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Woodrow Wilson Biography

Woodrow Wilson was born in Virginia in 1856. Wilson was the last U.S. president to have viewed the civil war. He was 4 years old when Abraham Lincoln was elected president. His father served the Confederacy as a chaplain. Wilson was an eyewitness to the hardship and damage of war during his childhood. Wilson’s childhood was not an easy one. Wilson was a slow learner as a child. It is believed he suffered from dyslexia, but he overcame the problem.

Woodrow Wilson spent most of his life in school. Wilson had health problems throughout his life. He had regular problems with his breathing and blood circulation. In 1873, Wilson left Davidson College due to illness. He had to recover at his parents’ home. The University of Virginia while Wilson suffered a physical breakdown and had to leave school. After graduating from college, Wilson studied law on his own and passed the Georgia bar exam to become a lawyer in 1882. He was unhappy as a lawyer and went back to school in 1883. After graduating he went on to become the president of Princeton University. President Wilson earned over a dozen degrees in his lifetime. He was also the author of many books.

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President Wilson looked like a formal professor, but he liked to tell jokes and burst into a song. President Wilson became governor of New Jersey in 1910. The Democratic Party leaders thought he would be easy to manage, but he was not. While president, Wilson lowered tariffs, established a graduated income tax, created the Federal Reserve System and established the FTC. This was all done in his first two years in office. In 1912, Wilson won the presidency due to a three-way contest with Taft and Roosevelt. In 1913, Wilson sent U.S. troops into Mexico, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua this was his attempt to enforce the Monroe Doctrine. In 1914, Wilson’s first wife died and he went into a deep depression. He married his second wife, Edith Galt, in 1915.

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In August 1914, World War one began. On May 7, 1915, a German U-boat sinks the Lusitania and Wilson demanded an apology. In 1916, Wilson was re-elected as President. He campaigned on an antiwar platform. Wilson was trying to keep the U.S. out of the war. Wilson sent “Blackjack” Pershing to capture Poncho Villa and his Mexican gorillas in 1916. April 4, 1917, Wilson declared war on Germany. Wilson declared: “the U.S. Must make the world safe for democracy”. On January 8 1918, Wilson proposes his famous 14 points to achieve peace. Over 1.2 million American troops participated in the last battles of world war one. The war ended on November 11, 1918. President Wilson attended the Paris Peace Conference on January 18, 1919. President Wilson presented his plans for the League of Nations in February 1919.

January 10, 1919, Wilson failed to secure his vision of peace based on the 14 points. He submitted the Treaty of Versailles and the League of Nations to the Senate. On September 4, 1919, Wilson suffered a major stroke while on tour promoting the passage of the treaty of Versailles. The Treaty fails to pass in November 1919. President Wilson was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1919. President Wilson lives for five years after his stroke. President Wilson dies in his sleep in 1924. I think President Wilson may be the best president in the history of the United States. He overcame illnesses, educated himself, lead the country through peace and war. His vision of the modern United States still is present today. Had he not suffered a major stroke we would’ve joined the League of Nations and perhaps not gone into World War two.

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