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Home is Where the Heart is Essay

home is where the heart is essay

Example 1

Home is the place where individuals find peace, love, and solace, which are the essential desires of every human being. To understand the concept of home, one must accept the difference between a home and a house; a house is a physical structure made up of building materials whereas a home is an emotional structure made up of feelings.

A tired man after a day of toiling in the workplace feels peace at heart on reaching home in the evening to his dear ones. One cannot describe in simple terms the sense of relief he feels on pulling into the driveway after a week-long trip.

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Similarly, the love that is manifested through a quiet kiss on the cheek of a sleeping baby or the hugging hands of a caring wife or husband waiting at home is immeasurable. Likewise, home is a secure and cheerful place where individuals feel inner solace in the presence of their dear ones in a blissful ambiance. In other words, home is where the heart is as home alone is capable of giving a person his heart’s desires.

Home is where the heart is because home is the storehouse of peace that today’s fast-paced world is incapable of giving man. Peace of mind is the ability of an individual to manage conflict, both external and internal. The outside world that comprises one’s school, workplace, and immediate surroundings is constantly at war with his inner peace. At the same time, it is quite imperative that individuals depend on the external environment to a great deal in order to fulfill their everyday needs.

For people who are incapable of drawing peace from the outside world the only place from where they derive inner peace is their home, as a home is the place wherein live their dear ones who understand them more than anyone in the outside world. A home is not built of brick and mortar, but it is built of understanding relationships that always inspire the heart to seek it and enjoy peace and tranquillity. Needless to say, that home that always lies in wait with a lot of promises is the very reason that inspires individuals to undergo hardships and challenges of this world.

Home is where the heart is because home assures an uninterrupted supply of love throughout one’s life. Human beings cannot exist without loving others and being loved. This apart, love that inspires people to completely open up and share their life and feelings with them on a daily basis is the foundation of a home. No wonder, home is where one’s heart is as it is the only place one turns to when driven by the challenges of this world.

Healthy communication between individuals is a major indication of love. In other words, individuals who love each other have the freedom to share their minds and viewpoints without fear or compulsion. It is practically impossible for individuals to share their heart with anyone who is not part of their home. More importantly, home is the only place where one enjoys unconditional love. For instance, in the workplace and neighborhoods, an individual is loved for his contributions whereas home is the only place where he is loved for what he really is.

Home is where the heart is because home alone offers man ultimate solace. Also, it does not necessarily mean that home and family are synonymous and one derives ultimate solace from the family. A person feels at home and comfortable when pursuing his heart’s desire that gives him ultimate solace. For instance, while living with his dear ones at home, a person may feel comfortable reading or writing. In other words, wherever he sits for reading or writing, even far away from his family, is a home away from home experience for him.

Everyone, irrespective of being alone or with other family members, has a home and the mere thought of it makes them feel comfortable. For example, a coffee shop overlooking a beautiful valley may encourage a person to get immersed in memories that make him feel great. At the same time, some individuals who have no attachment with anything feel ultimate solace at all times, irrespective of the place they are in.

In brief, home is where the heart is because the heart has a reason to feel happy and fulfilled about only certain things in life, which could be a place, companionship, or possessing certain things that could make individuals find peace, love, and solace in this worldly life.


Example 2

In life, we all struggle and search for happiness and love. We are in a constant pursuit to find and hold onto the things that we hold dear to ourselves. This is much like the book The Odyssey. Odysseus was on a search to find his way back to the things that brought him peace and happiness. The book was very much like our own lives and though this supposedly happened hundreds of years ago, this is the same journey we live through.

From the beginning of the story, it seems as though Odysseus has reached a high in his life. His son was born and his wife was healthy. But, he was called away to battle. This was the ultimate hurt for him. He did not know what would happen to him or if he would even live. He still goes because he is an honorable man and fights the battle. When the battle is over they are to return home and try to do so.

They are beaten and worn from battle, but they keep going. They have no idea what they are about to experience. First, they land on the home of Cyclops and he eats some of the men.

They escape with a few gone and keep sailing. The god Aeolus sees this and decides to give them help. He gives them a bag of wind and tells them not to open it for he has given them fair winds for their journey home. The gods do this as a gesture of respect and help and expect the same thing back. Yet, not far from Ithaca and while Odysseus slept, the men open the bag and are blow away from Ithaca.

They have violated the gods and Poseidon is upset. So they are then wrecked on the island of the Laestrygonians, who are cannibals and some of the men are eaten yet again eaten. Yet, they keep sailing on. This time they landed on what appeared to be an uninhabited island, so Odysseus sends some men to find out what was going on.

A scurrying pig interrupts the leisure of the remaining men. They are very hungry and wanted to kill it, but another crewmember warns them not to. They follow the pig back and find beautiful women in an extravagant palace. This is Circe, and she has turned his men into farm animals. There was one way to get the men back and that was to sleep with her. So Odysseus gives in and does the deed. Circe has powers that Odysseus did not know about, she fed the starving men, anointed them with oils, and let them rest in her palace.

After what they thought was about five days that want to leave, now Circe decides to be truthful, it had really been five years. The men are outraged and in disbelief. They wanted to return home so badly. Circe begs Odysseus to stay, and he refuses. Realizing that he loved Penelope, Circe agrees to help them along their way. She tells them of the trips to Hades they must make and warns them of the obstacles on their way. She tells them that if they respect and listen to her they will make it home safe.

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So they repair the ship and set sail again. The crew makes their trip to Hades and regains some respect from the gods they have violated. So they make their way across the seas, they come upon the island of the Sirens; Odysseus was warned about their singing. Circe had told him to stop his men’s ears with wax or else they would be uncontrollably lured to the island of singing women.

So Odysseus listens and does this to his men, yet he binds himself to the bow of the ship. He tells one of his men that no matter what he says not to let him go. They sail past without mishap, although Odysseus was screaming to be freed. The gods are thinking that maybe finally they have learned their lesson, but there were a few trials left for them to conquer.

The men then preserved through the monster Scylla and the huge whirlpool Charybdis. They are extremely happy to have survived only losing a few men. But, the biggest battle is to come. The men are then shipwrecked on the island of Hyperion where the sun gods keep their cattle. Circe said that no matter how hungry they were, not to touch the cattle. After one month of being stranded on the island, and many months of not eating, the men go crazy.

They slaughter every cow in sight. They then sailed from the island, and the thunderbolts are thrown by Zeus drown everyone except Odysseus. Odysseus floats to Calypso’s island. Calypso offers Odysseus eternal life and many great things. After many years of begging, Calypso lets Odysseus free with a small raft. About this time Poseidon is returning from being elsewhere, he is angered and gives Odysseus harsh seas.

Odysseus landed on the land of the Phaeacians. They take him in and hear his tales. They also plan a mission to get the poor man back to Ithaca. Upon arrival, he hides out until it was safe for him to return and make an announcement of his presence. He does this by killing all of those who had betrayed him while he was gone. He is reunited with his wife and son. There is peace in Ithaca once again.

The story of Odysseus’s journey is much like the one we live in. We race to find and keep what we love. No matter how far we are from what we love and how hopeless it seems we still try to get back to what we love. Odysseus and his wife were separated for nineteen years, yet they still were devoted and loved one another. This is the strong bond of love and the journey of his life.

Yet, it is not only the journey of his life, it is also the journey of our lives too. We might not be in search of our wife and son, but we in search of something to love and hold dear to ourselves. This is a journey we will all make and hopefully succeed in. Home is where the heart is, it does not matter where or what that home is, but that is where your heart is.


Example 3

By definition, a house is a building built for habitation whereas a home is an abode built for one’s family. But a home is something more special than that. A home is a place, where you feel comfortable. A house is just shelter. A home is a place that one love’s to live in, but a house one just lives in. A home is built with a family, but a house has no intentions of family life. “A house belongs to you, but you belong to a home.” (C. Marks)

The first memory that I have of a home is waking up one cold Saturday morning in my bunk beds. I jumped out of bed, and went downstairs to the living room, and enjoyed breakfast by the fireplace with my family. One thing that I love about home is the feeling of safety and warmth.

There has never been a time when I have not felt safe in my home. The home also has a certain smell that is almost desirable. When I returned home for the first time after being at school, I felt great.

The first thing that I did after returning home was hugged by my parents and my dogs, then I went over to the living room and sat down on my couch. I felt as if the couch was giving me a big hug. My grandpa told me recently of the time when he returned from World War II. He said when he returned home not only did he kiss my Grandmother, but he also kissed the floor of his humble home. He said the old rhyme he it for so humble there is no place like home, really meant something to him.

I guess that a dorm room would be described as a home because it is just a temporary shelter. But my dorm room is trying to be the exception to this rule. Within the walls of my dorm room, there is a fully carpeted floor, with a stereo system and a personal computer. But these things are not the things that make my dorm room different. Sitting in the corner of the room is a blue recliner.

This chair is very special to me because it belongs to my Grandfather. Every time I would go to his home I would always sit in his chair. The chair is so comfortable that it is unbelievable. It also has a certain smell to it which is very similar to home.

There are also two wooden lofts that my roommate and I sleep in every night. These lofts were built by my dad and I the first weekend I went home. I got the measurements while he got the lumber. We spent one and a half days to build them. The following day we packed them up in the Bronco and took them back to school. After putting them up in my room it started to feel a little like home.

The poem The Death of the Hired Man, written by Robert Frost is written about a man and what he thought that his home was(Frost). I thought that the Hired Man always would leave this place called home at the most inconceivable times then returning with promises and ambitions of things that he would do to the home place. He did that same thing and as he grew older he became more tired from the work that he did.

Then one day when he came in after work, he told the old lady Mary, of the things that he planned to do. Then later that night the hired man died in his sleep. The poem was written very nicely but I just do not think that it really represented what home really is.

The poem Home by Edgar L. Guest is a poem about what a home is and what makes a house a home. He says in the poem that it takes a heap of liven in a house to make it a home(Guest). I agree with this a hundred percent. He says the home is not something that you can buy, it is something that you make.

A home goes through stages of growth. First, there is a couple who start the home out with love for each other. Then come the children with their love and laughter.

The house becomes more and more of a house to me living in it. Then as the children grow up and leave, they leave with wonderful memories which is another stage of the growth of a home. Then comes the last stage of growth, death. The poem Home represents the life that I would like to live. A simple life with children to love is what I am dreaming of.

In the article by Brendan Gill, there is praise for the poem The Death of the Hired Man and there are bad words for the poem Home. The article starts out with Gill saying that Guest does a poor job of differentiating a house from a home, and saying that Frost does an excellent job of doing this.

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Then Gill starts with a summary of The Death of a Hired Man that goes on forever. After the summary, he starts to tell how that the word “home” has become modernized.

This is where the article becomes a little more meaningful to me. I enjoy the way that he says “home equals buy” (Gill). Then as the article ends he relates to the ending of Frost’s poem. This is where he concludes by saying houses that are more than houses are homes.

As I sit in my room in the evenings I turn on the television and I commercial use of the word home. The commercial that I love the most is the M.I. commercial that says ” home is a two-letter word M.I”(M.I.). They are completely wrong! A home is a place where families sit together and enjoy each other’s company. I also think that the phrase mobile home is unfeasible. A home is a place that is always there.

Another word that gives me a hard time is a funeral home. There is no way a place filled with death could be a home.

As I think back on what home has meant to me over the years it would be mostly about family, friends, and love. It seems to me that these three things have always been a part of my home, and I hope that these three things will always be a part of my home. I believe that a home is what a person makes of it. If a person wants a home, a home is what a person has.


Example 4

Callie Morrison Professor Mazzolini English Comp. 101A February 17, 2012 Home is Where the Heart is They always say home is where the heart is. I never really knew what that meant until I got older. Home is always going to be there no matter what or where you go in life. Some people may consider home to be at their parents’ house, their own house, or living with someone else. It can also be someplace you really like or somewhere you spend a lot of time.

It may be many different places at the same time. You can consider a lot of places at home and still feel at home there.

Also, you should never forget where you came from and what home meant to you. Where would home be to me? The home would be in Pocahontas County, WV, in a little place called Buckeye. It is also known to be my parents’ house and where I grew up. Why do I love this place so much? For this reason, it has the most beautiful views and it is so peaceful and quiet.

It is way back in the country. It also overlooks the river and the mountains across the river. It also has a big field that has different species of wildlife in it.

There are also some beautiful animals that are around my mom and dad’s house. I love to sit there and watch the animals run, play, and eat. I also like to just go out and sit and think about things and just get away from everything for a little bit. It is everything that you would think of. What home means to me is family time. Spending time with my parents and my grandparents is why I love home so much. It is filled with so much love. Love is an important thing to me especially when my family is involved.

It also means that I can go anywhere on my parent’s land and I can have alone time to think about things and to help me with my homework, but it also helps me get away from all the craziness in life for just a few minutes. The home will always hold a place in my heart that will never change and it means so much to me and always will. Home has so much love, faithfulness, and support. I wouldn’t change where home is because it has so many memories that have been made and it has so much love in it that you can feel it when you walk in the door.

All the memories have been so amazing and I will never forget them. I have so many memories of my real mom and my dad. I also have memories of my dogs that have been my best friends and also my horses. My dad has also taught me a lot of things in his shop, trucks, and farm. My grandparents also told me stories about when they were little and when my great grandparents were little. It is where I was raised, and it will always be my home no matter where I go in life. I love it in Buckeye, WV. Buckeye, WV, has made me the person I am today.

It made me an independent person and it also helped me find where I was going in life and also how I was going to get there. For some reason, when I am able to retire I’m going to go back to Steven Hole Road and live there forever. It has also made me more respectful of little towns and the people in them. You learn to wave at everyone and you say “hey” or “hello” no matter if you know the person or not. If your neighbor, friend, or stranger does something kind or tries to help you the best way they know-how, you learn you will always do the same in return for them.

It may not be that same day, month, or year, but doing something will show how you were raised. You always know where you are going to Buckeye and you will hardly ever get lost. You always try to find your way out of places you get yourself into and you will always have someone by your side no matter how hard things get in life, always remember that, and most of those people will come from home.

Buckeye, WV, is someplace everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. It is so beautiful and has the most amazing home feeling. It is a place that will get in your blood and never get out.

Being from there is the best thing that has ever happened to me. It is the most amazing place I believe there is in West Virginia. My parents and grandparents have also taught me to be respectful and thoughtful of everyone else and not to put myself ahead of others.

Home has not changed at all for me, except for welcoming my beautiful baby girl Canden Reann Lambert into the family and going to college to make my life better, but I have so much support coming from Buckeye that is so amazing. If you are ever in Buckeye stop in and meet some of the nicest people you will ever meet.


Example 5

Many teenagers, at the age of 18, want to move out of their parent’s homes and gain independence. However, I wonder if they have ever thought about the meaning of living at home. After I read “On Going Home,” by Joan Didion, I realized that, to her, the home was a place where she spent her childhood.

Furthermore, the home was also a place full of memories with the family, according to Chang-Rae-Lee, the author of “Coming Home Again. ” As an international student who has living far away from home for three years, I used to ask myself what was the real meaning of home to me, and finally, I recognized that home was everything to me.

Home is defined by traditions of many different cultures, memories, affection, and forgiveness. According to Didion, the home was not only a place for her to spend her childhood but also a place full of love and peace when she came back after being in trouble in her marriage. That led her to state that “Marriage is the classic betrayal” (1). She wrote that her husband didn’t like her family, because he thought her family “live in the dusty house (he once wrote “D. U. S. T” with his finger on surfaces all over the house. Moreover, Didion’s brother, who didn’t understand anything of her husband, referred him, (in his presence, as Joan’s husband). That also led to a distinction between her and her family.

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She wrote, “some nameless anxiety colored the emotional charges between me and the place I came from”(2). Even though Didion had a hard time spending with her family, she still thought of her home was a place that she was born and spent her childhood with her family. Didion said that: “By home I do not mean the house in Los Angeles, where my husband and I and the baby live, but the place where my family is, in the Central Valley of California”(3).

She also proved that home was the place where she enjoyed many happy memories. By opening the drawer, her childhood was recalled through a bathing suit she wore in summer when she was seventeen, through “A letter of rejection from The Nation”, through “Three teacups hand-painted”, and through her grandfather’s picture. Consequently, the home was also the safest place for her after all. She said: “I go to visit my great-aunts We recall an anecdote about the relative last seen in 1948” (5). She was very happy and peaceful with every single moment she spent at home.

As a mother, she would like to give her daughter a home like the one she used to live in, a home with a family, with a cousin, with the river, with a happy time like her. However, she wasn’t sure about that because now people do not live like before, and it made her upset. In “Coming Home Again”, by looking back from his mom’s death, Lee showed that home was a place where he had a deep relationship with his mom, and also was a place where the culture went to his bond through his mom’s traditional food. When he was young, he used to stay by his mom’s side.

His mom used to learn how to cook American food, prepare food for him, and teach him how to play baseball. His mom also taught him about love lessons through some events, such as when Lee’s mom cook, she cut the short rib “the bond fell away, though not completely, leaving it connected the meat” and when he asked about that, his mom said “The meat needs the bone nearby. ” Through the food, Lee’s mom taught him that every member of the family needed each other, whatever happened to any member of the family, they need to stay by other’s side like meat and bone.

At home, he could feel his mom love, as he said: “my mother could say no to me and did often enough, but anyone who knew us-particularly my father and sister- could tell how much the denying pained her” (15). He also said: “She reminds me daily that I was her sole son, her reason for living, and that if she were to lose me, in either body or spirit, she wished that God would mercifully smile her, strike her down like a weak branch” (15). However, nothing was perfect in the relationship between Lee and his mother.

Lee still felt regret when he looked back some memories, such as when his mother asked him to call for the bank, he told her to call it by herself in an impolite way, or when he did not eat with her when she came on a picnic day with a lot of handmade food. Lee hurt his mom without recognizing its consequence. Even though Lee had done a lot of terrible things, his mom just cried and cried. She did not blame him for anything and was willing to give him all the best. She loved him until the very end.

Besides, according to Lee, the home was also a place where the culture went through his bone. Even though Lee had to study far away from home, he would never forget his culture. Because there was a very generous mother who always prepared a lot of cultural food for him and helped him find his way back to his culture. When his mom brought food for him, he opened a container of radish kimchi, he breathed the smell of it all in.

He said: “I ate and I ate, so much and so fast that I actually went to the bathroom and vomited. His mother was a firm bridge connecting Lee and his culture together. I’m an international student from Vietnam and have to live away from home.

Therefore, home is not only a place full of good memories but also a place that I’m in love with. I miss my dad, a strong man, finally, couldn’t prevent his eyes burst into tears while eating on my first day leaving home. I miss my younger sister who always listened and shared good things with me even though we had to live far away from each other.

I miss my mom who has called me almost every day just to make sure whether I was doing well on everything. They showed me how much they cared about me. Like Lee, I also used to do some bad things to my family. Whenever I had problems at school, I always got mad with my mom. I talked bad about my dad behind his back. I had many conflicts with my younger sister. However, beyond every mistake that I had made, they still forgave me if I recognized and said sorry to them.

My family helped me get better from my mistakes and helped me learn from them. Generally, both “On Going Home” and “Coming Home Again” stories helped me a lot in recognizing that home is full of memories, full of love, and happiness.

A home is also a place where every member of the family loves you for who you really are. Home is just a single word but contains many layers of meaning in it. No words can express how amazing home is and how it is significant to people. No place is better than home because home is the place where the heart is.


Interesting ideas

Is it weird that my boyfriend’s parents want him to buy the house next to theirs? I know a lot of people live by their parents, but I hope he chooses to live a little further away than right next to his parents. How do you approach your boyfriend about this situation without sounding ill towards his folks?

This is exactly the type of situation you watch very closely. This will tell you what kind of man your boyfriend is and if the two of you are a match.

I wouldn’t want to live next door to my in-laws or even my own parents. Heck, I wouldn’t want to live next door to my best friend. Close relationships need a little distance to stay healthy and thrive. If the two of you get married, you will have no privacy living next to his parents.

The quote is attributed to Gaius Plinius Secundas – Pliny the Elder – (AD 23 – August 24, AD 79), Como, Italy

it is lucky to live in one place if home is where the heart is,as abstract is obtruse to some as understanding is negligible when it is inconvenient , the heat skips a beat when you can’t see logic, or are surprised, be prepared to follow your heart into elsewhere if you can’t maintain complacency,so it doesn’t matter, as long as you are where your heart is, under the bridge or in luxuriously under the bridge!!

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