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Writing a Meaningful “A View from the Bridge” Essay

Students who study English Literature are assigned different types of essays on various parts of literature. They range from Romeo and Juliet Essay to the Death of a Salesman essay. In literature, there are certain scenarios that a student should remember in order to produce a quality essay. A view from the Bridge essay is such an essay which is commonly assigned and you being well prepared for it a sure-fire way to a good grade. Here is how to write an essay for this type of literary analysis essays.

Arthur Miller who wrote “The Death of a Salesman,” wrote “A view from the Bridge” as well. The stage production was first produced on Broadway in September 1955. The story is about Eddie, Beatrice his wife and their orphaned niece Catherine who were three common people. Eddie had a feeling for his niece Catherine. His feelings changed when he gets to know that his wife’s cousin, Radolpho who entered the country illegally has feelings for Catherine as well. What is expressed in the play is how Eddie tries to prevent Catherine from getting married to Rodolpho. Eddie informs the Immigration Bureau that Rodolpho entered the country illegally which lead to Rodolpho losing his respect among the neighbours and family. The last scene of the play is that Marco, the other cousin kills Eddie for what he did.

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Writing the essay impressively. A View from the bridge essay is easy to write as it narrates the story of a man’s feelings to a woman though it is forbidden for another. Love stories with tragic endings always succeeded in raising the interest of students. Before writing the essay, you should read the play thoroughly and understand it properly. Proper knowledge and understanding of the play are essential to produce a quality essay. As the first step of the pre-writing phase, you must get hold of a copy of this play and snuggle up with it on a couch for a good read. With the familiarity you gain from a close reading, your task of writing the essay will be 100% easier.

A character analysis approach. Your essay can focus on analysing the characters of the play. There are four to five characters in the story on which you can base your essay. Eddie the hard-working longshoreman, his wife Beatrice, his niece Catherine who is the heroine and the main character, and Rodolpho, Beatrice’s cousin who fell in love with Catherine. Describing the characters in your essay make your readers know that you have a good grasp of the story and you are capable of explaining every individual correctly. A proper portrayal of the characters also increases the vividness of the essay content which helps to grasp the reader’s attention better. You may also write about the relationship Eddie, Beatrice and Catherine had and how we can compare their relationship to the modern American family.

Plot and theme analysis. In the play there are a number of elements that are similar to a Greek tragedy. You may write about those components, plot, and the ultimate theme in your essay or the importance of stage directions and what they express about every character of the story. Every essay including “A view from the Bridge” essay need to be presented in a well-organized manner. The need for an essay layout begins here. Before beginning the essay a proper layout should be thought out.

Depending on the format you chose the contents of the layout should carry on.  So on, it is very important to know the format you chose to write the essay before writing the essay. A quality essay is the output of a well-organized and planned essay layout. As you can see writing this essay which is not different from any other academic essay writing assignment depends on a systematic and structured exercise. By following each step diligently, you can produce an outstanding output which is an A+ essay.

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