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A Time You Helped Someone Essay

a time you helped someone essay

Example #1

Helping people is a sign to them to show you care. I am sure everyone has helped someone else at least once, as it is a common thing. Further on in this essay, I will state various times when I have helped someone.

Like many people, I have a sibling. He is younger than me so I help him many times. I help my brother with many things such as helping him with his homework, keeping him entertained when he is bored, and ensuring his safety.

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But sometimes there are significant events where he really needs my help such as when he gets bullied or badly injured and there is no one else around who can help him. Something like this happened at school. At lunch, while I was enjoying my delicious sandwich my brother came up to me and said that his friends were running away from him.

As an older sister, I was alarmed and angry with those who upset my little brother. So, as most people would do, I took my brother’s hand and he leads me to his friends. I told my brother’s friends that this was an impolite thing to be doing and was unkind. As I was a senior in school, my brother’s friends did not argue and started to play with my brother.

Another instance when I have helped someone, was when I spotted a girl a little younger than I was who was injured and crying on the footpath. I approached her cautiously and bent down to ask her what had happened. She told me that she was going on a jog alone but she slipped and grazed her knees and hands and that now she couldn’t get up. I straight away knew what to do.

I asked her to calm down and not move so I could go and get my parents to assist her. Once I had gotten my parents and some bandages she told my parents what her parent’s phone number was. We told the girl’s parents where she was, and within five minutes they had come and picked her up.

You can help people whether you know them or not. Usually what I feel is that after you help someone you feel happy and glad about what you have just done. So go and help people in need because it will help you to feel happy too.


Example #2

This essay sample on A Time I Helped Someone. The essay provides all necessary basic information on this matter, including the most common “for and against” arguments. Below are the introduction, body, and conclusion parts of this essay.

It was back in first grade, we had a big house, my parents were doctors and I’m studying In a good school. I was rich back then. When I first met this half Chinese person named William 1. Mm, I TLD care at all. My dad hired him for the reason to work for our family. For one thing, he drives me and my siblings to school. I guess he was a driver. I always see him cleaning off the leaves from the roof, washing the cars, and watering the garden. I didn’t talk to him; I just know he is getting paid for what he does.

After school, he came to pick us up and I suddenly heard, “Your name Ingrain, right? ” I nodded and gave him a smile. I made a friend with a 30-year old man, It was unbelievable but I TLD think that way. He was someone I could talk to, I could play with, and he’s the kind of person you can get along so easily. One time, I saw him by the window watering the orchids and plants. I went downstairs to look at how he does the watering. He saw me and said “Hi there! ” I smiled and went closer to him. “What’s that? ” I asked. “It’s a fertilizer. ” He replied. “Why do you put that?

When I Help Someone interview

I asked again.

“It’s for the plants to grow healthy. ” I keep on asking questions but he never gets tired of answering. So basically, I was a kid who needs answers. He was like a teacher and he’s a good artist too, Whenever I have projects, he would give me his time to do it. When he picks me up at school, and by the time I finished my homework, I would go to him and spend time asking and learning new things from him. He was a good man after all. William was a poor guy. He has a wife and four children to feed. My dad let him move and build a simple house on a lot we owned.

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With that, he won’t have to pay any rent. I grew up and still he was there, still working for our family, still a driver. My dad finds him very loyal and I do too. I have a lot more thinking than before but I’m still a kid to him and our friendship grew even more. At school, we were waiting for my sister in the car, and all we do is to debate. We would talk about certain things and before you know it, the subject changes. That time I knew I was killing the time and having fun. He didn’t finish school but he knows a lot of things. “Why do you know these things?

I asked him one time when he was in the garden.

All he said was, “It’s all about the experience. ” And I was wondering to myself, “What’s that mean? ”

It was confusing at first but I finally get the message. Just Like me, I learn new things from asking especially with him. I never thought It would be that fun. I help him bathe the dogs; I would join him to buy something my mom asked. He was just hired as a driver but he still gave time and effort to do the things he’s not supposed to. He was truly amazing. I know a guy like him has some troubles too.

He once told me, he’s son got sick and can’t afford medicine. I said, now that my parents are doctors, they would be glad to help you. Sunday night, I was watching TV at my parent’s room and we suddenly heard a doorbell.

“Ingrain, get It. ” My dad ordered. I stood up, walking down the stairs thinking, “It’s 10:30 in the evening, who could it be. ” I picked up the door and saw William by the gate. He looks alone and I wonder why he’s here in the middle of the night. I open the gate and he wasn’t alone, I saw him carrying his child. “What’s wrong? ”

I asked. “Is your dad there? Fee” He looks very troubled. “My son is sick so can you ask your dad If you could check him up? ” “Okay, you better come Inside. ” I said.

I hurried up to my parent’s room Ana tell teem Williams nerve. My ciao chicken Nils son Ana’s sake me to get ten medicine from the box. I know my dad would help because he was the kind of doctor who helps the person in need. I gave him the medicine we have at home and the good thing is he doesn’t have to pay. I was happy for him and hoped for his son to get well. Unfortunately, the next morning, it was Monday; it’s time for him to drive us to school.

I asked him about his son, “it’s not looking good. ” “Oh. ” I said sadly. “Can I borrow some money? ” I know I heard him right but I asked myself why. Mimi sees, my son badly sick and I can’t afford the money. ” He added. I know I get allowances from my parents and I barely use it, but I didn’t expect those words to be hearing from him. My brother and sister were coming and I said, “I’ll give you later after school. ” Definitely it was hesitation I felt. My day starts, thinking about Williams’s problem. Out of the blue, he Just asked a kid like me for money.

I came home and look by the window and saw him wiping the car, and I made a decision. I came downstairs and gave him an envelope. “Thank you very much; I’ll pay you back little by little. ” He really looks happy but still troubled. “Sure, but don’t think about it that much, I can wait for you know. ” I replied and he smiled. I was kind of happy that day. I don’t know why but I was happy I did something good. At school, the teacher always teaches us about helping people and I never thought I would be doing that. I never told my parents about this nor did William.

It was a secret between us. The reason I didn’t tell my parents was there was no need for them to know, it’s what I thought. It was time for me to act on my own, I need to make a decision. He needs the money more than I do, even though I’m Just a kid, he needed my help. It’s been nine years now, I grew and grew. William was there, watching me grow up. I still help him, even though it’s from own things, I still would find a good way to help him. I didn’t regret the first time I helped him. I’m just happy I was helping someone and giving smiles to him and to his Emily.

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I still didn’t tell my parents, I know what I did, what I decided was right. When Christmas comes, I would give away my old stuff, my old clothes to him. Besides, I will not use it anymore, and his children need it. He’s still a driver and I would still ask him questions, still learning new things from him and still be helping him. That one day I helped William taught me something, something William said, “It’s all about the experience. ” I finally know the answer. There may be new challenges to come but things here always go back the way it should be.

Example #3

I’ve always viewed myself as a selfish person. I do things that benefit me the most.

Yet 3 days ago, I realized I helped 5 different people in a single day, without me even thinking about it:

  • I helped a friend with his writing;
  • I helped the event manager at the co-working space by taking photos;
  • I helped my mentee for his interview for the next week;
  • I helped my assistant find a little more work;
  • I helped a friend find an assistant.

Even though I was really sick (a cold), and had 20 items on my to-do list (classic Danny), I managed to do most of my tasks, and that day felt amazing!

And then I reflected on the last few months and realized that it was a pattern I had developed without even noticing.

I started being less self-centered and more caring for other people around me.

When I started writing on Medium back in January, my only intention was to become better at writing. It was never to help or inspire people. After the month ended, I was supposed to stop writing and move on to other skills.

But I couldn’t.

I had received so many good comments from people that I just had to keep going. But this time, not for me, but for the people who read what I write and feel a little better after.


Example #4

It was the hottest day of the summer, a record-breaking 102 degrees, hot and humid, sweltering even in the shade. I was driving back from visiting my older brother and his new baby. In the blistering heat, I could see the blacktop bubbling. I’d never been so grateful for air conditioning before. I cruised happily along County Route 2, which wound through the northern tip of the Sonoran Desert.

Then I saw that a car had broken down up ahead. It was the first car I’d seen in about half an hour. In the distance, a few hundred feet ahead of the car, I saw a stooped figure walking with a gas can in his hands. There was nothing around for miles. There was no way this person was going to make it to the nearest town, which was a good twenty miles away, in this desert heat.

I’d always been told to stay away from strangers, but I thought if there ever was a time to do a good deed, this was it. Besides, as I neared the figure, I could tell that it was an elderly man, and I thought there was little chance he’d do me any harm. So I slowed down and pulled over.

“Need a lift?” I asked.

Now that I could see him clearly, it was obvious the old man was already in trouble. He’d only walked a hundred yards or so, and he looked as if he was going to pass out any moment

“I’d be most grateful, young lady, if you could help me get to a gas station,” he said slowly.

“I seem to be out of petroleum.”. “No problem,” I replied. “I’m headed that way.”

He climbed slowly into the car and I pulled back out onto the road. “Not a good day for car trouble, huh?” I asked.

“Indeed,” he replied. He was silent for a few minutes while his body temperature normalized. I offered him a soda from the cooler I’d packed for my four-hour ride. He accepted it gratefully. We made a little small talk then, but just a little. He seemed to prefer silence.

As we neared the gas station, I asked him if he would like a ride back to his car. “I don’t have to be home until late this afternoon,” I told him. “It’s no trouble.”

“I know it is quite out of your way,” he replied. “I would be most grateful.” He paused. “And just where is home, young lady?” “Elmwood,” I replied.

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I introduced myself as Emily Hampton and found out that he was Edward Gilliam. “By the way, my name is Emily. Emily Hampton.”

“You’re a very kind lady, Ms. Hampton. My name is Edward Gilliam.” Edward filled up his gas can and I drove him back to his car. We filled up his tank, and I followed him back into town just to make sure he was ok. At the gas station, I beeped and waved and continued north towards home. Edward waved and nodded his thanks.

The next morning, the doorbell rang. My mom answered. “Emily!” she hollered. “Get down here!” I came down the stairs and saw a giant bouquet of flowers. They were stunning.

A small note was attached:

“Dearest Emily, thank you for your incredible kindness yesterday. You just might have saved my life, and I am eternally grateful. You reminded an old man of how much beauty there is in this world. Yours, Edward Gilliam.”


Example #5


Example #6 – Interesting Ideas

When I was in college in Atlanta, I was overwhelmed by the number of homeless people I saw – I was from a small town where you NEVER saw such a thing. So at the restaurant where I worked, I started taking the leftovers at the end of each night and giving them to homeless people in the park. Most of them appreciated it, although I occasionally saw some of the food I gave them, lying on a bench after they left. The whole experience made me realize that we have a DUTY to help those who need it.

On a similar note, I once gave a woman on the train $20 to buy formula for her baby. She got off at the same stop I did, went straight to a convenience store, and bought a carton of cigarettes. Needless to say, I was a bit irate.

Yesterday I saw a cell phone on the ground between my car and another when I went to the market. I did not know if it belonged to the person in that other car or not so I put a note on the car with my number and went shopping. After I got home I got a call from the person (it was them) and met them and returned the phone. I was very happy with myself that I had the opportunity to do a good deed.

I was standing in line at the grocery store and a young mother with 3 young children and only 5 things in her basket. The oldest boy was upset about a brand of cereal he couldn’t get, the youngest, a cotton-headed baby girl was in a screaming match with the older brother ( and winning) that her ring pop was much more important.

Being a mother myself of two boys, I could read every moment her patience slipped. Before the young mother could lose her patience and be forced to explain finances to her babies in front of everyone and add humiliated to her woes, My oldest son asked to run and grab a box of the cereal and my youngest to pick out a ring pop. My kid is a genius! I told him that was a great idea. they made it ack as she was handing over her money and I realized in order to get her the two things I was going to give up my place in line and just purchase the two items.

I couldn’t care less, I asked the clerk to ring up the items quickly and my youngest son cheered him on, while my oldest kept lookout. In the end, my oldest boy walked up to the woman and explained that the Cereal was too amazing for him to share and my youngest son actually slipped the ring pop on the baby girl’s finger. My boys walked them to their vehicle and I enjoyed a great conversation between two young moms! We are still great friends 🙂

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