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Cause and Effect of Exercise Essay

Cause and Effect of Exercise Essay

Example #1

Exercise can lead to many different results in the human body. Most every result can lead to a positive one for an individual. When exercising it is important to know what your body can handle without overdoing it in order to get a positive result. There are many types of work out programs available such as going to the gym and training, walking with the family dog, or even working out at home using a DVD program. Exercising is very important for many reasons. Exercising can lead to positive results including a healthier heart, a healthier body, and a better state of mind.

First of all, when a person begins exercising it immediately starts working their heart. When a person’s heart begins working because of exercise it pumps harder; this can lead to a better circulation for blood flow. Since the blood flow is increasing it causes more oxygen to be carried throughout the body. Better circulation due to exercise can also lower one’s blood pressure. All of these can result in a stronger and healthier heart due to working out.

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Another positive result due to a person exercising is having a better state of mind. A person with a better state of mind is less likely to become depressed as opposed to someone who does not work out. This is because working out can lead to a better self-image. When people are happy with their self-image they are less likely to be upset about the way they feel. Working out can also relieve stress and tension which is another positive result due to working out and having a better state of mind.

The final result that can happen to a person from working out and exercising is developing a healthier body. Training an individual’s body on a daily basis can lead to a better-toned body including the development of muscle mass. By working the muscles it helps the joints to be able to move better as well. Exercising the muscles and working out can make a person fitter and give them a better, healthier weight…


Example #2

The Effects of Exercise – (mental, social, and physical health). If you are not well in one of the three parts, you are not completely healthy. Exercising is a free-time activity that helps people to feel good in every aspect of the health definition.

The best-known part that exercising improves is the physical part. The physical effect of exercising is that every part and system of our body is in continuous movement. There are many parts in our body that benefit from exercise, but one of the most important parts that exercising helps is the cardiovascular system. For example, when you exercise, muscles move, and to move, muscles need oxygen in the blood, so the heart has to pump blood in a faster rhythm to keep the muscles moving. This trains your heart and lungs giving you more strength for the future.

Another part of the definition of health is mental health. This aspect is for me one of the aspects that makes people exercise. Exercise distracts and relaxes you for a while because, in your exercise, you are discharging many feelings and in commodities, such as stress. Many people feel that after exercising, all the problems and pressures of their lifestyle disappear or at least are forgotten for a while. While exercising problems of our lives can be solved because you are calm and relaxed, and it is just much easier to think clearly.

The social aspect of health is helped with exercise because many of the sports can be made with someone else. This makes stronger relationships because you meet people that are like you and share the same things. I think that this makes you feel more secure and learn about human relationships.

Exercising is an activity that touches the three aspects of health. By exercising you could improve the functioning of your body, be calm in your mind, and meet new people which makes healthier life. I think that another benefit of exercising is the satisfaction of doing something that helps you to live healthily. This idea causes many people to think of exercise as a drug. You should try it. Exercise, and be healthy.

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Example #3 – Cause And Effect Of The Fitness Movement

In our ever-changing society, the one common thread that now every American seems to possess is a desire to have a body that is not hour-glass (1950’s) nor waifish (1990’s), but one that is lean, trim, and can physically go the “extra mile”. I speculate that the all-around athletic look is so popular because it is probably one of the hardest body types to achieve. In earlier times, hour-glass figures were the product of genetics and corsets, and the emaciated Kate Moss look could simply be achieved by starvation.

To be physically fit inside and out is something that every person can control and achieve, but only through strong self-discipline. “The $52.9 billion fitness industry is constantly coming out with activities and products designed to get and keep us interested in working out” (Whigham-Desir 84). Two of these types of work-outs, specifically Tae-Bo and Spinning, were created just for the purpose of keeping “us” interested in working out. Despite this revolution in the fitness industry, many false preconceived notions about losing weight persevere and impede the movement.

As the media bombard the American public with unrealistic images, a new obsession with fitness has hit the markets. With more and more people aiming to lose weight, the fitness industry has been pressured to accommodate the high demands for efficient and entertaining workouts. This greater variety of work-outs hitting the market is a result of the diverse types of people who are trying to get in shape. Health clubs are no longer only for those 20-30-year-olds who are in competitive training or those who need to be fit as a job requirement. Instead, these facilities are now packed with people of all ages, and various skill and fitness levels. Due to this increase in a broad spectrum of beginners, different exercise programs designed to accommodate these differences have recently been introduced. One of these trendy workouts that have become extremely popular among the masses is Spinning.

One reason for the popularity of spinning, according to instructor McAteer is because it allows “individuals to go at their own pace, so triathletes can (and do) share classes with lawyers and lobbyists. Classes mix serious bike racers with heart patients in their fifties and sixties” (5). As this new class of fitness people emerges, one problem that is common among them is that they are limited to what work-outs they can do depending on an individual’s coordination and injuries. In this sense, spinning is user-friendly and it accommodates most anybody. Almost everyone knows how to ride a bike and “the no-impact nature is increasingly welcome for baby boomers” (3). Another aspect of spinning is that it is designed for people who want results in the quickest way–simply speaking, basically everybody.

Spinning instructor Sarah Krupps reasoning for why she likes it is “it burns between 500 and 800 calories in an hour. Simply put, it is like cramming a grueling three-hour “Tour de France” ride into a 45-minute encounter with hill climbing, puddle jumping, and pedaling like mad to escape snapping dogs” (2). The final beauty of this exercise phenomenon is that it allows novice cyclers to turn down the resistance without others noticing so that they don’t stand out as they would in an aerobics class. This quality encourages more beginner level people to stick with their exercise regimen because they don’t have to be concerned with embarrassing themselves.

A second trend of the fitness industry was created by a man named Billy Blanks who introduced a workout video combining boxing, Tae Kwon Do, and dance to the markets last August. The public reaction to his video has caused Tae-Bo marketers to shell out $2 million weekly to air his 20-minute infomercial…the Tae-Bo videos have grossed some $75 million and Blanks has accepted an advance of $1.5 million to write an exercise book for Bantam” (Labi 77).

In contrast to spinning, Tae-Bo is not for everybody. Instead, it is a program for the fitness elite. Despite eliminating the overweight, elderly, and injury-prone population from its consumers, the videos have had amazing results. This is not only due to the compact calorie-burning tendency of the video, but the variety of moves and music which can also double as a class in self-defense. So basically, Tae-Bo is an excellent cardio and toning workout with the ability to keep people interested.

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One negative effect of the fitness craze is that most people, when catching the work-out fever, are often misled about the results that they are expecting to see. Some believe that they can just show up at a gym, go ride a bike reasonably hard for a good hour, five days a week, and see the results they want within a month. “The only ways for people to lose weight and increase overall health and cardio fitness,” explains fitness expert Marjorie Whigham-Desir, “are through the proven exercises: weight training, cardiovascular (aerobics) and diet” (84). The toughest challenge for beginning health club members is the high rate of frustration due to false preconceived notions.

To get and maintain a body that is physically fit is an everyday struggle for a lifetime. The “bottom line is a change in lifestyle” (84). Many people get discouraged when they aren’t willing to make the sacrifice that is necessary for the results they expected, which then leads to discouragement and eventually giving up all-together. We must take into account that the people most concerned with losing weight are those who are perceived as “overweight” because of either genetics, lifestyle choices or a lack of previous motivation. Sometimes preconceptions of the “best” ways to get in shape are misguided.

For instance, it is a well-known fact that swimming is an excellent means of exercise. But, it “…may not be strenuous enough for overweight people, since they float more easily, causing little or no weight loss” (84). The lack of results due to incorrect work-out strategies are very discouraging for beginners, and more often than not, the novice abandons the gym and returns to the couch.

Another problem beginners encounter is the realization that they have to work up to a level where they are even capable of exerting themselves safely in order to lose enough calories to make a visual impact. “On average, overweight people should aim for longer, more frequent workouts, in effect, work harder than others to get an excellent aerobic workout” (85).

Another common misconception among the masses is that spot reduction (targeting a specific area of your body from which to lose weight during a workout) works. Dr. Wescott emphasizes that “where we concentrate the exercise has little effect on where we lose fat. We lose fat first from the last place we added it” (52). This falsity also adds to discouragement because people eyeing a certain place on their body that they consider hard to get rid of–say the “love handles” – exercise without seeing this area diminish in size. They don’t realize that in order to lose fat in that area, they have to lose it everywhere else first. Misconceptions such as these lead to the disheartenment of many trial gym-goers, creating an even larger gap between those who are in shape and those who aren’t.

All in all, the rise of the fitness industry has impacted almost everyone in America, whether it means being more health-conscious, body-conscious, or fitness-a-phobic. This new fitness movement, if it continues growing at the rate it has been, will keep coming out with innovative ways to motivate the unmotivated into leading more active lifestyles. Ultimately this will lead to an American public that enjoys longer, healthier lives.


Example #4

Exercise will have a huge impact on your life mainly because it improves your mood, weight loss, and you become healthier. First, while exercise improves your confidence, it also improves your mood. Improving your confidence is a huge plus to exercising because it shapes up your body and you also have a better complexion. I think you become less shy and more outgoing. With confidence, you’ll do better in school and do great in any job interview. Working-out let’s go any anger you have built up, it’s like a stress reliever. It’s proven to fight depression because it increases serotonin and it gets you in a better mood.

When I go for my walks every night, I feel relaxed and nothing can bother me, which also helps me sleep better. When you feel better inside and out, surely you won’t have any fear to conquer anything. Second, while it improves your body shape, mainly you lose weight. Being in better shape, some tasks are easier for you, like simply going for a walk. It’s easier to go shopping because there are more clothing stores for women that are thinner then there is for an overweight woman. You feel better about yourself, which is very important.

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Some people like to meditate or listen to music when they want to relax, but with exercising, while you are not only calming yourself but also achieving your goals for a better and healthier life. Exercise is a healthy way to lose weight. With a good portioned eating habit and daily work out you lose unwanted fat. People lose weight for numerous reasons. Some want changes in their life and are tired of carrying extra weight around or do it for health reasons. Whatever the reason may be, exercise can help you drop weight faster. Lastly, while not only does exercise give you energy, but it also helps you be a healthier person.

Starting out, your energy levels are low and you’ll feel tired, but maintaining it every day you boost up your energy. Having energy for everyday life is very much needed. You don’t need to depend on any caffeine, but it’s more of a natural way to boost up your energy. In my case, when I have a chance to work out, I have more energy to do my homework, rather than being sleepy and tired most of the time. When you eat right and exercise you have less risk of heart disease, you have a better immune system, lowers blood pressure, and many other reasons.

The United States is the top of the list of obesity. Why have extra weight, when it causes many health risks? You can find great ways to exercise and actually enjoy them at the same time. You can start off easy by just going for a walk and end up running, Another good way to lose weight is dancing. It’s fun and you forget your doing it for weight loss.

New games these days incorporate physical activity, like Wii sports. There’s no excuse to not have some kind of workout. In conclusion, exercise is great for improving your mood, getting in better shape, and being a healthier person.


Example #5 – Interesting ideas

You need to narrow your topic. A common misconception is that a multiple paged essay requires a broad topic so that there are plenty of talking points, however, it is actually the opposite. Once you narrow your topic your paper will be more detailed and focused. With a large topic, the essay will often lose flow or the overall focus will be unclear. Some ideas are the effects of a specific form of exercises such as fasted cardio or interval training, or you could talk about the effects of exercise on Olympic athletes, there are lots of options. Good luck.

Cause and effect essays explore how and why things happen. You may start with an event, like the Boston Tea Party, and explain why it happened. You could also start with the Boston Tea Party and explore the events that followed.

Exercise of any form causes hyperkalemia because fo repeated contractions of muscles, the potassium that goes into the ECF doesn’t have time to return to the cell…and this causes a decrease in RMP and fatigue unless blood supply increases…this happens with training. On a hot day, as u said because of loss of electrolytes…a common thing with dehydration…this is further accentuated and fatigue ensues faster.

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