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Were the American Colonies Ready for Independence?

To decide whether or not the colonies were ready for independence at that stage of American history is very strange. The colonies of that time were very different in a lot of ways. Many of those ways were so big that if they would have waited a few more years, the problems would have never arisen and a lot of the differences would have been solved rather easily. But instead, the colonies wanted to become united in such a way that the differences were set-aside until the Declaration of Independence was signed. After the declaration was signed the problems arose and the colonies began to have many problems with themselves as a whole.

The problem that I found by signing this so early was that I don’t think that the colonies were sure of what was really to be enforced of the declaration. One of the mainstream problems that I found by doing this was that they were not sure of who was to be independent. Were the slaves that the colonies received from England to be independent? Or was it only the people that had some sort of high power with the colonies, someone that really meant something to all this?

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These are some of the things that seem to have been very questionable when the colonies were said to be set free. To clarify the word free, it does mean being able to do anything and have no limitations, but why were the slaves still being called slaves?

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An additional problem that I found with signing this is that the people that signed the declaration were not the ones that went out and later fought for independence. The people that signed it were very high class, powerful men. Having some of the middle-class people sign it would have put more significance on the declaration because these men may have put more into the declaration and more into not letting the war with the British ever occur.

But instead, the men of elevated class and dominant role signed the declaration, and then soon after the Colonies fought the British for their freedom. But when they fought, the men who signed that powerful document were not the individuals that later went out and fought the British on the front line; it was the lower classes, the classes that did not sign the declaration nor had anything to do with it.

When the continental congress came together to decide that they were ready to sign the declaration, it took a couple of days to finally come to a decision that the Declaration was how it was needed to be. I think that because it took them a few days to sign the Declaration, they took that as a sign that it was perfect.

They should have taken that as a sign that it wasn’t. What should have been done is to request for some of the lower classes to come and read the Declaration so that they could have had some of the information from the lower classes about what they thought. But instead on July 4th, the Declaration was signed and the colonies were changed forever. Not all the people that signed this fully thought it through, if they had they would have known that soon after they would be at war.

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The conclusion of this is that the colonies were not ready for independence. They could have stayed with England for a few more years and would have possibly dodged being in a war with the British. Don’t get me wrong, it needed to be signed eventually, without that being signed the United States may not be as powerful as it is today. Even though, it could be even stronger and more powerful had it been held off!

I think that dominant figures thought that they needed to be independent and thought that they could handle the independence. They showed that they could during the war, especially when they won. Eventually, the colonies showed that they could prevail through anything that was thrown at them. The colonies were strong, as was England; the Colonies were just a little bit more I guess.

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