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Facebook Essay

The facebook essay is a facebook “page” that was created by two college students, and it has gained popularity as the facebook equivalent of an academic paper. The facebook page is not meant to be taken seriously, but instead it aims to poke fun at the facebookers who are so obsessed with their profiles. This type of project can be seen as being largely successful because people have been talking about the essay on blogs and social media sites. It also points out how influential facebook can be in our lives today.

Essay 1

Facebook is one of the most widely used social media networks in today’s society. Facebook has grown to be extremely popular as a result of its various applications and ease of interactivity it provides to users. It allows you to post photos, happenings, and status updates in one spot.

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Facebook has several advantages, including the ability to create groups, communicate with friends, and obtain information on a variety of topics. Because there are so many pages covering a wide range of themes, such as health, education, science, exercise etc., Facebook is also very educational. It’s also an excellent way for family members, pals, and relatives to keep in touch using a single site.

Users can now connect to Facebook through their phones, which is another example of the company’s expansion into new platforms. The use of mobile phone technology such as GPRS enables users to access Facebook from almost anyplace in the world. As a result of this function, Facebook has become extremely popular among today’s youngsters.

Staying connected has never been so simple and effective than it is on Facebook. With a single Facebook account, you may now converse with friends and family members as well as family members. The video calling feature, which was just introduced to the online chat program, has gained a lot of popularity. Not only can one talk to individuals, but also see them live via this video chat function.

Individuals no longer have to miss out on the connections they care about most. Users may use a single Facebook account to perform numerous tasks at once. The online gaming portal provided by Facebook is another important feature. There are hundreds of thousands of games on Facebook, and one may play them at any time. The social aspect of playing these games with friends is what makes them interesting.

The most popular Facebook games are Poker, Diamond Dash, Zuma, Farm Heroes Sage, and others. Users may interact with friends and engage in healthy competition when playing these games since they allow them to connect with their pals and compete. There are no additional fees for users to play any game on the site for free. Facebook is becoming a very successful platform not just for making new friends and reconnecting with old ones, but also for access to worldwide and local news. Most of the news and media organizations have established personal Facebook accounts.

This function has helped Facebook in two ways. First, it has endowed the site with educational and purposeful qualities. Second, Facebook is now a marketing platform for many well-known brands. Today, one may simply access all of the renowned international businesses on Facebook. On Facebook, several little firms have achieved financial viability and fame. People who do not have access to start their own business have launched their items on Facebook, gaining both monetary success and renown.

People can purchase practically anything on Facebook, from shoes to luggage, accessories, clothing, phones, computers, and other gadgets. Many of these internet retailers allow you to make online payments and send goods to the buyer’s home. People may use Facebook in a variety of ways including playing games, chatting with friends, video conferencing, marketing, purchasing and selling. Facebook is no longer limited to a social networking platform for keeping in touch with family and friends.

It has evolved into a platform for online marketing for customers. When used correctly, Facebook is an excellent tool for a variety of applications with minimal cost and significant advantages to the users.

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Essay 2

We currently live in the “technological century,” and science and technology are being developed like a rain shower, people do their utmost to fulfill human needs. Internet in general and social media in particular are useful tools. There is no doubt that Facebook has become one of the world’s most popular social networks, with over 1.3 billion active users in June, 2014 (Wikipedia).

“It was built to accomplish a social purpose: to make the world more open and connected,” says Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (google). “While Facebook is undoubtedly a useful service, it is still ‘a double-edged sword.’” First and foremost, Facebook is a social network that connects people from all over the globe, allowing us to meet new individuals from other countries.

For example, if you’re chatting with someone you’ve never been acquainted with before or only recently became friends with, there are no mutual friends, and the scanning software searches for certain terms present in past collected chat records from criminals, relationship analysis, and phrase material must all add up before a Facebook employee reviews communications and decides whether to notify the cops (

Facebook, on the other hand, was named in murder investigations, rape investigations, child sex allegations, assault accusations, kidnapping rumors, death threat reports, witness intimidation concerns, and fraud allegations.

Essay 3

Within our global society, social media has a significant impact. It allows people to connect with each other, remain in touch with old friends, and offer society the opportunity to learn more about your interests and hobbies. Since its creation in 2004, Facebook has dominated the social media sector.

Facebook has made billions of dollars in the worldwide market recently. According to Shandi Raice, Facebook’s value will reach 140 billion dollars by 2015. In 2010, Mark Zuckerberg was named Time magazine’s Man of the Year. Zuckerberg started Facebook in his Harvard University dorm room and it went viral quickly.

There are several concerns regarding Facebook, such as privacy and censorship. First, I’ll discuss the privacy problems with Facebook. This social networking website enables users to personalize information on their profiles, allowing the website to send them material that would appeal to them.

Facebook only sends information that it believes the user will enjoy. Facebook parses the user’s various interests and presents them in an easy-to-read website page known as a “news feed.” This news feed simply shows material that Facebook thinks the user will like, but it blocks data that the user would not be interested in.

I was, for example, reading newspaper stories that had been published by many of my conservative friends on Facebook. I have one liberal friend who occasionally provides us with fascinating viewpoints on current politicians. Because I was reading conservative material on Facebook, the site only offered me content from a conservative perspective.

Because I was reading certain articles, my consumption of information was restricted. When I went to look for certain people or events, this censorship was also in place. This unintentional curtailing has a toxic influence on society since it restricts other people’s different sources and viewpoints.

Essay 4

“In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook as a college project. “ Between Fall 2005 and Fall 2006, Facebook expanded to include high school networks before expanding to the general internet population in 2007.” (Valenzuela, Park, & F. Kee, K 2008 p 5) Today’s Facebook is a well-known networking phenomenon that has taken the whole world by storm of all ages from children to grandparents. It is an online community where we may interact with one another, communicate, link up with others, and learn more about each other over time.

Nodaway, Facebook has grown to be an important part of our lives. It is assisting us in keeping in touch with your friends and family, but it is also harming us. However, there are several advantages as well as drawbacks associated with using Facebook in society.

The first thing to consider is that Facebook offers two significant advantages. The first benefit is that it allows people to video chat, message, wall postings, chatting, and sharing photos and videos with their friends, coworkers, schoolmates, and family members. “My cousin in Vietnam whom I haven’t seen since I moved to America discovered my real name on Facebook.” As a result, I may now keep up with my entire family back home through Facebook.

I’m quite happy with Facebook. It’s a fantastic website that I visit frequently. I occasionally look at my cousin’s profile to see what she has to say about her life, and it makes me feel good. This is a wonderful method of communicating your feeling and receiving feedback from friends’ reactions toward your sentiments on Facebook. The ability to interact with consumers online by maintaining a strong relationship with them, selling products or services, or promoting goods or services is another advantage of using Facebook.

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Aside from the benefits, Facebook also has a common disadvantage: people spend too much time on it. When you make new friends on Facebook, they’ll most likely chat with you, update your status, and become fascinating to you. “While doing homework, my sister keeps her eyes glued to Facebook every 5 or 10 minutes to see if any of her friends have updated their statuses.”

This is why you can’t concentrate on your homework or at work if you have a Facebook account. As a result, many individuals will not realize how much time they have spent on an addictive social networking site. They may accomplish several responsibilities, such as housework, reading a book, doing homework, assisting those who require assistance, and other worthwhile activities with the amount of time they have.

Finally, there are several disadvantages to using Facebook that many people encounter. Viruses and scamming one’s professional life are two examples of these typical difficulties. These problems affect everyone in some way or another. Today, there are numerous hackers that send out links such as “Click here to learn more” or “Want to get money for free? Click here to discover more,” among other similar web addresses. If you click it, the hackers may steal your account information or infect your computer with a virus.

Obstructing your career is another popular theme, particularly if you are applying for a job. Employers search for applicant’s social networking website profile page to assess their humorous photos or terrible posts if you apply. They don’t want to hire someone who is a bad individual, so they will not offer you an employment opportunity.

To summarize, like Facebook, I can use social media such as Facebook to keep in touch with my family and seek assistance from my friends. Furthermore, when I’m at work or at home bored, I may look up a game, chat with people, and read other people’s statuses. On the other hand, there is a disadvantage of utilizing Facebook: you might be wasting time because Facebook is a highly addicting online social network. Many individuals nowadays use Facebook on a daily basis not just as a diary but also to help them share their personal lives.

Essay 5

In less than ten years, Facebook has grown from a Harvard University student’s project to a worldwide phenomenon. Although the site is still in its early stages, it has already surpassed one billion members. There are two sides to every coin, and there are many opinions on Facebook. The most significant question of all is how Facebook influences your life. In reality, there are several benefits of using Facebook. It has become far more useful than email or phone calls since it is free.

Telephones may be pricey, especially long-distance calls. When it comes to e-mails, people take longer to respond. As a result, Facebook appears to be the greatest option for keeping in touch with friends and family, as it allows users to submit photos, create status updates and comments, exchange private messages, and so on.

Facebook is ideal for reconnecting with old pals. When a friend goes away to a new location, we seldom have the opportunity to communicate with him or her. We may now discover and re-connect with our ex-classmates, schoolmates, former teachers, college buddies, and so on via Facebook. Through Facebook, we may express our feelings and what’s going on in and around our daily life. We can also get feedback from our friends. It’s the greatest method to express your feelings and ideas with others.

There are several drawbacks to using Facebook. Some individuals become hooked and spend too much time on Facebook updating their status, commenting on other people’s statuses, uploading photos, and chatting with their friends. Pursuing other interests such as sports and games, reading, spending time with family, and so on may help them spend their time more productively.

Another disadvantage of Facebook is that it may encourage fake profiles. Some people created phony accounts and used them to abuse and bully others. In the end, the victim was compelled to report the crime to authorities. In some extreme situations, victims have committed suicide.

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In conclusion, Facebook is beneficial if utilized correctly. It allows us to interact with a large number of friends, both old and new, but we must be wary of all of them. One should also be cautious about what he or she posts on Facebook in order to avoid being blackmailed or sabotaged in the future.

Essay 6

With hundreds of servers in operation, Facebook is one of the most well-known social network sites. Despite its popularity, Facebook has approximately 9 million users. There are several opinions about Facebook, both good and bad. But, at the end of the day, how does it compare to one’s life? In reality, there are a slew of benefits to participating on Facebook.

The most common reason for people to join Facebook is to keep in touch with their friends and relatives. Because Facebook is available for free, it has surpassed electronic mail and phone calls in terms of usefulness. Long-distance phone calls might be costly, especially if you’re calling from out of state. E-mails, on the other hand, often take a long time for the reader to respond.

Facebook is the most popular method for individuals to keep in touch with their friends and family, which is achieved by taking photographs, updating their status and comments, sending private messages, and so on. Facebook is recognized to be one of the most effective methods for reconnecting with old friends. We usually do not have the opportunity to speak with our friends when they relocate to another location. Now that Facebook has overcome this limitation, we may locate and re-connect with our ex-classmates, schoolmates, former instructors, college buddies, and so on.

We are permitted to express our emotions and what is going on in and around our daily lives via Facebook. We may also receive fast feedback from our friends. It’s the ideal method to communicate your feelings and thoughts with others. Facebook, on the other hand, has attracted a lot of criticism and does not come without risk. Some individuals (especially teenagers like us) become addicted and spend a significant amount of their leisure time using Facebook to update their status, comment on other people’s statuses, take photographs, and chat with their friends.

However, with a little creativity and innovation on your side, you may transform this time into something more productive: sports and games, reading, going out with family, and so on. Another dark aspect of Facebook is the fake profile. Some individuals create and employ phony profiles to insult and harass others. To protect himself from online abuse, the victim was compelled to file a police report. In some extreme circumstances, the victim has been driven to suicide.

Cyber-bullying On Facebook. Cyber bullies can grow rapidly. They may harass and/or gang up on one person more easily than they could in a school environment. There aren’t any moderators patrolling the chat room to make sure people aren’t saying anything offensive. Anything may be said; there are no limits. More than half of parents (56 percent) have Facebook accounts and check their children’s profiles, according to an online poll by Common Sense Media (CSM). In my experience, this form of bullying occurs frequently, whether it’s about race, appearance, intellect, or other factors. Facebook is more dependable if utilized properly.

It allows us to get in touch with a lot of individuals, both old and new, but it’s important to remember that not all of them can be trusted. Also, one must be cautious about what they post on Facebook in order to avoid future blackmailing or sabotage. I believe that Facebook is an excellent platform; however, overuse might give you an overload similar to your malfunctioning computer. As a result, we must make good use of it carefully and cautiously, ensuring that we do no harm to the environment.

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