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What are the chief causes of shoplifting? Discuss

A person stealing goods from a supermarket is usually seen by me as an individual, ‘seduced by the serpent of availability and accessibility. Shoplifting in fact has no rational explanation because even the most decent and lawful people sometimes act impulsively and put some tiny products into their pockets. As for me, this desire to take something not actually belonging to me is dictated by the illusion of freedom that is created in supermarkets. All goods are available, everyone is allowed to touch and even to try them, and the supermarket surveillance tools are so tiny that the customer begins to believe there is no-one to notice him/her acting dishonestly.

The second reason for shoplifting is a widespread disease called kleptomania, i.e. psychological and genetic predisposition to stealing. Individuals suffering from this psychological disorder are not able to control their actions and steal regardless of their will. Kleptomania symptomatically resembles alcohol and drug-addiction: a human literally becomes a slave of ‘extreme emotions’ experienced while trying to leave the shop without paying off. In spite of the fact that kleptomania is curable, the number of people suffering from this illness is increasing.

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The third possible reason for shoplifting is a shortage of money, or the lack of money to pay for the thing one has been dreaming of for years (women often steal expensive clothing, whereas men are likely to take a small gadget like mobile phone or radio).

Shoplifting as a social problem is usually caused by the lack of ethical and law education among American teenagers, who are usually unaware of prospective criminal responsibility. In addition, little attention is paid to a moral family upbringing and appropriate peer discussion at school, which in turn, leads to the twist of understanding of righteousness and depravity.

As one can understand, shoplifting is both a personal and social problem, because it originates from such personal problems as kleptomania as well as from the lack of attention to the moral upbringing of contemporary teenagers.


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