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350 Word Essay Example

Essay 1

Importance of Marketing and Advertising during Economic Recession Exploratory

During a recession, consumer demand may plummet. To prevent the process, costs for marketing and advertising should be increased to maintain a product or service’s popularity. Businesses must be conscious of the potential variations in customer responses to economic downturns.

Customers’ greater awareness of the market and their increased eagerness to explore new, more beneficial alternatives can help explain this. These methods may be successfully employed in a carpet cleaning company that is especially validated during economic downturns.

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People who are in financial straits are on the lookout for useful and logical answers. Carpet cleaning issues, as a new platform for marketing, may be seen as an opportunity to address this problem. Consumers shouldn’t necessarily invest in the fresh carpets if they have the option to restore the quality of their old carpets, for example.

It’s also important to note that the introduction of a customer relationship management offering is not just beneficial for businesses, but it can be economically lucrative. Because “enterprises that choose to advertise in spite of adversity capture the hope of new consumers,” (Fritzenkotter, 2009, p. 4) this practice is acceptable. As a result, it isn’t simply about keeping current clients; it’s also about finding new market areas to explore.

There are several cost-effective techniques for promoting items in recessionary times. It’s also feasible to conduct email campaigns that distribute evaluable and trustworthy data on marketing solutions, resulting in verifiable results. Furthermore, the advent of digital printing technology has allowed for the option to print advertising brochures.

Managers of the firm may provide a variety of their services and distribute information about them to its consumers. As a result, the carpet cleaning business can continue to satisfy targeted goals without cutting marketing expenditures.

During a recession, the ability to persuade is critical in maintaining a competitive edge. As a result, CEOs must persuade their clients that their services are more efficient than those of other companies in the same industry. The technique may allow the firm to continue operating and maintain its market share.

Essay 2

Traditional Vs. Modern Medicine Essay

Traditional medicine is still widely accepted in today’s society as the ideal way to cure sick individuals. To put it another way, technology-based medicine and traditional methods should be combined. This would allow doctors to provide medicines in the most effective manner according to each cultural group. Modern physicians and medical professionals are more inclined than ever before to overlook ancient customs in favor of contemporary technologies.

The gap between ancient and contemporary medicine is highlighted. In this case, effective treatment is hampered since patients are unwilling to disclose information to doctors who do not take culture into account when posing inquiries. Anne Fediman observes that the misinterpretation between patients and physicians has a negative influence on service delivery in a variety of ways. Culture clearly plays an important role in speeding up the healing process, thus it’s reasonable to suggest that little medicine and little need assist heal.

According to Fadiman (1998), Lia’s parents and physicians might have jeopardized her life due to cultural misunderstandings. Doctors viewed Lia’s condition differently since they thought she had common epilepsy. Lia’s parents, on the other hand, believed their daughter had a typical disease.

The Hmong people were regarded as strong within the community, so they used their knowledge of it to interpret the dream. Because they thought the culture was inferior to science, doctors were unable to embrace the beliefs of the Hmong community. Lia’s parents criticized medical practitioners’ techniques for diagnosing illnesses on behalf of Lia’s family.

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Doctors might have avoided this misunderstanding if they had a better grasp of Lia’s parents’ cultural beliefs. Doctors could have utilized records from Lia’s parents to determine the medical issue, as shown by the author. Culture aids in the comprehension of a particular community’s way of life. If doctors recognize cultural customs, they can invent the greatest strategies for delivering their services. Modern society believes that Western medicine is accurate, but it is full of blunders.

Because individuals were compelled to abandon traditional religious beliefs in favor of contemporary forms of religion, colonialism had an impact on the religious life of Americans. People were forced to embrace Christianity and abandon outdated faiths, for example. Religion was employed to soothe the people.

Religion is still employed to quieten the population in today’s world. Colonialism created ethnocentricity, which caused people to identify with specific ethnic groups. This resulted in prejudice because people judged others based on their cultural requirements.

Essay 3

Wealth, Class and Power in the 19th century Essay

It’s feasible to argue that economic, industrial, and intellectual trends that emerged in the nineteenth century triggered increases in income disparities throughout Europe. Furthermore, it is necessary to discuss the increasing social gap, which may be explained by the fact that a growing number of individuals became dissatisfied with their lack of chances for social mobility. This assertion can be best demonstrated by looking at primary sources from during that era to examine people’s experiences.

This conflict, to some extent, can be explained by extremely poor working conditions that may harm a person’s health. For example, the Sadler Commission Report on Child labor is a good example. It’s possible to refer to the Sadler Commission Report on Child labor as an example of this.

Furthermore, as babies and children, they had few chances to improve their standard of living even if they were working since the age of eight. This is one of the factors that may be highlighted. Workers might believe that their bosses have demeaned them by dehumanizing them.

One may examine the extremely strict regulations that governed workers’ behavior to understand the reasons for this animosity. Workers could be fined according to these rules for every error in following the management’s established procedures [2]. This problem, in part, can be explained by the nineteenth century’s rapid technological progress. The rise of technologies decreased the bargaining power of employees who provided services of lesser value to manufacturers.

There were others, however, who attempted to prove that there was no need for a discussion of injustice. Samuel Smiles and his book Self-Help and Thrift are two examples. He wanted to emphasize the point that social gaps might be alleviated by a person’s various abilities. For instance, he claimed that poverty could be explained by “individual sloth, selfishness, and depravity.”[3]

The concept of social mobility has been applied in many ways. It’s difficult to argue that a person from the bottom fifth is the same as a successful member of society. However, this argument may only exacerbate negative feelings toward higher-income individuals. Karl Marx’s ideas were less popular than Samuel Smiles’ in comparison [4].

The nineteenth century was characterized by an increase in social class division, as seen in the preceding examples. This process is at least partially attributable to the weakening bargaining power of workers. Furthermore, one should mention capitalism’s ethical criticism.

Essay 4

Participative and Relationship Theories Essay

There are a variety of leadership theories that different businesses utilize based on their structure. This paper will focus on two leadership theories: participative and relationship. Participative leadership is a type of leadership that has been used by organizations and which involves incorporating the ideas of employees into management decisions (Northouse, 2009). The management team utilizes this leadership theory to encourage other workers to take part and contribute in the company’s various aspects.

When an organization applies this leadership concept, its workers feel more involved and a part of the corporate decision-making process. There’s a good chance that the connection between employees and management will be strengthened when employees are given the opportunity to express their ideas about the firm’s growth (Northouse, 2009).

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Employees and management share ideas freely throughout the process, which is a good step toward the company’s goals. The feedback of others aids in defining areas that need to be addressed and numerous innovative strategies for overcoming difficulties are presented.

Management theory, sometimes known as transactional theory, is a variant of leadership concept. This notion focuses on supervision, organization, and overall performance (2009).

The objectives that must be carried out in this theory are concerned with the rewards and punishments that go along with it. These rules are generally implemented, in which outstanding workers are recognized and rewarded in front of their colleagues.

When an employee breaches the organization’s rules and regulations, they are disciplined. These workers are reprimanded to ensure that such conduct is never repeated in the company if they are not punished. Because it emphasizes everyone’s duty of accountability for his or her actions, the culture of rewarding and punishing is extremely significant (Northouse, 2009).

When workers are conscientious and take their job seriously, there’s a good chance the relationship between them and management will improve to ensure that the organizations’ objectives are achieved at the end of the period. As a result, organization efficiency is improved by improving employee productivity.

Essay 5

Responding to Behaviorism Essay

In his essay “The Nature of Mind,” David Armstrong begins with the argument that Behaviorism is an unconvincing description of the mind’s nature. The behavior and the mind are one, according to Armstrong, and they are causally linked (297). Because the mind and behavior are identical, the mind is not only the cause of action but also action itself.

To put it another way, according to Behaviorists, the mind is made up of behaviors; there cannot be a discussion of a mind without actions. The major criticism that Armstrong has against the Behaviorist view of the mind is that thought and the mind can exist and do so in reality (Armstrong 298).

Ryle attempts to answer this objection by invoking the idea of a disposition to act, which is a latent condition that will elicit action once the appropriate conditions and circumstances are met. The concept of disposition to behave, on the other hand, falls short in addressing the problem with Behaviorism’s theory of the mind as it only examines mental states into conditional statements about what one’s behavior would be if under different situations.

Behaviorism is a reductionist viewpoint of the mind’s operation, which considers all mental processes to be equivalent to actions, yet there are mental processes that cannot be explained by Behaviorists because they do not fit their view of all mental processes as equal to behavior. Such a basic mental process can’t be communicated using the Behaviorists’ definition of a mental activity (Block 262). The Behaviorists’ theory of the mind’s function has this limitation.

Behaviorism’s major flaw is that it does not take consciousness into account. Behaviorism depends on an expressed or outward description of mental activities, and as a result it cannot give a correct interpretation of the mind (Fodor 56). Introspection and self-awareness are examples of mental processes that cannot be explained by Behaviorism since they can’t be translated into behavior or dispositions to act. Because of these limitations, Behaviorism is a poor and unethical view of the mind.

Essay 6

Languages Impact on the Cultural Environment

Language has played an essential role in the expansion of human society. It has become the core mode of expression for preserving culture and traditions. As a result, it has a significant impact on cultures owing to varied interpretations of facts. Language has an immediate influence on the cultural climate. Simultaneously, culture has a significant impact on language evolution.

The Short Proposal

To figure out what methods teachers should use to enhance an academic environment, it’s critical to understand what cultural approaches kids learn in school. In addition, the cultural setting should be considered in a more comprehensive manner, including the learners’ family histories as well as their attitudes towards culture.

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In his book “The Storytelling Animal” (2009), for example, Sanchez examines the significance of family language and culture that may be learned through storytelling. Because it allows individuals to communicate and influence their perspective on society, language is a powerful instrument for sharing information in communities.

Within this framework, understanding various cultures where a specific language is spoken can help people learn foreign languages more effectively (Pica, 1983). Knowledge of various cultures in which a given language is employed is critical to maximizing learning foreign languages. As a result, the significance of culture must be considered from a social standpoint to comprehend the fundamental ideas of culture (Shepard, 1994).

Apart from the learning process, language should be used to interpret meaning and participate in conversation. As a result, people use language to engage in a communicative activity (Shepard, 1994). Understanding language environments improves cultural awareness.

With regard to the aforementioned evidence, it is important to have a broader context in which language serves as a social contrast for learning cultures and cross-cultural communication may be formed. To begin, we must first define language as a social practice in order to explain how it relates to community.

Second, the paper may also address the link between language and culture. Finally, the study can examine how teachers may use alternative methods to enhance education and improve learning conditions. All of these aspects are important in proposing new communication techniques for developing effective interactions across nations.

Essay 7

Earth Science and Environmental Education

The most thrilling experience of my first year of school was learning about nature. I was five years old at the time, and I was intrigued by the natural world around us. So did our science teacher, Miss Asma, who appreciated wild plants and little animals.

She utilized educational methods that encouraged children to become interested in the topic by getting them involved and engaged, similar to Fjørtoft’s (2001) station method.

On several occasions, Miss Asma brought us to her home, where she had an incredible variety of natural species. She valued rabbits, birds, snails, mice, and butterflies as well as untamed plants in her garden.

The study of so many different species allowed us to address important questions about nature. The trips to other areas also aided in this, providing us with a better understanding of our environment (Wisneski, 2000). It’s no longer encouraged to use artificial elements in science classes, and instead it’s preferable to educate children using natural items (Coates, 2002). This form of teaching is associated with several advantages for kids’ development.

Through children’s interactions with nature, they acquire a greater appreciation for real nature and the environment in which we live. They learn a lot about reality and the environment we live in through such interaction (Fjørtoft, 2001). Children may be exploratory as well as critical regarding all aspects of nature when taught in this manner.

As a result, they may come to their own conclusions based on the findings they make. In the meantime, forests and reserves provide kids with an ideal setting in which to construct their own worldview (Charlesworth & Lind, 2011). This can be accomplished utilizing numerous resources available to youngsters such as forests and preserves.

The current pedagogical methods are comparable to those I encountered as a student. The environment was utilized to allow students to explore and gain knowledge about reality during my time as a student (Coates, 2002). nHowever, environmental matters in today’s systems must be addressed while considering various teaching techniques.

Because of this, blended pedagogical methods are recommended to maximize children’s learning capabilities (Wisneski, 2000). This method employs IT-augmented techniques in conjunction with other teaching strategies.

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