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Freedom Essay

Freedom is a word that can mean different things to different people. What freedom means to me is the freedom to do what I want, when I want, and how I want without being told otherwise. It’s the freedom from control by others over my life. Freedom also refers to power or authority granted as a privilege rather than an obligation. For example, freedom of speech grants permission for someone to speak freely without fear of retribution or censorship from other members in society who may disagree with their opinions on certain topics such as politics and religion.

Essay 1

What is freedom, and how do you achieve it? Is it an inalienable right? We are intended to be free. Freedom is defined from a variety of viewpoints and varies from culture to culture. Some believe that freedom is a natural right inherent in humans. Everyone desires independence and liberty from others. Freedom is the ability to do anything one want, live where one wants, eat what one wants, learn what one wants, and adhere to a religion of choice without infringing on or affecting other rights.

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How can we live without being slaves? In my view, we may live freely by also respecting the rights of others to do so. The rights of individuals with whom we interact in our society must not be neglected. We cannot just do whatever we want and ignore other people’s feelings. The importance of giving consideration to other people’s rights should not be overlooked.

Freedom is our natural right.Everyone values freedom. If someone is deprived of this innate liberty, he or she will feel like a worthless person. I can think freely when I have freedom, go where I want, and express my opinion without fear of people who would despise it. Freedom of expression is one of the most essential elements of personal freedom. In some countries where the authorities do not guarantee freedom of speech, intellectual inventiveness is strangled and buried.

The greatest and most serious losers of this lack of originality are society as a whole and the individual. If individuals appreciate one another, freedom of speech will never cause people to hate one other. As I previously said, freedom is not an absolute right; there are certain limitations on it. In the first place, our civil liberties, including national security, which is critical. Security is just as essential as liberty. We should never jeopardize our nation’s security when we practice our freedom.

Furthermore, we have the right to believe in and practice any religion we choose. We also deserve the right to establish our own places where we may freely carry out our religious rituals.

Historically, there has been considerable evidence that humans are born free and that he will fight as long as he lives to regain his natural right to be a free man. The western culture protected its own people’s freedom, occupying poor nations and depriving their citizens of their rights, including the freedom to choose. As a result, these impoverished countries fought without cease to recover their autonomy and freedom from foreign domination. A violation of one’s rights is not an act that is considered noble by society. Since God endowed us with this liberty for nothing, we must do all possible to protect it and keep it.

Depriving someone of his freedom is one of the most shameful methods to punish a person. When one goes to jail, he is denied his freedom, which makes him unhappy, which is the goal of punishment. Freedom can not be appreciated properly unless one has felt the sting of deprivation; then he will value freedom greatly.

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Freedom is not absolute. Freedom must be restricted. You can’t just do anything you want and say “I’m a free man.” You can’t murder, smuggle drugs, or break freedom laws and regulations for the sake of it. There should be respect for others’ needs and desires. When two men were standing side by side, someone lifted his own hand and touched the other’s nose, to which the latter objected, to which the former responded: ” I am free,” this was a shock to the latter who had been waiting with an insult worse than that of his opponent.”

“The freedom of your hand stops at the point where my nose begins,” says Kukla. Yes,the freedom of one person ends where the freedom of another begins. Parents have a duty to instill in their children a passion for liberty. They must plant in them a love for freedom and free thinking. However, they should be restricted by reasonable limits. We may regulate their actions without fear of criticism from our child’s friends if we do this.

Adolescence is a time to explore and discover oneself. For building a strong character and sturdy personality, teenagers need freedom. They want to spend their time with friends, do whatever they choose, or do nothing at all. They want to try everything that life has to offer. If children are given total freedom without boundaries, they may run away and get lost at the bottom of the hill. As a result, we must monitor their actions teach them what is right and what is wrong and limit them only when necessary.

Supervision, therefore, is not generally seen as a limit or constraint on freedom; it is critical for the protection of one’s life. Freedom alone might lead to undesirable behavior and cause societal damage. The most essential thing we must consider is how we may use our freedom without endangering our security. In terrible situations like terrorist attacks, limitations on liberty may be put in place for the general safety of the community, but this is only a limited time restriction that will expire once the catastrophic condition has passed.

Freedom is a natural right for humans. Nothing should interfere with our freedom, nor should we be deprived of it. Freedom must never infringe on the rights of others; it may not, for example, cause harm to another person’s health or property. We must safeguard everyone’s freedom in society in order to enjoy our own.

Essay 2

A traffic light is a good metaphor for free speech, press, and religion. By-laws are always in flux, and everyone must comply with them. What exactly is freedom? Freedom is the ability to do anything one desires without fear of government intervention or constraint. So, are we really free if our freedoms are restricted?

Personally, I think the Bill of Rights’ freedoms are valuable. However, it is a polarizing issue, and everyone’s case will be different. “Congress shall make no law establishing a religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.

Consider Gregory Lee Johnson. Johnson went out and burned a United States flag because he felt it was protected by the First Amendment. The Supreme Court delivered its final ruling in Texas vs. Johnson on June 21, 1989. The court ruled in favor of Johnson. They acknowledged that while the act is considered bad, it is nevertheless legally protected by the First Amendment.

The power to start a company is often limited by legislation; but, if the government and judiciary were removed from the equation, it would be possible. Even though there’s no evidence that this will happen in 2019 or 2020, some experts predict that cryptocurrencies cannot only survive but flourish. On the other hand, some governments want to limit their use while others ban them completely. All of these factors contribute to why Bitcoin has lost its value so far in 2019. The same court case was also about freedom of speech and religion.

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In the tiny village of Negrete, Louisiana, a little boy was tormented for not being Christian. Lane is a Buddhist who was forced to do things against his religion by school officials in Negrete, Louisiana. The complaint even claims that “school authorities have had a long-standing tradition, policy, and practice of promoting and instilling Christian beliefs.”

The school had a picture of God hanging in the hallways. The instructor of the young boy was a science teacher who only taught about how God created the Earth. This is one of many situations that helped to eliminate religion from schools. Was it for the better? We’ll look at a case about freedom of speech in the final section of this chapter.

Essay 3

It’s not unusual nowadays for people to discuss about the tyranny of the United States government because many mistake the right to liberty for the right to freedom. The US Constitution begins, “We, the People of the United States…to secure our own prosperity and freedom,” clearly spelling out “Liberty” rather than “freedom.” What’s the difference?

Freedom and liberty are often used interchangeably, but they have distinct meanings. Freedom entails that the decisions are unrestrained by any outside influences, whereas liberty refers to freedom constrained by external constraints. Liberty ensures a stable democracy since it allows people to act, but it also allows the government to regulate anybody who exercises his or her rights in a way that endangers society.

In George Orwell’s novel, the government is referred to as Big Brother; Goldstein is labeled a traitor by Big Brother because he objects to the three government slogans: “War is peace. Freedom is slavery.” (Orwell, 6) “Goldstein was giving his usual vitriolic critique on the Party – and he was attacking Big Brother, calling for freedom of speech, press, assembly, thought and even death – but none of this was illegal because there were no longer any laws.” (Orwell 16:9)

How could Big Brother be a functioning democracy while it tramples on one of the four essential values of democracy, “Protection of individual rights to freedom of speech, press, religion, petition, and assembly,” as well as “the people’s right to know what their government is doing in their name”? (Turner 7) Nothing was spoken about anything the government did not agree with without being taken away to jail, tortured, or murdered. How can a viable democracy exist when it disregards one of the four fundamental democratic ideals: “protection of individual rights to freedom of speech, press, religion, petitioning and assembly?”“The Party is in full control of all records, and it has complete control over the minds of its members, therefore the past is whatever the Party decides it to be,” wrote Orwell.

Essay 4

It is one of the most prominent theories on consciousness and personal identity, according to Sigmund Freud, in which the distinction and inherent connection between consciousness and unconsciousness are established. Sigmud believes that there is little if any need for us to identify what is commonly regarded as conscious; it has the same meaning as philosophers’ and ordinary people’s consciousness.

As a result, we consider every other idea or thing to be unconscious so long as it exists solely in our mental apparatus. We are thus urged to make distinct divisions in the unconscious, for some processes are naturally conscious to the extent that they can be readily recovered or recollected.

This emphasizes the fact that consciousness, in its broad sense, is a very evanescent condition, which implies that whatever is conscious exists for only a brief period of time. As a result, everything else unconscious may be viewed as having the potential to go conscious or even as pre-conscious.

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It is clear that being conscious of my personal endowments, talents, and gifts, in addition to the huge knowledge and skill in executing my business goals and objectives, would nothing keep me back from achieving my planned vision of diversifying my investment operations to include a broad range of worthy returns.

A decision to sell oneself is a serious matter. It requires self-education and self-awareness, as well as the strength of character that comes from knowing one’s worth in life. Confidence can often be developed through action or inaction (Perera, 2010, p. 1).

Deterministic notions of human freedom have been ridiculed for their lack of explanatory power and predictive value, yet evaluations and analysis that they are far less advanced than in-deterministic theories, because they give us little or no help in understanding our lived experiences. The fact is that we always accord epistemological precedence to these determinist ideas over the testimony of our lived experiences (Chaffee, 2008, p. 1).

As a result, hard determinists believe that virtually all events, including human actions, are caused to some extent by external factors overpowering the power of free choice. If it is born out of internal personal motives rather than external influences , human action may be regarded as “free.”

In order to demonstrate a working understanding of deterministic theory of human freedom, it is apparent that being dedicated and determined to leverage my personal endowments, talents, and gifts would allow me to surmount any barrier and realize my desired vision of diversifying my investment enterprises to include a broad range of positive returns (Morrison, 1997, p.1).

Such a decision would not only raise my company reputation, but it would also be the finest objective and maxim that I could adopt to help me reach new heights of business success and provide financial stability for all future projects as a result.

Essay 5

“People everywhere should be able to expect freedom of religion, speech, fearlessness, and material prosperity.” This quotation, which is taken from FDR’s Four Freedoms Speech of 1941, initially appears to be in agreement with you. However there are a few loop holes that catch the attention after further study.

For this idealistic affirmation to be true, the world must think as one, act as one, and have the same objectives. With these thoughts in mind and small modifications, this statement may become a real objective that we as a world and nation should strive for together. Along with “people all over the world,” there’s the notion that America has a responsibility to ensure that these rights are safeguarded.

It is true that American history is filled with examples of individuals who have responded to challenges abroad. Theodore Roosevelt, among other people, felt that as a global superpower, the United States had a duty to assist resolve international issues. (Tindall and Shi pg. 765) All too frequently, the appealing notion of America as a champion for social justice and equality is twisted and perverted, leaving us open to criticism.

We have a natural proclivity to work things in our favor, rather than the other parties concerned, which is evident from how we conduct ourselves. In reality, the decision to get involved is made with each glance in the mirror. Will this dispute end up harming us if we allow it to continue? Culturally, environmentally, and socially speaking, other countries operate differently than we do.

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