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I Want a Husband Essay

i want a husband essay

Example #1

One night I had a bizarre dream. In this dream, I woke up next to a husband. So that same morning when I woke up, I was surprised to find myself disappointed by the sight of my wife. Ever since that dream, I asked myself, “What a husband would be good for? ” I want a husband who can make all the tough decisions for the household. These decisions mustn’t be for his benefit. On the contrary, he is to always place my needs and my child’s desires above his own.

My husband must control his own sinful nature and attraction to other women. If he doesn’t, he knows who will be waiting at home with a rifle ready to shoot him.

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When he says the occasional stunning Brazilian model, he mustn’t even glance at her. When the time for a major decision comes, he is the one who stands responsible before God and before society for making it.

He alone will be held accountable for the consequences of his choices. I want a husband who is willing to sacrifice his physical life to save me and my kids. Part of this also includes making sure I am properly cared for if he dies before I do. I want a husband who will take the time to understand me and provide for my every wish. He must be willing to quit his job or take time out of his social life in order to please me.

I want a husband who praises me. I want a husband who knows what I am worth. He should take every opportunity to build my self-esteem and encourage me. He should be my biggest promoter, my biggest well-wisher, and my biggest fan. When I get a promotion, he has to be proud of me even if it puts his manliness in jeopardy. I want a husband who can sacrifice anything for my children.

He must have the will to put the beer down when the kids ask him to read them a bedtime story. I want a husband who will teach my son how to kick a soccer ball. I want a husband who will teach my daughter how to stand up to the school bully.

If by some chance my daughter does get beat up by the bully, he will take full responsibility for her health and poor medical condition. I want a husband who will pay all the medical bills and taxes. He will be responsible for getting me an expensive car and all the designer clothes the world has to offer. I want a husband who will have both the time and the money to organize family vacations. I want a husband who will take me to Paris on Valentine’s Day, New York City on Christmas, and to Malibu on the first day of summer. Who wouldn’t want a husband?


Example #2

I was dating this woman for about six months when she told me she had a surprise for me at her house. I had no idea as to what it could be. When I got there she had this child. She told me that he was from her last relationship and that things didn’t work out as expected. This was the last thing I would have expected. I stood there thinking to myself “She expects me to take care of this other guy’s kid”.

I didn’t know what to say. She had kept this from me for six months. Did she figure “If he falls in love with me it won’t matter”? I thought to myself, “I, too, would like a husband”. Why do I want a husband?

I want a husband who will take care of all my needs, a husband who will pay for me to further my education. A husband who will take care of all my housing costs not to mention provide auto and health insurance for me as well. My husband will also buy me top of the line clothing, (even if I don’t need them).

A nice expensive life insurance policy is also a must since I will have to maintain my current lifestyle should he happen to pass away. My husband must also have a decent paying job so I can live comfortably. He must also provide me with a nice car so I will be able to get myself from place to place.

I want a husband who will keep up with the outside of the house. He will have to mow the lawn weekly as well as for trim the hedges. He must also paint the house when I feel it’s necessary or pays to have it painted. I want a husband who will clean the gutters in the spring and shovel the snow in the winter. He must also not forget that the leaves have to be raked in the fall when the trees turn. When my fancy car breaks down my husband will have to be a fairly capable mechanic in order to fix it or find someone who is.

My husband will also protect me with his life should someone happen to break into the house. He will also prepare meals for the family or help me prepare them when I’ve had a long day. When the trash in the kitchen is full he has to take it out and put it in the garage until trash pickup day. He must also take care of the kids when I deem necessary.

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If a diaper needs to be changed he’d better be willing to help. When I go and buy a nice new painting of flowers to hang on our bedroom wall he has to hang it up. When my husband comes home from a long day at work and changes his clothes the dirty ones better be placed into the laundry basket and not on the floor.

I want a husband who will make plans for my vacation when I am in need of one as well as any party plans that need to be made for us. I want a husband who knows that I need at least two nights a week out of the house with my friends. He must also be able to accompany me out for a night on the town after he is done with work even if he is tired.

My husband must also help me find a suitable babysitter for our children should we need one as well as take care of the arrangements for a summer camp for our children. My husband must also be able to satisfy each and every one of my sexual needs.

My husband will make love to me when I want him to not just when he’s in the mood. He must also assume complete responsibility for birth control. If he wants to make love to me he’d better satisfy me. He must also be attentive to me before and after we make love, and if he wants to make love he better have planned a nice romantic dinner for the two of us.

Most importantly though he will remain faithful to me or else. I expect all of these things from my husband and more. If he is unable to perform all of these duties in and around the house then he is not fit to be my husband. One must remember that this is what I was brought up to expect from my husband and I will accept no less.


Example #3

I belong to that classification of people know as males. Not too long ago my mother and father were having a conversation about are recently purchased vehicle. During this conversation, my mother stated several times to my father that the car needed some minor repairs and that she needs money because she was going out. As I thought about this it occurred to me that I would like to have a husband. Why do I want a husband?

I would like to have a husband who went to work so that he could support me while I stayed home to do what I please. I want a husband who pays all the bills and does not complain or insist that he is the boss of the house because he pays the bills. I want a husband who is eager to fix things when need be. I want a husband who is sensitive to my needs.

I want a husband who buys me nice gifts that I want. I want a husband who listens to me attentively and does not interrupt. I want a husband who will clean the house, pick up after me, and who will cook the meals. I want a husband who will do the yard work, smiling. However far and for most I want a husband who will do my homework, more specifically my English homework.


Example #4

Upon entering college, I’ve found myself in the middle of an unfamiliar situation: one in which people my age, girls and boys alike, search desperately for a romantic companion, for varying lengths of engagement. I admit that I, too, have searched for a romantic partner in the past, but not at all with the determination and rigor that my friends put themselves through. So I decided to reevaluate my poor, lonely situation. And I found the answer to be quite blunt.

I want a husband whose attraction rests not on his looks (which would probably be endearing to me nonetheless), but on his intelligence, compassion, and integrity. Because let’s face it, we’re both going to get old one day. I would hope that he would, in turn, love me for more than what he would consider my good looks, as nothing scares me more than a future full of anti-wrinkle cream and devoid of sweatpants.

I want a husband who will support me financially and emotionally. But only if he can. To be honest, I’d settle for just emotionally. I can figure out the finances. I am in college looking for a career, after all.

I want a husband who will listen to my ideas and give me honest advice. I have friends who will sometimes offer me a compliment now and then, but I don’t think that’s enough. I want someone who will know me well enough to give me valuable insight into my next project, or actually read my writing and give me feedback, or let me know whether or not it’s a good idea to microwave ice cream to make it softer.

I want a husband who will cuddle with me at night when it gets cold. Other bedroom activities would probably be okay too, but cuddling is the most important. What if the heater turns off in mid-December? You can’t just rely on a friend to lend you their body heat for a night. This would be an important duty left solely to my husband.

I want a husband who will understand that housework isn’t just meant for the woman. When I was a child, my sister and I shared a room. If I played with Legos and left them all over the floor, it wasn’t just her job to pick them up. It was made very clear to me (my mother and sister alike) that since the room was made messy by both of us, both of us would help in cleaning it up.

The only exception would be if one of us was a robot with no desires, dreams, career, or life, and only an insatiable desire to please its master. Good thing, then, that my husband would have a wife and not a robot. I’ve heard that it’s exceptionally hard to keep warm at night while sharing the bed with a hunk of cold metal.

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I want a husband to share in the trivialities of day-to-day work with. It does seem fair that since we both help with our house’s upkeep, we should both have interesting stories to tell of our respective careers while doing it.

I want a husband who will be just as comfortable on his own as he is with me. Co-dependency and bettering each other are wonderful things, but clinginess and boring personalities are not. I mean, what if I have to go to Scandinavia for a month to study the mountains? (This hypothetical situation is, of course, just as likely as this hypothetical person.)

Will he be distraught upon my departure, and simply sit around the house when I’m gone, only the shell of the person he once was? I couldn’t permit someone to sign their life away to me in this way. I would like my husband as I like my pistachios—shells, yes, but with substance.

I want a husband who won’t base his love for me on how often I text him, whether or not we both like the same food, or whether or not I decide to shave my legs. (Unless, of course, he can provide me a logical, critically thought-out argument on why I must drag a razor across the sensitive skin of my legs every other day, while he doesn’t have to.)

I want a husband who will talk of children, not like trophies or goals or even a necessity, but as lives that we will share responsibility in raising, teaching, nurturing, loving, and lending $20 to so that they can go see a movie. I also want someone who will agree not to plaster their walls with those tacky peel-off stickers of flowers or trains or fictional characters. I would much rather spend a week doing the job right by painting them by hand with my husband, and besides, those things come off anyways. Give it a month.

I want a husband who will respect me for who I am—not simply as a woman, or a wife, or a lover but as another human being with dreams and life just as spectacular and colorful and complex as his. Likewise, I would give my husband this same respect in all regards.

I want a husband who will respect my children, approach problems with a level head, and seek to understand their perspectives, treating them not like anything less than what they are—humans too.


Example #5

I Want a Husband. I am free and miserable trying to find my soul mate and when I find a husband he will do everything or at least make his wife happy. As I wash clothes one day it appeared in my mind of my good friend who got married a couple of years ago and now he and his wife are expecting their first child. Why does this strike me so well is because I see things that I want in a husband.

I want a husband who will support me with money. I want a husband that understands when I say things should be split 50/50. I want a husband that will cook for me when I am not up to it, he will massage my feet when I come home after a hard day’s work. I want a husband who will make sure the dishes are done when I have no time to do them and he will do this for me without me asking. I want a husband that will clean up after himself, this is hard to find but all men are trainable. I want a husband that does not need to be told to put the toilet seat down. I want a husband that will make time for me without making excuses because he is to busy.

I want a husband that will take care of my children when I need a break from life. I want a husband that with taking care of my physical needs. I want a husband that will not complain when he feels that he is doing more than me. I want a husband that will take care of me when I am ill, he will bring me to my doctor’s appointments and he will miss work if I want him to be home to take care of my ailing body.

I want a husband that will not be jealous of my male friends. I want a husband who will listen to my problems and try to help me solve them without getting frustrated. I want a husband that will make sure there is food on the table, and to make sure the children are fed and in bed on time.

I want a husband that will take care of the arrangements when we go out to the town. I want a husband who is sensitive to my sexual needs, a husband that will make love to me passionately and eagerly and be worried about my needs and not his. And, of course, I want a husband that will understand and not pout when I am not in the mood for him. I want a husband that will just give me the love and support he knows he wants in return.


Example #6

Like many single girls of my age, I often think about what would make a marriage successful and the type of person I would like to marry in the future. Finding an ideal husband is not the only key to a happy marriage, but it certainly is important. When I was younger, my idea of a perfect husband was someone who’s got a great body, tall nose, sexy lips, strong jaws, and eyes that can look deep into my soul.

After I got my heart broken a few times by some so-called good-looking men, I realized how superficial I was. Knowing that to maintain a marriage is hard enough nowadays, not to mention a happy one, I have learned to lower my standards.

So what makes a man a great husband? What kind of characteristics must a man possess that would make me want to say yes the moment he proposes? Honesty and faithfulness are the keywords.

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I don’t want him to tell me that he is studying when he is actually going out with his friends; I want him to call me when he said he would, and I don’t want him to hide any secrets from me. If a man is constantly lying to me, he has to make up even more lies to cover up for the lies he told before. Surely I will find out about it sooner or later. If a guy lies to me about the smallest things, imagine what other things he might be lying to me about.

Mutual honesty is by far the most important in a relationship, so how can I possibly spend the rest of my life with someone who wouldn’t even tell the truth? Another very important requirement my ideal husband must meet is financial stability. As I change from a naïve little girl who dreams all the time to who I am now, I had become more realistic.

Before if someone asks me to compare the importance of bread and love, I would say love is more important. But now, I think that bread is definitely more important than love. There is an old Chinese saying, “A poor husband and wife would feel miserable about everything.” I don’t want my husband to be super-rich and I don’t expect my him to support me while I just stay home and be a housewife, but he should at least have a steady job and making a decent amount of income.

Last but not least, the third most important trait my ideal husband must possess is a great personality. Marrying someone is a life-long commitment. I don’t want to make the mistake of being stuck with a dull husband for the rest of my life. He needs to be someone who makes me laugh and does not want to stay home all the time.

For example, I want him to plan a vacation on our anniversary and take me to somewhere like Hawaii so we could walk along the beach and watch the sky turn orange as the sunsets. During dinner at a nice restaurant, he would ask me to dance when our song comes on. While we dance, he would whisper in my ear telling me how much he still loves me even after all these years.

Well, that’s all the qualities I look for in a husband. Pretty reasonable, right? If I can not meet a man that meets those requirements, I would rather not get married at all. I don’t want to get married just for the sake of getting married. I know there are things I need to improve on in order to be the ideal wife, I am working on it and I am confident that I will become a fit wife someday.

Marriage is a two-way street. In addition to a great husband, there is also a lot I need to do to make a marriage work. A happy couple is understanding each other; they compromise and adjust to each other’s needs; they use good communication skills; and most of all, they forgive.


Interesting Ideas

That’s why it’s always best to go to the source – God’s word – and not rely on what others who say they know Christ tell you because they are mistaken in this case. Really mistaken.

There is *nothing* wrong with wanting to marry a godly husband and raise children. Not.a.single.thing wrong with that.

God made men and women specifically for one another, to be each others’ support, love, and help and to encourage each other in their walk with Christ.

Jesus said, ” “Haven’t you read,” he replied, “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female,’ and said, ‘For this reason, a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh’? So they are no longer two, but one.” Matthew 19:4-6a

Having said that, it’s best to not obsess about finding a husband, but to pray about it and to pray for him – wherever he is that he is also growing in his relationship with Christ and that at just the right time, the two of you will meet.

I would want a husband who was doing or striving to do what he wants to do most. For example, if he wanted to own his own restaurant or be the CEO of a company or be a music teacher or whatever he would work his hardest to get there to be happy. I couldn’t stand to have a husband that spent his whole life at a job he hates.

I also like guys that have a talent for something like speaking a second language or singing etc. And of course, someone who is kind and honest with me. Someone who will love me unconditionally and would be willing to be with me even when we’re old and frail. Haha now I sound sappy it’s ok if you gag involuntarily.

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