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Happiness Essay

Essay 1

This is what Albert Einstein once said, “There is no way to happiness; it is only a state of mind.” This phrase has been attributed to Buddha. At the very least, that’s what one sticker in my dorm room claims. Humans have long searched for the path to joy. Something occurred during our evolution that led us to question our purpose in life. People like Buddha are part of the answer, or at least they strive to offer an answer.

Since we’ve been perplexed by these things, many people have attempted to answer them, and as a result, distinct systems of thought and religion were created. Many will do extraordinary things in their quest for earthly pleasure, but if this energy is used incorrectly, it may cause a lot of pain.

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What’s the most effective method to determine which recipe for happiness is best and what we should focus on? The solution is that there is no correct option, as the opening line of this essay states. That’s how I figured it out; let me explain a little more.

When you think about it, the majority of the things that make us unhappy are material in nature. They are things we don’t require but that makes us feel wonderful. This idea isn’t just something the ancient Indian wise man from the 6th century BC said; many others have also stated it before and after him. Socrates, for example, and Jesus Christ are two more examples.

What I find fascinating in the battle for happiness is the contradiction inherent in the methods to obtain it. Throughout his life, one has a goal of being good and hardworking in order to acquire what he desires and needs later on. But once you start fighting for money, you discover that your life is turning into a money-grabbing game. As a result, all of your anxiety and rage is generated by the source of pleasure and stability. Obviously, we can see how some folks believed that everything material leads us closer to joy.

What if you love someone who is forbidden to you? According to the above advice, you should give up your heart’s desire, and you will be liberated from limitations. Is this happiness? Or is it the obligation of doing and achieving the almost unimaginable that gives us our greatest pleasure?

People often overlook that they are animals and, like all of them, have their own set of necessities. People are caught in the fight for existence like all other creatures, and surviving a day can be difficult if you get caught in the wrong situation. Men have created themselves safe from most of the things that might harm them in nature, but he has forgotten what he has accomplished.

Take a step back in time. Even a century ago, most people lost up to 80% of their children to diseases, clean water was a luxury for the vast majority of human existence, and people had to work hard to produce enough food throughout the year in order for everyone in their family to have enough.

The fact is that in this current age, we have a great deal to be thankful for, and the fact that some people are unhappy because they do not have all of their heart’s desires is simply evidence of our species’ immaturity. The only source of joy for a man is having all of his loved ones around him, under a roof with food to eat, and with family members who love you unconditionally.


Happiness cannot be found by casting away everything material or by making more money than you can spend. The trick is to find balance by looking in the mirror and around you, as well as learning that there is a lot to be grateful for.

As long as we are compiling a list of the conditions necessary for our happy existence, we will be dissatisfied since life does not provide what we desire. The most significant transformation in our lives generally comes from a simple shift in viewpoint rather than anything we may possess.

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Essay 2


Happiness is a state of emotional well-being in which a person is satisfied. Happiness may be recognized through joyful times and smiles. It’s an appealing sensation that everyone would like to experience at some point in their life. Situations, accomplishments, and other factors can impact one’s degree of happiness. Happiness is an inner quality that reflects on the mental state. A peaceful state of mind is considered to be happiness. The emotional condition of bliss includes joy, satisfaction, gratitude, euphoria, and triumph among others emotions.

How happiness is achieved:

Happiness can be achieved psychologically through a peaceful mental state. I’m talking about a stress-free mind here. Happiness can also be attained by accomplishing personal objectives. There is always pleasure associated with accomplishment, and they bring with them feelings of victorandom and satisfaction.

It’s critical to prioritize personal pleasure in life if one wishes to be happy. It is critical to have a high level of self-perception if one wants to be happy in life. Putting what makes you happy first rather than other people or things is the real quest for happiness.

People frequently let individuals down and putting them first always reduces happiness. There’s also the idea of practicing self-love and self-acceptance as a way of being happier. The key to happiness is loving oneself because it will make it easier not to put others before yourself when making decisions.

It’s critical to be in command of your thoughts. When thoughts are at rest, a tranquil emotional state is attained. It has been suggested that anything that generates a stressful mentality should be avoided.

Happiness is a personal decision that is determined by choices made. “Happiness is a choice,” according to popular belief because people have the freedom to decide whether or not they want to be happy. Happiness is a result of external factors; therefore individuals have the power to choose those outside events and avoid those that make them unhappy.

The kind of support system an individual has also played a role in determining how joyful one is. Having family or friends who are encouraging will aid in the attainment of happiness. It’s crucial to communicate and interact with the rest of the world.

Factors Affecting Happiness:

Sleep patterns have an impact on one’s mood, which in turn influences happiness. Always having enough sleep ensures that you start your day happy and refreshed, ready to take on the rest of your day. Sleep quantity also has an effect on a person’s appearance. There is pleasure in getting sufficient sleep. Adequate resting time improves performance and productivity, resulting in more triumphs and accomplishments as well as increased happiness.

Another aspect that impacts happiness is a person’s network of support. Having a strong family and social network provides more pleasure. Regular contact with neighbors, friends, and relatives helps to increase happiness. The instances of stressful events will be lowered if your family and friends are always available for help because your family and friends will be there for you every time.

Sex has been established to affect happiness. It’s no longer enough to discover the proper partner. It’s about finding someone who will make you happy. There is a relationship between sex and happiness because of the hormones secreted during sexual intercourse. Oxytocin is a hormone that causes pleasure due to its presence in the brain. Satisfaction also promotes closeness among partners, which leads to joy.

Happiness, like any other experience, is enhanced by money. Is it true that “money cannot buy happiness”? Personally, I believe that having financial stability contributes to happiness since you will always feel secure and accomplished.

It is possible for wealthy people to have peace of mind since they do not have any concerns and then, as opposed to impoverished individuals. Furthermore, a person may afford to participate in luxurious pastimes that relax the mind and bring joy if they are wealthy. To be affluent, a person must have many accomplishments throughout their life. These accomplishments make them happy.

A healthy person is far more likely to be happy. Since there are no worries about sickness or pain, a healthy individual will be pleased. When a person is in good health, their mind is at ease since they are not concerned about death or any other health issues. Not only the well-being of individuals but also that of their support network matters.

Because we care about them and are concerned whenever they are experiencing poor health, our friends and family’s state of health will always have an influence on what we feel as individuals. Conversation and contact are critical to a person’s happiness. Having a support system is insufficient; people must communicate and interact freely. More pleasure is felt when people talk and eat together during social gatherings. This notion may be observed in parties since individuals are constantly laughing and smiling while spending time with their buddies.

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Communication is important to happiness since it aids in problem-solving and stress reduction. After finding a solution, sharing experiences with a support system leads to a state of well-being. When I’m sad, I take my phone and call a friend or family member, and by the time the conversation is over, I always feel better and less anxious.


Happiness is a crucial emotion that influences how we live and feel on a daily basis. Happiness can be achieved in very simple ways. We are not restricted by external factors because of our freedom of choice. Things that contribute to one’s emotional well-being are the ones that impact one’s happiness. Every person achieves happiness in their own way since they know what makes them happy and what doesn’t.


Essay 3

In my opinion, happiness is the key to a meaningful and successful life. Happiness gives me optimism in the face of all of the sadness and hatred in the world. It provides not just for me but also for others’ hope and pleasure. We treasure it as much as we can because many people do not express happiness nowadays. We constantly hear about the terrible and suffering in the world around us, so few people now express joy.

Because I believe that joy may be carried by the tiniest of things, I try to remain cheerful and optimistic as much as possible. Because everything you hear about these days is the terrible news, having something to cling to and hope for might alter your perspective on a bad situation.

Looking back, I would have to agree with her. I believe that happiness is always in the back of our minds. All we have to do now is find a way to bring it out and transform our lives. Many individuals’ lives, including my family members, have changed for the better when they saw just a little bit of joy. Happiness is an emotion that cannot be destroyed if strong enough, no matter how much sadness or anger there is around you.

Happiness can come from the tiniest thing, such as listening to music, which may quickly alter my mood, or when I am doing something I love. It could be when you do anything well, or correctly and receive recognition for it for others. It is the simplest sensation in the world to be shared and distributed, but it is frequently neglected and forgotten about, which we should all be more conscious of.

On this date, my grandmother’s great-grandmother passed away from old age and Alzheimer’s disease. Despite the fact that all of my recollections with her are hazy, I will never forget the joy that radiated from her when you were present. You could frequently find her smiling even in her final days when she couldn’t recall her own children.


Essay 4

What is happiness, exactly? We may ask hundreds of individuals and receive many different answers. One person might describe it as being in love with someone else, while another would characterize it as having stability. For others, however, happiness is the opposite: unpredictability. To be happy for someone is to have a lot of money, while it is to be popular for others. In conclusion, there are numerous distinct ways of defining happiness.

Personally, I believe in happiness as simplicity and peace when my family and friends are healthy and happy. They all are dear to me and able to comprehend what is going on inside of me. I understand that they will be there for me whenever I need them. In return, I am prepared to give back. Because assisting others is something really significant and important, we experience pleasure when we aid people.

What is the definition of happiness? To me, it’s primarily a mentality; it means to be at peace with yourself and others. Happiness has many faces. Perhaps the best word to describe my joy as love is driven by our world is “love.” People create wonderful things in their work, hobby, or family. Love is life; therefore, I am happy when I realize that I live up to my potential.

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However, there may be individuals who are dissatisfied despite having everything to live a happy life. For example, teens with all they need to live a nice life, such as a healthy family and close friends, request their parents for the newest model of iPhone. In some circumstances, such as in this case when parents were unable to pay for it, teenagers might become unhappy. After all, one can be a successful leader and have millions of dollars and status without possessing a loving family or emotional well-being.

Material assets, in my view, are not an accurate barometer of happiness. Happiness is the capacity to be hopeful in the face of adversity and to successfully overcome it. Finally, difficulties should be viewed as opportunities for learning. Even the bad experiences may provide us with information, offer us a new experience, or direct us toward the proper path.

I think that happiness is something that each person must find for themselves. Furthermore, it is never too late to become happy. We have the ability to inspire and encourage others to be happy. Happiness may be found in a variety of places. People choose and prefer different sources for their enjoyment. It’s critical for individuals to appreciate every part of life, even the smallest ones.

We must value every experience, remembering that happiness is within us. After all, time goes by and we suffer as a result of not appreciating the time we had when we had the chance. As a result of this, living in harmony and peace with others, assisting those who require assistance, and avoiding activities you would be sorry for later are important strategies to discover happiness and make others happy.


Essay 5

“The difficulty is not to get caught in thinking about the past or the future. In fact, you simply observe what comes and goes in your thoughts and figure out which mental patterns give you a sense of well-being or misery,” Siegel said (26). The following day they awoke to will be filled with regrets for things they did not do because they spent as much money as they wanted in one day.

People’s happiness can rapidly fade away, but they are unable to achieve everlasting joy. In addition, we do not exchange money for satisfaction with ourselves. Happiness is a complex experience. It is based on the desire: the option of “one thing rather than another.”

Happiness is a sensation of warmth. We should protect and enjoy our own joy, as well as learn and appreciate with our hearts. In fact, the process of finding happiness is rather simple. When an optimistic person encounters a difficulty, it appears that they still maintain a smile on their face. Positive feelings have the ability to not only alter how someone thinks about things but also make them more likely to engage in activities they like.

Despite this, individuals strive for happiness. However, people occasionally neglect their feelings. At the same time, feeling sad causes us to feel unhappy without any of the joy or excitement that life has to offer. Happiness is a sensation since it can be perceived with our eyes and felt with our hands. As a result, we should forget about the past and enjoy life now.

When we are part of a crowd, our happiness is enhanced; however, we may not even be aware that pleasure is in our eyes. This implies you should go out and explore more so that you can enjoy the wonderful times of joy. We need to start by establishing a positive habit; it will make us feel better. Look for new options that can brighten up our life. It’s always nice to see a variety of elements, so we may make a change and create our own type of joy. Every person should value his or her life since each person’s life is unique. We must all put out some effort to preserve our lives.

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