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How do you spend your free time?

Essay 1

I’m usually free to do things that I enjoy during my leisure time when all of my schoolwork and chores are finished for the day. Most of the time, I spend it watching TV. I make sure I finish my homework and chores ahead of schedule so that I can watch the shows when they come on at specific times. Otherwise, I’ll be missing them out. Mostly, I manage to catch the programs; however, due to additional assignments or chores, occasionally a show or two may be missed, but this is uncommon.

If I know that I’ll be late to see a program, I’ll just turn on the video recorder and tape it so that I may watch it later. Another pastime in my leisure time is to potter about the garden with my mother. She grows a lot of flowers, and I like assisting her with their care. It’s great to work in the dirt, trimming plants, removing weeds, and doing little things to help plants grow better. It’s fascinating to see seedlings germinate, sprout leaves, and ultimately develop into lovely blooms.

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Gardening also taught me a lot about the insects, butterflies, snails, caterpillars, centipedes, millipedes, and other tiny creatures that live in the environment. These organisms are typically non-harmful and watching them go about their daily business always amazes me.

I go for a walk with my friends on fine evenings when the weather is nice. This is when most of the neighbors have returned from work or school. We say hello to those we know, and they are generally pleasant individuals who greet us back. Unfriendly neighbors do appear on occasion, but we just ignore them and continue living our lives.

I read at night, generally for a few hours. Books are like little treasure troves; they contain a wealth of information and knowledge. All it takes is some time reading them is to find this out. This is unquestionably an excellent method to spend my free time. It’s time for bed after a bit of reading, and on to the next day.


Example 2

People don’t have as much time to amuse themselves nowadays as they used to because of their busy lives. Every day, most people have free time. Free time is when all of my schoolwork and chores are completed for the day, and I am free to do anything I like. Reading storybooks, gardening, and collecting stamps are some of my favorite things to do in my leisure time. It’s only after we’ve gotten our required rest that we feel as lively as we did before.

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I usually watch television for a while. As my favorite TV shows air at particular times, I make certain that I complete my homework and chores ahead of time so that I can watch them. Otherwise, I would be prohibited from seeing them. The majority of the time, I am able to view the programs; however, on rare occasions, extra assignments or chores might cause me to miss a program or two, but this is unusual. My favorite leisure activity is reading storybooks. I have many stories and other books in my collection. Collecting postage stamps is an educational pastime. When parents give their children money, they often give them stamps as well.

Another thing I enjoy doing in my spare time is to garden with my mother. She grows a lot of flowers, and I like assisting her with that. My modest garden provides us with vegetables and fruits for our meals. It’s a pleasure to feel the dirt, trim the plants, remove the weeds, and perform other nurturing tasks that aid in plant development. It amazes me every year as I watch seeds germinate, spread leaves, then develop into lovely blooms.

Music is also a source of comfort and relaxation for me. I don’t have a particular style of music that I like, it’s dependent on the performers. Learning about insects, butterflies, snails, caterpillars, centipedes, millipedes, and other tiny creatures that dwell in the area was another highlight of exploring around in the garden. These animals are mostly benign; viewing them go about their daily business always amazes me. Going on vacation is one of my favorite activities. Forests and mountains are among my favorite locations in my country because they provide seclusion but still allow for spectacular views.

At night, I usually read for a while before going to sleep. Books are like little treasure chests in that respect; they contain a wealth of information and knowledge. All it takes is some time reading them is all there is to it. We have various leisure pursuits, but I believe that everyone enjoys resting, unwinding, and doing things they enjoy most.


Example 3

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. The vast majority of our time is spent working and studying. The least amount of time is devoted to performing some free activities, which means it’s time for some fun. Watching movies, spending quality time with family, surfing the internet, playing a sport are just a few examples of free activities that not only make you feel good but also get you out of the house. So, what do we do in our leisure time? And how do you spend your leisure time? All right, now it’s your turn to talk about this.

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What are your favorite things to do in your spare time? Hanging out somewhere, asking someone out, or making a phone call are just a few examples. In my opinion, free leisure activities can be divided into two categories: free mental exercises and free physical activities. I’d like to start by discussing free mental activities; someone may choose any number of mental pursuits to de-stress in their spare time because they believe that using leisure time for tasks that enhance the mind, such as reading and doing word puzzles is important.

Simple activities like reading the newspaper, writing letters, going to a library, seeing a play or playing games like chess or checkers might all help your brain remain healthy. In my situation, I enjoy reading books during my free time; it is the most effective method for relaxing me. Books not only assist me in learning how to live honestly but also expand my understanding. Furthermore, reading books is like traveling across the world. I may learn more about other countries’ cultures by reading their novels. Getting them in books was for me the finest method of learning more about other nations because I could not afford to visit them.

First and foremost, I’d like to discuss free physical activities Sports are wonderful forms of physical activity. People who participate in sports have a more favorable body image than those who don’t. Sports frequently include bodily activities such as jogging, skating, snowboarding… What is the cause of this? Is this a beneficial or harmful development? In today’s world, everyone must shop. There are various reasons why individuals engage in retail shopping as a leisure activity rather than other hobbies.

In this essay, I’ll go through the benefits and drawbacks of hobbyism. Shopping is a popular pastime for many people. People want to be attractive in order to ensure that others must gaze at their costumes and accessories. They desire to try new clothes, cuisine, cosmetic products, and other things as well. Another reason is to look for a missing component of their wardrobe. Many people buy deer-related presents on their birthdays and anniversary.

On weekends, the majority of the family goes out to dinner and enjoys one another’s company. Children are eager to switch their phones for newer, more advanced functions. It is a source of joy and great fun. Some of the benefits of shopping are that consumers are aware of new goods and pricing on the market. It aids in better communication with others. People develop greater knowledge about various goods as a result of this practice. Communication skills with strangers improve as a result of this activity. nIt increases your understanding.

It’s more pleasurable than walking to the next shop to look for a specific item. People, on the other hand, become more addicted to shopping and incur greater costs and time expenditure. Psychological problems arise as a result of an unsatisfactory product. In a nutshell, there’s plenty of cause behind people’s hobby of frequent shopping.

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The benefits of shopping outweigh the drawbacks by analyzing both positive and negative development in terms of shopping advantages. People are having a better time shopping while in their free time. What do you do with your spare time? There are numerous options for spending your leisure time. I don’t have much free time myself. I’m getting ready for my next set of exams. However, on weekends, there are always some free minutes. Then, there are no major activities to perform on weekends.

Sometimes I just lie on the sofa and watch TV. I enjoy series films, such as “Friends.” I must confess that I also like soap operas to pass the time. In my opinion, you cannot learn anything from watching television, therefore I usually select stupid shows. On Fridays and Saturdays, I usually go out with my friends. Magda is one of my best friends; we often spend the day and night at her house. We go out occasionally to bars and clubs. As they are too costly for us, we do it seldom.

I enjoy visiting there anyhow. You may meet fascinating individuals, dance, or simply talk to your friends in such places. Another activity that I like to undertake is playing computer games. It’s quite amusing for me. If I had a free week, I believe I would play these games every day for 12 hours.

For me, it’s a fantastic amusement. It happens to me that I have no idea how to spend my leisure time; I merely lie in bed and sleep. I enjoy sleeping. When there are no people around me, I look forward to being alone in my room, when I can sleep till noon. The holidays are coming soon, and I’ve already made plans. For one week, I’m going to go to Mazury. There will be sailing and swimming for me there. Furthermore, with my father, I’m going on a trip throughout Germany.

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