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Year Round School is a Bad Idea Essay

While most students are at home or on trips with family, some are in school working all summer long. This is not because they have summer school, but because their school switched to a year-round school schedule. When my friends from different schools tell me they can’t have summer at all or spend it with me because their school uses year-round school it’s sad and disappointing to hear. Year-round school affects more people than just the people that go to that school. About 3,000 schools follow this system around the country. About 34% of people agree all schools should use this system, and about 66% say we shouldn’t. The year-round school has its pros and cons. But if you ask me, a traditional school is better.

Year-round school affects your summer vacation trips in so many ways. When a school switches to year-round school systems, it causes summer to disappear. Usually, family vacations are planned around that time to see relatives, relax, spend time as a family, and more. A long vacation would not happen. This also means parents wouldn’t be able to see their kids very often. Some vacations during summer are spent differently. Some parents like to send their kids to a summer camp to be in the outdoors, spend time with friends, learn some nature facts, and have fun. If all or most schools used year-round school systems the camps would go down, they can go out of business and have no money to pay for the camp. Summer camps would go away and stop existing.

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Students need a break from all the stress about test and quizzes, and homework and studying. The students deserve a summer to refresh and take time off from school. In another person’s opinion, long summers cause kids to forget things that they have learned. They are wrong because, although some kids do forget there is a way to keep them working their brain. One way is to take them to camps. There are many camps for different subjects. Studies show that a student over summer that went to a camp for learning had fun and kept information in her head. Another way is to ask teachers for some packets of information and worksheets they can work on so they will be ready for next year. We have summer for students to relax and take a break
for all the hard work they did, that shouldn’t be taken away.

Year-round school makes it harder for high school students to get summer jobs. Students going to traditional schools are able to find summer jobs that allow them to earn money for college. Summer jobs are more available to students. This allows them to make more money than in a job that would last a short time. Students that work summer jobs are more likely to save money for college. Unlike those unable to commit to a two-month job. Year round students can only commit to a few weeks.

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In conclusion, year round school changes a lot in your summer schedule. It makes life a bit more stressful and not as much fun. When you’re sitting in a classroom knowing people outside in different schools are having more fun in summer must feel bad. I will never, ever go to a year round school. Kids hate that sort of stuff, and I guess I will also hate it. You might want to learn math for seven hours a day, but I don’t. I enjoy my downtime during the summer, and students do relearn what they’ve forgotten. It’s not the end of the world just because some kids forgot how to add fractions. Year round school is not a good idea. So should we change to a year round system? The answer is we shouldn’t. Summer is to be enjoyed not spent in classrooms.

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