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Dream Job Essay

dream job essay

Example #1

For me, the perfect dream job would be a team manager of the Green bay Packers. To even think of standing next to the “man-beast” named Gilbert Brown would be a dream itself. To be able to shake Antonio Freeman’s hand after a good catch, have eye contact with Ahmad Green after he just scored six against the Buccaneers, hand Bret Farve the game ball, it would be just what the doctor ordered.

I would love to step foot on Lambeau Field in the cold of winter, to talk strategy with the head coach Mike Sherman. Even to live in a town like Green bay, the whole city is involved with the packers in one way or another.

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The middle school’s name is Lombardi Middle School; the whole town worships the Packers just as much as a god. The whole town consists of fans, if you’re not a packer fan; you are considered an outcast and constantly heckled. The team is what binds the town together; all different races, ages, and gender, everything is brought together.

I can’t say the same about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which is the most rag-tag bunch of not athletic humans ever seen on the face of the earth. Even that steroidal monster, Warren Sapp is a pitiful sight enough. To have the Packers beat the Buccaneers would be the peak in my dream job.

To watch Brad Johnson get his sorry excuse for a body slammed into the ground by Santana Dotson over and over again till his body broke into two would be heaven to my eyes. To listen as Keyshawn Johnson get the air knocked out of his drug-hounded lungs by Bernardo Harris would be music to my ears.

Ergo, working for the packers would make me die a happy man, although the rest of my family are Buccaneer fans, I know I can still stand strong with the green and gold as I watch the Pack violate the Buck’s pride and honor.


Example #2 – My Dream Job – Become a Chef

My name is Kenneth Jerome Verrette, I am 23 years of age. I am currently attending The Art Institute of Dallas acquiring my Associate in Applied Science under Culinary Arts. I was always in the kitchen as a kid. I love to cook a variety of foods. There have only been a handful of dishes that I have prepared that were not up to par. I chose to take a cooking class in high school over other electives.

So let see why I was destined to become a chef from a child. I love to cook. Growing up, I would always be in the kitchen, and it didn’t matter as to whose house that I was in. I would always ask if there was something that I could do to help out. I remember one Thanksgiving when I was at my Grandmother’s house and it was my job to make the mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes.

I think that was some of the most fun that I have had in the kitchen. It ended up being the hit of the evening. When I got out of high school I didn’t touch the cooking side of things for a couple of years. I actually specialized in weapons and missiles while I was in the military. But when I got out because I got disabled I knew that I had to go to school because I couldn’t sit behind a desk again.

I had done that before and I knew that I couldn’t sit behind a desk for 8 hours a day or more, I needed to be active. The day that I went to look into enrolling in this school, the individual gave me a tour of the school. When we got back to his desk and I knew that I was going to enroll and I signed the papers and knew that I just entered the career that I was destined to be in. I love to cook.

I have cooked many different dishes from around the world and I am always interested in new dishes to cook at home with my girlfriend. It is always fun cooking something new and tasting it for the first time after it has been prepared. I go out to eat occasionally and the food is good but there is something better about eating at home something that I have prepared myself.

I would much rather cook at home 3 meals a day than go out to eat. When I was in my sophomore year in high school, I was asked to take an elective and I remember seeing the cooking class on the paper. I remember saying to myself that was the class that I was going to take before I had even looked at the other classes that there were to offer.

The whole time that I took that class I had a blast. I remember when we had to make something and bring it into class for everyone to taste. I made chocolate pancakes that had chocolate chips in them because I knew that I could make them well and they were my favorite.

When I brought them into class they were eaten up within minutes of being uncovered. It made me very pleased knowing that they were that good. As you can see from a child I was destined to become a chef. From all of the times of being in a kitchen, from the class that I took in high school, to getting out of the military and enrolling in this school. I just couldn’t get away from the kitchen. Cooking was my career from the start.


Example #3

Hello, my name is, today I will be talking about my dream job or my future job if i could say. my dream job is to be a physicist, an physicist is an expert in physics, and sometimes even dealing with living organisms.

But there are many different types of physicists out there. there are Particle Physics, Astrophysics, Theoretical Physics, Mechanical Physics, Quantum Physics well known as (Quantum Mechanics) lastly there is Biophysics. But the type of physicist I want to be is to be a particle physicist.

The idea is that all matter is composed of elementary particles dates to at least the 6th century BC. A particle accelerator is the accelerating subatomic particles to high velocities by means of electric or electromagnetic fields.

The accelerated particles are generally made to collide with other particles, either as a research technique or for the generation of high-energy X-rays and gamma rays. a gamma-ray is the penetrating electromagnetic radiation of shorter wavelength than X-rays. but the world’s biggest in a particle accelerator is called The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) for short It was built by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), which is located in the northwest suburbs of Geneva on the Franco-Swiss border.

This is located in Europe But the reason why I want to be a particle physicist is I always found it very interesting since when I watch that documentary about the partial accelerator in CERN which was on the discovery channel and maybe a little bit because of the big bang theory as well. But ever since then I always wanted to be a particle physicist I know it takes a lot of years in college because you have to get your Ph.D. but I’m willing to risk that.


Example #4 – My Dream Job in Promoting Green Communities

At this point in time, I find the world of sustainability overwhelming. There are many possibilities in so many fields of study and application. Every time I research sustainable practices I gain more knowledge that can be applied in so many facets.

So, I not sure currently what my dream job in the field of sustainability. I know that I want to be an advocate for a sustainable world and I like the idea of promoting green communities. I like the idea of “farm to table” services and sustainable forms of food production. But I also, like the idea of natural methods of remediating water and soil resources.

Many of the interests in the sustainable field that I listed, I do not currently have the skill-set to apply. To complete the homework assignment, I did choose an interest that fits the skill-set that I currently possess and applies the theories of sustainability in an educational sense.

Nature-based learning is not just about teaching future generations to be good stewards of the earth. It is about the development of the whole child through the interconnections of their earthly origins. The methodologies of nature-based learning are about the total emersion of academic development and human development. It is a venue in which all learning styles are addressed, and the 5-senses are actively engaged.

The nature-based curriculum provides a cornucopia of learning pathways wherein which a child becomes a full participant in their own educational process and are confidently able to own their own deductions.

The outdoor classroom engages the mind, body, and soul. Children are given the freedom to use boundless discoveries in an outdoor environment to develop their imagination, ability to self-express, gross and fine motor skills, critical thinking, social interaction, and other learning developmental mile-stones.

Nature-based learning is not only an application for holistic learning for the learner it is also, a vehicle for preparation for living in a sustainable world. This current generation is on the cusp of a future in which sustainable practices will be a normal application in every aspect of life.

Through nature-based learning, children will be able to make direct physical connections with the elements that make up natural and man-made resources that are used daily. Children will also develop a greater understanding of the interconnections and impacts that human populations have on the earth’s ecological processes.

The oracle of this holistic approach to learning is the nature-based educator. The Nature-Based Educator is responsible for building a curriculum that meets academic requirements for each developmental level; however, they must also go beyond the standard application and presentation. Nature-based curriculum walks a delicate balance between allowing a child the freedom to discover their own understanding and careful, constructive guidance from the educator.

The nature-based educator must be willing to spend most of their teaching time outdoors. They must be adaptive in creatively intertwining standard teaching curriculum with the overriding theme of outdoor education and hands-on learning. Curriculum Development and preparation for nature-based is more intense than the standard classroom curriculum. This is based on the fact that the nature-based educator will be working in an environment with unpredictable variables.

The classroom is the great outdoors, with no walls for spatial boundaries. The nature-based educator will need to build a curriculum that utilizes what nature has to offer on any given day. Safety and protocols must also be built into each activity. Again, safety is another facet in which nature-based education walks a fine-line. The overriding philosophy of the outdoor classroom is to give children the freedom to explore.

This means, climbing trees, rolling logs, playing in a stream, building forts, and so on – all of which are considered potential hazards in a standard classroom setting.

A nature-based educator must be willing to embrace the elements of the great outdoors and be willing to turn any unpredictable natural phenomena into a learning opportunity.

It is with great enthusiasm that I submit my application for the position of Senior Nature-Based Curriculum Developer.

I have extensive experience in science, nature, and recreational education program/curriculum development, presentation, and training. My past job experiences have given me a wide variety of program development and facilitation in the classroom, outdoor nature education, and recreational environments. I have worked with all age levels including infants to seniors. I also have significant experience in customer relations and recreation/park operations.


Example #5 – My Dream Job: Nursing

One of the most important decisions someone can make in their lifetime is what they are going to be when they grow up. From sun up to sun down, week after week, a job will consume a majority of the time a person spends in their lifetime. In some cases, this might sound unpleasant, but in some, it might sound exciting, especially in situations where that person is living their dream.

A dream job is one that fulfills all expectations and that allows someone to do what they love until they are done. A dream job can be big or little and can affect others or not. A dream job is one that pushes limits and makes someone happy day after day.

Dream Job

A big part of my life has been spent deciding on the career path I will take. Whether this path be medicine or not, it is an important decision that requires a lot of thinking and realization. The big question for me was never “healthcare field or not?” it was “what career in the healthcare field?”. At first, I chose Physical Therapy, and then I wanted to be a Pediatrician or a Family Doctor. As I got older I put into perspective the expectations and hours of schooling being a doctor required. I learned more about nursing while looking into careers, and it stuck with me.

Being a registered nurse is something I am passionate about now and will continue to be passionate about for the rest of my life, and is also a career that I will be able to excel at with both my knowledge and social skills. The environment of a hospital excites me and will allow me to connect with doctors, other nurses, and coworkers, as well as patients in need of help. I hope to work in a hospital one day that gives me these opportunities.

Training and Educational Requirements

The purpose of education and training for employment positions is to ready you for the years of work you are about to endure. The nursing school along with any medical school can be tough and have requirements that prepare you to properly care for a patient with confidence and skill. To become a Registered Nurse, a student must receive an associate’s or bachelor’s degree from a state-approved nursing school.

These schools can be community colleges or private universities all with different course requirements and different costs. Ranging from $40,000 to $100,000 or $3,000 to $14,000 at local community colleges, nursing school can put a huge dent in your wallet (America, I). Although expensive, nursing schools have financial aid options for students who qualify for certain scholarships.

As well as graduating from nursing school you must also be licensed, which has its own list of requirements as well. A license can be obtained by graduating from nursing school and passing a national licensure examination (Fulton, D).

Nursing school requires students to pass classes and labs that focus on exploring the human anatomy and preparing the students to know and understand the different systems, functions, and sections of the body and everything that it entails. Along with classroom and lab criteria, nursing schools pair with local hospitals and clinical sites that allow the students to interact with and learn from doctors and nurses.

These opportunities will give an insight as to what tasks and training go into working in a hospital or office setting. Employment opportunities after school are easier to find because of the high demand for nurses. With more patients using home healthcare, hospice care, hospitals in general, and family doctor’s offices, the need for nurses will spike by 2022 and will lead to many opportunities for nursing school graduates (Dusseault, W).

Once employed, on the job training will be provided to the employees that satisfy the needs and expectations of the setting in which you are working. This training will give you a better look into the many duties you will hold as an employee.

Main Elements

Working in hospitals and in outpatient offices require a nurse to provide hands-on care to patients along with performing diagnostic tests and analyzing the results, operating and monitoring medical equipment, and administering patient medication and treatments (Fulton, D) followed by many more. The many duties given on a day to day basis is the reasoning behind the heavy workload nurses have. The nursing profession requires a lot of changing and stepping out of your comfort zone to accommodate a patient.

In my interview with a registered nurse, she explained that if you are not okay with change then the nursing career is not for you. I think that staying on my toes each day and staying busy with the list of duties expected from me, that I will enjoy this career path for as long as I am working. These tasks that I will have as a nurse are taught to me to understand and to be confident in, as well as be able to succeed at and enjoy.

Location and Hours

A job as a nurse can take you anywhere and allow you to work anywhere in the world. From big cities with a population of 200,000 to small towns with a population of 10,000, registered nurses are employed in hospitals, public community settings, ambulatory care settings, nursing homes, extended care facilities (Spratley, E.) and the list goes on.

This is a broad spectrum allowing any location to have multiple job opportunities and allowing me to choose where I would like to live. Along with the flexible location, this career allows a flexible hour schedule. Nursing provides full-time and part-time working options as well as allowing flexible hours.

With the vast amount of nurses employed, hospitals and other nursing locations allow you to pick the days you work, whether they be consecutive or spread out. Starting out most nurses work overnight shifts of 12 hours, 3 nights a week. Nurses who work during the day can still have those 12 hour day shifts or split them up into 5, 8 hour days (Nursing Hours). Even if not on schedule nurses are called to work in emergency situations and are on call at least one night a week.

When situations like this happen, nurses will go into over-time hours and are paid for it. These flexible options in hours and schedule will allow me to have as much freedom as I please and even allow me or my coworkers to have other jobs at the same time (Nursing Hours).

Salary and Pressures

No matter the job, my goal in finding my dream job is to make enough money to be comfortable and be able to provide for myself and my family. As a nurse, a plus side is the amount of money you can potentially earn. Starting out, a graduate student can earn $28,000-$50,000 a year, and that will increase over the years as you gain experience or possibly specialize in a certain area of the healthcare field (Registered). This amount of money would satisfy my needs and will allow me to provide for me and my future family, which is another reason that all of the hard work will be worth it.

This career is going to offer me many ups and downs, which is nerve-wracking but exciting. Nursing can take a toll on you and can be stressful in certain situations. It will push me to my limits. I know that I can handle these situations, and I know that training and understanding the steps for taking care of patients will allow me to be more confident in this.

I think that this job will offer me different opportunities each day that will keep it interesting for the many years ahead of me. In choosing this job, I think that my future employer will choose me for this line of work because I am tough, I am able to communicate effectively, I learn from mistakes and I truly believe that I have what it takes to be a nurse.

Use of Health Promotion

Most diseases can be fixed with healthier habits, such as a healthier diet or more activity which is why health promotion is a big part of the job no matter which health care position you hold. Health promotion is used by nurses to educate the community on how to recognize signs and symptoms of diseases, managing health conditions, advising, and emotionally supporting patients and their families (Fulton, D).

Nurses are the first and last person a patient interacts with when they are sick, making the use of health promotion extremely important in conversations and meetings. Screenings, diagnosing, and advising treatment are all promoting health and strategies to maximize optimal health outcomes (Nurses role).

Nursing school programs are strong in teaching critical promoting techniques that allow patients to understand risks and the importance of practicing and living healthier lifestyles. Not only will I be able to teach patients but I will be able to take my own advice on living a healthier lifestyle.


Interesting Ideas

I did want to be a physiotherapist but it is a really hard course to get on to and they pick people that do like work experience being a physiotherapist assistant and have really good science, that’s why im doing a BTEC diploma in sport level three but I will have to get like distinctions on it im getting the merits but I need to work harder, but if I don’t become a physiotherapist I would not mind being like a fitness instructor or personal trainer, it would be good owning your own leisure center/gym not having to pay to use the facilities.

I was also going to take media studies as well as BTEC in my sixth form but it crashed so I could not take it but really want to do it now cause I really want to work in the media, I would really like to have my own magazine I made one for my media coursework and it was really good it looks professional and I really enjoyed making it so I would really love that job or also I would love to make magazine add like the perfume adds you see in magazines I have made one which was really good and looked professional… I love perfumes im thinking of trying to get a part-time job in a perfume shop or boots, or American appeal when it opens where I live which is in a few months.

I guess a dream job would be like an actor/actress, singer or dancer, or even professional athlete, I would love to start acting, singing, or dancing but I think it is too late to start, I like sport as well im good at trampolining but not that good to do it professionally. I like football, basketball, athletics, and practically most but they are the main sports I like.

My dream job, lame as this sounds lol, would be to work at Disney World

I don’t care what I do (preferably I work on of the rides though) as long as I’m there it’s just such a cool thing to me to see little kids so happy, and thinking that anything is possible and parents look so relaxed, it’s like an escape from their reality (work, bills, etc.)

Imagine a job where everyone you see is actually smiling and enjoying themselves (it doesn’t happen often)

Disney World’s dream job but in reality, I want to be a journalist.

Being rich, handsome, famous, helping others in need out. Making all this money through business, acting, modeling, being one of those food network chefs (or just a plain FAMOUS chef), or tennis. That’s my dream job.

You can start acting if you want or modeling. It’s sometimes easy and hard. You have to take lessons, get an agent, then go up for different auditions. But you really have to be good. Modeling is hard and lots of people get anorexia (Idk how to spell) because they measure people’s waists and that’s how they decide the person who gets the job. The business might be your easiest choice, you have to go to college and learn what you SPECIFICALLY want to do.

My cousin IS in college studying business, and she also has a side job which pays $250,000 or more a year and remembers that’s a side job, not a real one, so imagines what she’ll be making when she is done with college.

Sports is another one. You should REALLY like sport, or you won’t do well, you can try different sports.. Idk how to be a food network chef, I mean you can go on the next food network star… but a chef, you need to go to culinary school. But to become a famous chef, you have to be creative, like Wolf Gang Puck.

Remember, that you should REALLY like your job, no matter how much money you get. It’ll suck when you have to go to work when you really hate it, you are going to be doing this for the rest of your life!! So make sure you like it!

My dream job was being a motorcycle cop. I decided when I was 11 years old I wanted to be a cop, really bad.

Then my sister became one and I thought “if she can do it I can do it!”

I got to be a cop for 21 years, and 16 of those were on a motorcycle. There was nothing like it, being in a chase, or going to a serious car wreck with the lights and siren on listening to the roar of that Harley, it was awesome.

There will never be another job like that, I know that much.

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