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Cinderella Story Summary Essay

Cinderella is a story about kindness, courage, and love. The cinder girl starts her life in bondage to an evil stepmother who wants cinderella dead because cinderella’s beauty outshines the stepmother’s own daughter. When cinder girls father dies she has to go live with the cruel woman who wants cindleres death so that her own daughter can have cinders fathers riches. Cinder girls only friend is the kind fairy god mother who helps cinder get out of trouble when she gets into it by turning things around for her or giving her something needed at just the right time.

Essay 1

Summary of the story

The Cinderella narrative is a children’s tale about a young girl whose mother passes away and her father remarries a spiteful and arrogant woman. The younger of the two stepdaughters was as ill-tempered as her mother. Her stepmother, who always assigned the young girl difficult tasks, never complained while she did them. She would then warm herself in one of the flues’ corners and her sisters dubbed her Cinderella because she was left behind. The two sisters were subsequently invited to a ball at the palace in celebration of the Prince’s birthday. They neglected to inform her that they’d be leaving without her.)

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Her godmother arrived and mysteriously taught her how to get to the castle, where she wept for being left behind. Cinderella was elegantly clothed when she arrived at the palace. At the ball that followed, the prince invited Cinderella to join him in attending another. The man who owned the slipper vowed to marry the girl who could wear it, and it turned out that only Cinderella fit the bill. She was thus married by Prince (“Cinderella” n.d., p. 1).


The protagonist of this fable is Cinderella, who loses her mother and is left with her father following her death. Cinderella is seen as a nice girl in this story. The stepmother of Cinderella, depicted as irritable, follows. She has two daughters that are shown to be haughty and ill-tempered like their mother.

The godfather, godmother, and stepsisters are all depicted as good folk. Among the characters: Lord High Chamberlain, heralds, six mice, a rat and six lizards (n.d., p. 1). Cinderella’s godmother used magically by the mice , rat , and lizards to escort her to the palace (n.d., p n).


The main theme of the story is the significance of human virtues. Even after mistreatment, Cinderella is kind to her stepmother. She is also generous to her stepsisters, despite their dislike for her. When she eventually becomes the only one who can marry the Prince at the end, she is admired and her stepsisters apologize to her. The stepsisters desire to marry the Prince but are unable to do so because they lacked good temperament and moral values (n.d., p. 1).

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The tale begins with the arrival of Cinderella, her mother’s death, and her own birth. Her father then remarries a snappish woman with two daughters who are just as awful as she is. Cinderella is made to work long hours but does not voice a complaint.

She waited until Cinderella and her sister left for a ball in the palace before going. She weeps as she is abandoned, and her godmother appears and teaches her how to get to the castle. She steps out on faith, goes to the palace, and is recognized by the prince, who invites her to another ball before proposing marriage (“Cinderella” n.d., p. 1).

Settings of the story

The story takes place in the capital city and its surroundings of a major kingdom. The start of the tale is set in Cinderella’s house. That is, during her birth, her mother’s death, and her father’s remarriage, as well as when she was overburdened and ridiculed by her sisters. Cinderella’s godmother comes to see her at home. The palace is the other location. Cinderella goes to a ball uninvited, but is asked to another by the Prince. Afterward, he marries her (“Cinderella” n.d., p. 1).

Essay 2

Ella and her family lived in a happy kingdom where there was no conflict. Ella’s mother fell ill, however, and died. Mr. Tremaine remarries a widow, Lady Drisella. Anastasia is one of her two daughters (Drisella being the other). When Mr. Tremaine traveled for business reasons, his wife transformed into an adversary to Ella; she became nastier after he passed away. After getting rid of all of the servants, Lady Tremaine made Ella do all of the work herself.

On a chilly day, Ella was sleeping by the fireplace. When she awoke, her face was buried in cinder, so she was dubbed “Cinderella.” Cinderella met Kit, an apprentice from the palace who was attempting to hunt a stag in the jungle. Cinderella persuaded Kit to let go of the stag without realizing that he is actually the king’s prince. Meanwhile, at the palace, King wanted his son to marry as soon as possible due to his condition.

The Tremaines were hosting a royal ball where Kit wants all the maidens to come so he can see Cinderella. The ball was thrilling for the Tremaine family, who were getting ready for it. Cinderella was delighted and got ready with her mother’s pink dress. Her stepmother and stepsiblings, on the other hand, ripped her dress and went to the dance. When Cinderella wept in the garden, she encountered a fairy godmother who used her magic to create a gorgeous carriage drawn by horses and a coachman.

She transforms the tattered dress into a lovely blue gown, as well as a beautiful glass slippers. But she informed Cinderella that the enchantment will be destroyed at the stroke of midnight. Everyone was enthralled by Cinderella’s beauty, and she danced with Kit in his garden. Kit surprised Cinderella by revealing that he was Prince Kit, but before she could tell him her name, the clock chimed. They stroll around Kit’s garden; before she can reveal her name to Kit, they hear the clock striking.

She ran away in a hurry, mistaking one of the glass slipper for a flower. All of the enchantment was lost, and everything reverted to its original form. Cinderella hid the glass slippers underneath the floorboards after she fled. Kit explains that he is looking for a lady with glass slippers once he becomes king after his father’s death. Unfortunately, Lady Tremaine had stolen the shoe and imposed some restrictions on Cinderella in order for her to marry the king; however, Cinderella refused them all. The Queen Mother broke down while hearing this news.

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The goal of finding the girl began, but no one could fit the slippers. They arrived at Cinderella’s home in the end. Cinderella’s stepsisters tried on the slipper, but it did not fit them. They heard Cinderella sing as they prepared to depart and persuaded her to try on the slipper. Finally, Kit and Ella are reunited. The stepmother and stepsisters are forgiven by Cinderella, who then leaves with Grand Duke Doriann. Kit and Cinderella marry and reign over their kingdom with bravery and compassion. They live happily ever after together.

Essay 3

Fairy tales have been a major part of our childhood education. Subliminal messages instilled in us the idea that true love always wins and good triumphs over evil. As youngsters, all we wanted was a nice story and a snooze, but the lessons we gained would last a lifetime. My favorite fairy tale as a child was Cinderella, not only does true love win in the end, but good conquers evil, and eventually the world is made right.

A lovely lady and her frail father once lived in a kingdom far away. He married a young widow soon after he brought his bride and two daughters to live with him on his manor, fearing he would leave his young daughter an orphan. The night sky was so bright that the stars appeared to wink at anybody who dared to look, bathing everything in their crystal clarity. It’s hard to find anything inside such a madhouse without any order or structure whatsoever; the squeals of excitement melded with dresses, combs and make-up were everywhere.

A wine cellar was located in the basement, and Cinderella was imprisoned there. When she heard the screeching, Cinderella began to weep, believing that if only she could attend the ball she would meet Prince Charming. Poof! A gleaming lady appears singing, “I am your fairy godmother,” and I will save you child “just put on a smile,” and I will do the rest. Spin three times and close your eyes when you perform this spell. She appeared outside in front of a lovely carriage wearing a pale blue gown that swirled along the ground as if dancing.

Essay 4

Cinderella is a fairy tale about a young woman who loses her mother and is then abandoned by her father. The two had an exceptionally strong bond until one day, the father ran into and married another woman. The lady came with her own daughter daughters. Until one day, Cinderella’s father died. Because she was alone after the death of her father, Cinderella had to deal with not only her stepmother but also two stepsisters.

Cinderella was suddenly cast aside by her new family, who branded her the “housemaid.” She was assigned all of the house chores. Because Cinderella was in charge of everything, she had an opportunity to get to know all of the animals in the home. Cinderella learns that mice make a dress for her, so she begins to construct one out of the scraps from the stepsisters’ discarded clothing. Cinderella is surprised by a beautiful outfit made by the rodents. The Stepmother is taken aback when Cinderella pulls on her gown. The two sisters and stepmother begin tearing pieces off of Cinderella’s dress as soon as she goes down to the basement to sob.

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When Cinderella is sobbing, it appears that she has a fairy godmother. Her fairy godmother helped her obtain a beautiful gown and other services for attending the ball. She was generous with her kindness and sweetness to Cinderella, giving her hope. However, the fairy godmother had one condition. She told Cinderella that she had until midnight to return from the ball, but would be clearly seen by her stepsisters and stepmother if she returned before then.

Cinderella, too, arrives at the ball and meets and begins to dance with the prince. The prince is instantly smitten with Cinderella, but he is unable to get her name as she flees in order to make it back home by midnight. The prince is concerned he may never discover who might have been his possible wife because of this absence of evidence. The following morning, the prince issues a notice announcing that he was going out in search for the mystery women he had danced with at the party.

Essay 5

Today’s media has played a big part in the creation of illusion marriage, which was originally depicted in the classic story of Cinderella. Many individuals are persuaded into thinking that these meticulously constructed fables occur all the time and are easily achievable. Catherine Orenstein demonstrates this in her essay “Fairy Tales and a Dose of Reality.” The relationship between many people’s daydreams and wishes for perfect marriages and relationships and their expectations for marital success is explained by Orenstein.

The idea of Prince Charming and Cinderella has been Hollywood’s own take on it. However, the interpretations were not purely made up. She points out that the popular T. V. Series The Bachelors is a satire of the complete Cinderella Story, which attracts a lot of attention because this is what so many people want. Many individuals, however, are unaware that rather than being about cliches.

These fables feature cruel realities that are inherent in human nature, including greed, deceit, jealousy, and cheating. Orenstein utilizes these instances to bring attention to the fact that people’s expectations and desires of love and marriage have been controlled and distorted over the past three centuries into something almost inconceivable.

Marjorie Orenstein debunks one of Cinderella’s most popular myths in this essay. She explains how one of the original authors, Puerperal, based his tale on real aristocratic marriages from the 17th century and not some make-believe fantasy that he wanted to entice his audience with. Weddings are prevented by living lust and romantic love for a partner; they are, rather, ever created through the parents of the two families to settle conflicts or share wealth by joining themselves together.

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