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Women’s Rights in the Workplace

Women still face job discrimination in the business world of today. From fashion accessories to social expectations. From family needs to professional ambition. Women face different challenges in the workplace every day. However is the workplace really level? Are women treated equally to men? Some women are discriminated against in the business world of today. This is called Sex discrimination. Sex discrimination means being treated unfairly because of your sex or because you are pregnant. Some women who are faced with job discrimination are doing nothing about it. We should all (employers and employees) be well informed about our rights and responsibilities.

During the 1990s women have progressed so rapidly and are known as the world’s fastest-growing market. Women now have more money and power than ever before. Although women are increasing their number in managerial and executive positions, those positions are still generally dominated by men. A lot of high-class businessmen find it frustrating and to their disadvantage to employing female employees due to maternity leave and family issues getting in the way of business. However, these issues shouldn’t be a problem. It is not a women’s fault that she and her partner decide to have a baby. Why should she be not accepted or even dismissed due to her personal life? It is not a privilege to work while pregnant. It is now law, under the sex discrimination act (1984).

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Another reason why some businessmen don’t hire “family” women is that a mother’s time is more limited compared to a “nonmother’s” time. Mothers find it harder to work overtime or weekends, while single people find it a lot easier due to not having to find a babysitter etc. Also, a mother is more likely to take more time off due to a sick child, than obviously a woman with no children. In the traditional times (1800-the 1970s) men were always known as the provider for the family and women as the home and children careers. Attitudes are changing but have not all gone away. Some men still feel as if they have to be the provider and only provider of the family. As we progress we realize that women can do, as good, and maybe a better job in many cases. It is now socially expectable for a man to stay at home and look after the children, while the woman is at work.

For the small-minded, ignorant, pathetic men who believe a woman’s place is in the kitchen my advice to you is to get into the 21st century, and get used to it because they’ll be the ones living off these “housewives”. Some businessmen believe women have achieved greatness, this is so. But there is still plenty to accomplish. Women’s salaries are only 72-88% of men’s. This debate will not stop until men’s and women’s salaries are equal. Men and women have both still got a lot to learn in working in each other workplace. We have to accept and respect each other for who we are and recognized everybody’s individual talents, not their marital status or their gender.

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