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Ways to Grow Your Social Media Followers

Social media is a go-to place for everyone, whether it is for some business purpose or it is for personal use. People use this space to market their businesses, for interacting with their community, for socializing with their friends and for many more other reasons.

But above all, if you are on social media for any specific reason, your follower count matters a lot. It sort of boosts your ego if you’ve got a large number of followers to count. You usually see your favourite brand, celebrity, blogger, athlete, etc. with a list of thousands or millions of followers and you did wonder at least once how on earth they do that. Well, one apparent reason for it is that they are famous and a lot of people admire them and follow them and with this reason they use different ways to reach their targeted followers to enlarge their followers’ list.

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So today, I’ve decided to share with you all some super essential ways which would help you if you want to grow your followers on social media. Growing followers on social media also mean growing your business/brand and reaching your targeted audience or prospective customers.

Here we go with those ways you can grow your social media followers.

Built-Up Your Profile

First thing first, whichever social media platform you are using, your profile is going to make a first impression on your followers. So, you need to make it as attractive and brief yet detailed as you can. Your targeted followers must get an idea by visiting your profile what actually your profile is all about, what you do on a particular platform, what type of content you share, does your profile name match with the content you share, if you have a business account what your business does, where are you located, how can people contact you and what is the trackable link to your main website. People notice all these things on social media.

The more attractive, detailed and relevant your profile is more people will be attracted to your profile, and you will be growing your followers.

Cross-Promote Your Social Presence

There are many social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. and to grow your followers you need to cross-promote all your social media accounts so that your followers know where else you are present on social media. This way your Facebook fans will become your Instagram followers; your Instagram followers will also become your Twitter followers and so on. This is the easiest way to grow your social media followers.

Reach Out To Your Industry Influencers

Influencers are people who have built up their followers’ base, and they can help you by introducing your account to their large followers’ base. Search out influencers of your industry or niche, build up your relations with them, share their content, interact with them, tag and mention them where appropriate. These influencers are key to reaching out to your target audience and growing your followers. Some influencers’ do it free of cost and some may charge you to introduce you to their followers and ask them to follow your account.

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So you can say that influencers are your best friends when you want to grow your followers.

Engage, Engage, And Engage

Engagement is significant on social media. Because obviously social media has to be a place where people can socialize, engage, and do. But the key to growing your followers is to make your account as engaging as you can.

Engagement means interacting with your followers, start a healthy conversation with them, follow them back, reply to their comments, etc. For Instance, on Instagram, a highly engaging post gets you the higher spot in the news feed and search feed and hence you become more visible. That in turn helps you gain followers fast.

Another way of engagement on social media is to make your content easily shareable and also to motivate your audience to share your content. That way you’ll have better potential to reach a broader audience that extends beyond your direct network of fans and followers.

Originality and relevancy

On social media, originality is usually rare.  Such people have more original content. Originality can be a key factor in growing your followers. When people see that all got is original and relevant content, they will automatically follow you. Think out of the box and come up with ideas that are more creative and engaging.

Apart from originality, relevancy also matters. Share and post content that is relevant to your industry or niche and your targeted audience. Originality attracts everyone, especially on social media.


So, these were some detailed ways of how you can grow your followers on Instagram. One important thing to note here is that in growing your followers, you need to be patient because your following won’t just get bigger in the blink of an eye. Follow the ways I have told you to grow and stay patient with the results.

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Good luck everyone with growing your social media followers!

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