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What to Write for the Cold War Essay?

As part of your history assignment, you may be assigned the writing of an essay about the Cold War. The first thing you have to know is what the Cold War is. This was the tense relationship that developed between the two superpower countries, the United States and the USSR after the Second World War. Although they were not physically fighting each other, they fought by proxy. They fought over arms and space. This war lasted until the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. When you have to write a Cold War Essay, you need to come up with some good topics. Here are some ideas you can use.

Cold war and its effect on America. The Americans found the aftermath of World War II a good time. Unemployment was low, people were happy living the American Dream, and the fact that they now had a nuclear bomb made America a superpower. This period did not last long. In fact, it lasted only four years before the Russians tested their first nuclear weapon. This led to one country trying to outdo the other with nuclear weapons. This caused the people of America to become paranoid and scared. They were now living in fear that one day; the Russians will bomb them the same way they did Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Distrust, fear and paranoia abounded during this time. Using this information, you can write a cause and effect essay on the Cold War and its effects on America.

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The space race during the cold war. This is another way of writing your Cold War essay. The race was on to see who had the best technology in space. This was just another way to wage a proxy war against the two superpower countries. It included who would be able to send the first spacecraft into orbit and who would walk on the moon. This was a major important issue as whoever won this race would be the most developed technology and economic-wise. It came as no surprise when the Space Race was won by the United States. This can be written as an informative essay.

The Vietnam war. This war was fought during the Cold War. It was termed an “unnecessary” war, as the United States had nothing to gain by entering the war. This was also a proxy war, with the two superpowers supporting two separate sides. The war was between the communists of North Vietnam and the South Vietnam Government. The US entered the war after the French packed up and left after losing to the Vietnamese. The US did not wish to see the Vietnam government go to the communists. Thus, President Lyndon Johnson decided to make the South Vietnamese strong enough to fight the North Vietnamese rather than let the US win the war. US troops suffered major losses and a few months after the peace fire negotiations, the US troops left Vietnam for good. These are three ways of writing your Cold War essay. If you need to download any samples of this essay, visit our sample gallery. Here, you will find many essays which can be used as a guideline.

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