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Abortion Pros And Cons Essay

Essay 1

Abortion is a highly contentious and disputed issue nowadays. There have been a number of court cases that have addressed the legality of abortion. However, it will continue to be a controversial and divisive topic for many future discussions. Abortion has both advantages and disadvantages, which need to be properly discussed and considered before making a decision in support or opposition.

Every year, many young women in the United States are faced with unplanned pregnancies. Whether it was unplanned or they were a victim of non-consensual sex, whether they wanted to have the baby or not should be the woman’s choice. It may be more than stressful for a young lady to assume the burden of parenting; it might even be life-threatening. In some situations, termination of the fetus is required to maintain a healthy normal lifestyle.

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It’s easy to forget that the choice we make has a direct influence on both the mother and her child. Selecting to abort a fetus might help avoid future problems in a kid’s life. If a woman gets an unwanted kid, she may abuse or neglect him emotionally and physically. This will not only have an impact on the youngster’s life, but it might also result in the government seizing custody of him.

Whether you’re a youthful teenager or an experienced adult, you’re aware of the options and potential outcomes of a termination. It is entirely up to the individual whether she wants to keep the baby, and what she thinks is best for her health and circumstances may differ. In many situations, there are numerous factors that might have caused the pregnancy; occasionally rape is one of them. Why should a woman be forced to carry the child of someone who has wrought such fear and devastation in her life?

Why should a kid learn that he or she was the product of a rape and that their father is a monster? What if the pregnancy was caused by incest? How could you ask a 12-year-old girl who has been raped to give birth to her rapist’s child? It is difficult, if not impossible, to defend allowing an innocent kid’s life to be saved because it will always remind her of the horror she went through at such a young age.

At the age of twelve, you are neither physically nor emotionally developed, and you can’t handle a kid physically or emotionally. Furthermore, as a woman, you have the right to control your own body; nobody has the right to tell you how to use it. There are many more reasons in favor of abortion than simply this one: life does not begin until after birth, when the fetus becomes a person.

As a result, aborting a pregnancy is not the same as murdering or taking a life. In most situations, this wouldn’t be much fun; in fact, most abortions are concerned with unborn children who would experience suffering. For all of these reasons, as well as the others mentioned above, abortion as a practice may be supported and advocated for by individuals.

Although there are numerous reasons for people to advocate for abortion, one may employ a number of other arguments in opposition. One of the most prevalent arguments made is that the growing infant is made up of living cells that will develop into a person and must be stopped before it becomes a life. Because performing an abortion takes away a future life, depriving the kid of opportunity or rights before it has had a chance at existence, it is unethical to do so.

Second, there are various issues that women confront emotionally and physically as a result of abortion. Some females are unable to handle the weight of taking another person’s life, which might lead to depression and other mental illnesses. Infection of the uterus, blood loss, and even infection of the fallopian tubes can all occur short-term physical problems.

Long-term consequences include infertility, local infections, urinary tract injury, and a torn cervix, among other things. Although these are all pregnancy-related problems, they still represent an increased risk to your health. Adoption is an excellent alternative for women who are considering abortion. There should be no reason to terminate a child given the millions of families throughout the world wanting to adopt.

There are numerous unfortunate males and females who are unable to have children, and gifting a child to a couple who has failed in having their own is one of the greatest blessings you can give them. You will not only save the kid’s life, but you will also place it in the hands of two devoted parents willing to help and make the kid’s existence as wonderful as possible.

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There are a variety of choices after an abortion rather than continuing the pregnancy, including psychotherapy for you and your kid, supply support services, financial aid, and support groups. Each one of these programs provides assistance, guidance, and even solace to individuals who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances. Women Infants & Children (WIC), Welfare Agency, and the Low Income Energy Assistance Program provide food at low cost, free health care access, and help with paying bills.

Planned Parenthood, for example, is able to provide you with childbirth classes, prenatal care, counseling, direction, and postpartum classes. Many women and couples decide to have abortions because the fetus will be disabled. They are frequently incorrect in these predictions.

A child may develop into a well-behaved, robustly motivated individual who can speak about what he or she has overcome. Miracles happen on a daily basis, and some children only live for a short time; nevertheless, others pull through and grow up to be strong committed individuals who are able to talk about what they’ve overcome. A youngster has the right to life and a chance in the world, regardless of any of these conditions.

Furthermore, no one can predict a youngster’s happiness until he or she has had the opportunity to live. No one may know the future, and no one knows whether or not a kid will live a full life. Everything is subjective, and it cannot be decided by anyone else.

One can see that there are many advantages and disadvantages to abortion. It is not necessary to be emotional in making a decision regarding abortion, as it may be a reasonable choice based on what is best for one’s specific situation. As the debate over the legality and morality of abortion rages on, readers should consider the arguments made here when deciding whether or not to support or ban abortions.


Essay 2

Abortion is a highly sensitive topic. Many people are frequently arguing about whether or not abortion should be legal. Some individuals see abortion as being extremely harmful and believe it should not be permitted at all. They feel that because the fetus is being killed, it is like committing murder. Others believe that parents have the right to choose and it isn’t murdered until the baby comes out alive.

It is often believed that humanity was born out of violence and that we must continue to strive for peace and harmony. It’s also been said that because it kills a human being, performing an abortion is comparable to murdering someone. The people who believe it should be legal maintain that until the kid is brought to birth, it isn’t murder. I think each stage of pregnancy should be considered when evaluating whether or not an abortion is acceptable. If the fetus is in its earliest days.

For example, if the mother can be harmed by the kid due to a condition during pregnancy, I believe abortion is acceptable. It’s vital to comprehend what motivates people when they talk about abortion. According to Thompson, the right of an abortion for a mother should be hers to decide whether or not she wants to nurture and go through with the process. The baby will become her “host body” for nine months, even though her own, according to Thompson, and she should have the option of choosing whether or not she wishes to foster and go through with it.

Overall, throughout the history of the United States, there has been a continuous debate about whether abortion is beneficial or harmful. Abortionists are people who believe that abortion is good, whereas non-abortionists are those who feel that it is bad. They’ve been arguing for ages and have demonstrated against one another with vigor.

In 2003, a bill was signed by President George W. Bush to prohibit all abortions in the United States. This enraged many people, and feminist groups such as the National Organization for Women were among them. They feel that it infringes on women’s rights. This organization believes that everyone has a right to make their own decisions about whether or not to keep the baby, and they oppose the restriction of abortion access.


Essay 3


For a long time, the problem of abortion has been one of the most contentious and divisive issues on Earth, with two strong sides. Pro-lifers argue that it is unethical and amounts to murdering a helpless kid, while pro-choice supporters claim that it is simply a form of birth control and there is nothing wrong with it as all children should arrive when they are wanted.

Over time, the many regulations, regulations, and even hard-line positions of several groups including the church have made this issue more contentious instead of providing answers, and it might be claimed that there would never be a consensus on abortion.

Unless the adamant positions taken by both pro-lifers and anti-abortionists are compromised, the discussion on abortion is expected to continue for many years. Those in favor or opposed to abortion must find strategies to accommodate each other’s viewpoints about it. This paper will evaluate the difficulties surrounding the abortion debate while also attempting to discover answers to conflicting points of view.

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Pros of abortion

There are a number of pro-abortion arguments. For example, any birth should take place when the parents choose and not by accident, as it may now (Potts et al.). It would help to create an environment where all children born in this world have a suitable growth climate.

There is no need to inflate the globe with many children who can’t obtain basic needs like adequate clothing, food, shelter, or education. It should also be noted that when a woman decides to have an abortion, it’s not because she hates kids; rather, she believes it would not be a good idea to continue the pregnancy at this time due on account of her personal circumstances (Potts et al. 229).

In cases of rape or incest, carrying a pregnancy is extremely traumatic for the victim since no one wants to keep a kid that was produced as a result of this, and the ideal option is to terminate the fetus. The emotional trauma associated with rape can be too overwhelming and takes time to heal; some rape victims never recover. Adding a kid to the rape survivor’s life is like dumping more salt on an open wound, making it harder for her (Khoster 35).

Several studies investigating the morality or immorality of abortion have discovered that some individuals who are against the ethics of abortion also believe that it is acceptable to terminate a pregnancy resulting from rape. For instance, in Canada, a gulp poll found that only 13% of respondents were completely opposed to the practice, while yet another 65% thought it was acceptable to end an unwanted pregnancy under specific circumstances such as if it resulted from rape (Flanagan 130).

Since Roe v. Wade, many opposing viewpoints have emerged regarding the beginning of life and personhood, including when a fetus becomes “human” (Sather 159). According to Sather, before the 24th–28th week, the fetus does not yet have human characteristics and it does not constitute murder if you terminate an unborn baby prior to this period.

The Catholic Church, in particular, maintains that life begins at conception and that anybody who is convicted of having terminated a pregnancy might be excommunicated from the church because he or she has committed murder (Kohmescher 137). That isn’t all; several research when life begins in the instance of an unborn kid resulted in conflicting birthdates.

The question of when a person can and cannot have an abortion has made it possible for anybody to perform one. It’s not clear when life begins, and as long as a woman feels she won’t be able to have a kid, she is free to do so since the life of a person isn’t yet known.

After the operation, you should be able to return to your normal routine. If abnormalities are discovered after surgery, they generally respond to treatment and can be treated with minimal damage. However, complications may arise during a pregnancy that might jeopardize the life of the mother or her unborn child, as well as cause significant psychological effects on both parties

The life of the mother comes first in this situation since the fetus can’t survive without her, and if she does get other children, then it’s unlikely that a fetus would survive on its own by indefinitely meeting additional parents.

Cons of abortion

Pro-life writers tackle the advantages and disadvantages of abortion. The majority of the books about the subject are focused on proving that abortion has negative consequences in comparison to benefits. Abortion is only a short-term, illogical choice that makes women feel as if they’ve gotten some relief from an unwanted kid when there’s a better chance of permanent infertility (Koster 304).

She concludes that although getting rid of an unwanted pregnancy might provide some comfort to the woman, the risk of infertility, particularly if it is performed by an unqualified person, is real. There’s no way you’ll be able to get your fertility back after you’ve lost it.

Even when carried out by a qualified medical doctor, there is always the potential for complications, particularly in other medical treatments. If this happens, you may well lose your fertility. In fact, interviews with women who had difficulties while undergoing an abortion revealed that the majority of them had lost their ability to conceive or suffered a miscarriage (Koster 304).

The pleasure that one feels after having an abortion is generally short-lived, and it fades after time, resulting in a permanent sense of guilt and sorrow. In fact, this sense of relief is typically a deliberate strategy by the human psyche to erase the feeling of guilt and disgrace that sinks in quickly following an abortion (Holman 321).

Dr. John Holman, a California-based expert in exegesis and medical ethics who has written on the topic of child sacrifice for over a decade, says that although most legislation and policies allowing abortion in cases of schoolgirls acknowledge this reality, the notion that you once killed part of yourself will not go away and will forever haunt you.

A lot of pro-lifers would equate abortion to murder, therefore it is morally wrong and should be prohibited. Genovesi explains murder as an intentional act of taking a life (Genovesi 340). For this reason, he further states that since a fetus has life until birth, removing it amounts to killing it; which is the same as murder.

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Of course, this question will be debated by theologians since life begins at conception. To all Christians who are led by the Catholic Church, it is completely wrong to allow someone to take another person’s life for any reason or at any stage of development because it is still murder.

The late Pope John Paul II has been outspoken in his opposition to the practice, stating that it would endanger humanity’s freedom and dignity by promoting a culture of accepting death as a natural event (Zastrow & Kirst 82)

In the case of an unplanned pregnancy, there is more than one solution. The kid could be given up for adoption if you obtain an abortion. In all married couples in the United States, between 10% and 15% do not have the ability to procreate (Grunlan 217). This number is so high that more and more Americans are going to other countries overseas to acquire their own children, according to on Grunlan.

Furthermore, in today’s world where there are so many different contraceptive options available, unwanted pregnancies that need to be terminated should be quite rare (Zastrow & Kirst 82).

Relationship between abortion and the course on religion

The central issue in the abortion debate is whether it is morally and ethically correct or wrong. The topic of ethics and morality appears throughout unit one of the course. The main point addressed in unit one is how to know what is good and what is wrong. According to Aristotle, as part of the course, he must first reason well and have excellent character, and total pleasure can only be attained if people are noble.

The controversy over abortion is concerned with ethics since while supporters of the practice argue that it provides a solution to a variety of difficulties that might be caused by having unwanted children, opponents disagree.

The subject of Christian living takes up a large portion of unit three, which is focused on how to live a good life as Christians. The topic of desirable Christian traits and values is addressed in this key section. Having unconditional love for others is one such virtue. It’s argued that if someone performs an abortion without thinking about the circumstances, he or she does not have a love for the kid.

Furthermore, all Christians should value human life and protect God’s creations, and failing to do so is a sin. People are also required to question their behaviors and be held accountable for them, as well as avoid looking for simple answers to problems they may face.

The Catholic Church has long been the most outspoken in its opposition to abortion, and there is no indication that this long-held position will change. The author of Catholic morality and human sexuality claims that, after fertilization, the zygote has human qualities and should be treated as a person. It is murder to remove it from the uterus (Genovesi 344).

Furthermore, if you reject human life at any time, it’s like rejecting God, because humans are formed in the image of God (Ferrara & Ireland 20). According to the church, accepting abortion is tantamount to embracing a culture of death and denying Jesus Christ by murdering an innocent creature of God who has committed no crime.

Even in the case of rape or incest, the church forbids abortion (Kohmescher 138). In this situation, a woman may get therapy straight after the incident but not abortion weeks later if she so desires, and even if the pregnancy endangers human life, both lives should be saved.


The debate on abortion does not appear to be halting any time soon. The positions taken by both sides are so fixed that no attempts to reach a consensus have been made.

For example, while pro-choice advocates argue that pregnancy should be a choice, the church will not back down on its contention that abortion is murder and thus a capital sin. The conflicting policies of several governments relating to the situation have exacerbated the problem rather than providing solutions.

There should be efforts to establish a clear policy on this issue in the form of an international body like the United Nations, which would be acceptable in the entire world. Apart from that, anti-abortion churches and other organizations should modify their position in some cases, such as rape, which is too traumatic.

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