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Writing a Cause and Effect Essay on Child Abuse

Child abuse is a topic that is often discussed and, as a result, you will be often assigned the writing of essays on this topic. This topic is extremely interesting and heart-wrenching. You can feel for the subject and have passionate defence arguments that you can present in an essay on this subject. Most often, your teacher may assign you the topic and ask you to write it as a cause and effect essay. This is because this is an ideal topic area that can be explored with this type of writing. Here are few tips from us on how to write a cause and effect essay on child abuse.

What is child abuse? Before you begin considering topics or even begin writing this essay, you need to be clear about what child abuse is. Child abuse is not only spanking or hitting a child. Any act that embarrasses a child hurts the child either physically or emotionally is considered child abuse. However, this does not mean the occasional spanking is child abuse. Child abuse can be the demeaning of the child, embarrassment of the child, calling the child names, such as, stupid and idiot constantly etc. If you are not thorough with what child abuse is, you should research the topic thoroughly before going any further. It would be beneficial to you if you read one or two child abuse essays.

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How to write the essay? Now, we come to the part of writing a cause and effect essay on child abuse. When you write this essay, you have to provide reasons that cause the abuser to abuse the child, as well as, the effect the abuse has on the child. For example, one of the key factors to abuse is if the abuser was also abused as a child. The abuser could have had a specific traumatic experience that changed him or her, or he/she could have been abused continuously throughout his/her life. Substance abuse is also a key factor in a number of cases of child abuse. Another reason for a person to abuse a child is when he/she does not have the education or the skills necessary to raise one.

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This can cause the abuser to become impatient with the child and to lose his/her temper which results in abuse.  Other causes for child abuse can be when the child is neglected when the child has to witness constant domestic violence between parents, poverty, social isolation etc. The effect of child abuse can be short-term or long-term. There is a myriad of reasons. Short-term effects can be bruises and cuts while the long-term effects are deeper and can be less easy to detect. These include the inability to trust others, isolation; low self-esteem, low academic achievement, delinquency, drug use and mental health problems just to name a few. There are many topics for this type of essay. Below are a few that you can consider when writing your essay.

  • Child abuse and its psychological impact on the child.
  • What causes a parent to neglect a child and how is the child affected?
  • Why does a father sexually molest his daughter and how does this impact the daughter’s view of all men in general?
  • Verbal abuse and its causes and effects
  • The causes and effects of different types of child abuse
  • Causes and effects of typical and atypical abuse

Now you have a few topic ideas for writing the cause and effect essay on child abuse. This is an easy essay to write. However, if you have any concerns about writing the essay, go through our sample gallery and obtain information.

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