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Views on Capital Punishment

When turning on the television, radio, or simply opening the local newspaper, one is bombarded with news of arrests, murders, homicides, serial killers, and other such tragedies. It is a rare occasion to go throughout a day in this world and not hear of these things. So what should be done about this crime rate? Not only is it committing a crime, but today, it is signing your life over to the government. This is a risk one is taking when he decides to pull a trigger or plunge a knife but is it really up to our justice system to decide one’s fate? There are many issues that address this question of capital punishment such as religion, the effect on society, restitution being denied, the possible “wrongly accused”, and the rights of the convicted. But how often do these concepts creep into the public’s mind when it hears of our ‘fair, trusty’ government taking away someone’s breathing rights? The Bible states “Thou shalt not kill,” and this being a sin should have to be amended within oneself. However, the Bible also states “Don’t judge others’ personal convictions.”

It is the government’s responsibility to punish people that disobey the law to keep our world intact but is it their right to take away their lives? It is a Christian’s responsibility to point out to those who sin that they do so and this country, trusting in God as it says it does, should do just that. So if the government stands strongly by this statement that’s on the dollar bill, may they line up all the liars, adulterers, Buddhists, thieves, covetous, and murderers at the chair. If they shall look into this one sin as so evil may they see all ten commandments so holy? Society is so confused as to what is “right.” More and more children are becoming murderers themselves. The reason is obvious: they see that if they kill someone they go to jail, get the death penalty, and the government, who they know as the “good guy” kills them for punishment. Lesson learned: the finger is pointing to its own actions. Learning morals is only as hard as people make it. Why complicate things?

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Some people think that restitution is granted when one is sentenced to the death penalty. However, if a loved one is murdered and his family feels justice in having the murderer done the same, is it not considered equally demented? Forgiving and forgetting are entirely out of the question, but one should consider the concept of regret and remorse. Just as one feels terrible and wishes the benevolence of their neighbor when wrongfully driving through his yard, surely a murderer may feel the same. One is only human and no one can expect any more. A mistake is a mistake, no matter whom it may harm or what destruction it may cause. There’s always the chance of the innocent being in the wrong place at the wrong time. A handful of evidence from a strong lawyer could sentence someone to life in prison and even the death penalty. One could be spending and ending his life in captivity for simply walking down the wrong street on a wrong day.

Should he have to serve the time that’s not rightfully his and take the needle that shouldn’t prick his skin? It’s a small fault in the justice system that is not easy to overcome, but that’s someone’s life, and not knowing the truth could be devastating. Abraham Lincoln declared, “All men are created equal.” This statement of truth has obviously been left out of consideration in the courtroom. The man that sits upon the bench in this room is no more entitled to justice than the one that sits in the defendant’s seat. Everyone deserves a second chance because they are all capable of reformation. Is the reasoning not simply to teach a lesson that one punishes another? The offender should have the chance to go back into the world and prove himself honorable. May he that makes no mistakes take the rights of he that made the big one.

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A crime is a crime, be it desiring a brother’s wife, or shooting her. Only is it the latter that the world may see and condemn. He that carries a false tongue should sleep no sounder than he that carries a poisonous heart. If solving corruption with immorality is the world’s remedy for reconciliation, then why not chop off the thief’s hand? “An eye for an eye” was the justice of the ancient. It is now a modern world based on logic and transformation. Must we commit a crime to justify another? If capital punishment was solely based on punishing the wrongdoers, there would be no one left to inject the needle or pull the lever. Everyone would be trying to fit into the chair.

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