions.) I also like your Doctoral Plan but you may want to also consider a Doctorate of Linguistics instead of Modern Languages (Pure Suggestion: Just hoping to help you explore more possibilities.)

I also suggested the Doctorate in Linguistics because it would benefit you in your retirement plans. Linguistics teaches you language pedagogy which can be a highly valuable skill as a teacher or professor of a language. As for travel, I would highly encourage it, especially in retirement. If you have any further questions or would like further advice you can contact me on here. Again just my two cents worth of advice.

Okay so I’m 17 girls and when I get older I want to be an ER nurse and work at the hospital.

So right now I’m a junior in school and next year I’m taking C.N.A (certified nursing assistant)

– I also am taking EMT (emergency medical technician the people who work in the ambulances) cause I think that will help me work at a fast pace and also get more experience…when I finish my school year, I will be a certified nursing assistant and Emergency medical technician…or is that too much. I also will be taking chemistry, public speaking, and math.

That’s all I have room for in my schedule because I can only have a certain amount of classes. Then when the graduate high school I will go to a college part-time and work both of these jobs EMT and C.N.A part-time…which will be equivalent to a fulltime job.

-while I am in school I will be getting skills too because of an RN-ER nurse.

Do you think that this is too much for me to handle or this is a great plan?

Or should I go to school full time…and do the jobs too?

I’m kind of worried about the working thing being to much. But I think I can handle it because I currently work 25hrs/week at McDonalds and go to school (high school) and I am doing well.

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