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What Makes a Good Teacher

There are many excellent qualities a good teacher should have. I will explain a selection of them.

A good teacher should know their subject well because children cannot ask questions to the teacher and get a satisfactory explanation if the teacher does not have background knowledge about his or her subject.

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A good teacher needs to be able to explain what the work is and how to complete the work or tasks given. I think this is important because the pupils levels would be affected if they do not do the work given (in the tests afterwards they would not know the answers).

A good teacher needs to be encouraging and motivating towards children, especially towards children who need extra help and/or are disobedient as some children in this circumstance feel the teacher could do more in their part to help them learn (some teachers do not help them as much as they help the high flyers of the class because they are not going to get anywhere in life).

A teacher should mark work fairly and not favour the children that are better behaved and more respectful towards them because if the badly behaved kids thought the question they answered was wrong they will be confused during a test. Also once you are taught that something is the right answer and you realize it isn’t, it is extremely hard to forget that.

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A good teacher should have a good feel for a disciple but at the same time be fun and friendly. If a teacher does not disciple the class well, the students will take advantage of him or her. Also if the teacher is not fun and friendly he or she will be detested and none of the students will take the subject seriously (if the teacher is not willing to try why should they?).

A good teacher should deal with mischievous students harshly so other children know not to do the same. Also if rebellious children rule the class, the other children will be behind with their work, which is not fair on them.

A good teacher should be prepared to make lessons practical. This makes the lesson interesting and you will remember more of that lesson rather than a ‘textbook lesson’. Anyone can read the text and answer questions, remembering it is the hard part!

A good teacher should have a valid excuse for giving a pupil detention, not because of something insignificant. A good teacher should also give second chances for an unavoidable mistake students have made. For example, it is not fair to give a student detention because they have misheard the date the history assessment was due.

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