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Youth Drug Abuse Essay

Recently, the case of drug abuse reported among youngsters has increased dramatically owing to the growing popularity of rave parties. More surprising, taking ecstasy, a rave drug, has become a habit for party-goers as young as 12. The trend is so serious that it sparks the concerns of our society. Actions should be taken immediately to highlight the dangers of taking drugs. However, are the government’s actions adequate? Personally, I don’t think so. Simply searching and putting warnings on the entry tickets for rave parties are not enough. Further actions and other measures must be taken to prevent the use of drugs among the youth. Instead of putting warnings on the entry tickets, the government should pose a ban on rave parties. At rave parties, there are many drug couriers. Drugs are flooded in the parties. Teenagers, who are ignorant and immature, are easily misled and transmitted wrong values.

They are attracted and depraved to resort to drugs. They then become physically and psychologically dependent on drugs. Nowadays, rave parties even become subcultures and all the craze among young people. Banning rave parties can stop young people from getting drugs. Isn’t it the most clear-cut method to prevent widespread drug abuse? Advocates may argue that rave parties can provide them a valuable means of entertainment. Nevertheless, indeed there is a great variety of activities, such as ball games, social services, for them to choose from. Why do teenagers still desire to take the risk of going to the rave parties where they are easily attracted to drug abuse?

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Furthermore, regular inspections by the Custom at the cross-border checkpoints are to be made to prevent the flow of rave drugs from mainland China to the SAR. Besides, mainland authorities and the SAR police should join hands to curb cross-border drug trafficking. In fact, most of the drugs used in rave parties come mainly from mainland China. There is also a trend of young people going to mainland China for rave parties. Certainly, the SAR government is not doing enough to prevent the spread of rave parties from Hong Kong to China or even turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to this situation. Although not all the rave parties are bad, there are too many bad sheep. Rave parties certainly do more harm than good.

The government ought to educate the youngsters and provide counseling to students. Students may have the misconceptions that drugs have little effect on us. They may not know that the drugs are addictive and have a lot of side effects. We should highlight the dangers of taking rave drugs, for example, overdosage may lead to malfunctioning of the bodies and even death. Anti-drugs campaigns are to be organized to arouse students’ awareness of taking rave drugs and going to rave parties. Moreover, counseling should also be provided by teachers or social workers. Students in Hong Kong are under pressure and stress. When they are depressed and may not look up to reality, they may not be able to find someone to talk to, they feel lonely and frustrated.

They simply find and enjoy a second of excitement and illusions by taking the drugs. It is clear that the long-term solution to prevent the drug abuse among the youngster is to educate them so they are prepared to resist the temptations of drugs. To wind up, the government, to put it mildly, just does some superficial things on this issue; it is high time she acted swiftly to the problems of the growing number of drug abuses among young people. More decisive actions are definitely required to address the problems of drug abuse. Long-terms and practical means are to be taken without delay instead of just taking piecemeal measures. Otherwise, the problem will continue to exert its effects on our community.

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