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Apple Essay

apple essay

Example #1

A fruit that is available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors is well-known throughout the world. Which fruit were you thinking of? I was considering Peaches. Apples are such a common food that people take them for granted. Has it ever occurred to you why the world’s major computer business takes its name from an apple? And it utilizes an image of a half-eaten multi-colored apple as its logo? Why do you give your teachers apples rather than oranges?

What is the significance of apple and academics? Is it possible that you would say, “she’s the apple of my eye,” but not, “she’s the strawberries of my eye”? I believe that God had a hand in this. The Latin term for fruit is pomum. which refers to all fruits. Used as pome because of its tiny seeds before being known as pome because of its small seeds. Apple was regarded as a malum in Latin, which means melon before Christianity became the dominant religion during the Roman Empire.

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Following the death of Jesus, however, Apple became the Fruit. Because of the tale of Adams and Eves, to be precise. Nobody knows why the fruit Adam was tempted with wasn’t a kiwi. Why did God forbid humans from eating pears in the garden of Eden? The tree of knowledge simply produced apples. As a result, apples have great religious significance for Christians.

Another tale that originated from Christianity concerns Adam’s apple. The lump on the throat of males has known as Adam’s apple. The term originates from the biblical narrative of Adam and Eve, just like the previous one. When Adam ate the forbidden fruit, it became wedged in his throat, causing him to have a tumor. As a result, every male member of his line acquired an adam’s apple thereafter.

The excellent quote, Apple of One’s Eye, was employed in the Bible itself. It refers to a person or thing that is greatly adored. Because the pupil of one’s eye was regarded to be like an apple because it was the fruit of fruits, people likened the apple of their eyes to an apple during ancient times.


Example #2

The Apple Inc. case study gives an overview of the company’s history, including who had control over decision-making and how the firm has grown in revenue. From its inception through to replacement CEOs appointed by board members if predicted profits were not where they expected, Apple’s only goal was to succeed.

Apple, on the other hand, has seen its fair share of reported losses. John Sculley, Michael Spindler, and Gil Amelio all led Apple as CEO before being relieved of their duties. While running the head of operations, they were unable to show revenue growth or offer alternative methods to generate money (Gamble & Thompson 2010).

The goal of this case study is not only to examine the revenue that was gained and the losses incurred but also to look at Apple’s rivals, as well as its various business acquisitions and startup initiatives. Apple’s main line of business was computers, yet despite having new items like iPod, iPad, and iPhone that would outsell their PCs in Gamble & Thompson (2010), their strategic plan was to expand into other markets.

He wanted to make the computer more consumer-friendly and in color. And while most people believe that it takes an exceptional leader to point you in the correct direction creatively, only the visionary has the power to lead you there. Because when individuals bring others into a vision or mission, it becomes clogged and off course from its real goal in the first place. Jobs had ridiculous ideas or goals for Apple, but even half of them could not be implemented and sold.


Example #3

With its breakthroughs that have revolutionized the way people use computers and mobile devices, the Apple Corporation has left an indelible impression on the world stage. Apple has been extremely successful, and it is now worth billions of dollars (Farivar 1). The company’s share price is currently at $530, making it the most successful business in the technological industry. In this paper, you’ll read about how the apple firm has affected society as a whole, including regular people, workers, costs, and other electronic firms.

In the mid-1970s, Apple was founded, and it has had a significant influence on normal people since then. The advent of personal computers revolutionized the technological industry. Personal computers had a simple design that was easy to use by consumers. Despite strong competition from other businesses, Apple did not achieve a large market share. As a consequence, it began developing a product that is now an integral part of contemporary daily routines at work, at home, and in cars (Sanderson 1). iPod, iPhone, IPad are among Apple’s well-known products.

In 2003, Apple launched the iTunes Store, which has changed the way consumers acquire music. The goods are stylish and efficient, and they help fulfill needs that ordinary individuals were unaware of (Greenwood 1). With the blossoming of interest in any new items’ announcements and the long queues of people waiting to purchase them, you can see Apple’s influence. Through the development of useful new things, Apple will continue to impact the day-to-day lives of normal folks.

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Employees will be affected. To continue generating new items that stimulate the market, Apple’s employees must remain at the top of their game. They must maintain the high standards set by previous Apple devices and go above and beyond them. Employees must keep Steve Jobs’ vision for Apple in mind as they execute it. He is associated with Apple because of his fame, and after his death, company workers must confront the post-Jobs period.

Although the position of CEO is not superior to that of a former leader, there are several advantages. 1) Leadership styles and expectations may be different, but they should complement each other. 2) The ability to work under two different CEOs was beneficial because it allowed for change while allowing for continuity in how the company was run (Cheng).

Apple’s products have a significantly higher price tag than those from other businesses. Apple’s products have excellent features and are unrivaled in the market. As a result, while clients pay a high price for the goods, they nevertheless purchase because they feel they are worth it (Greenwood 1). The cost of Apple’s items is unlikely to go down, since the firm provides additional amenities, such as after-sale support and customer care assistance.

With its branded items gaining the confidence of many people and establishing a devoted fan base, it has an advantage over the other businesses. The firm, on the other hand, makes its goods in China, where there is criticism for sending work overseas, but production costs are lower than at home, boosting profit margins.

Apple is the industry leader, and its dominance has an enormous influence on other technology businesses. Samsung is the greatest competitor in the mobile technology sector since it dominates the smartphone market with its devices. Apple also competes with various smaller firms that have enhanced their products to take advantage of the market.

Samsung is the most important consumer electronics company in the world. Samsung Electronics promotes S series and Note series smartphones, as well as smartwatches and TVs, which compete with Apple’s iPhone and iPad products. They offer items comparable to those produced by Apple, but at a lower price; hence they will attract customers who desire the feel of sleek gadgets but for a low price. On the other side, following a patent claim against Samsung for patent infringement, rivals must be cautious about developing their devices so that they do not infringe on Apple patents and face litigation. Fear of lawsuits may hinder some device manufacturers from experimenting (Mullis 1).

The world has changed due to Apple’s technologies. The impact on customers is unprecedented, and only time will tell what new goods Apple will bring to the market if their prior track record is anything to go by, and it appears set to stay a major for a long time. They’ve developed items that many people didn’t realize they needed until they saw them, but once they tried them, they became addicted.

Apple is a unique company in the tech industry, and the successful techniques it uses are likely to keep the firm on an upward trajectory, consolidating its dominance and market share. Apple has a lot of cash on hand that it may use to develop items or pour into any area of expertise as needed to maintain the lead in the technological field. As a result, with its strong brands recognized across the world, Apple will have an impact on society in the near future.


Example #4

Apple is a delicious fruit that people all over the world enjoy eating. It is beneficial to one’s health in numerous ways. When you hold an apple in your hand, you’ll notice that it has three distinct main parts: good flavor, various colors, and healthy fruit. The first aspect is that it has excellent taste. Its flavor will improve if you leave it in the refrigerator for a long time. You should cut it into four pieces after removing it from the fridge.

Then you take a little piece of four into your mouth. Because the apple pieces are chilly, you’ll love them as well. As a result, you’ll think it’s tasty. The second point is that the apple has changed color. For example, red, yellow, and light blue are among the many options. People find it attractive because of its hue in addition to its color. Some people enjoy red apples while others prefer light blue ones. People’s favorite apple is determined by its appearance rather than its flavor.

The final point is that it is a healthy fruit. It has too many vitamin benefits to list. Vitamin C, for example, maybe beneficial to your eyes. Vitamin B can help your skin appear more youthful and smooth. When you visit the hospital, you may hear the doctor say ” If you eat an apple every day for a week, you will not become ill.” Overall, the apple is the most popular fruit eaten by people all around the world.

It’s wonderful to enjoy, with a variety of hues and nutritional fruit. It has more than three points, but it also offers certain health benefits. Another benefit is that if you eat one apple per day, you will not become ill.


Example #5

Apple is a multinational technology business headquartered in Cupertino, California that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services. The iPhone smartphone, iPad tablet computer, Mac personal computer, iPod portable media player, Apple Watch smartwatch, Apple TV digital media player, and Home Pod smart speaker are among the company’s hardware products.

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The macOS and iOS operating systems, the iTunes media player, the Safari web browser, and the I Life and iWork creativity and productivity suites are all examples of Apple’s consumer software. The iTunes Store, iOS App Store, Mac App Store, Apple Music, and I Cloud are some of its online offerings.

The environment can be defined as the combination of physical circumstances that intrude and influence a plant’s development, progress, and survival. As a result, the business environment would represent the same things both internal and external that impact its productivity and development. To understand their present-day business geology, it is critical for a company leader to complete an environmental analysis of their firm.

Apple is an American corporation that operates all around the world. The Apple UK environmental review is illustrated here in a hurry. The internal environment of Apple UK will be assessed based on the SWOT (qualities, shortcomings, opportunities, and threats) framework with the aid of academic theories and models.

Strengths. Since 2005, Apple has consistently appeared at the top of the BDG’s list of 50 firms due to its invention in electronic devices. It is also credited as the inventor of some of the most cutting-edge technologies on the market, including iTunes Media Player, I Live (for organizing editing, storing photos, music, and movies), and iWork (a presentation program). Apple has also widened its presence to include entertainment and news services, becoming one of the largest internet music and video retailers as well as software vendors. With each passing year, Apple’s sales grow stronger and more effective marketing strategy.

Strengths and Weaknesses. High costs: Many people despise the brand for its high prices, but Apple devotees defend the practice by referring to the company as a “premium” gadget maker. They also claim it’s for those who can afford a horse. In other words, Apple is comparable to BMW rather than Ford. However, when individuals have access to less expensive versions with equivalent or similar features, the difficulty arises.

Samsung, Microsoft, and a slew of other firms offer low-cost devices compared to Apple. Here’s where apple loses its customers. Strategy Analytics determined that 88% of iPhone customers would purchase another iPhone over the next year, up from 93 percent in 2012. So with each passing year, Apple’s users are being lured away by the competition. Unsuccessful anticipation; OS incompatibility.

For example, opportunities. The high demand for items: There is a strong desire for new Apple products, especially for recently launched PowerBook and Power Mac models, as well as a fresh upgrade to MAC OS X. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, claimed that there was a lot of interest in the new Apple Watch. This is why so many pre-orders were postponed until May or later. Customers are also awaiting the release of the next-generation iMac line and iDVD. In the area of communication gadgets, there has been significant growth.

The Threats of the Electronic World: The complex structure of electronic environment communication devices is always evolving. If the firm fails to keep up with the pace, it will fall behind its competition. It poses a serious problem for Apple and future market positions. This firm is under intense competition in the communication industry, therefore it has to constantly develop and alter its product to meet the demands of customers as a result of damaging reputations due to tax scandal, Infringement of intellectual property (IP) rights. Tax scandal damage to reputation; IP rights infringement.

As this may be challenging, we will start with the PESTLE analysis of Apple. Political. Apple is one of a number of American technology firms that have amassed a large amount of money. It had $34.7 billion in the bank on June 30, 2015, according to Forbes Magazine. This has led to calls for greater corporate taxation in the United States, where income inequality has emerged as a major political concern. Apple is highly reliant on manufacturing in China at lower prices. In China, social and political unrest might disrupt production or raise manufacturing costs.

This can raise costs in the short term, but in the long run, it’s beneficial to Apple by spurring the development of new markets. Middle-class incomes have been stagnant in some developed countries, including the United States, which may reduce demand for higher-end consumer goods like those marketed by Apple. The strengthening of the US dollar could result in increased exchange rates, making doing business in important regions such as Europe and China more expensive for Apple.

Apple CFO Luca Maestri stated that the company is shifting its focus toward other regions, especially in Europe and Asia. He also said that because of global warming, Apple may be confronted with transoceanic shipping difficulties, which are an essential component of Apple’s supply chain.

Apple’s technological. Competitors such as Google and Samsung have shown a tremendous capacity to replicate Apple’s goods and services. It took less than a year for Google to release a payment app, Android Pay, which offered the same capabilities as Apple Pay. This implies that many of Apple’s distinctive services and products are no longer one-of-a-kind. The amount of new consumer gadgets that Apple can produce is restricted. Many of its newest offerings, such as the Apple TV set-top box, will be niche products. The growing popularity of mobile phones and tablets may result in decreased demand for Apple’s desktop PCs.

Apple, like any other business, is susceptible to intellectual property infringement claims. Apple’s revenue is largely derived from a variety of items protected by intellectual property laws such as software and music. The company is extremely vulnerable to both piracy and litigation as a result of this. The environment will be harmed if Apple does not implement measures to stop illegal mining in its supply chain.

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Because of the possibility that such devices will be dumped in landfills, Apple may be forced to assume the cost. Pollution and other environmental side effects from Chinese manufacturing plants are becoming an increasing worry. This might lead to more regulation and higher manufacturing expenditures in the future.

Conclude by summarizing your findings. They are successful in selling their items, with the highest customer loyalty rate. The problem with Apple is that real customers are unable to buy because of increased prices; they don’t have more than paperwork for provider codes, and there is backhanded access to most extreme markets through the application store. It’s confronted with possible personnel turnover, criticism on its management, and difficulties like whether it’s a not-for-profit organization.

The authors argue that Apple must take the lead in value reduction. Value reduction is recommended by the FOI Act, which stipulates that Apple and cost-cutting should collaborate. Increased spending by Apple now, which is a billion-dollar yearly, isn’t enough to alleviate future risk. Organizations should pay greater attention to developing markets like China and India, where rivals currently have control.


Example #6

The Apple company’s primary goals, Mission, and Vision statements are the basis for its global success as the most revered firm in the world. It was founded in 1976 in Cupertino, California, as a symbol of design progress and development. The specific characteristics are linked to Apple’s mission and vision statements, which continue to push employees to help and inspire change for the greater good.

“Apple Inc. has recently modified its mission statement, including modifications to Steve Jobs’ original company vision statement. In addition, Tim Cook has released Apple’s new vision statement to represent the firm’s present situation. As a result, the company’s mission and vision statements change over time in response to changing organizational and market demands.”

The Apple Company’s mission statement has changed, and the firm is aware of the shifting commercial climate, which allows it to perform tasks that were previously beyond its scope. The connection points out the developing goods and manufacturing, while also referring to Apple’s standard goal statement: “Apple creates Macs, the finest personal computers in the world, as well as OS X, iLife, iWork, and professional software.”

“Apple leads the digital music revolution with its iPods and iTunes online store; Apple has reinvented the mobile phone with its innovative iPhone and App Store, and is defining the future of mobile media and computing devices with iPad.” The company’s goal statement specifies what it does and aims to achieve. “The mission statement mentions Macs, OS X, iLife, iWork” (and others). The supplied study is useful in determining where to begin the next activities at Apple.

The new vision statement for Apple was announced by CEO Tim Cook, who said, “We feel we’re on this planet to develop great things, and that will never change; we are constantly looking for ways to innovate. We believe in the basic, not the complicated; we think it’s more important to own and control the core technologies behind our products rather than participate in areas where we can make a significant difference. ”

We believe in saying no to hundreds of projects so that we can concentrate on the few that are truly essential and meaningful to us. We believe in broad collaboration and cross-pollination among our teams, which enables us to innovate in a way that others cannot, and we don’t settle for anything less than perfection from every group at the company, and we have the self-honesty to admit when we’re wrong as well as the confidence to change.

“I think Apple will do well, regardless of who is in what position. I believe those values are so ingrained in this firm that Apple will thrive.” The mission statement for the company is largely accurate and serves to validate significant progress and success. The list of key points in the vision statement relates to Apple’s rapid divergence design. “Apple also specializes in products that are user-friendly and easy-to-use, which help people perform everyday tasks better.”

Apple follows through on its Mission and Vision promises to keep up with its grandiose plan. Apple’s vision statement is precise and correct enough to provide a glimpse into the future. It also ensures that the company’s various conditions are upheld. The mission statement from Apple identifies tasks required to guarantee that the firm maintains its track record. In comparison, Apple’s goal statement demonstrates how it will continue to grow and develop new products in order for it to maintain its position as a market leader.

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