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Importance Of Reading Essay

Example #1

Reading has at all times and in all ages been a source of knowledge, happiness, pleasure, and even moral courage. In today’s world with so much more to know and to learn and also the need for a conscious effort to conquer the divisive forces, the importance of reading has increased. In the olden days, if reading was not cultivated or encouraged, there was a substitute for it in the religious sermon and in the oral tradition. The practice of telling stories at bedtime compensated to some extent for the lack of reading. In the nineteenth century, Victorian households used to get together for an hour or so in the evenings and listen to books being read aloud.

There is then the serious reading undertaken for research and for satisfying one’s longing for knowledge. It may be a subject of scientific significance, or a subject of historic or philosophic importance – varying according to the taste of the person. This kind of reading disciplines the mind and trains one for critical and original thinking. There is yet another kind of reading -reading for pleasure. Though serious reading is also a source of pleasure, reading which is devoted mainly to it differs in one respect. It grows upon one, it gives before demanding and it soothes and relieves tension and loneliness.

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The only kind of reading which neither stimulates thought nor provides knowledge is one that is approached negatively, with the simple motive of escape and of “killing” time. A person who is widely read is able to mix with others: he is a better conversationalist than those who do not read. He can stand his ground. Reading broadens the vision. it is in a way a substitute for travel. It is not possible to travel as much as one would like to and reading can fill in the gap created by the lack of travel. “Reading”, as Bacon wrote in his essay. ‘Of Studies’. “maketh a full man: conference a ready man: and writing an exact man”. Thus a widely-read man is a better conversationalist and is able to see the other point of view.


Example #2

Reading is one of the important things in our lives. For sure, we will read every day and it is not important that what types of material that we read, it just that we read. Watching also can be one of the mediums of reading. We watch movies or something also we learn, and how it is happening is we watch something and our mind will interpret what we see and that our mind will unite what we have seen and it will become our knowledge. Why this also can link to the meaning of reading is, reading also needs us to unite the letter become words and words will become a sentence. This has the same way we watch and we read. That why watching also one of the readings. For some people, to make them more understand what they are read, they need to watch videos, pictures, and diagrams, or charts. Someone must read because with the reading we can get more knowledge and experience.

That why there a proverb that says that “reading people is knowledgeable generations”. Without reading people will get lack knowledge. In communication also we need knowledge and we get the knowledge from reading. Without reading, how people can share their knowledge, how people can know what happens in this world, how people can talk very well without the experience and make knowledge, this all from reading. We all know that the science world starts from reading. Here we can conclude that reading was really important in the field of education. That why in the field of education, there are concept of 3M (Membaca, Menulis, dan Mengira). Here we can see that one of the important concepts of learning in the field of education is reading. Islam also says reading is important. This can be proved by, Nabi Muhammad saw himself get the first revelation from Allah and that was “IQRA” mean Bacalah…. Here we can know that Allah also called his people to read.

There are many types of reading, read aloud, shared reading, guided reading, fluency reading, and independent reading. Read aloud is the way that we read, and this also one way of teaching especially for blind students and pre-school students. For shared reading is the group of people shared their idea, knowledge, and experience from what they have read. Guided reading is someone who has to be guided in their study to become more independent. Here mean that a student learns or reads something but guided by a tutor. Fluency reading is how fluent someone in his or her reading if he or she can read faster, that means he or she already fluent in reading and he or she slow in the reading, he or she must work hard because they still not fluent in reading. Independent reading is someone that already fluent in reading, this kind of people no need guide any more.

However, all of this must practice every day and this was the behavior in reading. It is also can be known as reading habits. Reading habits can be described as someone’s hobbies, he or she makes reading his or her hobbies and this must be regularly read. For example, he read the newspaper every day. Here we can see that reading is really important. One of the importance of reading is reading can enrich someone knowledge. By reading we will directly be exposed to the world. That why with the reading we will be exposing and learn new things. Every day we will get new knowledge. Besides that, reading also can increase the reading skill of someone, this skill really important for a student. More reading can improve someone or a student’s reading skills and fluency in reading. Reading also can improve someone reading, she or he can fluent in reading, and he or she can learn more.

According to chickiemomma1961, November 2010, reading is important because it affects your whole life and everything you do. Want to drive? You have to know how to read the signs, the handbook, the testing materials, etc. Want to buy a home? You’ll have to know how to read that contract unless you want to be ripped off! Every contract you ever sign, from leases, to credit cards, to loans, will need to be read. Reading also can give someone wide in knowledge and experience. Any material that we read would give knowledge and experience because with the reading we will get new knowledge and new thing. That way, a student who has reading habits will good in study because he has something new to shared, to write in his essay, and can confidently communicate with his friends and teachers. The student also has high IQs, creative, and have better results if they like to read and make reading as their hobby.

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Reading will help them in their studies. Besides that, reading also can improve their language, speaking, and learning. If a student wants to improve their language, he or she must read more. With reading someone can make his or her language better and can confidently in talking. All people know the importance of reading in their life especially parents, government and ministry of education. These parties try to increase the reading habits among students and peoples. There is research has been doing to survey the reading habits among Malaysian people. According to Woman battles serious book dependency problem blog, (Monday, August 28, 2006), from Sharmag article….the depressing state of readership in Malaysia on Sunday, August 13, 2006 says… a lot about Malaysia when in the population of 25 million, the local industry can only print 1,000 to 3,000 copies per general title…says Law King Hui, president of the Malaysian Book Publishers Association.

From the Daily Express published on Sunday, May 23, 2010, based on the statistics issued by the National Statistics Department during the year 2002, Malaysian students only read two books a year. Many students perceived that reading is a waste of time and they only read for purpose of passing examinations. We are quite aware of the myriad of benefits that can be acquired by reading books and the positive progressive result that it can induce for the country. From what have been talks above seem that our government and ministry of education really care about the reading habits among Malaysian people and student in Malaysia. There are many programs that have been handle like the NILAM PROGRAM cooperation between ministries of education and the library in Malaysia. There are also the programs like KEMPEN MARILAH MEMBACA. School also conducts campaigns such as lectures, NILAM program, and provides incentives such as giving a gift to any student who reads a lot. Most important is the encouragement from the parent and people.

There are few ways to improve reading among people and students. The first way is people and students always have material around to read. This means that everywhere they go they must bring materials for they read. Examples, reading the newspaper on the bus or reading novels while waiting for the train, and so on. There can read anytime and anywhere they can, there no reason to say that they have no time for readings. There must time to spend in readings. Even, our Prime Ministry also has time to read why not us as people and students. Besides that, we have to set a reading goal. If we want something, we must have goals or aims. This is one way to give encouragement for our self to read. Another way to improve reading is to keep a log, every time we have finished our reading, we must keep a list of the materials that we have read and also make some summary to remember what the important in the materials that we have read to be remembered. Although, we should make a list of the materials that we want to read. For example, the list of the novels that we want to read, the list of the comics, and so on. Here we will remember the materials that we want to read.

We also should join the reading group or book club so here we can share our experience and knowledge with our group and try to get new knowledge from them. Here will be the discussion on what we have read. Also, we need to visit libraries or bookstores often because in a place like this we can read whatever materials we want to read. In a place like this, there are so many materials that we can read. Build your own strategy is the most important because without a strategy you would lose tour ways. We have to keep the strategy and what we want to do so if we get success, we will feel satisfied in our works. So, we should drop everything and read. Make the reading habits fun in your mind. After we set our mind that reading habits are fun, automatically we want to read. Drop everything here mean that, if we have time to spend we must read don’t take the time we have we spend on something that not gives benefits to our life.

That why reading is one of the important in education. Before we can read fluently in our studies time in pre-school, the teacher will teach us the letter. After we can read the letter we would ask the teacher to combine the letter become words and the words combine with other words to become sentences that have meaning. Here the ways of reading start in our life. Here we can know that reading is important in our life. To a more deeply understand about reading, in the article “Teaching reading”, Elizabeth S. Pang, Angaluki Mauka, Elizabeth B. Bernhardt, and Micheal L. Kamil, have written that What is reading? Reading is about understanding written texts. It is a complex activity that involves both perceptions and thought. Reading consists of two related processes: word recognition and comprehension.

Word recognition refers to the process of perceiving how written symbols correspond to one’s spoken language. Comprehension is the process of making sense of words, sentences, and connected text. This study is all about the reading habits among students of the Faculty of Information Management, UiTM, Campus Puncak Perdana. There are many conclusions that can be drawn from this chapter. But the most important fact is the reading habits very important to students. Nowadays, reading habits among students were lack. They read because they want to finish their assignment and reading is just to pass their exam.


Example #3

Reading and having access to books are things that many of us today, in the developed world should take for granted. We are made to learn to read in school but most of us don’t think twice about being able to read. I would say that reading is a relaxing and enjoyable activity, but many people don’t like reading. It is because they think that book is unimportant or maybe because we are in the digital age of information with various media, video, and another entertainment is widely available. Whatever the reason is, it seems that now fewer people are reading books. In my opinion, we must spend some of our time reading. If you don’t have money to buy some books there will always be a library near your place, because reading books whether fiction or non-fictions has many benefits for us. By reading books we can improve our memorizing skills, get more knowledge, and have an enjoyable and relaxing activity.

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Firstly, Reading books will improve our memorizing skills. For us, being able to memorize things faster and longer is important, it will make our study easier because we will remember the material easily, and when the teachers are explaining their lesson we can remember the material faster so we will not be left behind when the teachers are explaining it fast. Many studies show if you don’t use your memory, you will lose it. Crossword puzzles are an example of a word game that staves off Alzheimer’s.  Reading, although it is not a game, helps you stretch your memory muscles in a similar way. Reading requires remembering details, facts, literature, plot lines, themes, and characters. While reading, we will unconsciously memorize the plotline and the character of the story, it was proved by the fact that someone who reads books will almost remember all the contents of the book such as the plotline or characters. By how often you read books in a day or a week or maybe a month your memory will be trained and it will definitely increase your memorizing ability.

As your memorizing skill increases, you will definitely be able to memorize things faster and longer. Secondly, it’s no secret that reading books get you more knowledge. Finding a new vocabulary, new information about the world, and many more. Reading expands your horizon of information. You’ll always have something to talk about. You can discuss various plots in the novels you read, you can discuss the stuff you are learning in the business books you are reading as well. The possibilities of sharing become endless. For most people studying and getting knowledge are something you do at school or when you do your homework at home. Those people don’t know that reading books is an excellent way to get more knowledge. In fact, those who read books have higher scores in school or university, higher intelligence, and know more general knowledge. It’s no matter what books you read whether non-fiction or fiction there will be new things that you learn.

Knowledge is important because no matter what you want to be, you can’t do it without more knowledge. Reading makes you smarter and keeps giving you the knowledge and it also keeps your mind sharp as you age. Lastly, besides improving memory and knowledge, reading books, in fact, can be a relaxing and enjoyable activity. When you have nothing to do and are too lazy to go out, books can be the alternative to help you enjoy and relax at home. I am sure that all of us will feel bored when there is nothing to do or there isn’t anybody we can talk to, but we could get rid of our boredom by playing with friends or maybe hang out with friends. Actually other than those options there is an option that doesn’t use energy and we can also relax our muscles from any tiring day and the option is to read books. It improves our memory, gives us more knowledge, and at the same time, it can be a relaxing and enjoyable activity.

Reading can also help us escape from a stressful day. It really doesn’t matter what book you read, by losing yourself in a thoroughly engrossing book you can escape from the worries and stresses of everyday life and spend a while exploring the domain of the author’s imagination. Reading books is important. Books are the bank of knowledge. You can always improve your knowledge by reading and it still has many benefits for us. Even if you don’t have money to spend, there will always be a library or maybe a friend of yours who is willing to lend you a book. In my opinion, reading books whether it is fiction or non-fiction has many benefits for us. Because by reading books we can improve our memorizing skill, get more knowledge, and have an enjoying and relaxing activity.


Example #4

Reading is one of the most important and best habits one can inculcate. Those who have the habit of reading are actually the ones who can really understand the value and pleasure of reading. There are very few who are aware of the advantages of reading good books. Importance of Good Reading Habits.  Reading habits develop vivid imagination, knowledge, and vocabulary. Here are some points describing the importance of good reading habits:

  • The most important reason for reading is that we gain knowledge. Books are a rich source of information and knowledge. Reading books on diverse genres imparts information and gives you a deep insight into the topic you read about. You always learn something new when you read.
  • It is a proven fact that those who have good reading habits show signs of higher intelligence. With diverse and bountiful genres books open up the mind and enhance the creative ability and language skills.
  • Reading fiction develops empathy and helps build better relations with others. You become a part of the story and naturally empathize and sympathize with the characters. You become more aware of how people get affected in different situations. It enhances your overall ability to empathize with others.
  • Good reading also inspires you to write. Many writers get inspired and gain expertise by reading more and more. You learn the art of using language and enjoy playing with words.
  • Reading is also a kind of motivation that works wonders when it comes to de-stressing. Reading motivational books can really change our life for the better. Reading autobiographies can also encourage us to work hard and stay dedicated to achieve our goals. It helps us become better people in life.

Conclusion. There are many perks of good reading habits. It keeps your mind active, strong, and healthy. Reading is important for your overall personal growth and development. Besides, you never feel bored or lonely if you develop good reading habits.


Example #5

Reading daily is one of the best habits one can possess. It develops your imagination and provides you with a fortune of knowledge. Books are your best friend is rightly said as reading helps build up your confidence and uplifts your mood. Once you start reading, you experience a whole new world. When you develop the habit of reading you eventually get addicted to it. Reading can help you grow and give a new perspective on life. Good books can influence you positively and guide you towards the right direction in life. The more you read the more you fall in love with reading. Reading develops language skills and vocabulary. Reading books is also a way to relax and reduce stress.

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Reading increases creativity and enhances your understanding of life. Reading also inspires you to write and one can fall in love with writing as well. If we want to adopt some good habits in life then reading should definitely be on the top of our list. It plays a vital role in the optimistic growth and development of a person. Reading leads to self-improvement. The pleasure of reading cannot be expressed in words. One needs to read to experience the joy of reading.


Example #6

People are living in a world where new technological advances have replaced the desire to read. Reading, in my opinion, has become less important to many adults and children. Some children and teenagers prefer to watch a movie or playing video games instead of reading a book. Some adults prefer to watch television than to read a good novel. These examples are what some people are going through due to the enhancement of technology. Reading, in some people’s agenda, is not as important as it used to be in the early 1900s. To some people watching a movie or basketball game on television is more important than reading a book. Decreased reading time has slowed downed my critical thinking skills and has also made me a less effective reader than most people who read on a regular basis.

As a university student, I am entering into a world where reading has become a necessity. While attending high school, I did not have to read as much because the teachers were not so demanding and some teachers were not making it mandatory to read. A student could copy each other’s homework without the teacher even noticing. This was because of the abundance of students in his class. One could rely on his friend to do all the reading while getting the same credit. Being a CSUB student one has to be more self-minded and do his own work. Professors require for a student to read their material, thoroughly and concisely, preparing for an exam. If one decides not to read, then one will suffer the consequences of failing the class or getting a bad grade. In my opinion, a good reader is a person who can better understand the concepts and ideas the author is trying to portray. For example, I have a friend who always read stories, novels, magazines, and many other books every day since he was in grammar school. Now as a university student his language and choice of words are much more enhanced.


Example #7 – interesting ideas

Reading books has many benefits both mentally and morally. Firstly, your mind will be active and engaged into old age, and reading can help you forget the problems in your life, and get you captivated by the adventures of someone else. Reading from adults also helps set a good, mentally engaging example for the new generation. And reading has benefits that can help with everyday activities. With more reading comes better reading skills, thus allowing easier comprehension of, oh, say, instructions on how to build something or warnings on chemicals. Reading is a fun and great way to leave the stresses of your life and just unwind.

Studies serve for delight, ornament, and for ability. Their chief use for delight is in privateness and retiring; for ornament, is in discourse; and for ability, is in the judgment, and disposition of business. For expert, men can execute, and perhaps judge of particulars, one by one; but the general counsels, and the plots and marshaling of affairs, come best, from those that are learned. To spend too much time in studies is sloth; to use them too much for ornament, is affectation; to make judgment wholly by their rules, is the humor of a scholar. They perfect nature, and are perfected by experience: for natural abilities are like natural plants, that need pruning, by study; and studies themselves, do give forth directions too much at large, except they are bounded in by experience. Crafty men contemn studies, simple men admire them, and wise men use them; for they teach not their own use; but that is a wisdom without them, and above them, won by observation.

Read not to contradict and confute, nor to believe and take for granted; nor to find talk and discourse, but to weigh and consider. Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested; that is, some books are to be read-only in parts; others to be read, but not curiously; and some few to be read wholly and with diligence and attention. Some books also may be read by deputy, and extracts made of them by others; but that would be only in the less important arguments, and the meaner sort of books, else distilled books are like common distilled waters, flashy things. Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man. And therefore, if a man writes little, he had a need to have a great memory; if he confers little, he had need have a present wit: and if he read little, he had a need to have much cunning, to seem to know, that he doth not.

Histories make men wise; poets witty; the mathematics subtle; natural philosophy deep; moral grave; logic and rhetoric able to contend. Abeunt studia in mores. Nay, there is no stand or impediment in the wit, but may be wrought out by fit studies; like as diseases of the body, may have appropriate exercises. Bowling is good for the stone and reins; shooting for the lungs and breast; gentle walking for the stomach; riding for the head; and the like. So if a man’s wit be wandering, let him study mathematics; for in demonstrations, if his wit is called away never so little, he must begin again. If his wit is not apt to distinguish or find differences, let him study the Schoolmen; for they are coming sectores. If he is not apt to beat over matters and to call up one thing to prove and illustrate another, let him study 197 the lawyers’ cases. So every defect of the mind may have a special receipt.


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