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You Can’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

“You can’t judge a book by its cover”. This phrase surfaced many years ago, and is in no doubt a frequently heard phrase; however, how many people actually abide by this saying? In this modern society, an increasing number of people have become more concerned about their appearances, and this is not just seen in women, but even men. The traditional ways of judging one’s inner self rather than outer appearances have long been forgotten, and only minorities of the society still believe in this. In this living society, it is no longer extraordinary or rare to hear someone saying “That girl has no fashion sense!”, “He’s not handsome, he’s ugly!” People make assumptions of everything solely on their appearance, without ever attempting to discover its inner beauty. Such examples include grocery goods to a partner in one’s relationship. Often, they are chosen based on their outer appearances.

People tend to believe that if the exterior looks flawless, what is inside should definitely be perfect. Women, in particular, go to the extreme. In recent years, cosmetic and beauty products, for example, have become the best sellers in the market. Why is this so? With a large variety of products surfacing, from whitening products to anti-ageing products, women become attracted to these goods, and because of all the propaganda and commercial used, they believe that these products would be able to alter them to look like the ‘perfect’ and ‘skinny, well built’ models. With so much commercial on the internet and the television, it is inevitable that we are constantly triggered with these thoughts that we have to aim for perfection, not just for self-satisfaction, but to attract other’s attention. Amongst the men, they have now become cautious of their appearances as well. Women now aim for the perfect size, aiming for the height of at least 170cm, and the waist to be no more than 25cm.

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These are all expressed in fashion shows, where models are seen to be tall and skinny. This has also lead to the increasing number of plastic surgeries, something that the new scientific knowledge has allowed us to invent, where people reconstruct different body parts to make them look ‘ prettier ‘ or more ‘attractive’. Men continuously aim to be ‘handsome’ and by defining handsome, it does not just point to the face, but also to the muscles in their body. Hence, the number of men who have started working out in the gyms have also increased. The truth, the reality, however, is that often looks could be deceiving, and what may appear on the outside, may not be equivalent to the inside. A perfectly shaped red apple may look very appetizing from the appearance but could be lacking the sweetness and the crunchy texture that apples are supposed to have. A book with the most exciting cover could also be the most boring book on the shelf.

Judging people simply by their looks without knowing what lies within can become the worst thing that could ever happen. Such obsession with the outer appearance has also led to social discrimination. This means that people with a certain physical look, or of a certain race should be superior to others. This often leads to lots of conflicts in life. Such discrimination has often happened in the past, and has up till now, left quite a big impact on the world. Adolf Hitler, a man who had surfaced as a minority, who later on established a dictatorship in Germany, is one example of a man who believed in the superiority of some races. Hitler believed that the “Arians”, or so he believed they were, should be superior to those who were not full Germans, simply because they did not look the same, or did not speak the same language. As a result, he tried to exterminate anyone who did not possess the ideal look he sought for.

He believed that those who were taller, with blue eyes, were to be superior to those who were not. Yet this was such a contradiction to himself because he did not possess any of these characteristics. In a literature book, titled “To Kill a mocking bird”, by Harper Lee, lots of prejudice is described, where the whites are superior to the blacks. The blacks had no say whatsoever in any of the events that held a place in Maycomb, the main town mentioned in the book. In this book, one of the main characters, Atticus Finch, a noble gentleman, teaches his children, Scout and Jem the importance of not being prejudice, and that there should not be any differences between the whites and blacks. He teaches his children to be understanding, and to look at things from different people’s point of view, and to put themselves into other’s shoes.

Despite his sister, Alexandra, being one of the most prejudiced ladies in Maycomb, he ignores what everyone says of him, and sticks to his views believing that all whites and blacks should be equal. As a lawyer, he faces a stage where he has to defend Tom Robinson, a black man being accused of raping a white. Despite other’s views that he should not take this case seriously, he puts all his effort into defending Tom Robinson, although he is aware that the chances of winning were zero. In conclusion, I believe that one should not judge a book by its cover, without knowing the hidden beauty of anything, or anyone, but rather look at the inner beauty.

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