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Black Lives Matter Essay

black lives matter essay

Example #1

The fundamental rights and freedoms enshrined in the Constitution are inherent for all. There is no question that all people (black, Latinos, Indians or white) were created free and equal with certain inalienable rights. This is a universally accepted principle.

Segregation and racism of the people of color in the United States has always been a subject of discussion for decades, perhaps centuries where different figures have called on the people to fight and seek equality. This is the genesis of the question as to whether black lives matter. However different people have had different opinion concerning the issue, and this has compelled different groups to address the issue through various means such as debates and protests.

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When black people started seeking for justice and fair treatment, they were not against police but the brutality and the excessive violence that the police used against the black people and singled them out based on their race. Other than the unfair treatment that the black people received, they were also seeking a balance of power. According to observers, there are more than twice as many unarmed Black people killed by the police compared to White people.

Black people are more likely to be deprived of their rights by law enforcement compared to the white people and this, according to studies, is not by accident but by design. Which begs the question, does the lives of the black people matter as much as those of any other? After the killings of Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Kimani Gray, and many others who were black, people started to consider the vulnerability of the black people in public spaces and doubted the legitimacy of the police force used. The black people feared for their lives and no longer felt safe walking in the street.

In November 2012 the incident of an unarmed couple who were shot dead also caught the attention of many people and compelled the black community to protest in a bid to stand up for their basic right to life.

The killings of Michael Brown in 2014 made the African Americans realize that they need to wake up and fight against police brutality and unjust treatment that they receive. Michael Brown also a victim of police brutality whose family did not receive justice was just an innocent man walking in the streets of Ferguson at the time. The jury held that there was not enough evidence to incriminate the police officer who shot Michael Brown.

However, there was a feeling in the black community that the jury was favoring the police and treated Brown’s case as if black lives did not matter. There was also a feeling that Black people are often viewed as a threat to the society, and unfortunately, the mindset is also affecting the upcoming generation. Although efforts had been put to create awareness, the consensus is that not enough is being done to end racism.

After the continued killing of black people, black people decided to form the Black Lives Matter movement to encourage people to stand up and unite against racial discrimination against black people and to fight against the expectation of normality defined by white supremacy. According to Anthony Bradley. Black lives matter because they are also people.

It is not enough to say that black lives matter without giving reasons as to why it matters. Some of the White people, for instance, have depersonalized themselves from blacks because they feel that they look like criminals, and because they do not show affection towards each other, they should not be treated with dignity. Black lives matter because people are not independent, self-reliant, individualistic creatures who do not need others for their flourishing (Anthony Bradley).

Thus it is necessary that the society and the police force treat black people the dignity they deserve. Conversely, when people talk about black people’s lives, it does not mean that the lives of other people do not matter. More concerns are made of black people simply because they are the ones who are oppressed most by the police.

Moreover, black people should not take advantage of the situation and break the law. If laws are broken, they should face the law but in a just manner. Bad policing has greatly influenced how the black people are being treated.

Due to the brutality and violence that the police use, black people have become more resistant to the law in case they are found on the wrong side of the law. The supremacy system should train the police on how to treat people whether they are criminals or not. Black lives matter protests should not be a way of promoting violence against the police but away from creating awareness of what the black people face and the changes that the supreme system needs to make in addressing various issues when dealing with people and not only the blacks alone.

Some people argue that the action of the few do not present or should not be used to judge the action of the majority. However, if one police commit a crime and he or she is not dealt with accordingly, then the same action may be repeated by others as they may think that they would also walk escort free if they commit the same mistake.

This is the more reason as to why people want the same law to be incorporated to the police and any other person including the black if they do not abide by the law. As I have mentioned earlier on, black lives matter is simply a reminder to people that for most of American history black lives have been valued less than white ones, but it does not mean that the lives of the white do not matter.

Even after the reign of slavery, the black people have continued to remain poorer, discriminated and more likely to be killed by the police. This is the more reason as to why black people would wish to be treated equally as compared to the white people since they are living in a different century. Black people feel that racism has been used to define a system of structuring opportunity and assigning value based on race which disadvantages some individuals and communities while benefitting others. Black lives matter movement has tried to follow in a tradition of Black struggle in the United States.

It has tried to shed light way beyond the brutal killings that the black people currently face and shows how the struggle for equal rights began a long time ago. For instance, black people were enslaved by whites in the early 1700s and 1800s where they were forced to work in harsh conditions without pay. The families were also broken down and sold, and during all these, they were not allowed to question the white people. Additionally, the blacks were separated from the whites by the segregation law. Unfortunately, up to date some of these laws are still practiced in some of our institutions.

The segregation law prevented African Americans from buying homes in the white neighborhood, barred them from certain jobs, and had separate substandard schools. This affected the learning of black children because some of them felt like a lesser human being and this also affected their mental growth. Although some laws were changed, some of the white people already brainwashed and still feel that they are superior compared to black people.

God who is the Creator of the human family and looks upon every man, woman, and child as equal in dignity and worth (McLeroy), Thus the unnecessary killing of the black people should be upon those in authority to address the issue and come together with another activist to prevent the killing of black people.

Furthermore, they must recognize and reshape the racial misconduct issues that may arise to achieve racial justice work. Racism is a public health concern since it is a social condition that affects a person’s health and causes social illnesses. Either psychologically or physically. The deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown are a reminder to health professions to critically evaluate their work, values, and impact on people.

However, efforts to fight racism should not be left in the hand of health professionals alone. It is upon all of us to confront, analyze, and dismantle racism. The activist that are in support of the Black lives matters echoes the principles of an open society that is based on social justice that recognizes the equal value of all lives. They argue that researchers and practitioners should actively interact with black people to gain an understanding of how injustices they face affecting their lives.

The practitioners and researchers do not necessarily have to be black. This, in the long run, would show that people, especially the whites are ready to also fight for social equality as it was during the civil rights movement. Black lives matter because it steals people’s dignity.

Whoever for us to be able to solve the brutality and the injustice that the black people face, we must acknowledge that police violence, and racism does exist. Understanding and admitting that there is a problem is the first step for us to get a remedy to it. We have to understand those whose struggle for justice is, but still, they have not accomplished it. Our objectives us people who seek justice is to ensure that justice-loving people act towards justice.

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Additionally, with all the evidence, we should stand and act together from a place of love and authority rather than distress and rage. (Dr. William J. Barber). Whether black or white, people’s lives are dependent on them being served with equal justice under the law. Systemic racism goes beyond the individual intent to discriminate against black people. The black lives matter is not only concerned with the rights of the blacks but of the whole nation.

Rather than it pointing fingers at a few individuals, they are arguing out for the change of the society and institutions on how they perceive the black people. People also feel that the policing system, rather than individuals, is what is making them unsafe. When people and the supremacy are addressing the issue of black lives matter, they should all have an open mind. However, the black lives matter movement has faced much criticism because some people believe that it is a hate group and encourages racism and violence while others think that it has not been crystal clear on its objectives.

Hence for them to reach a positive and a common consensus with the government, they suggested that they should have a community representation in the police department who is aware of the challenges and the problems that they face in the community and also be able to accept their feedback on how to improve the police department. Since the court relies on the evidence provided by the police to make the judgment, the black lives matter movement wished that other departments could independently investigate and prosecute the cases presented to them.

This is because the police system is the one that enforces law and order and at the same breaks the law and cannot convict them. When police officers hurt the civilians, they should also be subjected to the law. To reduce black people’s killing, it would be better if the policing system would focus more on other forms of training such as de-escalating situations and dealing with people of different backgrounds rather than spending more hours of training in firearms.

When police are taught other means of dealing with situations, the firearm would be the last option for them to use when dealing with a suspect not unless they are forced to. Police should be taught how to use less force when dealing with people because they are human. It is important to note that racial inequality is not merely a symptom of economic inequality (Hillary Clinton). Black people have continued to face systemic inequities in the education system, economic opportunities, and the justice system. More talks on creating awareness and action to be taken should be done since up to date black people still face racism and discrimination in their daily lives.

However as people are trying to come up with solutions to reduce the killings of the black people, the crimes that are being committed by the blacks should not be ignored. Crimes such as black to black violence should not be ignored. Moreover, once we can curb the police killing of the blacks, then we can be able to deal with the other problems that the community face on a large scale through good parenting and mentoring of children at a young age to grow morally upright. There is a genuine need to address such concerns.

Black lives matter because just like everyone else, the black people were created free and equal and endowed with those inalienable rights protected by the law. Every black person is a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars” they have a right to be here. As Dr. King rightly noted in his classic speech, I have a dream.

When the architects of our republic wrote the magnificent words of the Constitution and the declaration of Independence, they were signing a promissory note to which every American was to fall heir. This note was a promise that all men would be guaranteed the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It is time for the promise to receive their due.


Example #2

Do Black Lives Matter or do All Lives Matter? That question has been the cause of many debates and conversations across America recently. The All Lives Matter response was created to criticize the Black Lives Matter Movement and operates under the assumption that the movement isn’t needed in America because it is a post-racial society.

This thesis reviews race theories, racial formation in the United States, and racist ideology in the pre- and post-Civil Rights era in order to show why the Black Lives Matter Movement is needed. It looks at the influence colorblindness has on the United States Criminal Justice System and the All Lives Matter response. Finally, this thesis explains why the Black Lives Matter Movement is important and suggests the next steps that can be taken by the Black Lives Matter Movement to reach its goal of social justice for black lives.


Example #3

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement started as an online campaign, with the main aim of campaigning against violence and racism that faced African Americans. It began as a response to the fact that African Americans’ lives did not matter to the whites. Although it originated in the African American community, the movement has gained an international forum with activities joining forces from all over the world in the fight against vices like police brutality, racial inequality, and violence.

The BLM movement gained its national and international recognition during its street demonstration after the death of two African Americans, Michael Brown in Ferguson and Eric Garner in New York City.

Since the passing of the two, participants of this movement have demonstrated against the deaths of other numerous African Americans. BLM claims to have been inspired by the African-American Civil Rights Movement and the Black Feminist Movement. It has, however, received various reactions with most of the whites perceiving the movement as a racial organization.

Most African Americans view the BLM action as an efficient tool that will succeed in the long run in helping the black community achieve equality(Nelson pg. 1734-1737). To analyze the BLM movement, it is necessary to understand the communities from which the movement and the organization both operate.

Philosophy of BLM movement

BLM movement is built mostly on the traditional concepts of the black community fight for freedom from all forms of injustices they face in the United States. This has been further strengthened by the fact that the movement has distanced themselves from the old leadership that concentrated on charismatic leadership and instead people have embraced the group type of leadership(Hope, Elan, Micere, and Mylespg. 203-215).

This has instilled a sense of direct participation by like-minded black people who air their views and together engage in activities that improve the lives of the blacks. Moreover, as Fredrick C, a political scientist argues, the leadership approach used in the BLM movement represents a new civil right movement.

Although many philosophers have distanced themselves from making direct comments about the campaign, most of them would argue that it is impossible to do epistemology, without understanding the political nature of the people. Epistemology is the study that helps understand people’s beliefs, truths, and justification for their actions.

The lack of a defined structure in the movement has caused confusion among the participants, and from the general public. This is because any statements or actions from individuals is considered the stand of the movement as a whole when in most cases the people are not necessarily part of the BLM movement. The movement has broadened to even accommodate other organizations and activists under the banner of BLM(Larson pg. 36-66). As a result, the movement has become extensive not only locally but also globally. This has created a community of diverse people from different backgrounds fighting the same battle.

Strategies and Tactics

The first platform of the movement was social media where the participants reached out to thousands of people through the use of hashtags with the common phrase of Black Lives Matter. Since then, the people involved have embraced different tactics to advocate for the need for racial equality and an end to violence. Information technologies that enable the sharing of information like Facebook and Twitter have been essential tools in spreading their messages. Also, the participants engaged in direct action tactics which are methods used to make people uncomfortable for them to address the issue. This has been achieved through protests and rallies.

During their demonstrations, political slogans like “White silence is violence,” “No justice no peace,” and “Is my son next?” among others are used(Hoffman, Granger, Vallejos and Moats pg. 595-611). There have been African American artists who have also incorporated the slogans into their music which has increased the spread of the BLM concepts globally. Also, the wealthy black people have supported the movement financially through funds and also through activities like paying bail for protesters and rebuilding infrastructure.

To keep the movement real, it has always been necessary to have strategies and actions that will ensure that only the black people are involved in the movement without the white community participation(Elmasry and Nawawy pg. 1-19). If there will ever exist a society where all lives matter, it is important to support the BLM as it is the very movement that inspires and attracts many more people to join hands in the fight for equality and justice.

This means supporting and acknowledging the black people and helping them in their fight for a peaceful nation where racial equality is critical. The fact that the black community is a target by the state from whose perspective is that the black lives do not matter, it is crucial to stand firm with the movement in the struggle for a better future of all people regardless of race or social class.

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The purpose of the Black Lives Matter movement is to eliminate racial discrimination in the criminal justice system to save the lives of the black people who have been in most cases victims of the injustices that prevail in the country. Many critics claim that the movement is trying to help the black people rise against all other races and cultures, instead of caring for all individuals to have a better country.

However, through many cases of injustice, it is clear that the black community has been denied equal opportunities and treatment as the white community. It is, therefore, important for the movement to advocate for equality. It is also essential to recognize that there have been significant reforms that have impacted positively on the black community.

The racism gap is slowly closing up, and there has been an improvement in the justice outcomes of the black people. Also, the black communities are now provided with more opportunities in securing jobs and education to their places of choice where there were previous restrictions of whites-only (Cohen, Cathy, and Sarah pg. 775-792). To expand such positive outcomes, it is necessary to show the areas that still require change so as to bring together people of all races and class through such platforms as have been provided by the BLM movement.


Example #4 – AllLivesMatter and BlackLivesMatter

Social media has revolutionized the way that social movements operate. In the 1960s the Southern Catholic Leaders Conference and Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee had their work cut out for them; there were no uploading videos of prejudice or injustice to Youtube, or promoting events through Twitter and Facebook. Fortunately for the now controversial BlackLivesMatter movement, the revelation of mass-media and social-media has changed the role of news in society to something distinctly different. It took one tweet to spark the beginning of the movement, in response to the death of Treyvon Martin in 2012. Since then, the names of dead black men, women, and children have been turned into hashtags spread around Twitter in outrage.

Videos of police shooting unarmed men have gained millions of views. Over five years, the issue has become nearly universal within the black community, and even those outside of it. BlackLivesMatter was created because African Americans feel oppressed; by the government, by the system, and by the police officers who patrol their neighborhoods. In response, the AllLivesMatter movement was founded in refutation to BlackLivesMatter. AllLivesMatter followers disagreed with BlackLivesMatter advocates on purported “key issues,” insisting that “cops aren’t racist,” contrary to what they believed the BlackLivesMatter representatives were saying, and interpreting BlackLivesMatter as a supremacy movement; two things which couldn’t be further from the truth.

As a person of white heritage who grew up in and around the black community, I believe that BlackLivesMatter and AllLivesMatter are not mutually exclusive, nor contradictory; both BlackLivesMatter and AllLivesMatter movements are victims of overgeneralization and misunderstanding when in reality they are basically advocating for the same goals in different ways. A middle ground can be found between these two movements.

It’s an unfortunately unheralded fact in current times that good cops exist. There are many good cops out there, who perform their jobs to the letter, and maybe even go beyond the line of duty to serve their community. Police officers who save lives, participate in their community with youth outreach, and aid the less fortunate. Simply put, these “good” police officers do not make as good as a headline as a dead black man does.

The media has been pandering to the BlackLivesMatter movement because in this day and age, journalistic integrity has been substituted by the need for clicks and views for ad-revenue. It has been pushing an altered reality, in which all cops are killers when the truth is that bad cops make up an astute minority of the police force. However, even if individual cops may be good people, it does not make up for the fact that the system that employs them is oppressive. Cops are pressured by their superiors to generate revenue for the city and precinct.

There is a motivation to write as many tickets as possible; which often involves making more traffic stops than necessary. And it is not a coincidence that the areas which usually generate the most revenue also contain a statistically high population of African Americans. Because of this emphasis of revenue over safety and fair enactment of justice, blacks unintentionally fall victim to the system. Police officers as individuals are not guilty, but they are the agents of a machine that puts the people’s best interests second to its own.

Unlike civil-rights organizations such as the Southern Catholic Leaders Conference, Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored Peoples, the BlackLivesMatter movement is not an organization, nor does it have a defined leadership. Although the movement may not be a monolith, advocates for the movement are in agreement with several core principles. The founding belief of the movement is that the system is against African-Americans. However, it goes much deeper than that; most activists agree that the police are not the only ones at fault, and it is up to the black communities to work together and empower each other.

One issue with the movement is that, because it is not a formal organization with a hierarchy, all black people are assumed to be in BlackLivesMatter. Because of this, actions by extremist groups such as the New Black Panther Party are credited to the movement in an attempt to take away the moral ground BlackLivesMatter has built up.

They cannot be ‘victims’ if they are retaliating with violence; although any incidents of violence are in direct contradiction to the ideals of BlackLivesMatter, as self-proclaimed leaders of the movement such as Deray McKesson have put strict emphasis on peaceful protests. The BlackLivesMatter movement is guilty of nothing aside from association. Being black does not automatically make you a part of BlackLivesMatter, it has to do with how you act and behave: violent protesters and terrorists act independently of the movement and on their own accord.

AllLivesMatter gained a lot of support and controversy during the 2016 Presidential Election and was formed directly in response to the BlackLivesMatter. The general consensus behind the movement is that supporters claim that BlackLivesMatter is a racist anti-white movement that overlooks the importance of other races. Most literally take the stance ‘all lives matter.’ Throughout the 2016 Presidential Election, tensions rose between the two movements, with AllLivesMatter being criticized by the media and various celebrities and politicians. AllLivesMatter has been described as “the right move for the wrong time,” and is commonly perceived as a sarcastic phrase intended to be a slap in the face to the BlackLivesMatter movement. However, there is some truth to the movement.

All lives matter; they should matter. Unfortunately, many people advocating for this fail to realize that all lives do not matter, equally. BlackLivesMatter is a movement founded in an attempt to make black lives equal; not more important. The simple fact is that all lives do not matter. As genuine as the phrase and movement may be, it is operating off of the false assumption that all races are equally endangered, and therefore hinders the progress of BlackLivesMatter.

BlackLivesMatter is misunderstood as a statement when it, in reality, is a response. It is a response to hard facts, disturbing statistics, and shocking reports that all seem to suggest that black lives do not matter. AllLivesMatter is the end-goal of the BlackLivesMatter movement; we cannot all matter until we are all equal.

Both BlackLivesMatter and AllLivesMatter are advocating the same points. Freedom. Equality. Safety. These movements both lead to the same reality, and they both picture the same vision. But circumstances caused by members outside of the movements have caused each respective movement to view the other as an ‘enemy.’ BlackLivesMatter sees racists and extremists proclaiming “AllLivesMatter,” and overgeneralize the entire movement into a racist, alt-right organization. Conversely, AllLivesMatter sees violent protests, riots, and police killings and make the assumption that those extremists are a part of BlackLivesMatter.

This series of generalizations and misunderstanding has caused each movement to view the other as conflicting viewpoints, while in reality, they are the same. This tension between activists has caused both movements to lose a lot of ground, and momentum. Protestors and activists have gotten so caught up arguing among each other, they have forgotten the true goals of these movements. If we want to achieve progress, we must work together.

We must find a common ground, set core principles and ideals, and unite. The real enemy is the machine, not the people. Enough men, white or black, have died to prove that this is a detrimental issue to society.


Example #5

When people think of terrorism they usually think of the use of violence or a state of fear and submission produced by terrorization. In the memoir When They Call You a Terrorist, the author Patrisse Khan-Cullors, defines terrorism as a form of racism. Patrisse naturally describes racism in this way because of how it has affected her and her family.

From a young age, she, her brothers, and her loved ones were singled out by law enforcement officers for nothing more than the color of their skin. This was when Patrisse began to define racism. It was only when her brother, Monte, was brutalized and accused of being a terrorist, that she began to realize that his accusers were the real terrorists. Her concept of racism had evolved from being a constant fear in her life to becoming a threat to the liberty and the freedom of black people. Patrice understands that discrimination is the motive behind both racism and terrorism, which is why they are the same to her.

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Throughout her memoir, Patrisse Khan-Cullors defines terrorism through her recollection of events such as when she and her brothers Paul and Monte were young children. They all lived in the neighborhood of Van Nuys. Van Nuys had no parks, no playgrounds, and no community centers. She remembers the police in their cars patrolling the neighborhood all day, every day.

The next best place to hang out was the alleyway near their apartment building. The police blocked the alleyway and Patrisse is watching them from behind a wrought-iron gate. The police officers throw the boys up against the wall, make them pull up their shirts, turn their pockets inside out, and frisk them in a rough manner. She does not scream or even cries, she watches intently, frozen with fear. This is her first encounter with what she believes is terrorism.

For Patrisse and her family a new terror sets in when her brother Monte, at the age of nineteen, is arrested and faces a charge of attempted robbery. For two long months at the Twin Towers Detention Center, their mother repeatedly calls and desperately tries to contact her son. After multiple attempts and visitations to the facility, she is finally allowed to see her son, only to find him in an alarming physical state. She describes him as being emaciated, beaten, and bruised.

They deprived him of water and drugged him to the point he could not speak a full understandable sentence. Their mother was informed that her son was diagnosed with having schizoaffective disorder by the jails’ psychiatrist. This would explain why Monte would have manic disorder episodes but does not explain why they treated him so inhumanely. Throughout the family’s times of adversities her mother, Cherice, set an example for her children to stay resilient during turmoil and terrorism.

In the years following Patrisse is living with her husband Mark Anthony in the community of St. Elmo’s Village mid-city Los Angeles, California. In this community, the residents felt safe enough not to lock their doors. One late morning upon Patrisse arriving back from spending time with friends she encountered the police raiding her home. The police gained access through the back door, yanked her husband out of bed, and arrested him. The police explained that he fits the description of a person of interest who was related to several robberies in the area.

Close your eyes and come close. Try to imagine with me: You are a graduate student whose work is in Chinese medicine. Your dream is to be a healer. And maybe while you are sleeping in your wife’s bed, where artist live and children come for free painting classes, maybe you are dreaming that you are saving a life, and in the midst of that dreaming, you are yanked out of bed by armed men dressed in riot gear, who possess no warrant, who has snuck into your bedroom through an unlocked back door. Their only reasoning is that you fit the description (Khan-Cullors 195).

Patrisse describes not being afraid but feeling angry when she sees her husband, the healer, in handcuffs and demands a better explanation as to why they are accusing him based on his profile. The police eventually backed down as neighbors start taking a stand with Patrisse and Mark Anthony, and finally, they remove the handcuffs.

The following textural evidence conveys that racial bias is still an ominous issue in today’s world. Police in the California city, where only 6% of the population is black, worked with federal authorities to arrest 37 people, all of whom were black, for selling small amounts of drugs, the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California said in a complaint announced on Thursday, October 4, 2018. During the operations, one undercover officer was caught on camera declining to buy drugs from an Asian woman and waiting to buy from a black woman, who was later prosecuted.

The suit focused on San Francisco police collaborations with the US Drug Enforcement Administration and federal prosecutors in 2013 and 2014, but the ACLU has alleged that the discriminatory policing and harassment of black people in the city has continued. We’ve seen time and time again how racial bias has infected the San Francisco police department’s ability to administer equal enforcement of the law, Novella Coleman, an ACLU staff attorney, said in an interview (Levin).

Those who have not had the same experiences as Patrisse may argue that comparing racism with terrorism is too much of a stretch. However, it is because of these encounters that Patrisse has had with racism, that she makes this connection. She has witnessed the unjustified brutality, prejudices, and horrific acts that have been placed upon her race. These are the same conditions one would see in a setting filled with terrorist activity. Patrisse has taken her life’s experiences and has become a courageous visionary.


Interesting ideas

They should. That’s the whole point behind the Black Lives Matter Movement. That our lives should matter. People who can’t think outside of themselves will come to the conclusion that it means, “Only Black Lives Matter.” Unfortunately, we have a lot of vain people in our society who can’t think on complex issues. BLM Movement pretty much spells out, “Shouldn’t our lives be as valued as the next person’s? All lives should matter but, it seems here, no the world, Black lives do no matter as much.”

If Nat Turner hadn’t gone on a rampage the majority would have assumed Black people enjoyed the institution of slavery, if Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t protest, if Malcolm X never felt enough is enough, if Rosa Parks got up instead of staying seated, then we Black people would be far worse off than we are now. Inch by inch, movement by movement, we’re getting to a place of stability. Did people not know each of these inspirational leaders was thought to be radicals just because they wanted what all regular citizens would expect in America? A little dignity, the ability to fend for one’s self, and the freedom to go where one pleases? All of these leaders forced people to see Black people as people. All of them at one point was like, “This is NOT how it’s supposed to be.”

Of course, during those times there were many of the majority that was afraid of change and didn’t want to compromise their held beliefs and special spaces and make room for others who were just as deserving.

The scenery may have changed and things are more subtle now but nothing is truly different. There are new faces and people hide behind masks of political correctness but I see no difference from times long ago except they’re doing a better job at hiding the horrible disparities and mistreatment.

If a person truly believed all lives matter then they’d support the Black Lives Matter Movement. If you’re not in support of it then you’re saying, “Black Lives Do Not Matter.” The ALM movement is a counter to the BLM. Meaning, it’s a counter to Black lives mattering. It’s simple as that.

Black lives should matter too.

Black lives aren’t the only lives that matter. That saying is a form of racism, even if people try to claim it isn’t. Just like black people can have their own only black radio, only black schools, and many functions/events only made for black people. If any other race, especially white people, tried to have an event ” WHITE LIVES MATTER ” or an only white school, we would be called racist. And a lot of fights would be started if that did happen. But black people can get away with it.

BLM grew out of the Ferguson MO riots.  In the beginning, it was focused on the alleged unjustified killing of a black man by a white cop. That cop was not charged by the way after a deep investigation that just recently released its results. Other white cop black killings fed the BLM fires and kept them in the news at every protest and subsequent riot that followed.

But it soon became clear that BLM had turned racist in that the only time it reared its public head was when a white cop killed a black man.  We never saw them leading any kind of protest or social push back when blacks killed other blacks.  Where I live in Oakland CA, black kids are getting killed by other blacks on a regular basis, but we don’t see BLM anywhere in the streets protesting those killings.

Anyway, black lives do matter, but not the BLM organization.  In Oakland, we have other organizations that are much more meaningful in attempting to improve conditions in the city for all the minorities.  Meanwhile, BLM, the organization, continues to turn away and ignore if not abet the looters, anarchists, and felons who smash and destroy the city that a lot of black people work in.  Very much like what happened in Ferguson.

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