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All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy Essay

all work and no play makes jack a dull boy essay

Example #1

According to the fable “The Ant and the Grasshopper” by Aesop, Ant was working hard to prepare the winter’s food, so he didn’t need to worry about the food in the winter. However, the grasshopper didn’t have food to eat as he always had fun.

The author told us a lifestyle which is we need to work hard to prepare for the future. In the other story “The Ant and the Grasshopper” by Somerset Mangham, George didn’t have a good life in the end even though he worked very hard.

The Main Idea

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Instead of his brother, Tom who spent all of his time looking the fun had a lot of money. It showed that a different lifestyle with the fable. It told us that we allow having fun to relax. In my opinion, I agree with the lifestyle which is we don’t need to work too hard to forget to relax that was supported by Somerset Monaghan.

In society, we need to enjoy life even during work, because nobody will predict what will happen tomorrow and if you always force on your work, you will lose a lot, such as you don’t know what’s the situation will like in the outside world and it will have less chance to communicate with your family. In my experience, my uncle who has his own Chinese restaurant always works in the kitchen. He has been in America for about 20 years, he spent most of his time in his restaurant. My mother often told him, “you do not do any more now. ”  He answered that” I don’t believe that my restaurant will keep good without me.

One time, he went back to China as in the case. However, he still wanted to know everything about his restaurant from the call. He didn’t give him an opportunity to relax.

To Sum Up

I think everyone has the right to have fun, even though you are poor. When you are working, you can take a time to have fun. I know some people are enjoying life even they are working. Just we need to know how to arrange our time between working and enjoying.


Example #2

Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining is both deeply terrifying and deeply layered with subtext. At the level of plot, Jack Torrance (Jack Nicolson) and his family agree to care for the secluded Overlook Hotel during its closed winter season, giving Jack an opportunity to work on writing his novel.

However, through an enigmatic connection to the hotel’s violent history, a murderous hysteria slowly overtakes Jack, and we soon find him wielding an ax and chasing his wife and child about the hotel grounds. But this is no random act of violence. The events that unfold at the Overlook function as a lens into the culture from which they arise.

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Decades worth of keen film observers and Kubrick fans have been rewarded generously in deciphering The Shining’s visual cues and coded language, unearthing a latent history of colonialism and genocide built into the foundations of the Overlook Hotel.

Strewn about the spacious wings of this mountainside resort are the repressed traumas of western culture. From the sweep of America’s western expansion to the Holocaust of the 1940s, the bloody horrors of history stalk the rooms and corridors of the Overlook Hotel.

Common readings of Jack’s mania distill these horrors down to their most essential vehicle — white, patriarchal violence — a symbol as elemental to our repressed histories as the image of blood from the massacred dead gushing through closed elevator doors. But little in Kubrick is so flat and unambiguous. Even Jack’s ultra-violence has its nuance.

What we see is Jack goes through a process steeped in the frustrating dynamics of working-class struggle. He yearns to attain a higher station in life, but in failing, seeks an outlet for his frustrations. Rather than focusing his resentment against the social structure under which he flounders, Jack directs it in the same way many men do: relief in drink and anger at his family. Jack’s story is as fundamental as any to the history of American capitalism and is as relevant to the world today as it has ever been.

Rather than being welcomed by the partygoers, it is Delbert Grady, a mere waiter working at the party, who befriends Jack. It is Grady who directs Jack’s frustration and anger towards his wife and child, and towards the “n*gger cook” who threatens to intervene at the hotel. With Grady, we have one man in service to the ruling class enlisting another. Grady channels Jack’s resentment and rage not towards the social structure under which Jack struggles, but towards the marginalized, the expendable, those who threaten to disrupt the structure by breaking in from the margins.

It’s the dirty work of empire-building. It’s not an image fit for the dignified performance of leisure, which is why Grady must escort Jack away from the party and into the bathroom before they can hatch their scheme. The violence asked of Jack occurs in marked distinction to the prim and proper image of the ghosts under whose direction he acts.

The leisure class represents itself as puritanically divorced from anything unclean or unpleasant, most particularly manual labor and unmannered aggression. Jack’s toil and violence is thus the repressed content of their social practice, the foul ground upon which they have built their stage.

And, looking up at that stage is Jack, both audience and stagehand. They enamor him with their spectacle, entice him to imitation, and then, when his efforts fall short, employ him in the maintenance of the social structure over which they preside, as a caretaker of sorts, keeping those younger generations in line with their liberal sympathies, and the meddling women, and the uppity minorities too. White men banding together across class-lines.


Example #3

One day, two-person started cutting trees with their iron axes. They challenged each other on who would cut down more at a particular time. The first person started felling trees continuously without a gap. The second person, who is physically less strong than the first, did that in a different way. He cut the trees for one hour and during another one hour he spends time sharpening the ax and on recouping his body strength by taking rest. At end of the day, the second person won the challenge despite he spent less time on his work.

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Work and Play – Not Mutually Exclusive

In the above story, the second person succeeded because his sharpened ax accelerated the speed of felling trees. Likewise, a good play that refreshes our body and mind will not detrimental to your work.

By generally accepted view, work is a set of activities that earn a livelihood, and play is a set of activities that is physical and mental in nature, gives entertainment and stress relief. If you think playing is mutually exclusive to work, you are wrong.

Successful people give priority to work and play equally. Lazy people would find justification by saying “I have a lot of works, how can I play with the little time I have to rest?” actually they don’t understand that playing will enhance the ability to work. If you can find time in between your work to play, you can keep your body healthy and it will refresh our mind.

‘Rest’ Doesn’t Mean ‘Being Idle’

Yes, we would be tired after work. We may well think that being idle for some time will recoup our strength. It is not so. Being idle will not bring enthusiasm back. Instead, it will pull us down further to be idle. Rather a small game we like can make us more enthusiastic.

Playing Work

If we consider our work as ‘playing’, we won’t get tired. Would it be boring for you to pursue your hobby? If ‘painting’ is your hobby, you would love to paint all day, won’t you? Like that our work won’t be a burden if we do our work enthusiastically as we do our hobby. Most of the people who are working in corporate find their jobs ‘boring’ after two to three years of joining. The reason is that they fail to do their work as playing or to strike a balance between working & playing.

In this globalized world, increasing competition among companies does more harm to employees. They are prevented from having quality time playing or to spend time with their family. This increases the stress and effects on the very health of the employees. So he/she becomes unproductive, which is detrimental to the company’s growth so as to the country’s growth. It is very essential t stop this vicious cycle by keeping the workforce ‘Playful’.

Playing Studies

The mere bookish study is not as effective as practical studies. Playful practical learning is effective learning. In this competitive world, schools and colleges have become workshops that manufacture the workforce for industries. They don’t bother about the all-around development of the children. Parents too especially from middle-class family impose more mark scoping study into the minds of children. Because they need to ensure a job for their children. They rarely allow their children to play.

The result is obesity. India which is having more malnourished and stunted children also has a considerable number of obese children. Other benefits of playing include mitigating the effects of pollution. We are living amidst the dust and heavy metal-containing air from industries. Those heavy metals are dangerous to our health. The sweat coming out of our bodies can eject out heavy metals from our bodies. Thus playing gets importance for children living in an industrial environment.

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The most complicated machine in our world is nothing but our bodies. God has given a suitable environment on earth to nourish our bodies. Unfortunately, our seventh sense has been destroying slowly our ambience. In this contest, playing becomes very important for our all-round development. So, we can contribute more productively to the growth of our nation.


Interesting Ideas

You study hard now while your other friends go out and enjoy but when you do your exams you will be surprised that the exam was very easy while your friends will be complaining and after you get your results, you will be happy with the results while your friends will not and you can enjoy the holidays while your friends will be guilty and not enjoy or their parents might not let them enjoy.

In an adult’s mind games are associated with fun and relaxation. However, for a child playing a game is an essential and absolutely vital part of his daily routine, because this is the only way a child can develop. In order to help a baby develop by playing, it is important for parents to choose proper toys.


Babies can see different colors but are unable to differentiate between shades. That is why it is important to choose toys with a combination of no more than two or three basic colors. Babies perceive contrast colors and clear shapes and lines better. Try to buy the toys with such characteristics and show them to your baby, first at a distance of 15 cm gradually increasing it to 30 cm.


All babies’ love sounds similar to those that they heard in the prenatal life: the sounds of the running water, fountains, or rains. Many toys, such as mobiles and lamps, have in-built classical melodies and the sounds of nature.

Although these functions can have a wonderful soothing effect, check the quality of the sound thoroughly: they must be clear and realistic. It is also important not to choose toys with realistic animal and bird sounds. They can have the sounds of a certain pitch used by the animals to scare their enemies away.

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