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What can you do with a Marketing Degree?

If you are considering studying marketing and attaining a degree, you may ask yourself, whether it is worth it. A career in marketing is simply not what you think. If you think it is only about selling products or services think again. Marketing is much more than that. There are so many ways you can use your degree and if you are on the road to attaining that marketing degree, well, the sky is the limit for you. You can do so many things with your degree. Ok, so the first thing you can consider is working as a marketing intern in an advertising agency or a marketing department. There are many marketing positions available which include that of marketing assistant, consultant, manager, director, planner etc.

These positions enable you to apply the marketing knowledge and skills you gained into practice. You will also get to see all the marketing principles you learned about when doing your degree. The marketing life is not easy. Many students assume it is a piece of cake, which is why many students take on marketing and go through the arduous task of writing marketing assignments. This degree is very important as it combines various aspects. For example, you learn a bit about math, statistic coursework, human behaviour etc. The degree also teaches you about coming up with the idea of a product or service and work your way up to how it becomes a reality and how it is accepted. Then, you learn about how to gain a competitive edge. This is an excellent tool for your future career.

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Sales will be the starting point of your marketing degree. If you have the experience and the education, you will move up from sales, to the position of a marketing manager. Marketing is a necessary subject for almost any aspect of life. Therefore, you will be able to use your degree anywhere. For example, if you wish to be a customer relations manager, your degree in marketing is very handy. There are also numerous career opportunities in the non –profit organizations. The salaries are good and you will have an extremely comfortable life. Here are some marketing careers.

  • Brand/Product Manager – In this position, you will oversee the marketing responsibilities for a specific product. This is an interesting and challenging career that pays very well. It is also a very competitive position. So, a simple degree will not suffice. You may need to do a bachelor’s degree too.
  • Sales Manager – This is an interesting position with you getting to hire and train recruits, supervise your workforce and establish territories and quotas etc. You may need a bit of work experience, along with the degree.
  • Advertising Manager – This is a bit on the creative side. So, if you were creative and have lots of imagination, this position is for you.

There are many positions open to you in the field of marketing. However, all these positions have a minimum requirement of a marketing degree. So, if you are considering the attainment of the degree, practice your assignment writing and get cracking. You will not regret going after this degree.

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