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Coming To America Essay

Coming To America essay

Example #1

On his twenty-first birthday, Prince Ahkeim Jahfar awakes to the news that he has been betrothed to a woman he has never met. This is a Zamoonda royal family tradition. For many years, King Jahfi Jahfar had been arranging for this wedding. The future princess bride was raised from birth to know everything there is to know about the prince and what he enjoys. She’s taught to fulfill every desire of his.

The Prince is not pleased with his wife and crown princess, and he decides to go to America in search of a new bride. Prince Ahkeim and his servant Simi fly from Russia to Queens, New York, where they will fulfill the prince’s ambitions. They come into view in Queens wearing extremely pricey suits as well as animal skins around their chests. After a while, they discover that they must modify their clothing to fit in with the rest of the masses.

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Prince Ahkeim has a mission to meet a lady who will accept him for who he is, rather than for his money. He must convey the impression that he’s simply another guy from New York in order to avoid detection. The Prince even gets a job at a fast-food restaurant and works like a commoner from home. When asked where he comes from, he merely responds, “I’m an African student studying here at the university?”

Prince Ahkeim discovers that life in the United States is different from his own. He appears to be amused by people littering the streets and greeting each other with curses. The apartment where he resides is almost an exact reversal of the palace he left. Rats and roaches scamper about the floor as if they owned the property.

Despite this, the Prince is unperturbed, as he is accustomed to petal girls strewn across the floor and women immersing him in water. He quickly encounters a female that he is very fond of, but she has already been engaged to marry another man. Daryl, her fiancé, is the son of a wealthy entrepreneur and appears to be rather shallow compared with the Prince. Prince Ahkeim worked hard at his new profession and tries to contact Lisa as often as possible. Lisa invites Ahkeim on a double date with her sister. Daryl asked, I’m sure wearing clothes is a new experience for you. Slowly but surely, Lisa begins to develop an affection for Ahkeim.

Ahkeim is a descendant of a goat herder, as far as she knows. King Jahfi discovers that his son is living in squalor and resolves to go to America to discover what’s going on. When he gets there, he finds Simi, Prince Ahkeim’s servant, at the filthy apartment and learns that his son has traded his money and good fortune for a woman. The king then goes to Lisa McDowell’s home in search of his son.

King Jahfi is furious with his son for making him lose face in front of the entire community. He refuses to allow his son to marry the girl he loves, and the King eventually retrieves him and takes him back to Zamoonda Palace to marry the woman chosen for him. At the wedding, Prince Ahkeim lifts Lisa’s veil away from her face, realizing it is she and goes into a frenzy of delight. To bring genuine happiness to his son, King Jahfi disrupted a custom that had been followed by many generations.

Adjusting to a Different Culture. Prince Ahkeim Jahfar rises on his twenty-first birthday to find that he will marry a woman he has never met before. This is a customary ritual in Zamoonda’s royal family. King Jahfi Jahfar had been planning this wedding for many years, and it was the princess’ destiny to be married to him.

She is thoroughly educated to fulfill his every whim. The Prince discovered that his bride-to-be did not satisfy him in terms of intellect. He determined to go to America in search of a wife with whom he may live happily ever after. Prince Ahkeim and Simi, his manservant, fly to Queens, New York in order to complete the Prince’s fantasies. In a suburb of Queens, they arrive wearing extremely expensive suits and animal pelt vests around their chests.

They soon discover that in order to blend in with the rest of the population, they must change their clothes. Prince Ahkeim has set his sights on meeting a woman who will appreciate him for who he is rather than for his money. He must convince everyone he meets that he is a regular New Yorker so that his cover does not slip up. The Prince even gets a job at a fast-food restaurant and works there like a commoner from home. When asked where he comes from, he simply responds

Hello! I’m a student from Africa who is enrolled at this university. Prince Ahkeim learns that there are many differences between his world and the one he is leaving. He appears to be amused by individuals littering the road and greeting each other with curses. The apartment he moves into is almost the exact opposite of the one he departed.

The rats and roaches scamper about the floor as if they were its masters. Despite the fact that he is used to petal girls throwing rose petals over his feet in order to cover the floor, the Prince appears unperturbed by this. He soon meets a young lady with whom he is quite taken, but she has already committed herself to marry someone named Daryl, her fianc? Her father is a wealthy entrepreneur whose son, Daryl, comes across as rather superficial.

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Princess Ahkeim put in a lot of effort to succeed in her new career and tries to see as much of Lisa as possible. Ahkeim is invited on a double date with Lisa’s sister. Daryl asks Ahkeim if he bets while wearing clothing, to which he replies, I’m sure it’s an unusual experience for you. Princesses become attracted to the Prince’s charm and status. Lisa begins to fall in love with Ahkeim gradually. As far as she knows, Ahkam is the child of a goat herder.

When King Jahfi finds that his son is living a miserable life, he decides to go to America to learn more. When he gets there, he discovers Simi, Prince Ahkeim’s servant, at the roach-infested apartment and learns that his son has sold out his money and fortune for a woman. King Jahfi goes to Lisa McDowell’s home in search of his son. His Majesty is furious about his son’s conduct and refuses to allow him to marry the lady he loves.

In the end, the King returns his son to the palace of Zamoonda and marries the woman picked to be his wife. When Prince Ahkeim lifts the veil from the bride’s face at the wedding, he sees that it is Lisa and is overcome with delight. King Jahfi broke a long-held custom in order to give his son true pleasure.

The wedding of Prince Jahfar and Princess Aisha was a long time in the making. For many years, King Jahfi Jahfar had been arranging this wedding. Since birth, the lady who will be groomed to be the prince’s wife has been taught everything there is to know about him and his preferences. She has been trained to fulfill every one of his requirements. The Prince found that his future wife did not satisfy him intellectually, so he set out on a journey to America in search of someone more suited to be his queen.

The Prince Ahkeim and his servant Simi travel to Queens, New York to complete the Prince’s fantasies. They come in luxury suits and animal pelts around their chests as they arrive in a Queens suburb. Soon, they learn that they must alter their clothing to be acceptable to the rest of society. The Prince intends to meet someone who will appreciate him for who he is rather than for his money.

The Prince must conceal his identity as a member of the royal family from New York so that he will not be discovered. Even after becoming a successful businessman, the Prince continues to live as an ordinary man from New York and masquerades as such until he is ready to reveal his true identity. The Prince even gets a job at a fast-food restaurant and works like a common laborer from his own home. When asked where he’s from, he simply replies, “I’m an African student who is studying here at the university?”

Prince Ahkeim is introduced to many things in America that are not present in his own culture. He appears amused by the sight of individuals littering the streets and shouting profanities at one another. The home he is assigned to live in is almost a mirror image of the palace he previously resided in. As if they owned the property, rats and cockroaches crawl around the floor.

The Prince doesn’t seem to mind when girls throw rose petals on the floor in front of him and females wash him. He encounters a young lady that he is interested in, but she has already been engaged to marry another man. Daryl, her fiancé, is the son of a wealthy businessperson who appears to be rather shallow.

Prince Ahkeim worked diligently in his new career and made every effort to contact Lisa as often as possible. Lisa invites Ahkeim to join her and her sister on a double date. Daryl questioned, I’m certain clothing is a new experience for you.? Lisa began to notice the Prince’s charisma and reputation gradually. Lisa begins to fall in love with Ahkeim little by little. As far as she knows, he is the goat herders’ son.

In the following chapters, King Jahfi learns his son is living a life of poverty and resolves to visit America to learn more. When he gets there, he encounters Simi, Prince Ahkeim’s servant, at a filthy apartment and learns that his son has given up his money and riches for a woman. The King then goes to Lisa McDowell’s home in search of his kid.

The King of Zamoonda is furious about his son’s behavior and will not allow him to marry the woman he loves. After days of searching, the King finally locates his son and returns him to the palace of Zamoonda so that he may marry the lady chosen for him by his father. Prince Ahkeim lifts the veil from the bride’s face at the wedding to see that it is Lisa, becoming ecstatic over this revelation. To bring genuine joy to his son, King Jahfi broke a tradition dating back many generations.


Example #2

A young Irishman comes to America, full of pride and patriotism, but unwilling to give up his old life. This individual is known as John Doyle, and though he is still young, he is married to a woman named Fanny. This narrative includes a letter to his wife describing how he came to America and how he rose from nothingness by working hard and persevering. We also see a guy who has changed inside from loving Ireland and hating America to loving America but hating Ireland on the road.

On October 7th, 1818, Mr. Doyle’s ship arrives in Philadelphia. He is dissatisfied when he discovers that the crew will demand additional money to bring him ashore after paying for the crossing across the sea. All he needed was a few pence, which embarrassed him because he didn’t have any. The passengers on the boat were so unhappy and angry that they refused to lend him any money. But, somehow, he made it to land. He testified, “And God is my witness that at that time I would have preferred the ground to open up and swallow me whole.” (p. 148) That basically translates as how embarrassed he was about his arrival and financial condition.

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He finally meets up with his father, whom he hasn’t seen in 17 years. They go to see his father’s pals, even though he didn’t want to. They greeted him with phrases such as “you are welcome to this free nation; you are welcome to this land of liberty.” Is it not wonderful that you escaped the old country’s tyranny? ” Mr. Doyle found this amusing since he thought of Ireland as tyranny and preferred his previous home to the new one, which I believe he looked down on.

“Their ignorance and presumption are disgusting, and their manners even more so,” he says of his father’s friends. He continues: “As to politeness and good nature, they are totally unknown; and though they all pretend to be well-informed about European matters, they are actually completely ignorant of everything that goes on there or at the most dimly aware of it.”

In this scene, he is complaining about his father’s pals. He feels they are denigrating his house and don’t really understand what it’s like in Ireland. In contrast, maybe he was also guilty of the same offense when he came to America as a fresh immigrant. He went to work at a printing shop that morning, and he was shocked to discover that he still had the skill after not working for so long. He ended up working in Philadelphia for four and a half weeks before leaving. Even though his father tried everything possible to keep him there, even sending him weekly letters encouraging him to return, his brother Lewis urged him to move to New York.

Horatio makes an amazing speech, blaming his brother for taking advantage of him (he tells how he was fooled into believing that the prospect of getting to New York would be worth it). He goes on to say that even though he knew there were no work opportunities like these in Pequea, Pa., where he grew up and promised not to mention their names.

Unfortunately, he was laid off before he could collect the nine dollars owed to him by his employer, who continued to owe him money. He was furious when he went to the local authorities and expected them to assist him, but they did nothing for him. By this time, he had saved up to 60 dollars. On January 26th, he was able to put 100 dollars in the bank, which he thanked God for being so well off.

The death of Mrs. Doyle’s father, an Englishman who worked as a chemist at the University of Chicago, inspired Mr. Doyle to provide financial assistance to his family during their period of mourning. This inspiration was further bolstered by his mother’s strong desire for her two daughters to pursue advanced study in the United States; she had already accepted scholarships at Columbia and Harvard.

By the end of the story, he has been transformed from an Irish patriot into a real American. He believes that it is a great country and preferable to Ireland for a poor person, and there is potential to make money. He talks about how people initially despise it but eventually they would want to leave. In other words, he’s describing himself and how he used to be and what he’s become in modern terms.”

Mr. Doyle also claims that he has earned more money in a shorter amount of time than most of his countrymen since they drink too much. He is very pleased with himself for being so successful and able to save money, and saddened by the fact that others don’t follow his example.

Mr. Doyle claims that if immigrants knew ahead of time that they would be away for six months, many would never come in the first place. This is further evidence of his ego and how successful he feels now that many others can’t handle the competition. He particularly likes America because of the freedom of speech, and he goes on about how free we are “to defame and damn government, abuse public figures in court while smoking a cigar and speaking to the judge as though he was a common mechanic.”

He also notes the lack of tax in Ireland, stating, “A man may thrive without having his money taken by the government,” and he went on to add that criminals who go unpunished here would certainly be hanged in Ireland. He claims all of this and unknowingly becomes much like his father and pals when they talk about how great it is there.

Example #3

There are occurrences in life that may alter your perspective or way of thinking. For me, the most significant change in my life was moving from France to America. This transformation has had a big influence on my personality. Why? In July 2002, I arrived in the United States. It was really difficult for me since I only found out about the move in April of that year.

As a result, I was not psychologically prepared. My folks had been planning to come here for a long time before I was born. 1973 was the year everything began. My folks immigrated from Iran to Europe in order to complete their education and then return home, as they had planned.

My folks started working when I was seven days old, and my sister and I were born. However, my parents had been thinking about the “U.S. project” since we were born. My grandparents, who have resided in America for over 20 years since the Iranian Revolution of 1979, received Permanent Resident Cards in 1997. My parents had planned to come to America following the Iranian Revolution in 1979, but they spoke about it ever since.

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I had never considered them to be completely dedicated to moving. My sister then arrived in the United States in January 2000 to finish her studies and establish residency here. She had always aspired to live in the United States. That is why she decided to migrate to this country. My parents made one of the most difficult and delicate decisions of their lives when they chose, in April 2002, to move to America: they decided finally to commit themselves totally and permanently.

My parents and I relocated to the United States four months after my selection. As far as I am concerned, moving to the United States has demonstrated me a lot. Indeed, even though I had visited this nation several times before for vacation, there were several things about it that I had not considered. People, their attitudes, culture, system especially in education are just a few examples. When I first arrived in America, I struggled with adopting an American mentality.


Example #4

Transitions are never an easy job. Coping with changes to one’s surroundings is frequently difficult and stressful, but when someone succeeds in overcoming it, the benefits of knowledge and experience increase. I am originally from Africa and just relocated to the United States to join my mother and stepfather.

It was not simple, considering that I had never gone through a change as small as moving from one home to the next. My adventure began on American soil when I took my first steps.

I was worried about what the new school system would be like and if I could manage to fit in and blend in with the rest of the crowd without losing my distinct characteristics. Aside from that, I was filled with tremendous enthusiasm as I began laying the groundwork for my future profession as a pharmacist while also developing my abilities as a woods artisan.

The day I had been dreading arrived. In order to determine what level I was on in terms of academics, I was required to take a placement exam. As I had anticipated, this is what allowed me to enroll in an AP chemistry course. Within a week of beginning the chemistry course, I was at the top of the class, and in my natural disposition to assist others, I assisted my classmates at any time they needed help or clarification on a certain topic.

The goal to assist others, in and of itself, is what allowed me to form relationships with not just the students but also the instructors. Similarly, when I was having difficulties comprehending something being taught, I found it in my own power to seek clarification from any teacher teaching that area of study. Following that, I would assist others who were having difficulties understanding anything similar in order for me to enhance my knowledge while also passing on information about the same subject.


Example #5

In India, my conduct as a youngster was extremely bad. I never completed any tasks or obeyed my parents. My life was about to take a turn for the better when I was nine years old. My family decided to relocate to the United States, and we moved from India to America. Moving from one country to another has improved me as a person.

The environment I was in had a significant impact on how that happened. Another element that contributed to the shift in me was realizing how tough my parents’ situation was. Every day, we witness numerous changes all around us. The only change we are not aware of is happening to ourselves. Many obstacles work against us in order for this transformation to occur.

The environment in which we live is another one of those entities. Living on Long Island helped me to continue my life successfully. My friends had a lot of beneficial influences on me. They have never smoked or drunk alcohol. As I got older, I began to acquire their excellent qualities. My pals also influenced my school achievements. They would constantly urge me to do better than I thought possible.

The grades started to improve gradually, which surprised me. It was then that I realized what great friends I have. They’ve shown me how to be courteous and gentle with others around me. My responses to others would always be good, regardless of the situation. Although it took a few years for this change to take place, seeing the person I had evolved into was well worth the effort in my opinion.

I found it difficult to watch the difficulties my parents had to endure in America for the first two or three years. They were required to carry boxes and work 12-16 hours each day for their initial employment. My sister and I came to realize what wonderful parents we had after witnessing my parents’ challenges. To acquire a better education, they relocated to a nation that was entirely new to them. This increased my feelings of respect and love for my parents significantly. It altered both my views and attitudes, from mostly negative thoughts to mostly positive ones. I felt compelled to do everything possible so that my folks would be proud of me.

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