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What is Marketing?

Marketing consists of individual and organizational activities that facilitate and expedite satisfying exchange relationships in a dynamic environment through the creation, distribution, promotion, and pricing of goods, services, and ideas. An understanding of marketing is important for success in all business fields and occupations. Rapid technological innovations continue to change human needs and provide goods and services to consumers at an affordable price. Marketers are instrumental in achieving such tasks. Career opportunities in marketing are virtually unlimited. Marketing is critical for the survival of any business because it is the major revenue-generating function in the firm. All organizations — from regular businesses to nonprofit organizations such as churches or charities — must engage in marketing activities and need highly qualified marketing professionals. That need is reflected in the high starting salaries and opportunities for rapid career advancement available to marketing graduates.

Advertising is one of the career areas open to you as a marketing professional

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Many organizations employ advertising specialists. Advertising agencies are the largest employers; however, manufacturers, retailers, banks, radio and television stations, hospitals, and insurance agencies all have advertising departments. Creativity, artistic talent, and good communication skills (written and verbal) are a few of the attributes needed for a successful career in advertising. Because the industry is so competitive, it is very difficult to enter. Compensation for entry-level positions in advertising is generally lower than other entry-level positions, but increases substantially as one moves into management. In addition to experience, account manager positions will generally require a MBA degree.

Interactive marketing is another career area open to you as a marketing professional. As a result of technological capabilities and lifestyle market opportunities, interactive marketing has enjoyed substantial expansion. Although precise figures are difficult to pinpoint, interactive marketing has grown at a rate of at least 10% annually in recent years. The marketing positions in interactive marketing generally involve three facets: planning marketing activities, marketing research, and market analysis. Underlying most interactive marketing programs is the use of a computerized database containing data related to customer/prospect information, transaction records, and media tracking information. Graduating students with skills and interest in both marketing and data processing are likely to find excellent career opportunities in interactive marketing.

Another area open is sales. There are more opportunities in sales than in any other area of marketing. Sales positions vary greatly among companies. Some selling positions focus more on providing information; others emphasize locating potential customers, closing the sale, and maintaining ongoing customer satisfaction. Compensation, often salary plus commission, sets few limits on the amount of money a person can make and therefore offers great potential.

Professional selling requires training and experience. You must know yourself, your product(s), your customer(s), and your market(s). If you have a good understanding of people and enjoy working independently, sales will offer you many options. While many plan a career in sales, many others will use sales as a stepping stone in the progress toward management. (Management positions often require an advanced degree; i.e., MBA or MS.) The Journal of Sales and Marketing Management has identified NIU’s Department of Marketing as one of the six programs nationally from which to recruit new salespeople.

One last area open is sales promotion. When a company is looking for an immediate response, it will spend a larger portion of its promotional budget on sales promotion. The sales promotion manager is someone whose experience lends itself to developing and executing short-term incentives such as sweepstakes, coupons, and premiums to augment the other promotional efforts of the firm. This position is usually found in the area of consumer products. Industrial firms may use sales promotion, but usually not to the degree of requiring a specialist. There are no distinct career paths for a sales promotion manager. Product knowledge is essential, so it is not unusual for them to have some sales experience. This is also a position that assistant product managers may go into instead of into product management.

There are several different methods of marketing which include over the phone, door to door, videos, and letters through the mail. If you are the type of person who hates to go out into the public telemarketing, or marketing over the phone might be the best way for you to sell your products or services. Some companies use tapes to sell ideas, products, or services.

There are ten distinctive problems that marketers run into. One of those problems is a limited knowledge base. The relative newness of marketing in the professions has not left much time for many books, scholarly articles, or trade journals to appear on the subject. Another one of those problems is that the effects of advertising are unknown. A problem related to the time allocation problem has to do with the constant demands many professionals face to provide services on short notice. High levels of client uncertainty create unique challenges for professional service marketers.

After doing the research on the different marketing careers, I think that a telemarketing director would be the area that would best suit me. This would allow me to hire someone to do the calling whereby I wouldn’t have to worry about the rejection from those who decide not to accept my products or services.

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